87 responses to “Fading West Album Release Date January 21st; Fading West Premiers at the X Games”

  1. Ian W.

    January?!…..Well to be fair I called this like a month ago.

  2. Sir Charles

    ugh this is going to be such a long wait sdkagnwigoisjdgoaiwjggiohgdsoigh

  3. pam b

    What does digital release mean?

  4. jeff

    where is it indicated a preview Ep will be released in Sep?

  5. Alex

    January? Eep. Do we know if the EP will be available for purchase only on tour?

  6. Cameron

    January 21st??? Why the delay? Once upon a time the album was going to be released in July? Then September, October and now January 21st?

    1. Cody

      Simple answer: It’s Switchfoot. They’ve been working on the album all this time. And once its done there are a few months inbetween for promotion and stuff like that. It’s extremely rare for a band to release an album right after its finished there’s always a few months.

      1. Em

        Yeah! Instead of promoting it and then touring, it’s almost like the tour IS the promo….that’s switchfoot for ya…keepin us on our toes!

  7. Mi470

    I’m not mad about the release date at all. I do have a few questions though. Now that the album has been pushed back to January, what does this mean for a physical release for the film? Is it still set for January? Maybe they will bundle the film with the album instead of releasing each one separately. I’m also wondering when preorders start now. They could start on the 17th and maybe someone who preordered could get a copy of the tour EP for instant download or something. Or perhaps, since it’s close to the Holiday season, they’ll incorporate the preorder into the holiday package. I really wish I could make this tour, but I can’t. Since it is stripped down, however, I’d love to see them play some rarer songs on the tour. I’d kill for a stripped down This Is Home. Oh, well. I’m just glad there’s a release date.

  8. Elisabeth E

    Will the movie be released on DVD in 2013 or 2014? it’s about 172 days to the album release… :O

  9. Madison

    Great news! With the EP I’m wondering if “Against the Voices” will finally see the light of day? Either way this fam is totally stoked!

  10. Karen

    6 months to wait! We’ll just have to try and have lots of fun between now and then, because you know what they say… time flies when you’re having fun! ;)

    I think its kind of funny that Chad said they wanted to get out of their comfort zone for this, but really, surfing all over the world – that IS their comfort zone! :D

    I’m not mad about the wait either – I’d rather they wait till its just right than rush it.

  11. i am who i am

    Wow, I thought December since they were saying October… so even I’m (also the pessimist and cynic) slightly surprised at the end of January. Definitely a little disappointed, as it will be close to 2 and a half years after VV when Fading West comes out, but as long as its great i’ll be ok.

    Sounds like they won’t be releasing a hard copy of the movie, which is a shame, because then I probably won’t see it.

    1. pam b

      That was my question, what does it mean “digital release”? Does that mean available for download or will it be available on DVD?

      1. Mi470

        It’ll probably be released physically AND digitally. Digital is faster to distribute so it’ll come first. DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s take a while to process and make packaging for and distribute whereas digital just requires adding a cover icon or whatever. And now that the film is basically done and the album is too and they’re being released in the same time period, I suspect we’ll see a bundle with both the film and album

        1. pam b


  12. Amy

    I am beyond excited for all of this! :)

  13. Grant

    So the EP will be available to purchase on the tour, I’m assuming? I know it’s an exclusive tour EP but September 17th makes me think it will be released on iTunes that day. Thanks!

  14. Mayast

    Well, I’m a little disappointed. I have no idea how to survive this six months ;) October was soooo close…

    1. i am who i am

      Heres I’ve been handling the wait (and evidently will continue to do for 6 months): listening to Nothing is Sound. A LOT. Haven’t really stopped listening to it for the last few months. I’ve also been listening to Jon’s ep’s pretty much whenever I’m not listening to NIS. Especially Fall. Southbound Train… Re. Peat.

  15. Sir Charles

    I’m just glad that the album will be out in time for my second semester of my sophomore year in college! I’m going to need it for sure to get through the rest of the school year!

  16. Zach

    Sigh..at least we get a date now and a tour ep. Seems so far from now!
    Really excited though!

  17. Alishia

    Is a tour EP like live recordings from the fall tour?

    1. Cody

      It’s probably not. I bet a 3 or 4 song EP with songs from the album. I’m guessing it will be a lot like The holiday Ep from Fiction Family. Probably not as many b sides though or any. Who knows It’s switchfoot it might be something completely different.

  18. Stefan

    It’s hard not to be disappointed in the news about the album release date and the stripped down fall tour….

  19. Lilly

    And I was just starting to get foward to Fall…

    …time to start counting down for Jan. 21! :)

  20. Golden Girl

    OMG I AM SOOOOO HYPED FOR THE RELEASE AHHHH!!! And I thought it would be hard to wait till FALL now i have to wait TILL JANUARY OMG if I dont make it to a concert I WILL DIE!! But hopefully the ep will hold me over!!! But….i doubt it….

