132 responses to “EXCLUSIVE Fading West Info”

  1. Joel W

    Awesome! I’m so pumped for 2013!

  2. Haley

    And just when I thought it wasn’t possible to be any more excited… *melts*

  3. Dylan

    When I saw the question about is Fading West the end for Switchfoot my heart skipped a beat. Can you imagine anything worse than them ending now, they just keep getting soo much better

  4. Em

    WOW!!!! Jeanna thank you SO much for that! Incredibly encourageing to see so much progress and info! Its so nice of the guys to take time to share all of that with us!

  5. Lucy

    Any chance of it entering some film festivals? ;)

  6. Streetfire

    I’ve never heard the song fading west, so what do they call Fading West?

  7. Mi470

    Do you think they’ll do like a preorder bundle with the album and film together? Because that would be a fantastic idea.

  8. iwantshesays

    please come out in may!

  9. HM

    I know I’m a broken record on this, BUT… What perks do the UK fans get?

    I’m assuming (perhaps wrongly) that Fading West won’t get a lot of coverage here. Will there be any whatsoever?

    Also, a problem I often have with Switchfoot dvds (concert stuff, etc) is that they’re not Region 2 encoded (UK dvd region), always Region 1, for America and Canada.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll find a way to see it – I’m super excited for Fading West, naturally! Just interested as to how much effort I’ll need to make to track down a version I can actually watch!

    1. mickykeats

      I ordered a dvd from them and it worked here in Australia. Perhaps contact them before ordering.

    2. Cal

      With Most computers/DVD players you can change the region a limited amount of times.

    3. Sabrina

      I agree with you,’HM’,I think there should be more SHOW’S, On Throughout Latin America :D !!!

  10. Bian

    I hope they come to latinamerica, We all have waited them for so long /:

    1. Sabrina

      OOOOOOOOOOOh Yes,Bian i hope too :D !!!!!! I think they should do that, it would be a gift, a blessing for fans !!!! I’ll pray for it #FanslatinoamericaPray :D !!

    2. Sabrina

      OOOOOOOOOOOh Yes,Bian i hope too :D !!!!!! I think they should do that, it would be a gift, a blessing for fans !!!! I’ll pray for it #FanslatinoamericaPray =D !!

      1. Bian

        That would be awesome!

        Latin american fans we are waiting for them!

        1. Sabrina

          #Yeah *.*,I hope they come,It would be amazing :D

  11. Alicia

    “Q. How will the Fading West tour go? Where will it be?

    A. They’re planning on hitting USA and Canada extensively – September through the December. You’ll buy your ticket and go to the show, watch the movie and THEN the guys will perform. It’s going to have the feeling of the movie premiering for the first time, every night!”


    1. 1dareu2mov3

      I really, really, really hope that they come to Charlottesville, VA!

    2. Sabrina

      YUUUUUUUPPPP !! ME TOO *-* :D :)

  12. Ivey

    I’m am so excited!!!! :D movie at the concerts?!?! Guys, this whole thing is going to be awesome.

  13. Nothing is Gravity

    I don’t know if this is accurate, but I think of a kind of mix between “Where I Belong,” Future of Forestry, and maybe some electronic stuff thrown in when I imagine the instrumentals. That’s kind of what I call “grand” and “epic”… What do you all think it’ll sound like, specifically the instrumentals?

  14. viviana

    Hi… why the film did not launch in Latin America??? would be great if the band did a tour of Latin America. thanks.

  15. kim k.

    VERY EXCITED!! Cannot wait for Fading West. Thanks Jeanna, you rock!

  16. Rachel

    I TOTALLY thought that this would be there grand exit as a band, with a movie and all. SO glad to hear it’s most definitely not!!!! XD

  17. Jesse

    SWITCHFOOT!!!! FADING WEST!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! I’m just a little excited…and by that I mean: AAAAAHHHH!!!! SWITCHFOOT!!!!

