Jon Speaking for Saed; Fiction Family Heavy & Light Tour Goods

Jon is speaking out for Saeed, encouraging everyone to sign the petition at – take a look!:


Switchfoot will be one of the headliners for Bearstock 2013 on April 13th in Macon, Georgia. It’s a FREE one day music festival, so head right over HERE for info! (Thanks Ivey!)


The Heavy & Light tour has wrapped but we still have updates from the shows for you! TWLOHA posted this great photo on Instagram of “the final bow”:


We posted an acoustic version of Jon and Anthony Raneri of practicing “Only Hope” backstage, and now here’s the performance! (Thanks Robert!)


The Chicago Music Exchange posted an amusingly awkward little video with Fiction Family and JHS Pedals demoing the new Mini Foot Fuzz:


Our friend Cathy Payton linked us to her set of photos from the Fiction Family Heavy & Light tour – take a look at the full set HERE and our favorites below:

Photo Credit: Cathy Payton

Photo Credit: Cathy Payton

Photo Credit: Cathy Payton

LOBHer Ashley wrote us a review of the show in Atlanta – sounds like it was a good performance!:

I was extremely excited about this show, and apparently a lot of other people were too. The show was originally scheduled to be held in a smaller part of venue, but due to higher demand, was moved to the main stage. The whole evening was great, I enjoyed all of the performances. Jamie from TWLOHA shared some details about the organization, including a story about him talking to Jon about TWLOHA in its beginning stages, and Jon being so into the idea that he asked for a shirt to wear while he performed that night.. Which Jamie credits with the boom in people becoming aware of TWLOHA.

Finally, our favorite frontman took the stage and informed us that since Anthony (from Bayside) knew one of his songs, they were going to start out with that. Together, they performed “Only Hope”. Then Jon said that one of the things that he loved about this venue was that everyone could hear him without aid, and proceeded to step away from the microphone and unplug his guitar before go ing into “Dare You To Move”. He made us all laugh with a comment about needing his electric guitar after rocking out the part before the last chorus and it wasn’t quite as.. uh.. rocking.. as it usually is.

Then the rest of Fiction Family joined him for the rest of the evening. I’m not sure of the exact order from there, but they played Avalon (which is AWESOME live.), then Cure For Pain. Jon said he was deviating from the setlist to play this one, and I’m SO glad he did. Hearing that song live and in person is one of the things I wanted to make sure I experienced at least once in this lifetime.. Then that made Sean decide to mix it up too, saying that he normally does a sad song, but since the tour is called Heavy and Light, and Jon just did a “heavy” song, he had to do a “light” one. So he chose Reality Calls and had everyone chuckling. They also played We Ride, Damaged, Just Rob Me, Up Against the Wall, and Resurrect Me, toppin g the night off with an encore with everyone coming back on stage for a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes. Fantastic night.


We’ve got the setlist and video from Fiction Family’s portion of the Heavy & Light show in Silver Springs, MD, courtesy of Emma:

Southbound Train
Dare You To Move (Jon turned off his mic and unplugged his guitar for this one, letting the crowd carry the song.)
We Ride
Just Rob Me
Resurrect me
Not Sure
Give Me Back My Girl
Your Love Is Strong
Up Against The Wall
Just For One Day


Here’s a video of Southbound Train!:

More photos from a few of the concerts – take a look and click the links for more photos!

From Rebekah Stearns:

Photo Credit: Rebekah Stearn

Photo Credit: Rebekah Stearn

Photo Credit: Rebekah Stearn

From Artist Approach:

Photo Credit: Artist Approach

Photo Credit: Artist Approach

From MrBrianMorgan:

Photo Credit: Mr Brian Morgan

Photo Credit: Mr Brian Morgan

Photo Credit: Mr Brian Morgan

Photo Credit: Mr Brian Morgan

From Soundcheck Dallas:

Photo Credit: Soundcheck Dallas

Photo Credit: Soundcheck Dallas

Photo Credit: Soundcheck Dallas

If anyone else has any other updates to share, feel free to send them in HERE!

8 responses to “Jon Speaking for Saed; Fiction Family Heavy & Light Tour Goods”

  1. Angie M.

    Fun to see myself in a few of these pics from Chicago. Definitely one of my favorite performances by Jon Foreman/Fiction Family. TWLOHA is an amazing organization and it really makes me happy to see these guys stand behind it. Great post!

  2. Jordan

    Yeah, go JHS Mini Foot Fuzz. I own one and its a superb pedal.

  3. Karen

    Now THAT was funny! (JHS video)

  4. viviana

    totally funny… hahahah and cool

  5. Deb

    I love all of these pictures; thank you for posting so many! Jon looks so tired in the save Saeed video. I hope he gets some rest now.

    1. Ashley

      I thought he looked pretty tired in that video as well. But that’s understandable since he has been traveling so much! I’m really thankful that he was a part of that tour though, such a good guy :) Anyway, I found that JHS Pedal video to be hilarious, and of course Jon found a cowboy hat to wear (in that first photo)

  6. Sarah L.

    HOLY COW!!! Jon is going to be in my state 4 times in one year!!!!!!
    If only I could go to more than one show…

  7. utsav

    Any news about fading west’s release date.?
    Cant wait any more.!