203 responses to “Fading West EP Release Day!”

  1. Mi470

    Physical version link yet?

    1. Andrew

      I think physical copies are only being offered at shows

      1. Mi470

        No, the email they sent out said they’re online too

        1. Michelle

          The email said it would be available at switchfoot.com but I don’t see it yet.

          1. Ben

            It is on there now!

  2. Elvin

    Does the “complete my album” apply for the digital version too?

  3. Kyri

    Not available in Australia :(

    1. michael

      Also Frustrated!

      1. Cal

        i know!! jeanna,do you know when it will be available overseas(ie Australia)?

        1. Mariana

          Did you guys try Amazon?

        2. Wes

          It’s up on the Switchfoot store now. Are you guys outside of the U.S. able to buy it now?

          1. Ashley

            I saw it there too! Does anyone know if it’s just a physical copy or if I can download the songs immediately as well?

          2. Golden Girl

            Yeah I already bought it on iTunes but is that the physical version? If so I’m upset that I didn’t wait…

          3. Lody

            On the website, for the Physical CD of the Fading West EP, it says, “This is a pre-order of the full album. The remainder of the album will be available for download on 01/14/14.” — So not only does this give you a digital download of the EP now and send you a physical CD of the EP, but it also counts as a Pre-order of the FULL ALBUM digital download in January! :) Or at least, I think that’s what they’re trying to do.

          4. Lody
    2. HurricaneGirl

      You can change your iTunes store to US, maybe that will enable you to buy it?
      I live in Europe but when I changed the country to US I was able to view the EP in iTunes.

  4. Andrew

    Wow… Ba55… they finally have a song where Romey is right up at the front of the music. Its awesome.

    1. Ray

      It’s just like a mutemath song!

  5. Brenda Hutchison

    There is so much power in the lyrics of Love Alone is Worth the Fight. It touches the soul with the message that love can carry us through and makes all the struggles worth the pain. With love, we can change the world and our own lives.

  6. Paul

    I honestly think Ba55 should have been the single. Not to say Who we are is a horrible song, but Ba55 has so much more potential. My opinion of course.

  7. Brian

    Will the EP be sold on Amazon? I prefer to patronize Amazon over iTunes. I know the Amazon UK site has it for sale, but it hasn’t made an appearance on the US site.

  8. Andrew Cox

    Ba55 sounds a little like Switchfoot meets Black Keys and/or Mute Math

    1. Josh

      Yes! The Black Keys is what I first thought of when I heard that song. Listen to “Money Maker” and you’ll hear exactly what I mean.

  9. Andrew Cox

    I also find Ba55 to be one of the few Switchfoot songs where I listen to the music first before I do the lyrics…

    1. Paul

      Ba55 caught me off guard to me honest. Is that drew soloing at the end over jon’s voice?!?! Had my face melting with awesomness. haah

  10. Devin Smith

    Can’t help but think that Love Alone or Ba55 would be a better lead single choice, but Who We Are does seem fit for radio. Hopefully all three will be released as singles at some point, because they’re flat-out awesome.
    Love Alone is giving me those Dare You to Move feels. Carpe diem at its finest. Meanwhile, Ba55 is sheer genius.

  11. Raul

    BA55 is just ………. Wow, I don’t have words. The switchfoot boys did it once again! I’ve been growing up listening to this band since my middle school days and what a journey the have been on! The new music is epic, to say the least

    1. Amy

      I agree! It’s very epic, anthemic music. It’s an awesome new sound!

  12. Josh H

    Love Alone is Worth the Fight is majestic. Ba55 is brooding and intense.

    Who We Are is… like they took Blinding Light and added the kid’s voices. I’m not really a fan, but I understand the context probably gives it more meaning.

    1. Steve

      Who we are is awesome and I don’t see any connection to Blinding Light :)

  13. John

    Forget the demos, release a full length album, and finish producing it first.

  14. michael

    Sad that it’s not available in Australia at all… Stupid you can’t buy from another country online. *Sigh* shall have to wait impatiently.

  15. Taylor

    I think you guys are being too hard on the song, “Who we are”. I think it’s a great catchy song, with a awesome guitar part. BA55 is pretty cool sounding musically and should be amazing live. “Love alone is worth the fight” is a great song that reminds me a lot of the ocean and the song Restless. Overall awesome songs. So far, “back to the beginning” is the best song off fading west I have heard. I hope they still have at least one hard hitting song like dark horses or afterlife on the new album though.

  16. alicia

    Out of these 3 songs Who We Are is the last song I would pick to be a single, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it! Ba55 is genius, this really shows off Jerome’s “fountain of sound”. :) As for Love Alone is Worth the Fight, this song is definitely a new favorite of mine, the lyrics, the backing vocals, all of it is perfection.

  17. Shane

    Is it going to be on something besides iTunes?

  18. Mariane

    - Love alone is worth the fight is my favorite! Love, love, love it so much!! :D

    - BA55 is really good! The more I listen, the more I like!

    - I have some doubts about Who we are…I like it, but don’t love it…

    Hope I can see more rock & roll on the other songs of the album!

    1. Paul

      Who we are may become the bullet soul, amateur lovers, poparrazzi, of this album.

      1. Zach

        Good comparison.
        Listenable, but ultimately (and honestly) very skippable.
        Sounds like they’ve been listening to Passion Pit, which isn’t a bad thing.

        1. Steve

          You must be joking? Lol best song of the 3

          1. Zach Hindes

            It’s listenable but as a 22 year old on the verge of graduating college, it’s very young sounding.
            I agree it was the best choice for the single: no harsh sounding instrumentation, a melody that is easy to remember and a positive message.
            All that said, it has grown on me more.

  19. Michael G.

    So here is what I think so far, just my initial reactions, along with an unpopular opinion:
    The Good: “Who We Are” is the best song in this collection in my opinion. The main reason being that it has the strongest chorus. As well as the fact that it has a very different sounding chorus and verses, giving it a varied feel. The song grooves well, the bass line is solid throughout and the vocals are strong.
    “Love Alone..” This song has a great intro with some great backing vocals throughout the whole song,The chorus is solid, and the overall feel is sunny and positive.
    “BA55″ This song has some awesome sounds going on. It embodies the carefree nature I feel like the guys were going for. Tim’s bass line is .. interesting. As a bassist I can definitely say it fits the mood very well.

    The Bad: “Who We Are” Overall this is my favorite song here, I think it just works well. Everything seems to more or less exist well with each other. Chads drums could be a little more varied though, a complaint I often have with Switchfoots music. Chad just doesn’t push himself hard enough, he crafts drums that fit the song yes, but the don’t necessarily offer any interesting nuances in and off themselves like well done drums should in my opinion. Yes, his drums work, but they dont really add to the song per se.