  18. Daniel

    How about the fans in Asia? We want to watch Fading West too.

  19. Alicia

    I didn’t really think that this was the end for them. Like the Switchfoot team said I thought if any thing it would be a new beginning. Still its nice to have that reassurance from a reliable source! :D

  20. Shannon

    SO STOKED! And this coming year the Bro-Am is going to be in July? Hmm…

  21. Louise

    Hi, any hope whatsoever of Switchfoot coming back to Perth, Western Australia?

  22. Adrian

    When might we get to see sum album art?

  23. Alishia

    Jeanna, would you know when Bro-am would be in July? Just need to start looking at flights/hotels and stuff and hoping they’ll release the date soon:)

  24. Ray

    New album. 2 new albums. Yes. And picking from 50!!!!! Songs is ridiculous. They’ve got gold.

  25. Rachel

    I literally screamed when I read this! I am so excited!

    1. Sabrina

      YUUUUUUUP,hahaha me too my friend =D

  26. proudnorweigian

    will Europeans be abel to get the DVD?

  27. Alex

    So the album will be out in May/June, but the DVD won’t be out until December-ish?

    Do you know what the plan is to control leakage? If they’re playing it at every show and the Bro-Am before it’s out, I imagine there’s going to be a TON of folks recording it on cell phones.

    1. Nothing is Gravity

      Yeah… Switchfoot fans are expert leakers, apparently… they might just rely on the honor code (and their management flagging YouTube videos). But videos on other sites might not ever be taken down…

    2. 1dareu2mov3

      You’re right, but I’m not going to stand for cell-phone quality recordings of a movie by Switchfoot! I will go see the movie at a concert (and/)or wait faithfully until December to buy it!

    3. Sabrina

      Wow Jeanna,This is great *.* :)
      Should be amazing even,I really agree with ’1dareu2move3′ , you are very lucky :D
      It must be wonderful for you too,After all it is also your favorite band !! God bless Jeanna :D

  28. Ashley

    Ah man… We get to see the movie AND have a concert for this tour?! *dies*
    Spring and Summer need to come quickly, I’m not sure how much longer I can contain my excitement…

  29. Josh H

    Thanks so much! I’m really excited that they’re taking a more Hello Hurricane-esque approach. That’s still my favorite album.

    I do have one question. Do you think we’ll get to see/hear that South Africa performance of the Shadow Proves the Sunshine?

  30. Liza

    The movie/concert combo will be a really great time! And “It’s going to be GRAND. Fresh and ambitious.” is very exciting. Something to toast to on New Year’s Eve for the start of a great 2013!

  31. miguel

    why won’t they show it in theaters?

  32. Amy

    This is going to be an awesome year!

    1. Sabrina

      With Surely my friend :D

  33. carrie

    Wow! Awesome!
    Cannot wait to see this (Hopefully at bro-am!!)

    1. kim k.

      Yes, Bro-am!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  34. Catarina

    It’s going to be a totally unimaginative question but I just got to do it.. Will they be touring Europe in 2013?

  35. little drummer girl

    I’m shaking I’m so excited!!!! To hear this isn’t the end made me soooo happy!!! Ohmygosh I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH Jeanna for getting the answers to all these questions for us!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  36. i am who i am

    So freakin’ excited. This is going to be amazing. And I need to say this right now: I WILL be going to see a show on the Fading West tour. No excuses, i don’t care how far I have to travel. I am going to finally see this incredible band that i’ve loved for 15 years at a live show. Its about time.

  37. Daniel

    I love that they’re experimenting, I’m all for that.

    I just hope that there will be at least 2 or three of their trademark rock songs on there. If they’re out of the box, even better!

    1. 1dareu2mov3

      I totaly agree!

      1. 1dareu2mov3


  38. Louise

    Sounds so good, will they do the movie and concert in Australia as well? Particularly west coast?

