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  1. i am who i am

    I would find it strange if Fading West was actually cut. My guess is they come back to it, like they did with Vice Verses. As for Against the Voices, I liked the song, but I honestly wouldn’t freak out about it being cut. 95% of the Switchfoot fan base, though? Yeah. Major freak outs coming

  2. Tim Grenda

    I find it hard to believe that Fading West, the song, won’t be on Fading West, the album. After all, it’s the soundtrack to the teaser trailer we’ve been seeing all these months. I heard it on a press preview copy of Vice Verses and really liked the song. It really seemed to sum up the spirit of the movie, so I think it’ll be on there when it’s released. I guess we’ll all see.

  3. NeedleGirl

    *freaking out*

    1. Golden Girl


  4. Jeff

    Can you clarify that the prior list was for the album and not the sound track? That could explain the changes.

  5. Jon

    Wait… the title track of the album was cut?

    Is this real life?

    1. Golden Girl

      Yes where’s fading west????????????

    2. Daniel

      Well, Anberlin has six albums and only one title track. A title track does not a record make.

      1. Mi470

        But this is Switchfoot we’re talking about, not Anberlin. Every full-length release from Switchfoot as had some sort of a title track (some sort referring to The Legend of Chin and Nothing is Sound). Why in their 15+ years of being a band would they change that?

        1. Jon

          To add onto this, it isn’t like Relient K, where they name the album separate from any song they’ve created (unless Relient K has yet to release songs like “Anatomy of the Tongue and Cheek” and “Two Lefts…”. If so, I’m stoked!) “Fading West” is a song that exists. They’ve always made the concept of an album [at least since NiS, arguably since TBL] more or less tethered to the title of the album. To transport the tether from a song that *does exist* onto a mere title of an album seems rather odd.

          There’s only two bands I know that have done this before: Lifehouse had a song named “No Name Face,” but the only tethered album they’ve had (imo) is “Stanley Climball.” The other is Kings of Convenience, where “Riot on an Emptry Street” was featured on the next album “Declaration of Dependence.” I always found that odd.


  6. I love Isis

    So fading west(song) is getting cut from fading west(album)?

  7. Cody

    I don’t think fading west is cut, the list looks like songs they are working on. Fading west is complete, so it would make sense they wouldn’t add it to a list of songs they are still working.

    1. Tyler

      Exactly what I was thinking. Glad I read the comments before I posted lol.

      But yeah, fading west is probably already finished and there is no need for it on the board.

  8. Corey

    Actually, i like the sound of the newly added ones more than the cut ones.

    Honestly, i didnt really like what ive seen of the song “fading west” anyways, and i dont think cutting it will make the album loose the meaning.

    And, agianst the voices was good, but not torn about that one either.

  9. Alex H.

    Fading West and AGAINST THE VOICES??? I’m gonna lose it. They better write an album SPECIFICALLY FOR Against the Voices.

  10. Madison

    I’m so so sad about Against the Voices. It’s truly one of my favorites and I was hoping to see it on an album soon *sigh*. The album will be fantastic anyways, I’m sure of that!

    1. NeedleGirl

      I’m disappointed too – I absolutely loved that song and was eager for a studio version of it. Maybe it will resurface again someday? Here’s hoping, anyway!

      Well, if Against The Voices was THAT good and it got replaced by something else, it must mean that the replacements are even better!

      1. Golden Girl

        Yes it is such a good song that has helped me through alot im so disappointed :,(

      2. Josh H

        I feel like Thrive was probably the song that replaced Against the Voices on Vice Verses, and it wasn’t really that great. I mean, the best hope we have now is that it makes a b-side or the next Jon Foreman solo project.

        1. Wes

          For me, Thrive and Against the Voices feel like companion songs that go hand in hand. I love both songs.

  11. Scott

    I really hope Against The Voices makes it, but at least we have the recording that’s in LOBH download section. Can’t wait for the Fading West release!!

    1. NeedleGirl

      Yes! Thank goodness for that recording of Against The Voices!!

  12. Ian

    well that’s 13 song so this might be the final tracklisting then? probably not because we all know Switchfoot love their 12 song albums, but that would be weird if FW the song didn’t end up on it’s own record. “Who We Are” and “Edge of the Earth” intrigue me im not sure why. Hopefully we get more updates soon and maybe some song clips!!!

  13. Emily




    Ughhhhh this famgirl is seriously distressed over the fact that they cut Against the Voices. -_- We’ve all been waiting for that song for FOREVER.