    “Love Alone..” Okay, so im pretty frustrated with the synth/bass line in this song, because its an AWESOME bass line, its just mixed terribly in my opinion. I was really worried about the state of these songs ,whether or not they were fully mixed and mastered seeing as the album isn’t done yet. I can only assume that these are indeed the final mastered mixes for these songs, and if thats the case, i’m a bit sad. At the chorus the synth almost completely drops out, the vocals , while done well, are overpowering here. My problem here is not with the song itself but with how it was mixed/mastered. I just want so badly for the synth line to blow away the chorus with powerful low frequencies, but instead it just lingers underneath the rest of this great song. Most importantly on the chorus “Wooaahhs” when the bass ascend what sounds like a full octave only to rest on the starting note. Its hard to discern what the bass is doing underneath the vocals, while watching the live video of the guys performing this seems to confirm the ascending bass line. Its the biggest problem I have with this release so far.
    “BA55″ This song really let me down at first. I just felt like it had no real substance. The lyrics didn’t stand out as strong and neither did the chord progression this follows.While I can say that on repeat listens I do find myself grooving to the beat and structure of this song when i’m not fully focused on the song itself. I can just let myself go and enjoy it without worrying about whats going on in it. However when I stop and pay close attention to the song, I find myself confused with the lack of real content in it. It never really pays off and goes anywhere. The whole song just kind of builds into nothing. No pivotal key changes or unusual chord progressions, just a fairly repetitive song overall.

    So those are my initial thoughts. I’m not trying to be harsh or unfair, just truly honest. Overall i’m not very impressed with the actual sound of these songs so far, or at least much less impressed than I hoped I would be.
    Lately, alot of rock bands have been changing their sound into this more pop sounding synth driven style (Fall out Boy, Relient K, My Chemical Romance etc.) Personally I like it because it shows another side of the band we haven’t seen before, but with Switchfoot so far, I feel Jerome , Tim and, Chad could do so much more with their respective parts. I’m going to school for audio engineering and i’ve always admired Switchfoot not just for their style, but for the quality of their work, musically and lyrically. Always well mixed and mastered.
    If only they would just let loose and create truly bass driven synth rock tunes. Not being afraid to put more emphasis on the bass and synths would be a start. And further mixing these songs to sound better would be an even greater relief. I love the band so much, if they want to do a groovy , free-spirited record I want them to do it right! Please feel free to respond and offer your thoughts, counter-opinions. Thanks!

    1. Brian

      I will agree with you that I wish the highs/vocals weren’t so overpowering in Love Alone. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the song, and it’s musically wonderful, but I’m on your side with the criticism that there are some great things going on in the low registers that aren’t reaching the surface as often or as well as I think they should.

      I’ll also concur with you regarding one of the reasons Ba55 feels odd to the long-time Switchfoot fan. These guys don’t often put out music that allows you to just sort of ignore the lyrics and just groove. Not paying much attention to Jon’s lyrics is such a counter-intuitive concept to SF devotees, that it causes Ba55 to feel weird for the first few listens.

      1. Michael G.

        I totally agree, im getting more into BA55 now, but it was a bit of a troubling learning curve, as opposed to a enjoyable learning curve.

    2. J

      I agree that Ba55 kind of builds into nothing, but I have a feeling that the live version of the song is going to be crazy at that outro, specifically when the guitar solo kicks in. I envision Ba55 as extracting the Dirty Second Hands breakdown and amplifying that into an entire song.

      1. Michael G.

        Switchfoot seems to have a habit of that. For instance, “Free” is great live with the added breakdown at the end they added on the Hello Hurricane tour. However the album verison of the song is utterly skippable. Maybe even, BA55 would have been better suited as a live only breakdown?

    3. EdgeOfMySeat

      I seems like sound your looking for is an overproduced product in which the there’s heavy compression and limiting, not to mention overpowering bass. This has been the trend for the past decade, to compress everything out of oblivion, and make the bass louder than the vocals. Just listen to any pop song, it sounds good on the surface, but the instrumentation losses its quality because everything is dynamically at the same level. My beef with this is that it makes music very flat and dynamically uninteresting.

      1. Michael G.

        You have to look at what the song is asking for. I certainly don’t want fading west to just be an overproduced mess, compressed down to a few different frequencies. But in the case Love Alone, I feel that chorus is begging for a more defined bass frequency that ties the vocals to the bass line. It’s worth noting, I was re-watching the fading west trailer on YouTube, and I noticed that the clip of love alone in the trailer that they used had a much more pronounced bass line to it. So I’m hoping for a different mix of this song down the road.

    4. Davey

      I think you’re all forgetting what the guys said at the start of the whole Fading West journey. Jon said it again in the trailer, they wanted to go on a new journey finding new inspiration from places they’ve never been to and music they’ve never heard before. He also said, “you can’t keep playing the same songs”, so they tried something completely off the wall compared to anything we’ve heard before. I have never heard these effects and synths used in this way, you have to remember Switchfoot is a band that is constantly evolving, looking for change, looking for something new to make them complete. I personally think Love Alone and Fading West are the best songs I’ve heard in the last five years. The heart felt personal emotion and meaning behind it is something you should appreciate and not criticise. As for the quality of music, these guys can push themselves if they want to. Remember Chad’s drumming on Nothing Is Sound? Each band member has shone brighter in different albums, and I personally think this one will either be Jerome’s or Drew’s. Don’t ever doubt them, because they can blow your socks off with an instrument any day. I also love the strings in Fading West. Adds a fresh dimension that turns it into a real beachy feel good tune. Love to all Switchfam.

      1. Michael G.

        Oh my, Chads drumming on NiS. I go back to those songs just to listen to chads drums sometimes. So heavy and an intense at points,and yet so light and complementary at others.I still think Lonely nation and Stars have some of the best drums of any switchfoot song ever. Chad truly outdid himself on that album.

  20. Shelby

    You all are leaving such lovely deep posts, but all I can think is “I’M HAVING SO MANY EMOTIONS.”

    1. ellijordan

      For real!! After ba55, I felt like I had been assaulted by music, in the absolute best way possible!

