You Know You Visit LOBH Too Much When

You know you visit LOBH too much when…

1. You memorize the LOBH board web address.
2. As soon as you hit the address bar- you type la.. automatically…
3. It’s the most visited website on your computer
4. You can name everything from the What Not To Do at a Switchfoot Concert
5. You go to LOBH more then you go to
6. When you ask people on the tagboards what your vocab words mean so you don’t have to leave the site for even one minute to look the word up.
7. You’ve saved it as a favorites link….on the SCHOOL’S computer!
8. You have thousands of posts on the boards.
9. You somehow always expect people to be on the tagboards and when there aren’t people there you get sad.
10. Your sister sees you on the computer, she rolls her eyes and says ” what, your hearts broken???AGAIN??”to which you give her blank look…
11. You’re late for school because you’re on LOBH to read the latest Switchfoot news
12. You talk about it to your other friends and “boardies” is a common word for you
13. You use class time on the computers to check if there are updates on LOBH
14. You make fun of Jeanna’s [alleged] fangirl-ness. =P and call Jeanna “Hanky”
15. When something changes on the site (or boards) you spot it immediately
16. You’re on LOBH even though your homework hasn’t been done and its 12:00am… And it’s due tomorrow.
17. You check LOBH before checking your email.
18. You’ve noticed and read the updates before Jeanna has even announced it on the tagboard.
19. You literally do the “updates dance”
20. When you want to know something about switchfoot or someone asks you something about them and you say “Gee, I don’t know…..I’ll ask Jeanna! She’ll know!”
21. When you sneak and check for updates when you are grounded
22. When LOBH is included in the daily myspace/facebook/hotmail sweep.
23. You don’t consider your day complete unless you’ve checked LOBH for updates.
24. Even though you have just checked LOBH, you automatically look for update reminders on your email. Just in case…
25. When your put something on this list!
26. When you get upset when there hasn’t been an update since the last time you checked LOBH
27. LOBH is the first thing you type in the address bar when you get on the computer :)
28. You refresh the update page every five minutes hoping to see new updates
29. You love Jeanna. Not in a creepy way. Just in a “Jeanna is totally rad” sort of way.
30. You have to stop typing these up cuz its 1:30 in the morining and you are afraid you will clog up the submissions.
31. You friends wonder who Jeanna and Stacee are because you talk about them so often.
32. You have a serious addiction to the “Click to Submit!” button.
33. Your friends know the name of this site, even though they’ve never been to it. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM, RIGHT?! How do they even live without this site? How is that possible?)
34. You submit reasons like the above, freaking out in parentheses.
35. You are enduring having to hear bluegrass music to read the updates
36. You get extremely worried that when switchfoot de-bands or when we all get older that LOBH will stop having people visit it.
37. You get extremely worried that the board host (invisionfree) will kick us out if we have too many posts
38. If the boards die, you cry
39. When you get bored, you spell and pronounce boardie names backwards in your head.
40. There are lots of inside jokes that come from the tags or the boards that you are a part of (OHS LOOKSH! SHARSH ISH DEADISH! *pokes* YESH, SHESH ISH DEADISH. THERESH ASH FLYSH ONSH HERSH EYELIDSH. EWWWWSH. ISH ISH NOTSH PAYINGSH FORSH HERSH COFFINSH!)
41. Your day feels incomplete if you haven’t visited LOBH, been on the tags, been on the boards, and/or talked to one of the boardies.
42. When your mom tells you to get off and you tell her ‘but it’s only 5:00!’ and then you realize it IS 5:00, AM
43. You wake up and check your email and you have 39 unread messages… and practically ALL of them are TSRNs (topic subscription reply notifications) from the boards.
44. You are planning on spending the entire day og the Bro Am on the tagboard because you can’t go.
45. When you consider changing your name so that your initials spell out LOBH
46. When you check it atleast 5 times a day, even though you know nothing new is there
47. You have it on your favourites list! and constantly talk about the website to your friends.
48. You check the website each day and sometimes even twice a day to look up for updates!
49. You feel like you will go crazy when the boards aren’t working
50. When you realize finals are in 4 days during the wee hours of the morn’ and you are still on LOBH
51. You can find the places of the trading card clues with ease!
52. You have many inside jokes with Jeanna. Such as….HEY LOOK ITS TIM..GETTING INTO THE WATER! heh.
53. When you know what *spap* means
54. When you spent most of your winter break on the lobh boards, organizing a team of ninjas to break into switchfoot’s studio.
55. You find joy in proving Jeanna wrong. Therefore choose to create a flag for the bro-am with Jeanna’s face plastered on it. =P
56. You know what “spap” means and who came up with it
57. You know that something great is going to take place in the future when you see the word “AKEEE”!
58. You are sleeping and dreaming that you are surfing the net and the first thing you do is check lobh for updates…
59. You stay up until 1 A.M. updating LOBH about the Bro-am auction, even though you have to get up early and take finals first thing the next morning.