    1. Golden Girl

      Ditto to everything you said oh man if this is official I WILL CRY .cause I’ve already been disappointed bye them enough i ordered a Christmas package and THEY WERE ALREADY SOLD OUT so i didn’t get it :,( switchy you’ve let me down

    2. faye

      gotta say, Against the Voices have been cut for many SF albums. I’d say SF should do what Sleeping At Last do, and release an EP every month or two, then all SF fans will be super happy…

  14. Tyler Smith

    I’m actually surprised the guys haven’t been releasing 13 or 14 song albums since they’ve been independent especially.

    Needtobreathe seems to always have 14 song albums, and apparently they’re doing a 16 song album for their next one!

    So Switchfoot… We know Jon writes a song per day. We want more songs to be released!!! And since so many fans love “against the voices”, that should at least be a bonus track!

    1. KirbyW

      Where did you hear about Needtobreathe doing a 16-song record? Just curious and anxious to hear their new stuff too!

    2. J

      I think they do 12 song albums because most of them are vinyl-lovers and very traditional. While I would like more than 12, the number of songs work well for a good and concise Side A/Side B album. Now, if the runtime for songs could be a little longer, I wouldn’t complain.

    3. Alex

      If “Against the Voices” was a bonus track, it wouldn’t nearly receive as much recognition as if it was on the album. I’d rather wait for it to be put on a record than have it thrown out as an extra haha.

  15. Golden Girl

    Im FREAKED!!!!!!

  16. Amanda

    I’m honestly super curious about BA55!! It sounds like that would be a really funky song or something, I dunno. :3

  17. Michelle

    The way I see it is, if they cut a song as amazing as “Against the Voices”, we must be in store for some really awesome new Switchfoot music. I. Can’t. Wait!!

  18. Dylan

    Can you pretty please put Against the Voices back?
    that would be really really really really nice.

  19. Meg M


    I think it’d be cool if they released Against the Voices on an EP or something in the future.

  20. Mi470

    Maybe they changed the title of the song “Fading West” because I’ve seen bands do that before with songs. My guess is that it could be a title track based on a line in the song and not the title, like Happy Is a Yuppie Word was the “title track” for Nothing is Sound. It’d be cool to find out. Otherwise, I’m very pumped about these titles. Edge of the Earth? This is gonna be a good album.

  21. Josh H

    If they’re at this stage of the album and still haven’t mixed it yet, is a September release still realistic?

    1. J

      This. If they’re still posting pictures of themselves recording the tracks to put down, that means mastering still needs to happen. Then the entire adventure that is promoting (the boys need time to properly hype, release/promote a single, etcetera. They want us to get music but they still need to pay the bills) and THEN finally an album release. If they’re still narrowing down a tracklist and recording stuff, a Fall release (even pre-Spring release) seems…unlikely.

      1. Josh H

        Well, as far as promotion and hype, they’ve been doing a pretty good job of that already.

  22. ~Emily~

    Fading West…and Against the Voices.

    Time for sadness…

  23. J

    I feel like there’s more to this whiteboard considering the recording chart. Though if this is the new all inclusive list, then they’ve got a lot more tracks to record (see all the blank white boxes) and we’ve got a lot of wait time for this album. But…Hello Hurricane was a long effort, so maybe this will produce a similar earth-shatteringly awesome album.

    I just want to hear what BA55 sounds like.

    1. J

      Though I was looking forward to hearing Airy Anthem and Halftime. Against the Voices too, of course. That’s too bad what Chad said. Maybe we’ll see em on an EP/FicFam/Solo release. Though I know Red Eyes was slated for NiS and wasn’t released until Hello Hurricane, and I’m A-OK with how that song turned out.

  24. Wes

    I hope they release Against the Voices as a bonus track with the super deluxe edition of Fading West or on a 3-song (or more) EP. I know they put a lot of thought into which songs go into their records. At the end of the day, I realize it is their music and we are fortunate that they let us partake of it. Whatever songs they choose are going to be magnificent. They surely know how much the song Against the Voices means to so many fans though. Who knows? It may still make the record. That list does say “ever changing.” If not, they didn’t want it to. Maybe it feels too simple to them. Maybe they don’t feel enough enthusiasm for it as a band. Maybe they feel it is missing something and they are not sure what that is yet. Maybe they believe the song is complete but doesn’t fit on this record. Maybe none of those reasons. Just let us have it some day, Switchfoot.

  25. Wes

    when and if you feel like it, that is. Even though I’m as opinionated as anybody else, I have so much respect and admiration for you guys.