  21. Christa

    I have no complaints on Love Alone and Who We Are. I don’t find them repetetive, and I find my self liking them more as I listen to them, not liking them less. Love the new vocals and emphasis on that. I think Romey did really good with the keyboard at least in Who We Are. Yes, there could be more emphasis on the bass and all that, and I do think Chad could go drum crazy if he wanted to. But I really think their great.
    ba55… I love it, but it took a few listens. I’m like a hardcore fan, so it was weird to not listen to the lyrics… cuz with Switchfoot, the lyrics are always amazing. So it was just strange. But after I changed my mindset to more of: “Jons voice is an instrument, I’m underwater.” I kinda fell in love with it. I’m really liking the new sound, and I think that they’re coming with more success than Relient K. Not totally Pop, still some of those good Christian lyrics and stuff…
    But yeah. That’s what I thought.

    1. Michael G.

      Relient K’s new album caused alot of fan controversy. Personally, I liked most of the album. It was a whole new side to the band, a dark side disguised in poppy synth sounds. Lyrics of drinking and one night stands had never been explored before, and I feel they did a tasteful job lyrically with it. However aot of the album was simply not as strong musically as their past work, and because of that they alienated alot of fans. I think “Collapsible Lung” is a great album, if only for the fact that Matt Thiessen really got out of his comfort zone for it.

      1. Eddie

        I totally agree with you about Collapsible Lung.

        1. Josiah Dunham

          That album is so good.

  22. Joseph

    Ba55 is really the star here. “Who We Are” and “Love Alone” are ok. They seem a little too produced. Honestly not the biggest Neal Avron fan (love to see them go with a more “raw” producer like Brendan O’Brien or even Rob Cavallo), but new Switchfoot is new Switchfoot, and I’m happy!

    (did I mention how good Ba55 was?)

    1. i am who i am

      Agree with you on Avron. Not a huge fan. I found Vice Verses (the record) to be at times a bit over produced as well, “Who We Are” definitely has that feel as well, and “Love Alone is Worth the Fight” does to degree too. It doesn’t make me dislike the songs, just a preference of mine. Switchfoot is a raw band, and thats when their sound is the truest. But they’re still working the new sound really well. Really, really well.

    2. Michael G.

      I completely agree with the over-produced thoughts on Vice Verses. Not on all of it, but mainly on tracks like “Afterlife”, “The War Inside”, and “The Blinding Light”. However, I’m really enjoying the produced sound on Fading West,because unlike Vice Verses, Fading West is not supposed to be a traditional rock album. Vice Verses was simply not as hard sounding in parts where I thought it should be. Fading West on the other hand is a spacy, groovy, pop sounding album so far, and I love it.

    3. Brian

      In defense of Neal Avron, he mixed neither Worth the Fight nor Who We Are. He mixed Ba55 and Fading West.
      Who We Are and Worth the Fight were mixed by Manny Marroquin.

      1. Michael G.

        I actually just noticed that! I googled Manny Marroquin as im not familiar with his work, and was not surprised to find that he works with mainly pop/R and B artist. Makes alot of sense when you look as how these songs sound. Im curious if hes mixing more than just these two songs for the albunm?

  23. Israel

    Solid EP! As I expected, Love Alone Is Worth The Fight will be my favorite off this release then followed by Who We Are and lastly, BA55. If Fading West (song) was included, I might rank it together with Who We Are.

    Love Alone is such a grand song with a dash of mainstream radio sound so, yeah. Why is this not the lead single?

  24. gab


  25. seth


  26. Nicole

    Am I the only one COMPLETELY in love with “Who We Are”?! I actually never listened to any previous recordings of it or anything, just bought the EP and heard it for the first time, and it’s the one song I can’t take off repeat.

    I feel like this song has several layers to it. On the one hand, it’s a typical Switchfoot song in that it’s inspiring its listeners to be their genuine selves in spite of anyone and anything that might try to discourage them; it’s about self-discovery and soul-searching, child-like innocence and wonder, finding meaning and purpose in life and learning how to make the most of it. This is all great, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard from them before.

    But on the other hand, I also feel like it’s deeply personal to them, reflecting on their journey together as a band. I can just imagine the young, twenty-something year old versions of the guys, just kids, living on the floor of a minivan, “just limited, misfit, itinerant”, and passionately chasing after their dreams– dreams of creating and sharing songs that are worth singing, dreams of experiencing all that life has to offer and always searching for more. They were just kids starting this journey. And now here they are, almost two decades later, having been through so much together as a band and individually, using music as a vehicle to explore themselves, life, and their place in the world, while inviting all of us to join in, passing on to the next generations what they have learned through their experiences.

    “They said it’s complicated. They said we’d never make it this far, but we are. They said the fight would break us, but the struggle helped to make who we are.”

    Jon’s voice here is so raw and honest, and I can picture him on stage, making this statement to the world on behalf of the band. Despite any obstacles, any criticism or doubt, and anyone who didn’t believe that so many years later they would still be together and going strong as a band, making music they truly believe in and influencing the lives of and inspiring so many people all over the world, that is exactly what they have done, and it’s what they are continuing to do. What comes to mind is all the people over the years who have wanted Switchfoot to be a certain way; I can remember countless conversations with people who thought they were a “Christian band that sold out”, people who were disappointed when they started maturing beyond the more worship-style themes of their early work. And then there’s the pressure of being a certain way for the radio, for publicity and sales, for the record label. Yet all along, Switchfoot has been able to consistently make music uninfluenced by any outside pressures or opinions. They play honest songs that they truly believe in, ignoring all the boxes people try to put them in. At the risk of sounding overly cliche, they have always been true to who they are.

    “I wanted something with meaning
    I wanted something to believe in
    Yeah, as sure as I’m here breathing
    I wanted more
    Yeah, I wanted more
    I wanted more than just a feeling
    Yeah, for more than just a season
    Yeah, we become what we believe in”

    Jon’s lyrics usually tend to repeat themselves– (I wonder how many times he’s compared life to a song)– and in these lines I wonder if he’s intentionally referring to some of his frequently reoccurring themes, because each of these lines seems to perfectly describe past Switchfoot songs and albums, and they’re in the past tense, plus that would make sense in the context of this song. I especially get this impression when he repeats “I wanted more. Yeah, I wanted more” considering they sing “we were meant to live for so much more” night after night. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. I’ll have to remember to ask him sometime.

    I just love how perfectly this song is able to express the humility and honesty that they always have, and yet at the same time, perhaps unlike anything we’ve heard from them before, it speaks with such a bold confidence, proudly declaring who Switchfoot is and what they stand for. Their unapologetic, self-assured confidence is contagious.

    1. Christa

      No, cuz I’m in love with it too!! I’m in love with all of them really… But Yeah. I really, really, like Who We Are, you’re not alone!! I don’t understand how you could NOT like it… :)
      And BTW I was thinking the exact same thing that you said up there, I just couldn’t put it into words that well!

