Fading West Movie Is Now Available!

Switchfoot’s Fading West movie is now available for purchasing! Click HERE for the iTunes link and HERE for the Amazon link!

Also, don’t forget the guys will be on Jay Leno tonight, so tune in to NBC at 11:35pm EST/10:35pm CST!

Happy watching!

70 responses to “Fading West Movie Is Now Available!”

  1. Carys UKswitchfoot


  2. Casie

    Fadingwest.com shows links where to buy their movie. One of them being Google Play but every time I search it, nothing shows up. I don’t want to get it on Itunes just because I don’t own any apple products and I want to watch the movie anywhere. I thought about Amazon Prime but I don’t know what their limit is on transferring to devices. Anyone know anything?

  3. Golden Girl

    its not on Hulu or Netflix! Any idea why?

  4. Allison T.

    I pre-ordered the film. I haven’t received an email about it yet. Any idea how they are doing that? I wanna watch it today! :)

  5. MatthewB

    I pre-ordered it on fadingwest.switchfoot.com and I haven’t gotten the email to download the movie yet! Any one else having this problem?

    1. Amy

      Yep! Same here!

      1. ciccio

        same thing in Europe

        1. Elisabeth E

          same here!

    2. MegJaxSF

      Matthew B. same here! Find it odd that those of us who Preordered have yet to receive Fading West!!!! Very disturbed by this!!!

      Jeanna, any idea what’s up?

      1. MatthewB

        i really wanted to watch it last night too

      2. Parker


  6. Shaun

    i dont understand why they arent releasing a hardcopy also. Digital release does me no good.

    1. Aron

      Aren’t they doing that? :O

  7. Golden Girl

    I just watched the movie for the first time ever. I am lost for words. There is no words to describe the feeling it left me after watching it. I mean there were parts I laughed, there were parts I cried. I want to watch it again already! Between the songs, the scenery, the guys, the waves, the ocean, ahh everything! I loved everything! I can’t pick my favorite moment there were so many. I definitly have a new perspective of everything the band, the guys, the songs, oh it was amazing! I never wanted it end. If you are on the fence about owning it. Do not think twice! I rented it but I am definitly planning on buying it! It makes you appreciate the band so much more. Love love loved it!!! I’m wanting behind the scenes and deleted scenes!!
    Now that the movies behind me I’m counting down to the Cd!! Best movie I’ve ever seen!

    1. Wibbly-Wobbly

      Ditto! You’ve stated my thoughts exactly!!

      1. Golden Girl

        Awesome ;-)

  8. Christa

    When is it coming on netflix instant???

  9. Chris

    People need to buy the movie and stop asking for netflix. This was an expensive movie to make and deserves your $10 if you are a real fan.

    1. Christa

      I’m getting the Holiday Package, and it comes with. I just don’t wanna wait till Christmas to watch it! And I could go ahead and buy the movie now, then have two copies, but I would rather save my money so I can buy the album too. It has nothing to do with being a ‘real fan’.

    2. Golden Girl

      Well it still costs on Netflix, guesstimating 4.99 just to rent it for a couple days, 3 at the most. But yes, if people are a real fan they will buy it! I rented it and am also going to buy it so theres 15 bucks right there.

      1. Golden Girl

        Well I’m like Christa, I’m asking for the super deluxe holiday package for Christmas and don’t want to wait till Christmas or have two copy’s, so renting is an alternative.

        1. Christa

          And Netflix costs month to month so technically we’re still paying for it, just in a different way. :)

  10. Tyler

    I thought for sure they would release the next single with the movie…

  11. Brad Linder

    I’m hoping the EP codes are going to work soon. I haven’t received a reply from Red Light yet about my code and haven’t gotten an email with my download link either (if I had already redeemed my code).

  12. Aron

    I can’t buy it on iTunes yet (I live in the Netherlands) and it’s 20 dollars on Amazon :( why?

    1. ciccio

      you can buy here http://fadingwest.switchfoot.com

      i am in Italy and it works ( as pre- order for now )

      1. Elisabeth E

        I also preordered from fadingwest.switchfoot.com , but haven’t got the mail yet (norway), I want so see it nooow, but i can’t. And it won’t be able on the norwegian itunes before the 17 des.…

  13. DanGer

    Hey, movie is now online at fadingwest.switchfoot.com

    Really disappointed though: There is no possibility to download the movie in 1080p HD video quality. The FAQ stated at pre-order it would be 1080p – what a bummer. The Amazon version is 1080p, I guess I should have bought it there?

    1. Arild

      Yeah, the lack of 1080p is a bummer, but what’s worse is the downloaded 720p copy doesn’t have 5.1 audio which the movie is supposed to have… something’s not right here. Hopefully a 1080p download w/ the 5.1 mix will be made available soon.

      1. Arild

        1080p version is now available for download, yay!

        Still no 5.1 audio though, what gives? It has 5.1 on iTunes apparently but it’s probably DRM’ed to pieces and thus unplayable in my setup. :(

    2. Emma

      I emailed VHX about it and they are working on it apparently – so watch this space!

  14. i am who i am

    I unfortunately have to hold out on the movie until the physical release. I’m an official boycott of digitally downloaded music and films. But I guess I’m not a “real fan”. Yeah, thats a bunch of crap.

    1. Shaun

      i agree, i dont understand why the physical copy isnt getting released yet.

      1. i am who i am

        Its a little surprising, as they would reacher a greater audience with a physical release. That, and the fact that digital downloaded quality never reaches the same heights as Blu Ray quality.

        1. MatthewB

          I’m sure once there is an album pre-order package a physical copy will be included

          1. DanGer

            Based on what they stated, that will not be the case – physical copy may come out in late 2014.

            Can someone confirm wether the iTunes or Amazon version is 1080p ?

