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TITLE: Fading West
ARTIST: Switchfoot
TYPE: Movie/Soundtrack
LENGTH: Around 80 Mins

  • Fading West Preview EP – Available HERE
  • Fading West Album – January 14, 2014
  • Fading West Tour (w/Movie) – Happening Now
  • Fading West Movie Download – December 2013 (After the tour)
  • Fading West DVD – Late 2014

LABEL: lowercase people // Atlantic Records
SONGS: Tracks that might be appearing on the album:

  • BA55
  • Love Alone is Worth The Fight
  • Slipping Away
  • Back to the Beginning
  • Who We Are
  • When We Come Alive
  • Say It Like You Mean It
  • Saltwater Heart
  • Edge of the Earth
  • Let it Out
  • Begin Forever
  • World You Want
  • All of Nothing

The following tracks will be appearing on the preview EP releasing September 17:

  1. Who We Are
  2. Love Alone is Worth The Fight
  3. Ba55

Click HERE to view the Fading West FAQ.

INFORMATION: During the Facebook Hurley Takeover on September 27, 2011, Tim made the first comment about Fading West - “All the unreleased songs will see the light of day eventually… we are really excited about working on the soundtrack for our next project which will be a film called Fading West.”

LOBH talked exclusively with Chad about the movie two days later, and this is what he said:

  1. The movie is called “Fading West” and it will feature the Switchfoot guys.
  2. It’s not really a documentary – Chad described it by saying it was right in between “Endless Summer” and “Rattle & Hum”
  3. The movie will follow the guys around the world during the course of several months, following their touring, their surfing, etc.
  4. The guys are hoping to write and record new songs in each location that they visit.
  5. They’ll also be writing the soundtrack.
  6. Chad estimates the movie won’t release for about 2 more years.

The title track of the album, “Fading West”, was originally planned to be on Vice Verses. It was found on early press release copies and listed on iTunes as a pre-order bonus track. An early demo version of “Fading West” can be found during the credits of the 2008 movie Highwater - although it’s somewhat difficult to hear as interviews are playing during the song. While it has been confirmed that “Fading West” will not be appearing on the album, the track will be available in the exclusive physical copies of the Fading West EP sold on tour.

On January 23, 2012, Tim tweeted that Fading West planning had begun:

From that point on, the Fading West filming crew was spotted all over the globe, from California to Australia. During a March 2012 interview with May the Rock Be With You, Tim revealed more details on the movie:

And as far as the music component, you will be writing new music I assume, have you started that aspect of the documentary yet?Tim – Yes, the concept of the movie is basically what we live.  We are always writing, always touring and always surfing, so we will be just diving into the journey as it unfolds.15 years you guys have been together, so what led to you starting this project now?Tim – We’ve been talking about doing this for years now and it came to the point where we were finally like, are we going to do this thing or not?  If so, let’s make it happen.

LOBH interviewed Switchfoot with a series of videos in May 2012, and in part 2, Chad confirmed that the band had been working a lot on the fan-favorite live song “Against the Voices”, commonly played at Jon’s aftershows, and that they were planning to release the track on Fading West. It was later confirmed that “Against the Voices” would not make the cut.

Switchfoot set out during Summer 2012 to exotic locations around the world, from South Africa to Bali. From surfing with Rob Machado to reuniting with the Kuyasa Kids, the guys were busy shooting throughout the season for the film.

On October 28, 2012 in Anaheim, CA, the band wrapped up filming for the movie. After filming epic crowd-surfing shots with the VIP fans, premiering a trailer for the movie before the show, and shooting out confetti for three minutes straight, Switchfoot entered the studio and worked to record the album from start to finish, while tracking score for the film. published a lengthy interview with Chad in November 2012 where he shared more details on Fading West and experiences with filming. Read the entire interview HERE. “I think there’s going to be room to breathe on the album that we haven’t allowed ourselves in the past. You know, I think there’s that cinematic idea in the back of your mind that your creating something that doesn’t have to be a 3 minute pop song.”

To start off 2013, Switchfoot released a teaser featuring the first public Fading West footage, set to the title track of the album – “Fading West.” They also shared that they’d be “posting trailers, behind the scenes footage, and more as we lead up the release of the film.”