    2. Ashley

      Dang, Nicole, you just described EXACTLY how I feel about the song, and mentioned a few things I had noticed. Took the words right from me, but I’m still gonna write them anyway. :) So no, you’re not the only one who’s LOVING that song!

  27. Kathryn

    The UK iTunes store lists the EP as “Fading West – Single” which is really misleading, haha. Only partway through “Love Alone” but loving it so far!

  28. emjeyarey

    trying my best to like the songs, but it sounds overproduced bordering techno. i don’t know. the vocals are fuzzy/autotuned?/with too many echoes and i cant appreciate the sounds of raw instruments. one of the things i liked with SF is the rawness of their sound like NIS which has a garage recording feel. it’s more tobymac-ish than switchfoot to me.

    1. pam b

      As of the moment, those are my feelings exactly.

      1. Michael G.

        I hear where your coming from, but Fading West is supposed to sound different. Its a more poppy synth sound from the band then we’ve had before. The songs that sound very produced are supposed to sound that way, while BA55 sounds fairly raw overall.

  29. Alex

    BA55 is flipping amazing.

    Love Alone has some definite strong points – probably the most “switchfoot-sounding” on the EP. Reminds me of Blinding Light.

    Who We Are is unique and I think it’s something different to release to radio. Liking it.

    Solid release!

  30. Golden Girl


    Who we are- love this song. It really captures the essences of being a kid again. To let loose. Dance to the song. Sing along. Do the funkiest dance moves. Let loose. Don’t care what people think.
    Favorite line-”We were just kids who believed in, More than just dreams in, More than just justified, ends to a means.”

    Worth the Fight-I was in tears the first time I heard this song just on the short clip of the trailer, so you can imagine what I’m doing now. It’s so beautiful *sniffle sniffle*…Jon’s voice is so raw sounding. Makes you feel like your on a journey… Just the tune and everything..sorry I’m speechless…favorite line- “..and we find what we’re made of, through the open door, is it fear you’re afraid of? what are you waiting for? love alone is worth the fight”

    BA55- first of all that screeching guitar screaming near the end (1:09) scared the hizzle out of me, I threw my headphones across the room..yeah… And wow this song is amazing!!!! And wow the very end is so scary. At like 1:17 it starts scaring me with like haunted house music and then guitar screaming..awesome song..favorite line-”Pavement beneath my feet,I watch the white lines fly, Nothing between us here, but the black blue sky”

  31. Gabriela

    Last night, when I first bought them I was caught off guard and it totally wasn’t anything I expected. And its still not what I expected I guess.


    Ba55 has a Dirty Second Hands feel to it which I really like. These are beautiful and strange and beautifully strange and wonderful. I dont really know how to put my thoughts into words quite yet. :)

  32. Don

    I think it’s kinda odd that the Title Song isn’t even on the Album and that the only way to get it is to attend a show to purchase on a physical EP. It did sound like it would be on EP if you purchased it online. It also sounded if you buy the EP you would get the rest of the album as a finish your album purchase, now I have to wonder. I think there was a little misleading here. I get the idea to lure people to the shows but I really don’t think it’s fair for young people like my Grand Daughters who can’t afford the gas or the money for a hotel room and pay for a ticket. They would have to drive about 5 hours to get to a Venue, so because of that they’re penalized. Don’t get me wrong my Family likes Switchfoot and have listened to them since their start. I already purchase the EP online and was confused by the way this is being released. Just some food for thought. Switchfoot puts out the platform that their music is for everyone so I don’t get the playing games with the Record release. So far I like what I’ve heard of the EP but I really haven’t had time to actually listen to it, but I imagine it will be a great album as usual.

  33. Ciccio

    Incredible. I’ve heart some bongo drums on Love alone is worth the fight !!!!!!

    1. Ciccio


  34. MegjaxSF

    Time to be HONEST, TOTALLY LOVING it lyrically, but melodically it is a bit OVERPOWERING!!!! The guys have definetly “switched their feet” this time. Until I see the film and see how they flow together. Think I will have some mixed feelings… None the less the guys are ALWAYS at the top of my list of tunes to listen to!!

  35. jquick

    Does anyone know if “Love Alone…” and “BA55″ are available to listen to online anywhere? I really want to wait till the concert to buy a physical copy (yes, I’m old school like that) but I’m dying to hear them now!

    1. Leigh

      Me too! Itunes has a preview, but that is all I have seen so far.

    2. Wes

      Come on folks, it’s just $3 to buy it on iTunes. You’ll spend more than that on food today which you will enjoy for a few moments and then a couple hours later you will be hungry again. This music will give you enjoyment and nourishment for your soul for much longer than that. Just download the songs. You’ll be glad you did! I have felt so energized these last couple days from having these new songs. I really love all of them and can’t vote in the poll above because I just can’t decide on a favorite!

  36. Tyler Smith

    Amazing start to the album.

    Love Alone- One of my favorite Switchfoot songs I’ve ever heard. I knew it sounded amazing from the movie trailer, and it has even passed those expectations.

    BA55- Really cool vibe on this one. I love songs that experiment with a lot of sounds without going over the top. Lots of energy and emotion, which is typical for Switchfoot. By the way, is BA55 a type of plane, or a weird way of spelling bass? haha.

    Who We Are- This is my least favorite of the 3, but I still enjoy it. Would’ve gone with Love Alone as the first single, but again, I still enjoy the song. It might grow on me even more as time passes, like several others have.

    Every time new Switchfoot music comes out, I think of this Switchfoot lyric: “Hallelujah, I’m in love again!”

  37. Michelle

    love, Love, LOVE it! Cannot WAIT to hear the rest of the album and hear these songs LIVE! <3

    Thanks, Jeanna for all of your input and updates!

  38. Patrick

    When will this thing be on Amazon?? It’s only on Amazon’s UK site as of right now.

  39. Rachel

    umm,guys the song Fading West is on youtube…and i think its better than any of the songs on the EP, in my opinion. Its AMAZING!!! :D

  40. Mariana

    Like many of you “Ba55″ caught me off guard too! I had to listen to it over and over again, because I couldn’t pay attention to the lyrics at first, the music is overwhelming. It kind of reminded me of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Posses Your Heart”. Great song! although I don’t think it would have been a good choice for the first single, I think it’s too dark for mainstream radio, it can work with indie radio though.
    “Who we are” is really cool for radio I think, it has this funky sound that fits well into today’s hits (“Get Lucky”, “Treasure”) and i love the fact that they are telling us their story in a few minutes, I think is a bit like hearing a story from your best friends (?).
    “Love Alone is Worth The Fight” is beautiful, it makes me think of the guys having a good time at the beach. It’s a song full of hope and it sums up what their message is.

