Fading West Trailer + Press Release; New Switchfoot Website; Fall Tour Dates

Chad just send me the new Fading West press release + Switchfoot has uploaded a NEW, extended trailer for Fading West!

I’ve watched the full Fading West movie, and this trailer, while fantastic, is just a sample of what’s to come. The movie is lush, candid, brutally honest and free. By the way, for those of you who are already LOVING the music on the trailer, the first song is Ba55 (0:00 – 0:50) and the second song is Edge of the Earth (0:51 to 1:20). The last song is Worth the Fight.

You guys are NOT going to want to miss out on this movie and a chance to see these songs performed live, on tour… and speaking of… here’s all the info on that!:

Grammy-award winning rock band Switchfoot are pleased to announce the release of their ninth studio album as well as the details behind their new feature film, both titled Fading West. The new album will be released this October on Atlantic Records/Word, while the 80-minute film will serve as the opening act on the band’s storyteller-style fall tour beginning September 20th in St. Louis, MO. The 43-city tour will also make stops in major markets including Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle. A full tour routing is detailed below.

A departure from the fuzzy, blistering guitars and bold rock sound of Vice Verses, Fading West takes the classic Switchfoot style and infuses a vast array of cultural influences collected during their 2012 World Tour that can be heard within the rhythms and sonic tapestry of the new record. With daring synth lines, inventive guitars and anthemic harmonies, this collection of songs is bigger and more powerful than anything the band has released to date. Rooted in the same hopeful message and quick turn of phrase that fans have come to love is a renewed expression of change, hope and discovering your place in the world. While not a direct soundtrack, tracks from the new album can be heard throughout the film.

Inspired by such films as Rattle and Hum and Endless Summer, the Fading West film follows Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves. Directed by Matt Katsolis and filmed during Switchfoot’s 2012 World Tour, the film charts the creation of the San Diego-based fivesome’s upcoming ninth album in its earliest and most unpredictable stages. Part rock documentary, part surf film, and part travelogue, Fading West offers rare glimpses of the longtime surfers on their boards and in the waves, captures the frenetic energy of their live shows, and in the end portrays a journey both epic and intimate.

The 9th Annual Switchfoot Bro-Am surf contest and concert returns to North County San Diego July 12-13, 2013. The festivities kick off July 12 with the Switchfoot Bro-Am Auction Night Soiree at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, followed by the daylong event at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas on July 13, featuring a variety of activities including a charity surf contest, a nerf surf jousting exposition between surf contest heats, The Rob Machado Bro Junior, and a live concert with Switchfoot on the beach along with special guests Gentleman Hall, Pacific Air, 78 Violet, and Gungor. The evening will round out with the annual Belly Up Tavern After-Party hosted by Switchfoot and featuring performances by Fiction Family, Alekesam, and Makua Rothman. New this year, the Bro-Am is working with Action Sports Productions to add a live Web cast, which will stream the surf contest/concert at Moonlight Beach, allowing supporters from around the US and world to tune in and catch the Bro-Am action live. Information about the Web cast will be posted on the Bro-Am Web site: http://www.switchfoot.com/bro-am.

As they enter their 17th year as a band, Switchfoot have sold 5.5 million copies worldwide of their eight studio albums (including their 2003 double-platinum breakthrough The Beautiful Letdown and 2009′s Grammy Award-winning Hello Hurricane), racked up a string of Alternative radio hit singles (“Meant to Live,” “Dare You To Move,” “Mess of Me,” “The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues),” “Dark Horses,” and “Afterlife”), performed sold-out world tours (visiting five continents in the past year alone), raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid homeless kids in their community through their own Bro-Am Foundation, and earned themselves a global fan base devoted to Switchfoot’s emotionally intelligent and uplifting brand of alternative rock.

Key points from the article:

  • The album is scheduled for an October release
  • The tour kicks off September 20
  • Bro-Am lineup includes Gentleman Hall, Pacific Air, 78 Violet, and Gungor
  • The Bro-Am will be streamed live online

Also, take a look at the newly designed Switchfoot website!:

A full list of tour dates can be seen HERE or below. Tickets and VIP experiences for the tour, including a meet and greet, photo with the band, movie poster, and laminate can now be purchased from Switchfoot’s website HERE.