  21. RT

    Stoked about the stripped down tour! I love how the band is always switching things up. (pun definitely intended). I hope I live to see January 21…

  22. David

    My hope is that the EP will be free for whoever shows up on tour and that they will also release it for free on Noisetrade or a similar website.
    That would be my the best!

  23. Corey

    So if the album isnt coming out this year, what will they do for the Christmas bundle? VV again?

    1. Golden Girl

      Yeah? I was wondering that myself…

      1. Mi470

        They’ll probably include the tour EP and give us a preorder option. Or who knows? Maybe we’ll get the album/film early.

  24. Israel

    That Jon Foreman pic screams awesome! I hope there’ll be at least a single (BA55?) maybe before…. October maybe?

  25. Ed

    It’s something to look forward to after Xmas & New Year. Always a downer after the holidays anyway.

  26. Peter

    I don’t think it makes much to do a Fading West tour when the album has yet to be released. Will they go on a more traditional album release tour after the album hits shelves in January?

    1. ellijordan

      That’s exactly what I thought….no one’s going to know any of the songs to sing along! (except for whats’s on the EP, and that’s only if you can buy it somewhere besides at a show.) But who knows? The surprise element might be fun. At least we can’t ever say Switchfoot is boring.

    2. ellijordan

      That’s exactly what I thought….no one’s going to know any of the songs to sing along! (except for whats’s on the EP, and that’s only if you can buy it somewhere besides at a show.) But who knows? The surprise element might be fun. At least we can’t ever say Switchfoot is boring.

      1. ellijordan

        Sorry for the double reply…not sure what happened… :P

  27. Mi470

    OK, I’m not gonna call it “world music” (even though it’s a culturally influenced sound) but I have this feeling that in some aspects, Fading West will be for Switchfoot what Graceland was for Paul Simon: a successful album with a variety of American and multicultural sounds.

  28. Mi470

    Another thought: remember when Vice Verses was gonna be a double album? I’m just hoping here, but if Fading West was a double album, I would cry with excitement.

    1. TheSecondFoot

      Though the plans for it could be the soundtrack for the film if that comes out.

  29. Matt Quick

    Ugh… the one time they come to Kansas City i’m deployed overseas… well i guess i gotta be patience for the film release in winter time…

  30. TheSecondFoot

    Just got my tickets and I’ll be heading out for my concert soon. :D I’m sooooooo stoked. It’s my first concert after waiting for about 4 years to go to one. I hope the EP is like the Holiday EP more so. I don’t want too many songs before the album comes out.

  31. Josh H

    So this fall tour is really just to promote the movie, and the Spring tour will be to support the album? Also, will the EP be released on iTunes?

    1. Meg

      What will they be doing this winter?

  32. Mike

    Neal Avron? He is the worst producer! He tries to make everything sound mainstream and get radio hits. He produced the album Vice Verses. And I like Vice verses, but it could have been so much better if they didn’t hire Neal Avron! Bring back Darrell Thorp and Mike Elizondo, they produced Hello Hurricane!

    1. Dylan

      Mike looked like he was really good in the Hello Hurricane DVD, I’m a huge fan.
      but I mean, what do we really know about the producers and how much they have to with Hello Hurricane being so great?

  33. Ian H.

    Are the guys gunna be playing Fading West songs on the tour?? I sure hope they are!

  34. Buck

    I’m skeptical. I hope I’m wrong, but sounds like the boys are going commercial and milking their fans for money; releasing just a few songs before the full album, charging concert prices to come watch a movie that can be bought later, and see a stripped down set instead of their typical rock concert, Q & A time. Just sayin’…..

    1. pam b

      Buck, I think that is an unfair assumption. “I’m not buying it.” I believe the band stands for so much more than that.

      1. Buck

        Pam, I hope you are right, and I believe the same as you. I love Switchfoot, they are far and above my favorite band and I’m stoked about seeing them in October. I’m just conscious of the fact that the enemy is lurking, always trying to get his toe in the door, and that fine Christian men like them are prime targets for the enemies’ darts. I’m reminded that we must continue to lift them up in prayer.

  35. Grant

    Thank you Jeanna; that was what I’ve been waiting to hear and I appreciate your perspective! I’m stoked about going to a tour concert next month!

  36. Rob

    Can’t wait. Any idea when the tour may bring Switchfoot back to Canada? Specifically Toronto?

  37. Dylan

    So I know that everyone is saying that this isn’t the end of switchfoot or anything, but a name like Fading West just seems soooo… like a good way to go out.
    And they do have kids and stuff.
    So has the band officially said they’re not done? Or are we just assuming that they aren’t done. I know it’s in the FAQ and no offense to you Jeanna (you tend to be totally right all the time) but how sure are we that this isn’t the end?