    Overall this EP is AMAZING and I can’t wait for the album!!!!

  41. J

    If anyone has heard the band MuteMath, Ba55 screams their influence. It’s great and I love it.

    1. Josiah Dunham

      The ooohhhh’s are pretty much the exact same “oooohhhhhh’s” from spotlight by mutemath.

  42. Zach

    Having listened to the songs a few more times, Jon’s lyrics have definitely shifted.
    I think I lean towards the side of NiS when it comes to the feel of the words: dark, angst, etc.
    On the other hand, Restless and Always are two of my favorite songs and Love Alone pretty much captures a completely different emotion.
    I think after watching the film, these songs will probably have more weight to them.
    And personally I like “Guitar Riff” Switchfoot but I can work with Groovyfoot

  43. Lucy

    Dude. /Dude./ I’m crying. I just had /the/ biggest grin on my face while getting ready for school and driving to school. Ba55 KILLS. Well done. SO cannot wait for the rest. :D

  44. Lilly


    Ba55, just… wow… it’s so weird.. and different… yet it’s incredible, the music is so overwhelming!!! :D :D :D

    Who We Are is also amazing, love the kids voices

    Love Alone is great as well…

    I’m like dead right now :P

  45. Mi470

    Physical version for sale in their store now. Leave it to me to cave in and buy the digital version on iTunes right before they put it up. Now I can’t buy the physical because my money is going towards other things. But I’ll probably buy it when I get paid again.

  46. Golden Girl

    I’ve listened to the 3 songs more now and they are kind of Imagine Dragons type songs which I love Imagine Dragons and SWITCHFOOT!!! So this is awesome…loving “Who We Are”, Sounds great for the upcoming radio release!! Also I can’t wait for the music video, Cause when I heard the song I thought “Hey! That would make a good music video!” Haha Over all its astonishing, beautifully awesome with a hint of groove ep :-)
    LOVIN IT!!!

  47. Beau Hesketh

    Not really liking that Who We Are is the single. Its an okay song, I feel like it would have been liked more as maybe the closing track of the album. Love Ba55, except for the name, but maybe we will find out more about it in the movie? Like most of Love Alone is Worth the Fight, but still not fully sold. Very glad this out though!

  48. Ben

    What I’ve heard sounds great, but before I buy it I need to know: Does the “Complete my album” only apply to the physical copy sold on the switchfoot website? Or will that work with a digital copy purchased from itunes as well?

  49. Lody

    is like
    elements of
    Oh Gravity…
    Eastern Hymns…
    electricity.. fire… waves… of the ocean
    all crafted into this amazing song that
    I do not want it to end………..

    1. ellijordan

      I was thoroughly disappointed when it ended as soon as it did. I wouldn’t have minded if it had been more WIB length. Hopefully, they’ll extend it when they play it live….it’s fantastic and I love your description!

      1. Zoo vie

        Yeah, to me it sounds like a fantastic beginning to a longer song. As it stands it’s a bit lacking, it doesn’t feel like it goes anywhere or reaches a climax. Really digging the groove though and I’m glad that they’re mixing up the old formula some; more of this on the LP would be very welcome.

      2. Zach H

        A live extension would be awesome. I could see it as an concert ender, Dirty Seconds hands style

  50. ashley

    I’ve been keeping Who We Are on repeat, the guys voices + the kids voices in the chorus just makes me grin from ear to ear, I just think that bringing kids onto this song was genius! “It feels like the guys are not only reminding themselves of their past, but are trying to encourage the future generations to not settle, to not listen to the naysayers, to fight for what you believe in, no matter the pain and struggle. The song is a passing on of a purpose.” Jeanna you described it perfectly!

    Love Alone is Worth the Fight is just incredible, I love everything about this song. As for Ba55, the music is epic, just brilliant, I’m still not really sure what the lyrics mean, but I like to think of this song as the guys just pushing them selves musically. It’s like it really doesn’t matter what the lyrics are because the MUSIC is the focus, it really shows off their talent, I think :)

    1. Tyler Smith

      I think BA55 is a faith driven song. “I believe You’re the fire that can burn me clean.”

      And it’s a song about taking flight… “Let my soul fly!”

  51. alicia

    These three songs alone make me want to hop in the car and just drive, with no destination in particular. I just want to roll down the windows and blast these songs. “Lets go headed down the open road unknown!”

    1. Golden Girl

      Haha me to!

    2. Lody

      My thoughts exactly!!

  52. Amy

    Thank you Switchfoot for your honesty and passion. These songs are incredible!

  53. Josh

    So I would totally get this, but do you know Jeanna if this is going to be in the holiday package this year along with the new Fading West poster? Cuz if so, I’d just wait for that and get the songs of iTunes for now.

  54. Peter

    Physical EP on switchfoot.com has Fading West B-Side.


  55. Sam

    I keep going back and forth between loving this ep and hating it. I know the guys were going with something new here and I like that, I think its awesome that they are pushing themselves, but I can’t help but just here noise when listening to songs like Ba55, sure musically its awesome but lyrically? It’s just really weak, I can’t help but wonder if Jon is running out of ideas for songs. If you go back and compare songs from other albums, these three songs just don’t have much content to them. Where’s the emotion? I miss the raw honesty we heard in songs like The Blues, Sing it Out, and Twenty Four. Don’t get me wrong, I think these songs are light and fun and they will probably be awesome live. But is the whole album gonna be this way? Are there any songs that will leave us fans thinking, wanting more? If anyone has some input for this, I’d be happy to hear what you have to say.

    1. Michael G.

      I see where your coming from Sam. I would say its far too soon to judge the album based on the three songs . However,I do agree that BA55 is kind of a misfire,compared to how much everyone is hyping it up. When it comes down to it, I would like to know exactly what aspects of the song are so interesting. The bass line? Not enough variety. The vocals? Too hard to discern,as a way to seemingly cover up the weak lyrical substance
      . The payoff for the tension building? None,or at least not in the form of a hard hitting chorus or bridge. I love a lot of what I’ve heard so far,and I’m really excited for fading west. However BA55 is in my opinion,one of the we last things they’ve done recently.

    2. Michael G.

      I see where your coming from Sam. I would say its far too soon to judge the album based on the three songs . However,I do agree that BA55 is kind of a misfire,compared to how much everyone is hyping it up. When it comes down to it, I would like to know exactly what aspects of the song are so interesting. The bass line? Not enough variety. The vocals? Too hard to discern,as a way to seemingly cover up the weak lyrical substance
      . The payoff for the tension building? None,or at least not in the form of a hard hitting chorus or bridge. I love a lot of what I’ve heard so far,and I’m really excited for fading west. However BA55 is in my opinion,one of the weakest things they’ve done recently.