  39. Guimel


  40. Mike

    Sounds good ! Except I really hope they don’t abandon their rock sound…I love it ! I hope there are still some of those songs on Fading West…songs like dark horses, mess of me, stars etc…I would miss that kind of rocky sound from them very much

    1. 1dareu2mov3

      I couldn’t agree more. They wouldn’t be Switchfoot without songs like those.

  41. Paul

    I work in a gospel shop in South Africa. I’ve seen how they music touches people. Can’t wait to see it in store and see more people touched by it. Switchfoot you are a blessed band. Keep up the hard work.

    1. Sabrina

      *.* !!!

  42. Kayla

    Goodness, the excitement!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!

  43. Becca

    One question- will God be mentioned in the film at all? I know they’re not wanting to be put in a box of any kind, but to me it’d seem a bit hypocritical to leave Him out…

    1. Lael

      Wonderful insight.

      1. Sabrina

        Yes my friend’s,:D

    2. 1dareu2mov3

      That’s a great question. We all know that God is a big part of their lives, so I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if He was in the movie quite a bit.

      1. Becca

        I agree. In fact, I would be surprised if He is not mentioned, my parents seem to be losing hope in the guys though, and I really hope they’re wrong,

        1. Nothing is Gravity

          If I may be so bold as to ask, why are your parents losing hope? I would have thought that songs like “Restless,” “Vice Verses,” and “Where I Belong” would have the opposite effect.

          1. Becca

            My mom has never liked them (she’s not into music that much, and I was kinda obsessed with Switchfoot for a while so she didn’t like that) and she doesn’t like certain songs like “The Original” (I don’t agree with it either) and I’m not sure what else, she doesn’t talk about specifics. Neither of my parents are too excited about them not wanting to be concidered a “Christian band”, even though I think it’s obvious it’s not because they’re ashamed of God…

          2. Nothing is Gravity

            Hey Jeanna, I don’t think I had read that before, so thanks! It takes the usual stance on how music can be “Christian” as much as pizza can be “Christian,” or clothes, or books. I think it’s really just semantics; some people mean “Do you try to glorify Christ through your music,” whereas others think, “Music can’t be saved. ‘Christian’ is an inappropriate and irrelevant adjective to use.” They are not mutually exclusive, just coming from different interpretations. At least, that’s my take on it.

            (And are you referring to the “Ain’t no one to do it, free yourself!” line in The Original, Becca? I hadn’t thought of it in an anti-God way before. Especially in the context of the music/verses, I always thought of it as talking about other humans; trying to be inspiring to action, not rebellion against God or anything.)

          3. Becca

            Jeanna- I believe I’ve read that before, I don’t remember where though. Thanks for posting it! I will definitely show it to my parents.

            Nothing Is Gravity- I am referring to the first two lines of the chorus in The Original, “ain’t no one to do it, free yourself. Ain’t nothing to it, free yourself.” We can’t free ourselves, we have to let God free us from ourselves. There is a lot to it and it can be hard sometimes. I don’t see it as rebellion against God, I just don’t think it’s true. I’m not saying Jon is trying to argue God or anything, I just think he’s wrong in that one part. Maybe I am misunderstanding Jon’s point in what he’s saying there, but until Jon tells me otherwise that’s my opinion.

        2. 1dareu2mov3

          Don’t worry too much. Remember that Switchfoot is getting a lot of recognition outside of the Christian music scene because of the way they are approaching how they flesh out their faith in their music. If they aren’t bringing people to Christ who otherwise wouldn’t because of this, they are at least acting as catalysts for people to become Christians or getting people to think about it. As the guys have said multiple times, “We try to music for thinking people.”

    3. Matthijs

      Good question, I was wondering about that one too. They may rock in a mainstream world, but they radiate Christ in so many ways imo.

      And also the title ‘Fading West’, does that refer to our unsustainable ways of living in our spoiled and wealth countries in the west (both europe and the US)? I mean, Jon’s thoughts go anywhere, and I’ve heard him about this as well.

