26 responses to “LOBH Exclusive Interview with Matt Katsolis – Director of Fading West”

  1. Alex

    Thanks so much for doing this, Jeanna and Matt! One of my favorite LOBH interviews ever and makes me SO much more stoked for the movie.

    1. Golden Girl

      Me too!!!!!!!

      1. Michelle

        Ditto! Awesome job, Jeanna! Great questions, all who submitted!

  2. Golden Girl

    Lol great interview lol hahah a random woman licked the side of his face omg hahah sorry i can’t help it haha

  3. Michele

    So exciting! Had to giggle at the grooms comment. And I really hope there is a way to see some of the footage not used in the film! And by some I mean all :)

    1. Michele

      Groms- thanks auto correct, it’s a word!

    2. Golden Girl


  4. Andrew

    Wow, what an interview! Thank you so much Matt and Jeanna! Could not be more stoked for this.

  5. Guimel

    YESS! Cannoooot wait for this! I had no idea it was going to be so personal with the Jon’s daughter situation. Wow, this really is going to be different like everyone is saying its going to be. I can’t wait.

    1. Brenda Hutchison

      I’m with you! I didn’t know Jon’s family emergency was part of this film. It brings a whole new depth to the story. Thanks Jeanna for this interview-I can hardly wait to see the film!

      1. Golden Girl

        Me neither i didn’t think they had begun filming yet i wasn’t expecting that and those are the things that can completely change the film .

  6. Steph

    And then drew mentions the sharks… Hahahaha!

    1. Golden Girl

      Yeah lol drew im sorry your awesome!!!!!!!

  7. J

    Wow. I honestly was just expecting a glorified surfing/concert montage (sorry SF…) but after reading this I am beyond excited.

  8. Karen

    Wow, what a great interview! Words cannot express how excited we are to see this!

    1. Golden Girl

      Totally and omg im afraid im going to cry when I see Jon’s daghter in the hospital and that whole situation :,( poor Jon

  9. Adrianna

    I got my question answered! Yay! This was so great! Thanks Jeanna and Matt!

  10. Amy

    Man…I am so beyond excited right now! :)

  11. little drummer girl

    So. Excited. This sounds even better then I was thinking!

  12. TheSecondFoot

    Very nice interview!!! I’m sure some of it will make more since when we finally see the movie.

    1. Golden Girl

      But it did make sense…

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  14. Deb

    Interesting they are using shots of Jon after he found out his daughter was ill…that’s so personal.
    I’ve often wondered about Jon’s daughter’s illness because my own daughter was hospitalized at 3 days old with a fever that turned out to be meningitis. She developed pituitary dwarfism due to damage caused to her pituitary gland by the meningitis.

  15. Ed

    Talk of movie premiere at the concert. Is this still true?

  16. Jillian

    There are a lot of things that are still going through my mind with this film.I would like to say i pray for these guys so much,even though i may not understand all the meaning behind every song and music they have blessed me.
    I think letting people see your personal side is very like what Jesus would have us do,but at the same time know when not to.
    I remember how i felt when i heard about Jon’s little girl i really hoped he and his family new God’s love would get them through this.I gave a little gift to the guys but i really wanted to say why i gave one of them.But fear of sounding cheesey and to personal i left it.I hope it spoke for it’s self.

  17. Liza

    Very insightful and interesting interview. All this inside info will certainly enhance the viewing pleasure knowing the challenges and hard work of all involved. So grateful to the guys for their bravery and generosity in bringing us into their world. Continued blessings to them all!