  56. pam b

    Just ordered a copy from SF website. I can see this is only gonna make perfect sense to me after I see the movie and hear the whole album!

  57. MegjaxSF

    In all HONESTY, in LOVE with the EP lyrically speaking, but melodically speaking I was quite overwhelmed by how OVERPOWERING it sounds, will definitely take some getting use to. One thing is for sure the guys have definitely “switched their feet” in the making of these new tunes. Feel like once I see the film and hear where these tunes fall into place feel I will be able to enjoy them on a deeper level than just the songs by themselves .

  58. ashley

    So by “trying something new” they are becoming like everyone else? Auto-tune and all?

    1. Andrew

      Learn music recording . upping the gain and making vocals fuzzy isnt “auto tune.” Its as simple as turning up the input gain and overdriving the preamp. You can tell they dont auto tune because their music live sounds just as good as it does in the studio.

      And from the quotes, I couldnt tell whether you were saying they were auto tuning or if you were retaliatating to another comment, so ignore this if you were talking to someone else…

    2. AlmostHipster

      These songs aren’t quite as raw as some of Switchfoot’s previous tunes, but I wouldn’t call it auto-tuned or over-produced… The thing that’s great about Switchfoot is that these songs don’t take the place of their old ones, they just add to their catalog of sound. The heavier and darker songs from their other albums don’t go away, they stand side by side with these songs. They all have their own special place. :)

      1. ellijordan

        Yeah..I like to look at these brighter (yet still incredibly intense) songs as complements to their darker stuff. Like a good marriage.

        1. AlmostHipster

          #truthbombs :D

  59. Golden Girl

    Jeanna, will Fading west the song be released on landofbrokenhearts media? Also on the physical version of the ep its 9.99, do you receive only the ep or would you receive those 4 songs then when the album came out receive the rest of the songs or the full album? Cause it seems kind of expensive for just 4 songs?

  60. Mayast

    I finally got to listen to “Who We Are” loud, on headphones, and heard Tim’s bass line more clearly – made the song whole lot better :) That song is SOOOO funky! My favourite parts are the verses.
    Anyway, the first three bass accords of the chorus remind me of some theme song from a 1990s TV series – I need some help here, because I can’t decide what song could it be, “Baywatch” maybe? :D

  61. Blake

    Fading West is a good song! so glad i bought the physical CD so i can have that song!

  62. TheSecondFoot

    Wow…! This is amazing!!! Each song is really unique to each other. I really can’t wait to hear this album. It seems to be pushing boundaries further and further. No song is really lacking to me. I went with Love Alone Is Worth The Fight probably I’ve known it the longest and it was the one I was finally hearing fully complete. Who We Are has a really cool vibe to it. I think it’s really good to use this song as the promotion song. It seems to capture Fading West idea. I love the kids in it. That’s what really makes the track more special than anything…and the really easy to learn chorus that makes me want to sing it. Next, Love Alone Is Worth The Fight. This song has really catchy backing vocals going on the whole time and the last chorus is really strong and the way it ends is just beautiful. The whole song together is really catchy and clappy. Lastly, Ba55 is awesome. Half-way through the song I realized it sound a lot like Sarah Jaffe’s new album. Working with this fuzz and bass lines and “impact drums.” For those who don’t know her, just look up Glorified High in youtube and compare the songs. I think they sound a like. But it’s really cool. I’m really impress off from the first listen and Vice Verses took me 2-5 listens to really start loving it but I’m already loving these so that’s a great sign. Can’t wait to hear more from Fading West. Keep rocking Switchfoot

  63. Elvin

    One does not simply pick up a favorite Switchfoot song. :D

  64. little drummer girl


  65. AlmostHipster

    I have to go against the grain here and say that “Who We Are” is definitely my favorite song off of this ep. I love how “big” it sounds, especially with all of the voices in the chorus. To me it literally feels like I’m at a concert, and it sounds odd, but when I hear this song I kind of re-live all of my Switchfoot concert experiences, and those have been some of the best times of my life.
    To me it has an awesome message, obviously be who you are no matter what, Switchfoot has been saying that forever. But when I look at it deeper, I think of Jon and the guys in the band and the decisions they’ve made in their lives, and I look at my life and the decisions I’ve made. I feel like it’s saying we all have different paths we can choose. Some paths are good, some paths are bad. I think that’s the heart and soul of this song. We start off young with dreams, and as we get older we have to decide if we’re going to make the right decisions and choose the “good path” when it comes to our lives and our dreams. We have to decide “who we are”. And no matter how far we’ve strayed from the right path and making the right decisions, “there’s still time enough to choose who we are”. I may be wrong, but I feel like Jon is trying to encourage people to live life with a purpose bigger than themselves, and I think he’s using the band as that encouragement, kind of like “we did it, and so can you!”. haha maybe that’s just because I look up to them so much, but it’s possible! And knowing that the guys are all Christians makes all of that so much more meaningful because we know where their songs are coming from and their point of view, you know?
    It’s one of those songs that brings up all kinds of feelings inside that you can’t quite figure out. haha I honestly could go on forever about this song, I think it’s one of my new favorites out of all their songs.

    “Love Alone is Worth The Fight” is an awesome feel good tune. Obviously Jon’s lyrics are great and I love all of the echos and new sounds that they used. It’s definitely going to be awesome at concerts!

    “Ba55″ took me about 3 listens but I’m super into it now! Like a lot of you guys said, it’s odd to not focus on Jon’s lyrics when that’s one of the heartbeats behind the music. But once you get lost in the music it really becomes an awesomely unique listening experience. I agree with you guys, this song will be so cool at concerts, they’ll be able to do some really cool live stuff with it.

  66. Brian

    I would kind of like to buy the EP via Switchfoot’s website (to get the Fading West track), but I’m hesitant because I don’t want to use this album pre-order method if there are going to be better pre-order options down the line with perhaps more exclusive tracks. We’ve been given no reason to believe that there’ll be any neat extras like the Hello Hurricane Live CD, but we’ve also not been told otherwise either.

    1. TheSecondFoot

      For pre-order option. I would get the EP. You’ll get the bonus song they are releasing then I would check out the other pre-orders when those come up. I don’t think there will be any extra songs that will be released but I’m getting the EP at a concert and then I’ll get the download but I’m also huge on getting the physical copy so I’ll most likely get the smallest preorder or the next to it. Hopefully with a physical copy of the movie but I can’t be sure about that.

