6 responses to “Happy Birthday The Beautiful Letdown”

  1. msCCDC

    HBD TBL! Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time.

  2. David

    I remember buying and listening to The Beautiful Letdown for the first time very well. I had gotten into Switchfoot just a few years before and absolutely loved The Legend of Chin and New Way to Be Human. Then I was a bit disappointed with Learning to Breath. So, when TBL came out, I wasn’t sure I wanted to buy it. I asked the guy at the store what he thought of it and he said, “It great. It gets back to the sound from the first two records, which is good, because I thought the last one wasn’t that great.” Which was exactly what I wanted to hear.
    Then, when I listened for the first time, I only needed the first two chords of Meant to Live and I immediately thought, “Wow, this is going to be a great CD.”

  3. Paul

    I remember watching the dare you to move music video. I was in 3rd grade, little did I know they would end up being the band of my life. Oh how time flies…

  4. Karen

    Today I listened to The Beautiful Letdown through my headphones on my walk to the shore. I hadn’t heard it for a while. “More than Fine” was at the perfect pace for my walking, and it perked me right up. The whole album is inspired, and inspirational to me. The other song that has alway meant a lot to me is “On Fire”. It just takes me there. I’m usually crying by the end of it. I suppose my least favourite song on TBL is “Adding to the Noise”, only because I never want to turn off Switchfoot’s songs! I love the way that song ends so suddenly, and then the lead-in to “24″ is perfect. Yeah, this is a great album.

  5. Josh H

    TBL perfectly encapsulates the old Switchfoot style with the more modern feel they’ve had for the past ten years. While Hello Hurricane is definitely my favorite album, Twenty-Four is definitely my favorite song.

  6. Jayson

    I remember being 13 or 14 the first time i watched the video for “meant to live” and i was head banging and air guitaring i was instantly hooked on switchfoot. i went to the store bought “The beautiful letdown” and my mom got me a small portable cd player (this was before i got an ipod) and i listened to “The beautiful letdown” so much the cd actually wore out. lol i still love the album i listen to “meant to live” everyday i also love the song itself “The beautiful letdown” and “Dare you to move” is a song that holds a lot of deep meaning for me. “Gone” “more than fine” “adding to the noise” just make me wanna get up and dance “this is your life” awesome song tim rules the bass in that song but he rules the bass in all of switchfoot’s songs. i love the whole album track 1 to track 11 its an amazing album. My favorite song on the album and favorite switchfoot song all together will always be “meant to live” thats the song that started my switchfoot obsession =)