    4. HelloHurricane

      On the whole “Christian” topic, I used to struggle with that, too, because I would go to Christian music festivals and after the show hear people say things like, “Switchfoot wasn’t that great. I stopped liking them when they crossed over to mainstream. They aren’t as bold in their ‘Christian’ songs as Chris Tomlin is.” Hearing these things stung, and made me doubt. Were their songs really reaching people who needed to hear them without saying “Jesus” every few verses?

      This past year, I took a friend of mine to a concert. I was unsure if she was a believer, and didn’t know how she thought about “Christian music.” However, it was Switchfoot, and based on the comments of others at those music festivals, I figured she wouldn’t mind. So on the way there, I popped in Vice Verses. And then I started hearing the songs in possibly her perspective, those songs completely blew me away. I was hearing them in a new light. They were all screaming “Jesus.” I knew EXACTLY what they were talking about, even if they were written more poetically and less of a straight-to-the-point-Christian-radio-song sort of way. And during the concert, I could see that she understood the message. The whole thing was beautiful. That experience gave me a totally different perspective of the band and their music.

      1. 1dareu2mov3

        You are absolutely correct about this. If you think about it from someone else’s point of view, it is somewhat obvious what they subject matter is (Jesus) if you take time to think about it. Songs like “Your Love Is a Song” may be taken as not about God, but, upon thinking about it, it’s evident that Christ rings true throughout the song.

  44. A Commentator

    I’ll be honest…this is the first time I haven’t really been excited about a new Switchfoot release since I became a fan in 2005. Vice Verses was a bit of a letdown (though it still definitely had its moments), and thus far the new songs I’ve heard have done pretty much nothing for me. I’m much more interested in the new FF album and especially in Jon’s upcoming solo project, whenever that seems the light of day. But Switchfoot as a band just doesn’t get me fired up the way they used to.

    1. 1dareu2mov3

      Really?! You were disappointed by Vice Verses? As a whole, that’s the best album Switchfoot has ever released! I guess it’s just all subjective…

      1. A Commentator

        Yeah, I was. The production and musicianship were great, but the songwriting felt lacking to me. Most of the songs lacked the lyrical and melodic sophistication of previous albums, with “Restless”, “Vice Verses”, and “Where I Belong” standing as the notable lyrical exceptions and “Thrive” as the melodic highlight. The rockers especially seemed pretty hollow. For me, Nothing is Sound, Oh! Gravity., and Hello Hurricane were Switchfoot’s peak albums. But I’m glad you liked VV! Don’t let me stop you. :)

        Jeanna, it’s good to hear a positive report on the new FF. I look forward to listening to it myself.

        1. Nothing is Gravity

          I know what you mean. Whereas I see Nothing is Sound as an album that is easily 5 stars together, while still having songs that are fantastic by themselves, Vice Verses had songs that were not nearly to that caliber. After having a year to listen to VV, it’s kind of faded back, well behind some of their others (the ones you mentioned.) I still think that a weak Switchfoot album is well beyond most artists’ strong ones, but doesn’t stand up to NiS, O!G., and TBL. Just my opinion. But I agree with you, to a certain extent.

  45. Seth

    So the guys are in the studio now, recording songs for Fading West the album, which will be released in May/June. These songs have (essentially) no connection to Fading West the film.

    They will compose more music to score Fading West the film.

    Is this correct? side note- will they release the score on cd as well?

    1. Alex

      Yeah, I’m a huge score fan. Would love to see them release that as well.

  46. Lael

    Jeanna, may I email you as well regarding information about bro-am dates? It is my daughter’s senior year. I want to try to take her this year. Thank you and…
    May the Lord bless you and keep you,
    may He make His face to shine upon you
    and give you peace.
    Merry Christmas to you and all at Land of Broken Hearts.

