9 responses to “Photo, Video and Graphic of the Week”

  1. Michelle

    I can’t pick a moment. LOVE this entire video! It ‘s chock full of awesomeness!

  2. Golden Girl

    Haha that podcast makes me laugh out loud every single time I’ve watched it!! Love the graphic! Love the podcast

  3. Emily

    When finals are over, I am going to curl up with a blanket and those smarties candies and watch every single podcast. I have missed them beyond words.

    They need to make more!!

  4. SmartGirl

    Favorite moment… two words: rhinestone cowboy

  5. Clement

    Ahhhh I live in Edmonton! And that’s where West Ed is!!
    That’s awesome :)

  6. Ivey

    My favorite moment in the podcast is the whole thing! I’m planning on watching all of the podcasts again during Christmas break.

  7. Israel

    Haha I love the first slide moment!

    Anyway after seeing that Jon Foreman singing yet another unheard song part, I remember he’s singing something unreleased in The Making of Hello Hurricane DVD. Can anybody help me figure that out? I tried searching for that before to no avail. Now, I forgot some lyrics I took notes of.

  8. Aron

    I love the band Nirvana so I think it’s really cool that they play that one on guitar hero haha. Jon reminds me of Kurt sometimes (Dirty Seconds Hands live anybody?)

  9. Holly

    Jon and Tim playing Guitar Hero.

    *song failed.*

    Jon (laughing) “I need to figure out how to play this game.” :)