  67. i am who i am

    I love the freedom of “Love Alone is Worth the Fight”. The music is classic Switchfoot, yet at the same time it soars at another level. And the backing vocal “oh oh oh”‘s are just awe-inspiring. When I hear this song I, forgive for being overly cheesy, just want to run into the ocean. I know, its a little strange, but I literally can feel the freedom of an endless ocean in this song… consequently, its my favorite tune on this EP. My only disappointment is the bridge, the lyrics definitely could have used a bit more work, but its not too much of a complaint.

    “Ba55″ is just… how the heck is that Switchfoot? I love it. People can and will (and are) complain that its too much of a style change, but I for one am enjoying seeing the guys break out of that generic garage rock band style songs. I know thats what has got them to this point in their careers, but as they mature and grow as people, their music will change as well. What a fantastic and welcome change it is, to me anyway.

  68. ellijordan

    I’m having so many conflicting thoughts, because I want to listen to this over and over as it’s so good, but I don’t want to be “tired of” or used to these songs when the full album comes out, but BA55. B. A. 5. 5. BBBBBAAAA55555555555. Someone help please.

  69. Ashley

    Guys, I’ve been walking around all day with with an idiotic smile on my face and singing “oh ooh”s and “1, 2, 3, 4, 5″. I feel like I’m in love, haha. I can’t even choose a favorite, I like all three for such different reasons.

    I know not everyone feels this way, but I’m loving Who We Are. I wasn’t sure about it the first time I listened, but dang, that song is fun! I love the sound of the guitar at the beginning; very vintage-groove, reminds me of a Kings of Leon song. Then there’s the whole FEEL of the song. The power, the drive, the words and the way the are placed and said to add to the beat; There is such strength, such confidence, and an almost triumphant spirit.
    I LOVE the bridge. I know it’s a sentiment that’s often used, yet it doesn’t feel cheesy or like it is simply a “fluff” line to me. Maybe its the change from power to slight vulnerability in Jon’s voice that makes me believe the words are genuine. It creates in me a surge of joy and a touch of pride in these guys; for who they are and what they’ve accomplished, even with so many voices saying that it isn’t worth it or can’t be done. And those last few lines.. They feel like an answer to longings Jon expressed before. Showing that the same heart is there, the desire for more than average, for something real; and that in some small portion, he has found it. And it was found in being something real and more than average himself.

    Love Alone Is Worth the Fight is, right now, my favorite song off the EP. Which is likely because this was my most anticipated song. Those backing vocals have been stuck in my head since I saw the trailer. For me, they make the song. Now that I can listen to the whole song, I feel that I will be noticing lots of fun little sounds over the next few week. The music in the pre-chorus is so airy and transcending.. If it weren’t for the strong rhythm to keep me grounded, I’d feel as if I were floating through the sky. Ha. But then the chorus comes and all I want to do is jump and dance around (which I totally did btw), or do some fast driving with the windows down. Its just so full of LIFE. It stirs the adventurous and free-spirited side of me; though, with lines like “Let’s go headed down the open road unknown.. What are you waiting for?” how could you help but feel that way? :)

    BA55- Wow. So different from anything I expected to hear from Switchfoot, and I’m not complaining. The song didn’t take full effect until I listened to it in my car so I could turn up the bass and actually hear Tim do his thing. It’s so funky.. Yet smooth. And while I love what Jon can do lyrically, using his voice basically as another instrument? Brilliant. I love the second time he says “like a still life”. It kinda reminds me of the podcast that shows them goofing around with auto-tone. Haha. Also, Drew’s part at the end? Can we talk more about how awesome that is? And I have to admit, while playing this song I drove around with the windows down and the volume up.. And I felt so cool. No shame about it either. ;)
    Seriously though, I’m excited to see what they have in store for us with rest of the album. So grateful.

    1. Andrew

      Thats romey at the end of Ba55, not Drew! made me so happy to hear he finally has a song where he is right up at the front of the sound

      1. Ashley

        Oh shoot. Typed the wrong name, I shall blame it on awesomeness overload. :) Thank you for correcting me though!

  70. JonnyL

    A brief review of the EP:

    I think “Who We Are” is so incredible… I am really glad they made it the single. It has such a catchy rhythm to it, and such an eclectic ocean of sounds. The children’s vocals and big choruses give it a similar vibe to Youngbloode Hawke’s “We Come Running.” I think it’s a sound that REALLY works well for Switchfoot… I hope they continue to toy around with it.
    Also, it’s not until Jon’s little ad-lib vocals come in during the last chorus that I realized the vocals are very unique throughout the entire song… it’s not until the end that his voice sounds more like his own. I really think that is a brilliant move by Switchfoot for their lead single on this new album… a shimmering, epic new voice, but then somewhere beneath it all is the same Jon– the same Switchfoot we all love.

    LAIWTF is probably my favorite new Switchfoot song (of the three I’ve heard… haha!)… it has given me goosebumps several times in the last 12 hours. It’s a song that really inspires.

    I love the vocals in the verses, “so close (you) can almost taste” them. And the bridge has a crazy unexpected grinding synth, carrying a hauntingly beautiful melody over an otherwise upbeat, shining song.

    I LOVE the line: “And it’s all an illusion, a 21st century institution”, because I feel like I’m living that right now… and so is everyone else in the Western world today. But the next line is “so let’s go headed down the open road unknown” and the goosebumps set in. It echoes a call, articulated well in the book of 1st Peter, to live in a world of imperfect, oppressive institutions and structures, all the while pointing and living toward a world order that will end all things, and make them new.

    Ba55 is easily one of the most creative songs SF has ever done. To me, it is the perfect compliment to the other two on the EP. Drew’s work at the end really melts my face (as someone said earlier in this thread).

  71. Stefan

    I’m enjoying Who We Are! It reminds me a little bit of Houdini by Foster the People in the way it sounds.

    1. Zach H

      I was just thinking that today. The tones they’re using sound a lot like Foster except for the funkiness of course

  72. Mika

    Love Alone Is Worth The Fight: If light had a sound, this would be it <3

    1. Ashley

      YES. That is a lovely description.

  73. jeff

    i go back to chem6a on the $1.99 sampler. disappointed by all three. the lyrical depth is just not there. sorry. and stop playing with jon’s voice.

    1. Michael G.

      Well is Switchfoots defense, that song was recorded like 17 years ago,you can’t expect the guys to sound how they did so long ago. Still, chem6a is a great song to jam out to.

