51 responses to “Fading West EP Tracklisting Revealed; Album Release Date Changed”

  1. Brooks

    Wait, fading west the song won’t be on fading west the album? Or are you still talking about the ep?

    1. Alex

      Nope- Fading West (the song) will not be on the album. It’s being released as a bonus track on physical copies of the EP sold on tour.

      1. Smiley

        So it’ll not be available to people outside the States? (Realistically, students like me can’t afford to travel THAT much for one song…)That is if it’s only sold on the fall tour though..?

        1. Mike

          It will be available digitally

  2. Aron

    Hey Jeanna.
    I noticed the youtube account “SwitchfootSongs” uploaded the track Fading West a few weeks ago, considering the song as a b-side. Was he wrong? The video was removed a few days after. I really loved the song. Why was there a need to remove it, while it’s sure the song won’t be featured on Fading West? Thanks!

    1. Aron

      I was stupid not to read the 3rd point. My apologies!

  3. Mi470

    Another note: album release date is now January 14

  4. Kaitlyn

    I just can’t wait to get my hands on any new music by these guys! The next couple of months are going to feel like Christmas for us fans.

  5. Ray

    Cool about the ep, it’s gonna be weird having the album without a title track. But hey, it’s switchfoot, they must have picked songs more suited for the album!

  6. Rachel

    Is there a set price for the digital or physical EP? And this article says that the album comes out on January 14th, is it that or the 21st?

  7. J

    Why won’t Fading West (the song) be on Fading West (the album)? That seems like a very strange decision to make. . .

    1. Paul

      THey were going to release Fading West as a bonus track on Vice Verses when purchased on Itunes, but they also changed their mines on that. Maybe the song belongs more on a EP and not on an album? I’m sure they made the right decision, as long as we get the song somehow i’m happy lol

    2. Jordan

      The song fading west is actually quite old, so it might have been different than what the album turned out like and so it got left behind.

  8. Evan

    Do you think they will have it available at Rock the Universe? (Sept. 6)

    1. Alex

      Nope – physical copies don’t start selling until their fall tour hits

  9. ParalyzingSilence

    Exciting stuff! I’m glad they are giving us a taste of what’s to come to hold us over until the full album is released. I think its odd though that Fading West the song didn’t make the final cut when both the album and the movie are called Fading West. Its Switchfoot though so I have complete faith that there is good reasoning behind it. At least we will here the song on the physical EP.

  10. Jordan

    I’m actually not surprised that they didn’t include fading west on fading west since the song is like 4 years old now

  11. Paul

    Any idea of how much it will cost?

  12. Dan242

    NOOOO!!! (only available on shows) So I can’t get it :( I really want this EP, but i’m In South Africa ? LOBH can’t you guys or another SW fan send it down here somehow? Please!!! I will pay as much as you need :D

    1. Alex

      The EP will be released digitally on iTunes on Sept. 17!

      1. Dan242

        Oh Thanks Alex, I must have misread it, thanks :D i will sleep better to night now!

  13. Tyler

    They must have a reason for leaving it off of the album. I’m thinking its probably going to be on the soundtrack for the movie, and maybe just doesn’t fit the feel of the album (like monday comes around was cut from the beautiful letdown).

  14. Amy

    I’m so glad they are releasing Fading West as a bonus track since it isn’t on the record.

  15. TheSecondFoot

    I am getting this EP!!!! Now I just have to decide on if I’m getting a poster or tour shirt

  16. Kathryn

    Ahh, do you think there will be any way to hear the song “Fading West” for those of us who can’t make the tour? :/

    1. Paul

      I’m pretty sure someone will upload it to youtube or something once they get their hands on the physical CD. Unless it’s on there already……….

    2. Paul

      Which it SHOULDNT cause of course it hasn’t been released yet and its not nice but yeah lol

  17. Israel

    September 17?!?!!? Calendar’s marked! Ready to overplay Love Alone Is Worth The Fight!

  18. AmiFriendship

    What if we don’t have iTunes and can’t make it to a concert? Do we just have to wait until January?

  19. Golden Girl

    OMG im so excited but I can’t make the fall tour so does this mean there is NO way I can get the EP with Fading West on it? :,( if so I will litterally die… Also is Who We Are and Love Alone, not going to be on the official Fading West cd or which ones are going to be or not be on the cd or are they all on the Fading west cd? Just wondering, also so excited the date got pushed back for the release, does anyone know what happend or why?

  20. BulletSoul

    Will the Fading West EP be included with the VIP package on the Fading West tour or will we just have to buy it separately?

  21. Nolan

    It’s finally here!!! How long have we been waiting? It feels almost as long as we were waiting for Hello Hurricane, which was about 2 years. But now we know. I can’t believe that they keep putting out new songs every 2 years. I am curious as to how many albums they’ll produce. But here’s to the longest 5 months of our lives.

  22. fiona

    Do you know when we will be able to see fading west (the film) in the UK? So excited but very impatient!

  23. Ben

    Well I have 2 tickets for their October 20th show!! :D Can’t wait to get their EP!!

  24. Michelle

    Can’t wait to see what is in the Holiday Package! I guess it’s finally time to admit that I really don’t buy them for my son…

  25. Em

    No they shouldn’t. Sadly though, a number of people have been uploading the song to youtube. I haven’t listened to it, but i still cant believe people are justifying this…it breaks my heart for the guys…

  26. Kyle

    Just to clarify from previous comments, the track Fading West will be included as a bonus track for the digital download, correct?