The movie, which is around 80 minutes, premiered on the Fading West tour in September 2013. The album will release on January 14, 2013. The movie will be available for download and streaming on Hulu and Netflix following the tour, and a physical release is expected in 2014. Dates of the Fading West tour are listed HERE.

LOBH interviewed Matt Katsolis, director of Fading West, with questions submitted by Switchfoot fans and he shared filming experiences, behind-the-scenes stories, and details about the highly anticipated project. When asked about expectations of fans’ reactions, Katsolis shares, “My hope is that the audience who already knows Switchfoot sees a new level of depth to the band that they have never had access to before. That they see how the guys are truly so grateful to be where they are at today, yet still so motivated to continue pressing forward, writing news songs and taking them around the world… they may just see that there is a greater purpose and force behind it much bigger than the music itself – that has kept kids from committing suicide and made people question what they were really living for.”

“Who We Are” and “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight”, the lead singles from the album, hit radios in early Fall 2013 following the release of a preview EP containing the two singles and one new track titled “BA55″, all slated to appear on the album releasing in January. By purchasing a physical copy of the EP online or at shows, fans are given a digital pre-order of the album when it releases and an exclusive b-side, “Fading West”.



TITLE: Vice Verses (Acoustic)
ARTIST: Switchfoot
TYPE: Studio Recorded Song
LABEL: lowercase people // Atlantic Records

  • Vice Verses (Acoustic)

INFORMATION: Jon announced via Twitter on September 15, 2011 that he had recorded acoustics of “Vice Verses” and “Dark Horses”:

“Dark Horses (Acoustic)” was later released on Hurley’s website, and we have not heard word on “Vice Verses (Acoustic)” since it was announced.



ARTIST: Jon Foreman
TYPE: Solo Release

  • Ryan O’Neal (Sleeping at Last)
  • JT Daly (Paper Route)
  • Jeremy Larson
  • Darren King (Mutemath)

INFORMATION: For years, fans have been anticipating a follow up release to the seasonal EPs and album released back in 2007. Busy at work with Switchfoot and Fiction Family, Jon has been writing songs and debuting them at aftershows around the country, meanwhile gathering tracks for the sequel release to Limbs & Branches. Anticipation for this record skyrocketed in early 2012, when Jon announced at an aftershow that he was “20 songs deep into some sort of solo project.” Later, at an April 2012 aftershow, he confirmed that Darren King of Mutemath and Ryan from Sleeping At Last would be producers for the project. In early May, Jeremy Larson, a talented cellist, published a blog after playing with jon at an aftershow, revealing more information on the release:

I’ve been keeping something a secret for quite some time, but I think it’s safe to let you all in on this now. Jon is working on a new solo album, and I wrote some string/piano arrangements for two of the songs. Since he tweeted about this the other day, I figured it was safe to talk a little bit about it. I’m not exactly sure when this album is set to be released, but I’m so excited for you all to hear these two songs. Some of Jon’s best songs yet!

Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last published a blog in October 2012 describing his contributions to the project as well:

If you’ve followed the Sleeping At Last Twitter or Facebook over the last several months, you might have seen me mention that I’ve been working on a few “secret projects”… well one of those secret projects is with my pal, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot). Earlier this year, Jon asked if I’d be interested in contributing to his upcoming solo record (release date tba)… So he sent me a song that he had just finished writing and asked if I’d care to add some things… anything I’d like, really. So I spent a bit of time with it (adding anything that popped into my mind… drums, bass, strings, pianos, background videos, etc!) and had an incredible time layering ideas onto his gorgeous song. Soon after, he was kind enough to invite me to contribute to a few more songs. It’s been such an honor to say the least… Jon is one of my favorite songwriters (and people) ever, so to be invited to be a part of his music is just a wonderful privilege!

Although I have no clue as to when these songs will meet the world, I can say that they are some of Jon’s very finest work and I cannot wait for you to hear!

He also stated in another blog post that he had worked on 4 songs for the record.

Jon is currently working on the solo release with producers and friends as he tours with Switchfoot.



TITLE: Light & Heavy
ARTIST: Jon Foreman
TYPE: Compilation CD
INFORMATION: During an April 2012 aftershow in Kentucky, Jon stated that the rare song was likely to be put on a compilation CD for the organization “To Write Love On Her Arms.”As of right now, nothing is in the works, but it may eventually be recorded. A live recording of the song is available for download in LOBH’s media section HERE.