7 responses to ““You just get up every morning and dig around in the dirt, looking for shards of pottery””

  1. SF4E\/3R

    Jon Foreman is 100% genius!!!

  2. Beau

    I love the whole archaeological reference! I feel pressured as a song writer (perhaps I should put aspiring) to come up with lyrics to fit my self appointed quota. But honestly, the best songs come from experience. Wether it be an important moment in my life, or some other inspirational idea that I stumble across, the only way to find things worthy of writing about is to experience life. Sitting around hoping for something brilliant to hit you in the face in not the most beneficial approach.

  3. Rhonda Duhon

    he definitely is !!

  4. Karen

    Love it! I’ll have to remember this, for my own work!

  5. jose

    A humble genius! that’s the best part

  6. Ashley

    That’s so good! And so encouraging as well… Jon IS a genius.

  7. Josie

    How does Jon come up with all the clever things he says? Our #1 inspiration (excpet from Jesus, but he plays in a totally different league ;) )