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Reviews and critiques on Switchfoot and Fiction Family albums and EPs. From 2009 – Present.

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Our favorite Switchfoot and Fiction Family moments.

» Post Concert Depression (PCD)
Addressing that illness that affects us all.

» No Concert Depression (NCD)
You aren’t alone in your grief.


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Expressing our gratitude to Switchfoot.

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Encouraging Switchfoot, one cookie at a time!

» Dear Jon: A Letter to Switchfoot
“Over the years your music has awakened my dreams, inspired my questions, and watered my hope. [...] You describe my soul’s inner landscape perfectly.” – Matthew Drake.


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“I dare you to moo?”, “Lice and men have second tries?”, “Mental lift?” Welcome to the place for embarrassing lyric mistakes.

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Switchfoot hits the funny pages!

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A list of reasons that explain why Switchfoot is our favorite band.

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