First “Fading West” Single “Who We Are” To Release October 8th?

According to AllAccess/Mediabase, the┬áNEW Switchfoot single, “Who We Are,” will be released to Alternative radio on October 8!

(Thanks for the screen grab David!)

Here’s a brief clip of the song, from a rehearsal video Jon shared on Instagram. What do you guys think about this latest development?

12 responses to “First “Fading West” Single “Who We Are” To Release October 8th?”

  1. Amy

    Woohoo!!! :) It sounds like such an awesome song! I can’t wait to hear the full, recorded version!

  2. Michael Meyerdirk

    This is making it onto my calendar….

  3. i am who i am

    For whatever reason I kind of figured it would be Saltwater Heart, but anything Switchfoot sounds good. Really can’t give an opinion on what I heard on the Instagram video, too disorganized to really place a vibe on it

  4. Benjamin


    Year made.

  5. Dylan

    That’s the day they play the Boston show. That just makes everything so much greater

  6. little drummer girl


  7. Andrew S

    Interesting… I really thought Ba55 was going to be first. I guess the guys are stoked about this one in particular, or maybe it’s one of the more radio-friendly tracks on the album. I’m so excited; this is great!

  8. Golden Girl

    AAAAHHHH Yes! this is just what i hoped for!!! cant wait!!! although, I have one question, do you have a list of the radio stations it will be released on?

  9. Paul

    Will the album be released the same month?

  10. michael

    is there any media from fading west? like the web-banner that was up before?