        2. DanGer

          It does not even reach DVD quality. 720p download has a size of about 1.6 GB while a DVD contains 4.7 GB

          I guess I have to buy the movie three times then?

          1. Arild

            You’re comparing apples and oranges. DVD uses old and outdated MPEG2 technology which makes the video take up way more space than newer video compression such as MPEG4. Also, a DVD doesn’t “contain” 4.7 GB necessarily, it has the CAPACITY of containing 4.7 GB (per layer). Rest assured, the 720p dowload is better than DVD quality.

          2. DanGer

            Arild, this sounds right. Still, a 1080p version (let alone a Blu Ray) would be better and I am still hoping for it – in fact, I will not watch the movie in this poor resolution. From the music videos and trailers we have seen, we know that Fading West is visually gorgeous. Why ruin the experience with a bad first impression and a blurry picture?

  15. Preston Drake

    What a load of crap to say that someone is not a real fan for wanting to watch it on netflix. How pompous can you be to state that “If you were a real fan you would just buy it.”

  16. Brad Linder

    I finally got the email for the download. I’m disappointed that it’s only available in 720p. Will a 1080p version be uploaded soon? If not I might just buy a second version on iTunes. And then a third physical version when that happens next year.

    1. Emma

      Apparently a 1080 version is in the works. I emailed VHX about it.

  17. Israel

    Good morning too, Switchfoot! My first ever iTunes purchase will be this movie. I’ve never purchased anything digital until now. I’m a big fan of all things physical.

  18. Josh H

    Loved the movie. I am curious about the album now after what I heard. Like, when I heard When We Come Alive, it kinda, sorta reminded me of Taylor Swift… I’m too loyal a fan to hate on an album, but do they expect for this album to be well received by long-time fans? It feels like a big departure

    1. Wibbly-Wobbly

      Well, whether it’s a “big departure” or not, I don’t know that Switchfoot is worried about the record being well received. Most likely, like any band, they want fans to love their music. But they feel that they have to stay true to themselves, creating music they love, not music they know will be popular. I think that’s a large part of what makes Switchfoot so amazing: they believe in their music. They truly love it. It’s not about money or popularity.

  19. Matthew

    The boys sounded solid on Leno

  20. David

    Did you read the interview at the New Release Tuesday Website?
    In it they say that there will be a physical release next year and that there might/probably will be at least some extra footage added as extra. At the moment, the interview won’t open for me, so I won’t post a link that I’m not sure is working.

  21. drake

    ok guys please help me out- this is the first time im ordering online (for SF Merch) abd im kinda confused on some things.
    1. Since it’s already past Dec. 10, once i buy this pack can i watch it immediately or do i have to wait for a code on Christmas??
    2. The codes for FW Album- so it’s like im preordering a DIGITAL copy of it, right? When will i get that code and i could only use it after FW album is officially released??
    3. I get an automatic download of the Backstage EP once i order these?
    4. The shirt, poster, cards, buttons, and the FW EP- there’s a 100% chance of me getting them and usually how long does this take to ship if you’re not in America??
    THANK YOU- IM SORRY- there’s a first time for everything and im getting this for my cousin and im waiting for my parents’ approval so im gathering facts jic they have questions :)

  22. Brad Linder

    Extremely disappointed with the quality of the VHX video file. It’s horrible quality. If anyone reads this that hasn’t purchased the film yet, DO NOT ORDER it from the VHX site at fadingwest.switchfoot.com, order it from Amazon or iTunes.

    1. Shaun

      sounds like everyone who bought the digital is going to have to buy the hard copy also. i dont get it. I cant understand why they wont release a hard copy soon. People are gonna have to buy the movie twice.

      1. Christa

        I think that they’re waiting until the album is released, that way they can have the option of selling both hard copies together ya know? Cuz if they went ahead and sold it now, it would be useless to sell the two together. Everyone would already have it. And it is useful to have both a physical and a digital version, in my opinion. :)

    2. Arild

      But won’t the Amazon and iTunes versions be full of DRM? Can’t play that crap on my PS3… :(

  23. Friend of a friend

    My gosh…that song at the part with the enormous waves…someone needs to contact the guys and demand that they put that song on the album…

    1. kim. k.

      I have been trying to figure out which song that was myself! Love it! Also LOVE All or Nothing :)

      1. Friend of a friend

        From what I can tell, they pretty much play every song that’s listed on th album in the movie, and they don’t make it that difficult to match them up. So unfortunately I have a bad feeling that it will not be on the album. But strangely enough, if any of you can remember back to that little teaser of vice verses released a few years ago, it sounds a whole lot like THAT song…

        1. kim k.

          The song is Skin & Bones. Should make it on soundtrack (because I’m a optimist and if the guys said that soundtrack and physical dvd will be out next Christmas that’s what I believe!) ;)

  24. Learninghowtodie

    Is it possible to get a physical copy!? I want to purchase it but I would really love a physical dvd type thing.

  25. Thomas

    Jeanna, there is this song in the movie, where Jon sings “If only you could free my soul (…)” in refrain. Is it going to be released ? I already love this song…

    1. kim. k.

      I’m thinking Saltwater Heart (hoping cause I love that part also)

    2. Jake

      I’m not possible about this, but I think that’s a song called “Liberty” which didn’t make the final cut for the album. It sounds awesome, so I hope they release it eventually

  26. Parker

    If there’s songs in the film that won’t be on the album, I hope they have a plan for releasing them down the road!

  27. Sam K

    Did anyone else notice that Tim’s song “What It Costs” at 27:41 has the same chord progression as the bridge on the alternate acoustic version of “Always” from Hello Hurricane? So cool. Jeanna, can you let us know what the song at 23:10/54:27, the song at 37:27, and the song at 43:45 are? And will they be on a deluxe version of the record?