  74. Heather

    Ba55 is reminiscent of Coldplay’s “Daylight”. Makes me wonder where BA flight 55 goes and if they were on it? In any case the lyrics are amazing as always. The other 2 are great too but Ba55 really resonates with me because it is So Different from their usual vibe. But the lyrics are true blue switchfoot. Lord, refine me in the fire too.

    1. ellijordan

      For random interest sake: Ba55 is also the name of a boat, a battery powered PA system, and a type of mesh hunting vest. Doubt any of these pertain to the song…

  75. Andrew

    People need to stop looking at the lyrics as the sole factor of whether or not a song is good. Writing a song is hard! And not every one will be super deep. Look at each song by itself and for the thought that went into it, not just the words. Just cause they dont mean something to you doesnt mean they dont mean something to someone else. I myself find the lyrics on Ba55 on amazing not because they are deep, but because of how he fits together such disjointed words. And I get chills down my spine because of the synth, not his phrasing.

    Theyve been a band for 20 years almost. Change should be expected. Dont complain cause they arent the same as they were when they were 20.

    1. Ben

      Dude, Jon Foreman is a wordsmith. I get chills down my spine from “Where I Belong” and “Beautiful Letdown.” He is a man with a great mind. He is gifted with amazing thought. But yes, the synth is quite superb.

    2. Ashley A

      I agree, you’ve expressed some of the thoughts I’ve been having. While I love how well Jon can write and I go crazy for a lyrically solid song, I don’t expect every song to be built around the words. Sometimes there’s a certain mood to create, or a new aspect of the song to be the dominating force. Sometimes you feel the need to be clear and straightforward rather than masking a message with layers of vague imagery. And sometimes you just want to have fun, dang it, and create ba55. Focusing on one part is just cheating yourself of enjoyment, and looking at a song from different perspectives can do great things for your appreciation of it as a whole.

  76. Matt

    Who We Are is going to be a killer radio hit….and they haven’t had that for awhile now. That song is an awesome radio song!

  77. Mike M

    Anyone else think it’s weird that the ep isn’t being featured on iTunes and isn’t on the top 100 normal Switchfoot gets around #1 on iTunes when they release new music

  78. Josiah Dunham

    BA55 is maybe my least favorite switchfoot song of all time. Love Alone is Worth the Fight I dig. Also like Who We Are though definitely not my fav of theirs.

  79. “Harmony in the dissonance” – In-Depth Behind Fading West Video; Discussing the New Film

    [...] Once again, we invite you to share your thoughts on the videos in the comments, and be sure to download Switchfoot’s NEW Fading West EP… and join our discussion on the new tunes! [...]

  80. Ryan

    You all are great. The Switchfam is just part of what makes being a fan of these guys so cool. I just dig all the dissection and varying opinions on these songs. You guys have said and noticed a lot of the same things I have (and plenty that I haven’t) so I won’t bother going into a lot of detail.

    I haven’t bought it yet so I’ve only heard the iTunes previews of the other two songs. And I love all of what I’ve heard so far. With what they said about making songs inspired by the ocean, and hearing what they’ve released so far, I can’t help but think they’ve succeeded. Loving the new layers and textures. Go, Drew and Jerome! I’m waiting to buy the EP until I see them in Kansas City this weekend. (insert appropriate excitement/freaking out here)

    The kids’ vocals on “Who We Are” took a few listens to grow on me. Now I love them. And it’s so beautifully symbolic of who they indeed are. (The bass on the second verse of this song is just pretty tasty too)

    Man, it’s a fantastic time of year to be a Switchfoot fan.

  81. Corey

    Honestly, I had no idea what to expect with this ep. I was slightly disappointed when I listened to Who We Are when they posted it on sound cloud the day before the ep was releases. It started with the weird counting and then went into a sort of blinding light/ selling the news kinda thing.

    But I listened to it more as the day went on, and couldn’t get it out of my head! Confession: I like it, a lot. And then ba55 and LAIWTF came, and I was blown away. Ba55 took some getting used too also, because the vocals are consistently….different than normal.but it gets so much better.

    Like someone else said, I too have been walking around all day with a weird grin, singing 12345 and ooh ooh ooh oh ooh ooh.

    Time for the song by song review.

    First though, I must say, my favorite song on the ep is Fading West. I have had this song stuck in my head more than anything, and its just amazing in general. i really like the string sounds following the melody at parts. It has such a fun/traveling/beachy feel to it. Thats not usually my kind of music, but I love it!

    Love alone is worth the fight: definitely my favorite of the three. Its angelic harmonies are overwhelming and literally awesome. I’ve had the vocals at the beginning ( the oh ooh oh’s) stuck in my head since I watched the FW trailer. and then he breaks out in the emotion of ” Love alone is worth the FIGHT.” I love the variety of their music. The verse is this this sort of half rap, i guess? its just amazing how good their changing sounds.

    BA55 is amazing too. like i said, took some time to get used too with he different sound, but it it really hit me how great it is when i was listening to it, and he was saying “i believe You’re the fire that can burn me clean.” the whole song is just musically magnificent, with all the different aspects of it. not a fan of the screeching guitars near the end, but i easily get over that.

    Who we are is my least favorite, but that’s not saying much because it is also brilliant. ive never been much at all a fan of kids singing, but this song makes it work; soo well too! it seems to me to have a blinding light feel with a souvenirs message. the Bridge of this song is so powerful to me. it feels like the climax and the whole point of the song. Same with the pre-chrous on LAIWTF

    I’m making a note here: huge success.

    just on a topic previously alluded to, switchfoot has changed a bit in the past. there was a lot of controversy over Relient k’s album Collapsible Lung. people were making the case of change to protect it, but if change was the goal, Theissen could learn a thing or two from Foreman. FW, so far, is so different from NIS or TBL, but is still just as amazing. one thing is they’ve maintained their lyrically structural integrity. RK wanted to make a pop album, and they surrendered their lyrics to pop culture artists as well. so, as for CL, i will forget and not slow down and love it enough to let it go, its adding to the noise; and to Fading West, Hallelujah! welcome to the family!

    To those complaining about the mix of the music…. im sorry you have such a trained ear. most of us only hear how awesome all of their music is, not how bad the mixer is. I think all of it sounds absolutely amazing! not because i am a “die hard” or “dedicated” fan, but because, well, it is!

    1. Zach Hindes

      ya..Collapsible Lung was…horrible..

  82. michael

    For those wondering about the fading west song, you’re not missing out and you can see why they left it off.
    Loving Love Alone is Worth The Fight and Who We are but not so much BA55

  83. ThP

    Thank you that you are here! Switchfoot!
    You know, we know – Who you are! You are Great band of Great Personalities. Just be Who You are!