  26. ciccio

    Jeanna i have not understand one thing.
    The soundtrack for the movie, will be all instrumental ? Or it will include some “normal” song ?
    And it will be avaible with the album ?

    1. Alex

      The ALBUM will be “normal” switchfoot songs – like you’d hear on HH or VV. The guys are also recording the SOUNDTRACK, made of instrumentals, to score the movie, but at this point it’s undecided if it will be released separately for purchase.

  27. Davey

    Guys, i’m pretty sure the actual song “Fading West” is already completed, they already had a finalised cut section to use on the trailer in January so it will more than likely be the title track, and the one they finished first, i also expect some of these songs on this new list to be cut and possibly replaced with others in the near future, we all know how creative and unsettled Jon can be when choosing songs, look at how they decided to put Red Eyes on Hello Hurricane instead of Oh! Gravity.

    Can’t wait for Fading West!!!!

  28. Michelle

    Fading West and Against the Voices need to come back. Let’s hope they change their minds again!

  29. Ray

    I’ve realized certain things about my favorite band. The first thing is that when they make an album, they put songs that go together well on the album. I knew from the start that they would get rid of against the voices. That song honestly could be a track 9 or 10 on an album, just like On Fire or Yesterdays. The song will probably make it on an album someday. However, I knew it wouldnt be on fading west. I’m excited for the album alot though!

  30. EmmyB

    No Against the Voices!? :( (((

  31. KirbyW

    Is it possible that this album will end up being called something else besides Fading West? And maybe that will just be the title of the film? Just a thought

    1. KirbyW

      Nevermind. Just noticed the #fadingwest hashtag. Ha

  32. aurban

    jeanna, any chance switchfoot is a part of this??

    just curious ;)

  33. Tyler

    My two guesses for Fading West (the song) would be,
    A: Like someone mentioned before, renamed something else.
    B: again, as someone mentioned before, It is already finished.

    Even though I’ve never heard the song (Fading West)before, I think it will probably be the closing track on the album.

    As for against the voices, I think they cut it not because it doesn’t “fit” on Fading West, but because they want to use it as a title track for their next album. Sort of like how the song Vice Verses existed before Hello Hurricane, and how before HH was released they already knew their next album was going to be called “Vice Verses”.

    And for all those unreleased songs that don’t make the cut, I’m hoping switchfoot will someday record them and release them in chronological order.

  34. Ciccio

    When we will have information about pre-order, tracklist, soundtrack , film duration ?

    Not only release date….

  35. Updated list of potential song names for new Switchfoot album | 90'S ALTERNATIVE POP/ROCK

    [...] to http://landofbrokenhearts.org/archive/2013/06/new-fading-west-album-tracklisting/, these are the songs that got cut and added from the first list the band posted a few months [...]

  36. Peter

    Everyone needs to chill out and relax!
    It’s Switchfoot. It’s Jon.
    I don’t think they’ve ever disappointed on any one of their records, and so I think we should all trust their judgment on whatever they’re doing.
    Keep in mind they like to constantly try new things last minute and explore all of their possibilities before deciding what’s best (just like how The Shadow Proves the Sunshine was stripped bare after all the layers of recording).
    So let’s all be appreciative and patient, knowing that they’ll definitely be bringing us something amazing.

  37. TheSecondFoot

    I’m pretty sure Fading West will make the cut. Being that Switchfoot hasn’t done that in a while (making an album that hasn’t had the a song with the same name.) The last time was Nothing is Sound. And frankly that was about 7 years ago. Also the dis-added songs might be renamed songs. And this is still in the making guys a lot can change. We’re all excited for Fading West and I’m sure they’re making the right decisions. As for Against the Voices, it will be released at some point. They know the fans love it and it’ll probably be on at least an EP.

  38. alicia

    I trust their judgement. If Against the Voices doesn’t make it onto the album, then obviously there’s a reason. They know what kind of sound they want with this record and maybe Against the Voices doesn’t quite fit. I’m not too worried about it, a lot of the song titles on that list are intriguing to me, and these guys never disappoint me, so I’m stoked either way! :)

  39. Thomas

    Hey Jeanna, could you slightly spoil it to me and if you possibly know if there is any straight up guitar based rock songs on that list. That would be great. By guitar based I mean like (Stars, Mess of Me, Easier Than Love.)


  40. Kyle

    Fading West and Against the Voices getting cut from the album is a beautiful letdown. Haha se what I did there…