Sep 20 St. Louis, MO – Missouri Baptist University
Sep 21 Kansas City, MO – Midland Theater
Sep 22 Minneapolis, MN  -Northwestern College
Sep 23 Minot, ND – Minot State University
Sep 25 Chicago, IL – Copernicus Theatre
Sep 26 Des Moines, IA – Hoyt Sherman
Sep 27 Mt. Olive, NC – Mt. Olive College
Sep 28 Grand Rapids, MI – Calvin College
Oct 1 Nashville, TN – Franklin Theatre
Oct 2 Ft. Wayne, IN – Indiana University of Ft. Wayne
Oct 3 Cincinnati, OH – The Underground
Oct 4 Detroit, MI – Royal Oak
Oct 5 York, PA – Penn State
Oct 6 Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
Oct 8 Boston, MA – Wilbur Theatre
Oct 9 New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
Oct 10 New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
Oct 16 Charlottesville, VA – Paramount Theatre
Oct 17 Washington DC – Sixth And I Synagogue
Oct 18 Elizabeth City, NC – Mid Atlantic Christian University
Oct 19 Elkins, WV – Davis Elkins University
Oct 20 Atlanta, GA – Center Stage
Oct 23 Vero Beach, FL – Vero Beach PAC
Oct 24 Jacksonville, FL – Florida Theater
Oct 26 Houston, TX – Reliant Arena
Oct 27 San Antonio, TX – Trinity University – Laurie Auditorium
Oct 28 Waco, TX – Baylor University
Oct 29 Lubbock, TX -City Bank Auditorium
Oct 31 Denver, CO – Colorado Christian University
Nov 1 Aspen, CO – Belly Up
Nov 2 Albuquerque, NM – Lobo Theater
Nov 3 Phoenix, AZ – Grand Canyon University
Nov 5 San Diego, CA – Balboa Theatre
Nov 6 Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda
Nov 7 Santa Cruz, CA – Rio Theatre
Nov 8 Santa Barbara, CA – The Luke Theater
Nov 9 Chico, CA – El Rey Theatre
Nov 13 Eugene, OR – McDonald Theatre
Nov 15 Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre
Nov 16 Newberg, OR – George Fox University
Nov 17 Yakima, WA – Capitol Theater
Nov 18 Missoula, MT – University Theatre (UMT)
Nov 23 Longview, TX – Le Tourneau University
Nov 24 Abilene, TX – Abilene Christian University

Are you guys excited? What shows will you be attending? What was your favorite part of the trailer?

118 responses to “Fading West Trailer + Press Release; New Switchfoot Website; Fall Tour Dates”

  1. Zach Hindes

    Wow that trailer was awesome, can’t wait for those songs!
    Re-watched the trailer over ten times..just keeps getting better

  2. Josie

    This trailer alone is so emotional! I totally teared up when I saw Jon’s pain and heartache saying “I gotta go home…”

    1. Golden Girl

      Yeah me to

  3. Golden Girl

    WOW OMG I AM GONNA LOOOOVE THIS MOVIE thanks Jeanna for posting!!!!!

    1. Golden Girl

      My favorite part was Tim and his family he as THE cutest little boy EVER and im trying to make it to Cincinnati!!

  4. Ninde

    I love this trailer so much and I already love this movie. It’s gonna be amazing. Is it normal, that I cried while I was watching this? I can’t wait for this movie, I am so excited. So bad, that I won’t see any of their show, we need them in the Europe! I love this band so much! And I am still crying…

    1. Elisabeth E

      I LOVE it too!! Can’t waith <3<3 It's so sad that they won't come to Europe in a long time :'( I've never got to see them live before… You who live in USA and who are able to go to this conserts, YOU'RE LUCKY!! :)

  5. angela

    Tried to order STL tickets…looks like link not up yet. Do you know when we can order?? Thanks, Ang

  6. Wesley

    I get a blank box under Event info? I tried multiple cities

    1. Brenda Hutchison

      Same here-I tried on the link and going directly to the website.

  7. jeff


  8. Shannon L.

    Woo hoo! Cant wait for Bro-Am. And im going to be attending the San Diego tour date :)

  9. Filip pl

    This trailer is awesome !!! Can’t wait to see the movie :D
    It looks so professional :)

  10. little drummer girl

    OH. MY GOSH. I can not WAIT for this movie. Wow the music, the emotions in it…so excited.

  11. MegjaxSF

    AEEEEEEEEEE!!!!The trailer was AMAZING, I couldn’t help but cry while watching it!!!! Sorry, but AWESOME isn’t going to cut it this time. Personally i think Fading West is going to be the BEST the guys have done yet!!!! ;)

  12. Mi470

    I’m so excited for everything here. When they announce preorders I’m just gonna be like “shut up and take my money”

    1. MegjaxSF


  13. Mi470

    Also, it sounds like the 3rd song is Worth the Fight

  14. Alex

    “Edge of the Earth” has a Paper Route-ish vibe and I LOVE it.

    1. Mi470

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I have this feeling that this more ambient sound on the album will sound like them a tiny bit but be the Switchfoot we all know and love. Even if I’ wrong, I’m still very excited

      1. Alex

        It sounds original and new – but I love it

  15. Liza

    Exciting beyond words. I so want everyone I know to see this whether they know SF or not :) Very grateful to these gentlemen for investing themselves in this.

  16. Michelle

    Got my tickets for Jacksonville today! SO excited!

