49 responses to “New Switchfoot Email: Fading West Timeline”

  1. losemyself4good

    Is that the actual cover art for the album?!?!

  2. Ryan

    Okay. Wow. This is pretty exciting. I’m pretty pumped that I’ve already got my ticket for show in Kansas City. I was excited before, but yeah, this cranks it up several notches.

  3. Elisabeth E

    This made me so happy!! I thought that i wouldn’t be able to watch or listen to Fadin West, at least not before february but it is less than a month i will listen to the EP!! :D

  4. Elisabeth E

    This made me so happy!! I thought that i wouldn’t be able to watch or listen to Fadin West, at least not before february, but it is less than a month i will listen to the EP!! :D

  5. Karen

    Ahhh! Fabulous! Looks like we can get the physical EP from the website, so those of us who don’t live anywhere near a concert venue can get it complete with the song Fading West! Yay! Thank you Switchfoot!

  6. Golden Girl

    So the EP with the song Fading west is going to be available on there website as well as on the tour?

  7. Matthew

    So the physical copy will be available on switchfoot.com?

  8. J

    Is that the official cover art?

  9. bkschmidt

    Wow! I’m so happy they’re coming out with the EP – January would have been just too hard to wait! And although I’m sure the full album is going to be great, it has been these four songs that I’ve been most eager to hear.

  10. Mi470

    Any way we can get some hi-res album art going on here? Looks beautiful.

  11. alicia

    If that really is the album art it will be their first album with the guys actually on the cover! I mean, I guess they were on the cover of Oh! Gravity but that was a drawing, we’ve never had an album with an actual photo of the guys on the front!

    Even though they are not touring near me this year I can’t help but to be excited for all the fans who will get to see Fading West on tour! That’s so awesome, I know that when its released online I will have a premier party of one! haha!

    I’m just so happy for the guys right now, this year has been so amazing for them so far! Once again, I’m so happy to be a fan of theirs, I love being apart of this journey with them!

    1. Golden Girl

      They actually were on the album The Best Yet a very good picture not just there silhouette like so in the Fading West artwork designed bye the talented Mr. Tim Foreman

      1. alicia

        That’s true, I always forget about the best yet, I guess I don’t technically consider it to be one of their albums because its got songs from past albums on it.

        1. Golden Girl

          Yeah I know.. I just remembered it because I had This Is home playing just today, and had the album cover printed off and hanging around my switchfoot poster(‘s) and recently took it down haha :D

    2. Paul

      Doesn’t Oh! Gravity count as the first?!?!? Technically hahah

  12. Tanya

    I’m still hoping VIP will be available for the Longview show. We have our tickets already, but anxiously awaiting VIP! Anyone know if VIP is planned for all of the Fading West shows?

  13. ellijordan

    I’m going to the Longview show and here it doesn’t have the VIP option but on the site it says VIP coming soon. Will there be VIP for that show or not? Are they just not available yet? (It also says tickets coming soon and they’re already on sale through the venue’s website, so that adds to the confusion…)

    1. Lody

      I’ve been wondering the same thing…

    2. Tanya S.

      Also wondering…

    3. Lody

      The VIP tickets are now available through switchfoot’s website! :)

      1. ellijordan

        We got them! So excited! Are you going, Lody?

  14. Maria

    I can’t wait but I wonder… is there going to be a European tour? It’d great. I saw them in Cambridge 2 years ago. One of the best days of my life.

  15. Stefan

    Previous feelings of disappointment in the delay of the album release date are gone! I’m now pumped!

  16. Amy

    This is crazy exciting. I feel like I have no words to describe it.

  17. hadassah

    So the ep, the album and the movie will be available online?

  18. hadassah

    I bought my tickets 3months ago but my manager won’t be giving me the day off to go see them :(

    1. michael

      chuck a sickie ;)

  19. hadassah

    Yeah, i hope they do a fasing west pre-order bundle!!!!

  20. hadassah


  21. Nrocket

    So no score on its own release?

    Makes me think the actual score for the movie was not a big deal for the guys probably some simple instrumental stuff and songs from the album.

  22. Fi

    Oh wow this is exciting!! But… when we buy the EP in September, come the release date for the full album in Jan we’ll automatically have access to it all (without purchasing the album..??)..?

  23. Gabriela

    So excited. So so excited.

  24. Israel

    I’m confused. Will the EP cost as much as the album? Because you can download it in full if you bought the EP. Also, I am also for the physical copy of Fading West movie.

    A suggestion. Can’t they just include it in the Deluxe version of the LP? If people don’t want the movie, they can just purchase the standard edition while we buy the Deluxe.

    1. Mayast

      A deluxe version of the album which would include the movie on DVD would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Just like you often see live albums: a CD/DVD combo, eg. “Chris Botti In Boston, Coldplay’s “Live 2012″, etc. I believe that would be the best solution.

  25. michael

    so is there a soundtrack to go with the album that’s separate?

  26. dan

    will the EP available for pre-order?

  27. Enrique Rodriguez

    and Latin America?… el salvador awaits for us!!