23 responses to “Switchfoot to Play Leno on Dec. 10th; Fading West all leading Video On Demand platforms”

  1. Tyler

    YAY!! I was hoping they would have a spring tour!!

    1. Golden Girl

      Me to! I didn’t get to make it this tour so I’ll really be looking forward to this spring!

  2. Jim

    Maybe I’m just making this up, but I thought at some point they said it would be on Netflix?

    1. Alex

      I think that’s what it means by “instant video”

      1. Joseph

        I’m pretty sure “Instant Video” should be tacked on to “Amazon” so that it reads “Amazon Instant Video.” They must’ve accidentally thrown a comma in there for some reason.


  3. Aron

    I hope that they’ll tour in Europe soon :)

  4. Brayan

    Fading West 6.0 says Netflix…

  5. Francis

    When will they release the Fading West DVD?

    1. Golden Girl

      I don’t know but I think Tim maybe said in an interview in late 2014

      1. francis

        Oh i see. I was really hoping it would be sooner than that.

    2. Aron

      “Christian rock band Switchfoot will be releasing their debut feature film, Fading West, on Dec. 10 via video streaming platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Instant Video, Cable Movies on Demand, Google Play, Xbox Video, Sony Playstation, Cinemanow, and Vudu with digital entertainment curator FilmBuff.”

      However, we don’t have information about the release of the physical copy, do we?

      1. francis

        I truly hope they would release the physical copy during spring or even begining of summer right before the surfing season starts for me.

  6. Golden Girl

    Can’t wait to see them on Leno!!! What a great way to celebrate the release of the new movie!!

  7. Deb

    They forgot to mention the sold out show in Chico!!

  8. Noah

    What would you guys rather have as the next single? IMO ‘when we come alive’ would be great at christian radio, while ‘say it like you mean it’ would kill at alternative.

    1. Tyler

      I’m all for say it like you mean it

    2. Dylan

      I’m suprised who we are is their “hit” instead of love alone, which I think is 1) more “Switchfoot” but 2) just better, and radio friendly.
      So I’m all for Love Alone

      I would be interested in seeing if Saltwater Heart ends up a single. I think that would kill the alt charts if they released it over the summer, since it’s got that awesome beach vibe.

  9. Golden Girl

    Can someone please tell me if the movie will release on Netflix or hulu Dec. 10? Jeanna?

  10. Paul

    Who we are is looking like the only song I dislike from this record. From what I heard in the film, every other song is great. It’s going in my drawer next to bullet soul, Amateur lovers, and Paporazzi. haha

    1. Aron

      How can you NOT love Amateur Lovers?!

  11. John Tan

    Only US? Internationals don’t get loved? :(

  12. Cinthia

    Hi, just saw on iTunes, FW will be released December 17, so what about today? Are we going to be able to see the film today??