“Fading West” Potential Song List

Jon posted the short list of the songs they’re deciding on for Fading West on his Instagram page – with notes! Take a look:

Here’s the titles and Jon’s notes (the best we can figure them):

  • Nothing At All – Strong, vocal intro… re-sing the cho. and needs counterpoint
  • Avalanche – Cho. lyrics unbelievable. Verse is cool. (How does it feel?)
  • Stay With Me Now – pre – - great verse, too derivative? as pre-cho? Echo in the answer lines in cho.
  • Surrender – No pre-cho.?
  • New Years – Re-sing. Replace v. drums. maybe *
  • Edge of the Earth – Beautiful.
  • Say It Like You Mean It – Needs bridge. Re-sing v. 1 + v. 2. Pre-cho high.
  • Euphoria – Re-do vs. perc. Scope lyrics. Re-sing.
  • Airy Anthem  (Worth The Fight) - Speed up.
  • Back to the Beginning – Sort intro. Vocal start. Cho. 1 is too big. Re-sing chorus. 
  • Slipping Away
  • Skin & Bones - Edit violin. Try female voc. in chorus? Or stacking.
  • Liberty – Try arpagiated thing for intro. Raf fix yes.
  • Saltwater – Rewrite chorus lyric.
  • Ba55 – Electric synth. Basic bass. e drums to start till v. 1.5
  • The Hard Way – maybe *
  • Against The Voices – Bring back “oh’s” in between yous. Organ it up? Jonathan Foreman. Speed it up. Retrack guts/replace with? Maybe *
  • Slow Down My Heartbeat – Maybe *. Re-sing end. Verse voc stack? Solo. Needs human element. Guitar delay pre k… fingers…
  • Halftime – Maybe to have echo. Gang the cho. Mute drums at end of cho. Harm in cho. Maybe *
  • Newborn Innocence – Too tricky verse.
  • Fading West – Beatles verse harms. “Ah’s” at top of the cho + whole note. Speed up.
  • What It Costs – Cho mute every other one.
  • World You Want – Put kids vocals in the verses. Drums in v. 1? Intro too long. Maybe *
  • Blood Is Soil – Rewrite. Re-sing. 
  • Bloodline – Re-sing. Mute all before chorus. Re-write cho. (lyric?)
  • Tomorrows Song – Bring it up a couple keys.
DANG that’s an exciting song list! Of course, they’ll be cutting a number of those, but it’s exciting to see some old songs (Blood Is Soil) and fan favorites (Against the Voices) on the list. Leave your reactions to the song list in the comments below!

44 responses to ““Fading West” Potential Song List”

  1. Josh H

    isn’t tomorrow’s song that one they did over twitter a few years ago?

    1. Sir Charles

      Yes it was!

    2. Sir Charles

      Yes it is! I’m surprised they’re considering bringing it back! I loved that song!

    3. Nothing is Gravity

      Since that demo first came out, I’ve listened to it so many times… Always wishing that it were longer. Well, looks like my wish will be granted! That’s such a great song… But then again, most Jon Foreman ones are!

  2. Ray

    Organ it up on against the voices. That’s pretty great, not gonna lie:D

  3. Ray

    And they say edge of the earth is beautiful. I’m so excited!!!

  4. Carrie

    Tomorrow’s Song!! AHHH!!!

  5. Seth

    Yes! Can’t wait for this album/soundtrack/movie or whatever thing. I love the notes on all the songs, like:”Organ it up?” on Against the Voices, and: “Needs human element” on Halftime.

  6. Matheus

    I wouldn’t mind if all of them were used in Fading West. Would someone? lol Regards from Brazil!

  7. Ciccio

    I really Hope that “fading west” would be a double cd…….

  8. Sir Charles

    Ahhh I’m so excited for all of these!A lot of them sound so beachy too!

  9. Aron

    Great song list!
    Already heard so many of them: Against The Voices, Saltwater Heart, Back To The Beginning, Tomorrows Song, Fading West and possibly Slipping Away (Come Home?)! :D
    Really interested in how these tracks will sound on the record, so stoked!

    Besides it being on the songlist of Hello Hurricane, how is “Blood is Soil” an ‘old song’? Does anybody know where I can listen it? :)

    1. Sir Charles

      Apparently, it appears at the end of the Making of Hello Hurricane DVD right towards the end. I had to look it up to see if i could hear it myself, but I guess you’d have to buy the HH DVD to listen to it.

      1. Aron

        Maybe somewhere here? Though I didn’t hear the line “Blood is Soil”…

        I’d love to see the Making of Hello Hurricane!

        1. Chadd

          Blood Is Soil is at 24:51 for those who have the HH DVD.

          I hope it makes it, really catchy.

  10. i am who i am

    Interesting comment on “Saltwater” to re write the chorus. To be honest, I thought that was the weakest part of the song, so i’m for that. I really hope that song makes the cut though. Love the vibe of the verses.

  11. Tristan

    lol why does it say “Jonathan Foreman” randomly in the against the voices part?

    1. Ben B

      Maybe Jon is thinking it will go on his solo album?

      1. Tristan

        mmmm that would make sense

        1. Cal

          Read the actually page. It says jonathon fireman. Maybe just a joke?

          1. Andrea

            I don’t think it says ‘fireman’ (the end looks like an ‘r’). I think it might not be referring to himself, but maybe something to do with the ‘organ it up?’ note, like maybe a certain style. It almost looks like it says ‘fireater’ or ‘fire eater’ and there was a band called ‘Jonathan Fire*Eater’ that used some organs (I think a certain kind) in their music. Don’t know, just a thought. :)

            So excited to see the potential songs list! Can’t wait for the release of everything! :)

  12. Paul

    “Edge of the Earth – Beautiful.”

  13. Paul

    The best thing about Switchfoot is that Jon writes so many songs. So much excess.If all the songs do not make it to this album you already know they are releasing something after fading west.

    Get physched man! Get physched!

  14. Ian Badeer

    “Blood Is Soil – Rewrite. Re-sing.”

    Rewrite. Re-sing. That’s the only songwriting note that Jon and I have in common. :P

  15. A Commentator

    As a songwriter, I love how these notes feature honest assessments of both the positives and the negatives across these songs. Thanks for posting!

  16. Daniel

    Can I just say this now? I know it’ll be a good ten years or so (here’s hoping) at least before Switchfoot would even consider retiring… But when they do call it quits someday, I’d love for them to release all of their unfinished song ideas just for fun. I would eat those up!

    1. Chadd


  17. Cal

    Funny how in the against the voices bit jonathon foreman actually says jonathon fireman!?

  18. Cal

    And remenber tomorrows song…. jon said that he would track his favourite fan written song…is it possible thats what hes doing?

  19. TheSecondFoot

    Female voice in chorus?!? I wonder who would be featured in that. Jon’s wife, Sarah Mason (the girl in Jon’s solo stuff), or someone well known? Can’t wait to hear about that!

    1. Aron

      Maybe Sara Watkins? She also played the violin for Fading West, maybe she’ll sing a little as well? :) http://instagram.com/p/USAsACwtw2/

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  21. Wes

    The note for “Skin and Bones” that says “try female vocal in chorus?” is where Jeanna and Lisa come in!

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