  47. Lael

    While I was posting my question, my heart just felt compelled to say this one thing. Someone reading or posting just feels overwhelmed, lonely, lost, confused, life just seems unfair and dark. Just know, you, precious person are so loved by God. You are created for a purpose, one only you can fulfill. Don’t give up. He holds your hand and guides you. He will carry you when you can’t go on. Today is Channukah. The Festival of Lights, the Feast of Dedication. The day when Light comes when the world is its darkest. Hold on, your light WILL shine. You are loved and prayed for now.

  48. Sabrina

    I loved it when it happened -> ” Is Fading West the end for Switchfoot?

    Absolutely not! Most DEFINITELY not – if anything it’s a new beginning for the guys. Hello Hurricane reinvigorated the guys and reminded them why they love music. Fading West is doing the same thing but in a different way. They’re re-approaching the way they make songs and write records. The guys have gotten a LOT out of making this movie. They know how precious Switchfoot is. Nothing is being taken for granted. Basically, they band is tearing down again to come back better and stronger. The end is NOT coming at ALL.” (I cry for Emotion *-*) this is why i LOVE these guys!! :D

  49. Lael

    I ask forgiveness. My reply sounds self righteous. That was not my intent. It is a blessing such a question is asked these days, not of Switchfoot but in general. Please forgive. Switchfoot has proven through words, their songs, their lives their love and faith toward the Lord.

    1. 1dareu2mov3

      I couldn’t have said it in a truer way! God bless you!

      1. Lael

        And you. I pray He makes His Glorious face to shine upon you.

        1. 1dareu2mov3

          Thank you so much! You really don’t hear people talking this way to people except in exclusive church/Christian circumstances, which is actually kind of disappointing. I’m going to strive to speak, think, act, and pray like this more often from now on. God bless!

          1. Lael

            May you hear His gentle whispers in your spirit telling you how much He loves you. May the wind be as His gentle voice, gentle presence guiding always. He does love,everyone, and created everyone for a purpose. You are loved no matter what…

  50. Sabrina

    OOOOOOOOOOOOh come to LATINAMERICA (Brazil fams love you,Come to Rio de Janeiro *-*)

  51. Katie

    That’s sooo cool! Will the guys be coming to Europe next year?

  52. Madison

    So completely stoked for the Fading West – can’t wait for an official release date! On a side note, is there any chance we could get a live album as part of the deluxe package? I LOVE my live Hello Hurricane music! :)

  53. Smiley

    I don’t know how to respond to this. Really.



  54. Alex James

    First, I would like to thank Jeanna for taking the time to answer all these questions. It’s pretty cool being able to talk to someone that is so directly involved with the band! I have a couple of questions of my own…
    How many songs will make the finl cut? All 15?
    AND… How much of the movie do you think will be just about life in general?.. because I know all the guys in this band are very compassionate people and it would be cool if people could see that side of the guys!

  55. Chris

    So…someone thought it was a great idea to make a movie about switchfoot and then make people who paid to see them sit and watch it for an hour and half. wtf??? This sounds like the worst idea ever.

    1. Claudia

      You’re paying to see the movie + the live concert. How is that possibly wrong?

      I just dont get the idea of releasing the DVD almost in 2014. I was hoping to go to Bro-am to see the premiere and to buy a physical copy of the film – since I live in Brazil and its been a long time since I bought something through the official website (looks like my creditcard is rejected but its only for this website, i assure you there’s no problem with my card)

      So isnt there any chance to release the DVD in July too?

  56. HelloHurricane

    Hey Jeanna, I’m thinking about possibly going to the bro-am again next year and it would be nice to know the dates. May I email you?

  57. Lilly Haas

    YESSSSS Switchfoot isn’t over!!!

  58. Kansas

    I can’t wait to see the movie, and i’m so glad Switchfoot isn’t over. :) I LOVE YOU SWITCHFOOT!!!