60. The “JOIN” button on the tagboards is automaticaly clicked the very moment you are connected to the site.
61. You know why “stealing” Jon’s stuff from the pictures beside the tagboard is so hilarious.
62. You have a dream about Jeanna. NOT a creepy one. In the dream, her real name wasn�t Jeanna. Jeanna was her alias. Weird :/
63. You know who wrote most of these just by reading them.
64. When you know how to pronounce Jeanna’s name correctly.
65. When you freak out about the webcam because you know LOBH will be going crazy.
66. When all you do in computer class is sit on the tagboards and chill with the rest of the computer class LOBHers.
67. When you go on your school’s End of the Year trip and yell at the girl who is supposed to be updating you for LOBH updates because she never does. She knows who she is.
68. People ask you if you went to the Bro-Am because you know so much about it even though you were miles away from the event.
69. When you don’t know what to do, you literally start dancing.
70. You post inside jokes from the boards.
71. Whenever you hear someone singing Father Abraham, you laugh and think of Tim.
72. You love the boards and the tagboards.
73. Just typing or thinking about LOBH makes you happy if you’re all bummed out.
74. You say things like “meh” and “meep” and when someone says hi or bye you think “haii” or “baii”, and when someone says okay you think “hokaa”
75. You have tried to pronounce LOBH. (lobuh? lob? lobph? lobe?)
76. You know what jej day is.
77. You make fun of Jeanna’s typos. QAHAHAHAH *thins* Hurfy. ClaireR
78. You expect all fansites to be as informative as LOBH and are disappointed when they are not.
79. You get serious, almost life threatening withdrawal symptoms when you couldn�t get wireless for three days n didn�t check lobh for updates.
80. You’re going to San Diego at the end of July and the only thing you want to do is meet the San Diego boardies.
81. You start sounding like Claire.
82. You have more inside jokes with the people on the boards than you do with your friends you know in real life.
83. You completely lose it when you hear “Father Abraham”!
84. You ask Tim to sing Father Abraham.
85. The first thing you dream about is chatting with everyone on the tags.
86. Whenever you see the word “UPDATES”, even on another site, you start squealing and refresh the page.
87. You know what everyone’s nicknames mean and why they are what they are. amylynnequist, creeper, hanky…
88. You cry when you can’t find the month’s trading card.
89. You added the LOBH Myspace BEFORE it officially opened!
90. When your internet provider can’t display the Boards a couple times, and you get anxious for them to work again.
91. You can’t wait for updates in Switchfoot world and gut upset when there is no news.
92. When your day is not complete without checking LOBH.
93. You click the Internet Browser button and BAM! LOBH is there because it’s your homepage.
94. When you get grounded from your computer, you have the exception to see lobh only!
95. When the sun is setting you figure out where north, south, west and east is and then figure out where other boardies� states are in relationship to where you are and take turns looking in the general direction of all of them and saying hi to your friends.
96. Your goal is to MEET the people (Jeanna, Nicole, Stacee) who brought you the greatest site in the world. This site is the coolest thing since sliced bread. 97. You love the new layout n you lost count of the times you refreshed the page just to see what other photos might appear
98. When you know more lobh inside jokes then non-lobh inside jokes
99. You think the boards not working is a sign form God to stop procrastinating.
100. You put one of these up just to try to bring the list to 100! like I’m doing right now!
101. You know why Jeanna is jokingly called ‘Miles,’ and why she hates it so much. haha. ^_^
102. You are super excited to find out your random one is number 100. yay!
103. Your dad thinks it’s a dating site.
104. Your Pieces of Flair on facebook is not only filled with Switchfoot flair, but exclusive LOBH flair.
105. You refer to the ustream webcam chat as Land of Broken Hearts.
106. You think switchfoot should be paying Jeanna, Nicole, and Stacee! :)
107. You meant to type in the switchfoot adress, but put in LOBH instead..
108. You know why these two words are significant when put together: thor + stalker.
109. You check LOBH every time you get on the computer. Which is 10+ times a day. And a couple times each visit.
110.Your parents don’t even ask you what you’re doing on the computer, it’s understood that it�s LOBH!
111. Even though you have a paper to write, 2 SATs to study for, and a chem final coming up, you STILL spend large amounts of time on LOBH.
112. You’re addicted to the photos/graphics of the week (and spam your friends with them).
113. When you finally meet Jon Foreman, you call him Jeanna.
114. When you have visited LOBH 2900 times since October when you got your computer up and running again!
115. When you just type “la” and enter to go to the site.
116. When it is opened automatically in Google Chrome as part of startup tabs.
117. When your friends ask you who Jeanna, AmyLynne, and Stacee are. And you’re shocked that they don’t know.
118. When you have LOBH-related dreams.
119. When you visit the LOBH boards more than the officials.
120. You know you visit LOBH too much when you are late for class because you have to check for updates before you go.
121. When you remember the early days of just Jeanna and Stacee.
122. When it is your most visited site according to your task bar on your web browser.
125. When you get on the Internet and automatically start to type Land of…. Then say “oh wait”
126. You already have a bookmarked tab on your toolbar.
127. You never close the tab. Ever.
128. When it’s your default home page and you can’t stay a day without knowing something about Switchfoot.
129. You can be using and closing other tabs, but even you’re not watching LOBH page, you just can’t close it.
130. When you know more about Switchfoot than Jon Foreman does.