Jon Interviewing Greg Graffin for Fading West

The guys are still working on Fading West and I have a feeling it’s growing into something much larger than they had originally planned – take a look at this new twitter/instagram update from Jon and a member of the Fading West film crew!:

It’s going to be REALLY interesting to see what this movie becomes…

4 responses to “Jon Interviewing Greg Graffin for Fading West”

  1. Pablo

    Wow this is completely unexpected! Knowing Greg Graffin and all. This movie is turning into something really REALLY interesting.

    1. Pablo

      I have no clue where this movie is headed LOL But I like that, makes it more exciting. Looking forward to it!

  2. RT

    If you remember, there was quite a bit of controversy reguarding Jon’s cover of Bad Religion’s song “Sorrow.” Being the type of band bad religion is, the song, to me, was written in order to mock Christianity. (This becomes apparent in the music video as the front man appears to flip God off. Also the band seems to be historically against Christianity.) But the way that Jon sings the song, makes the song become oddly worshipful. How interesting this meeting must have been! How great is it that music can bring people with completely different mindsets together?! These two are diametrically opposed, yet Jon is able to extend a friendly hand! An exemplary model of ministry.

    1. Andrés

      Couldn’t have said it better!