  17. Meg M

    Do you know if they’ll be touring with this movie internationally? More specifically, in Europe?

  18. Daniel

    I’m not getting a link to the actual concert….just a link to the tickets for VIP Meet and Greet, Fading West, etc.

    1. Alex

      Tickets for the shows aren’t on sale yet

      1. Kim. K.

        Some tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster and itickets

  19. Ray

    Meet and Greet is only 35 bucks at the Mount Olive Show! Heck Yeah! I can’t wait to hear “the classic switchfoot sound” again. Seems like all they’ve played at the shows I’ve been to is the heavily overdriven stuff and one or two acoustics songs(and restless or your love is a song). Anywho, I can’t wait for this!

  20. i am who i am

    The vibes… the vibes. Ridiculous how beautiful those two tracks were in the background. This could be amazing.

  21. kim k.

    hmmmm wonder who the SF photographer will be? Is Andy coming back for Fading West tour? That would be too cool :)

    1. Alex

      They totally need a photographer again! *cough* Jeanna…. :)

      1. Meg M

        I concur with Alex. :D

      2. kim k.

        Yeah, that would only make job #5, she IS the all mighty webmistress, she can do it! ;)

  22. neftali

    When do tickets go on sale ???

  23. Mayast

    Is the thumbnail photo for this article the official album cover? I just love it…

  24. Amy

    Do you know if they are still planning on playing Fading West at the Bro-Am?

  25. Dylan

    Wow. I think Fading West could be my favorite album yet.
    Jeanna do you know when they’ll be releasing singles and stuff?

  26. Brent

    So… the list here has Washington DC and Charlottesville VA, but the Switchfoot site doesn’t have them :/ They better be coming, it seems every time I move they don’t come anywhere near where I move to >_<

    1. Emily

      Yeah, what happened to the DC/VA area shows? Ugh I was really hoping one of those would be over my break, because the ones in FL are too far away from my college. -_-

    2. NeedleGirl

      I’m waiting for those dates to show up as well!

  27. Deb

    Tickets for my location are now on sale. There is reserved seating OR general admission. I don’t mind paying more for reserved seating, but is general admission going to be seats too? I assume it is because of the movie, however my venue says standing room only unless otherwise noted.

    I really hate sitting at a concert when I could be standing! I mean, it’s just wrong to “SIT” at a rock concert! This was my biggest complaint about the SD fair, we bought seats, assuming everyone would stand when the concert started. We were wrong. Not only did everyone remain seated, the couple next to us was apparently not getting along and the girl obviously didn’t want to be there, and the group behind us I heard a girl say, “I’ve hear this song before.”

    But I digress…

    1. Deb

      Apparently I need to learn to read my post before submitting. That was supposed to say, “I’ve heard this song before.”

      Edit would be nice!!

  28. KirbyW

    Can we talk about how awesome “Worth the Fight” sounds?

    1. Mayast

      My thoughts exactly!

  29. Allie

    Can’t wait to go in October!! Words cannot express my excitement. :D Any ideas if cameras will be allowed at the show? I don’t want to film, just take pictures of the show. Will it just depend on the venue? Anyone have any ideas about that?

    1. mike

      you can try reaching out to the band’s publicist or manager, and request a photo pass.

  30. Paul

    I think only the locations are confirmed for the show not the ability to actually by tickets yet because I have tried multiple times to purchase them but I get an empty screen underneath even details. Besides that So stoked for LOS ANGELES!!

  31. Paul

    Hey Jeanna what about the song from 145:-1:55?

  32. ImAddingToTheNoise

    Oh man oh man! I haven’t been keeping up very well with Fading West news or Switchfoot happenings in general this past year (Sad, I know) but I saw this trailer released today and all the old Switchfoot excitement has resurfaced.
    Already thinking I can make it to at least two of these shows.
    The film looks beautiful and honestly I’m just excited to get the chance to see them live again.

  33. Beau

    How oh how do we purchase the VIP tix?????????

  34. DanGer

    The trailer is even better then I expected, amazing! I delivers music and emotion, and is beautifully shot.

    Is it the same film crew that did the “Life in a day” videos for Vice Verses Special Edition? The director seems to be very talented.

    Just a fun fact: I saw the same blue/white/grey shirt worn by Jon at 0:55, by Tim at 1:38, and then again by Jon at 2:48 – seems as if they share everything, brotherly.

  35. Cristina

    They removed Washington D.C. show off the official website :( Heeelllppp!

