Jon Foreman Named One of “10 People Who Changed Everything”

Relevant Magazine has compiled a list, based on reader surveys, of 10 People Who Changed Everything. The list contains such notable figures as Bono, Francis Chan, Rob Bell and… Jon Foreman. Take a look!:

When we asked our readers who has most impacted their life and faith in the last decade—and from that poll crafted the list you’re about to read—we were surprised by a few things.

First, at how white and male the final list is. (Our founder, Cameron Strang, shares some thoughts about that in his First Word.) And second, the extent of each person’s influence. You may not agree with the theology or politics of each person here, but you can’t deny each one has pioneered the Gospel in a significant way in this new millennium. Here are the 10 people who have most changed the game for our readers in the last 10 years.

Jon Foreman

With more than eight full-length albums to its name, a Grammy, numerous Dove awards and regularly sold-out tours, Switchfoot and frontman Jon Foreman (with many projects of his own) is an enduring phenomenon. Throughout Foreman’s long career, he’s dodged marketers’ attempts to pigeonhole the band’s music as Christian or secular—and the surprising result has been success in both realms. What’s more, the mainstream spotlight has not diluted his faith. In fact, Switchfoot’s lyrics (penned mostly by Foreman) are infused with a depth of soul-searching that reaches beyond the typical worship set. Through a refusal to categorize faith and art, Switchfoot’s success is another indicator of this decade’s breakdown of the barrier between the sacred and the secular.

Read the full article HERE. (Thanks Susie!)

18 responses to “Jon Foreman Named One of “10 People Who Changed Everything””

  1. Carrie

    So proud!
    haha, I love it when Jon gets acknowledged for his wisdom and talent! It was great at the Heavy and Light concert, because he was like the final and main event…..almost everyone knew who he was, and were so happy to see him play :)

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  3. Karen

    …I’m sorry, it’s probably really wrong for me as a 51-year-old Christian (and pastor) to say that Jon looks really gorgeous in that photo! :–:

    1. Lael

      It is truly more glorifying to the Lord that we appreciate someone’s true beauty of His Presence in their spirit rather than the happenstance of physical attractiveness. Especially, please be mindful of how uncomfortable you would feel if someone made an obvious comment about your spouse. It is drawing attention to their attractiveness which really isn’t a gift for our eyes. Their attractiveness is a gift from God for the spouse only. Please appreciate the beauty of his songs and leave his looks for his wife. I do not mean to offend. I just wanted to express perhaps another, more appropriate and God honoring manner in which to view another person.

  4. Alicia

    This is so exciting! I’m really glad Jon is getting recognition for his gift of song writing. He has definitely influenced me in many ways throughout the years, so I couldn’t agree more with this article!

  5. Ashley

    I hope Jon sees the article, I wonder how he would feel being in the same list with one of his heroes: Bono

  6. TheSecondFoot

    Wow! That’s an impressive mention. That’s a huge mention. I’m sure Jon has a smile on his face knowing this. That he has changed soooo many lives and has achieved his goal. That doesn’t mean stop but more of a push forward!

  7. Amy

    I feel like a proud parent! lol

    1. Paul

      Same here! Haha they grow up so fast don’t they? :,) hahajk

      1. Brenda Hutchison

        That’s how this made me feel too! I’m so proud of this honor for Jon and I can only imagine he feels humbled and proud as well.

  8. ellijordan

    Congratulations, Jon! No one deserves this more than you. Thanks for the difference you have made.

  9. Inseparable

    This is such a huge inspiration for a Christian musician like myself. He’s probably my biggest lyrical inspiration and I’m glad he is getting this honor.

  10. little drummer girl

    That’s fantastic!! He so deserves that with everything he’s done. So proud :)

  11. Amanda

    This is amazing!!! I feel like I’m about to burst with pride and happiness for him, because he definitely deserves this acknowledgement! You’re such a huge inspiration to just about everyone who knows you, Jon. :3

  12. Lael

    I am thankful the Lord’s Presence is sought and woven so deeply in this gentleman. His words are really whispers from the Holy Spirit which Mr. Foreman sings that we may hear, know, and understand what the Lord is crying out to the world. As well, let us all continue to pray for his wife who must sacrifice greatly of her time so Mr. Foreman may carry the Light into this broken world. Pray for his child as well and all of his family that bonds are strengthened and love magnified even in prolonged absences for our sakes. What Mr. Foreman gives to this world comes at great sacrifice to his family and self.

  13. utsav

    Pardon me.
    But doesn’t he look like Jesus himself.

  14. Akhilesh Koul

    My greatest inspiration..His words are like gold..congrats Mr. Jon Foreman :)
    please tour India.

  15. Marvyn Marianito

    I really agree with this! Switchfoot and Jon Foreman, really impacted my life and always restores me and penned my thoughts and emotions along the way in my Christian walk. For how many years since I discovered the band the songs learning to breath, on fire, dare you to move, meant to live, all of these songs, unleashes something inside of me thats amazing! It really stirs up my passion to change humanity not just in preaching God’s word rather than living the Gospel and preaching the gospel to myself. How to love life and appreciate God’s goodness and how to value every living creatures here on earth! Thumbs up! And God bless you Jon Foreman! Im writing some stuffs too, about change and other life realities and love as well. Your lyrics, inspires me to compose words deeper. Love you all guys!