  36. nick

    Wait hold up hold up hold up…

    Will they be playing Fading West songs on the Fading West Tour? And when do you suppose we will be hearing more news on the album? It appears it has taken a back seat to the movie…

  37. nick

    Wait hold up hold up hold up…

    Will they be playing Fading West songs on the Fading West Tour? And when do you suppose we will be hearing more news on the album? It appears it has taken a back seat to the movie…

    Don’t get me wrong, this whole tour/movie thing is awesome, but I cannot wait to have my hands on this album and it seems they keep putting it off

  38. Cal

    This album sounds….more free then vice verses. Its like theyve broken out of the storm from hello hurricane and are standing on the edge of the world and just saying WOW! This is more then just good music, this is hope, in verse. Love it, and hope it changes lives like previous albums have.

  39. Nick

    Wow…based on what I’ve heard so far in the trailer, and in videos of songs like “saltwater heart”, this might be one of the best Switchfoot albums of all time.

  40. EdgeOfMySeat

    There’s some more Fading West footage on the Interpret Studios Show Reel 2013 video here:


  41. Steph

    I might be blind, but did anyone else get depressed at the lack of Canadian shows?

  42. Deb

    I got my tickets!!!!

  43. Ed

    LA & San Diego back to back yes! Movie and music look & sound amazing. Can’t wait for November.

  44. TheSecondFoot

    That is an awesome trailer. Watched three times yesterday and this morning. It is so amazing. I think I might be able to go to a concert this time. It’ll be my first one, after missing 4 tours already. Luckily, it was this one that I’ll get to see them on.

  45. ellijordan

    I can’t even describe how incredible this all looks and sounds…this whole new project seems so…clear and fresh and bright. Still intense, but as if they’re starting a new chapter in their lives. I love it.

  46. Josiah

    Ba55 sounds like a straight up Spotlight knockoff. Especially the “Ohs”. My brother was even listening to me watch the trailer and said from the other room “hey they have a mutemath song in their trailer”. I’m like “no, I don’t think it’s the same song”. Anyways, the rest of the songs sound amazing. Stoked for the album. I think it’s odd that the movie and your are planned yet we don’t even have a set in stone album release date. Anyways, cool stuff.

  47. Thomas

    What about the third song? it’s sooo amazing! Is it going to be on the album? I’m so stoked for Fading West… cannot wait!

    1. Mayast

      You mean the one at the end? It’s “Worth the Fight”. I really hope it would be on the album, ’cause I can’t wait to hear more of it, It’s so fresh, bright, full of air to breathe – it’s almost as if you could feel the breeze :) I wouldn’t mind if it was one of the singles, too.

      1. Thomas

        Yeah, it would be great to hear this song released as a single. I keep watching this trailer all over again and can’t get enough. Fading West is going to be breathtaking!

  48. Altair

    Dang it! The trailer looks so awesome and my husband and I really want to be at the Denver show. However, I’ll be 8 months pregnant with our first baby at the end of October! Has anyone ever been to a concert at CCU to know if the venue would be standing room only?

    1. Deb

      I haven’t, but the venue I bought tickets for said standing only but I was given a row letter and seat numbers. I would guess there will be seats because of the movie.

  49. bryan

    when will VIP tickets be available for the Cincinatti show on oct 3, I know regular tickets go on sale tomorrow. and where would I find the VIP tickets?

  50. Paul

    Where did the October 17 Washington DC show go? They had it on their site but it disappeared.

  51. Cam

    Ditto Bryan’s comment. Tix are on sale for Cincy, and I want VIPs. But with only 650 seats available, I don’t want to miss the show. Why aren’t VIP tix showing up on iTickets? Am I missing some other location to purchase them?

    1. kim k.

      VIP tickets are through switchfoot :)

      1. Marcus

        From my understanding in past tours, you buy the ticket through Iticket or the vendor…and the VIP portion through bandfarm or through Switchfoot’s website. I went ahead and purchased tickets for Cincy with the limited amount of seats. Jeanna, am I correct with the VIP info?

    2. Mandy

      VIP experiences DO NOT include tickets. So go ahead and buy your regular ticket from the venue (if they are available) and then keep watching switchfoot.com for the VIP passes to go on sale.

      Technically VIP passes are for one person only, no guest. However, they would probably make an exception since your kids are so young. It really depends on who is checking passes that night.

      1. Gloria

        Thank you for the info Mandy! That’s kinda what I was thinking. I have never bought a VIP pass, though, because I used to be a member of the Friends of the Foot and just signed up for the meet and greet that way. I don’t want to try to take advantage of the VIP pass, so if everyone is supposed to have their own, I will probably just buy one for my daughters too.

        And speaking of the Friends of the Foot, does anyone know if they will go back to having the paid memberships again? And, with the meet and greet with the VIP passes, will we get to sit in on the sound check? I just loved getting to do that!

  52. Lilly

    That trailer just made my LIFE, I’ve never been more excited for something, EVER
    I don’t know if I can wait until October
    And finally they’re gonna be in BOSTONNNNN!!!! XD

  53. michael

    it’s funny jon says you can’t always sing the same songs yet the set lists are usually.. the same songs. The Irony. hah