9 responses to ““They’re really the under dogs of society and we want to champion them.””

  1. Jonfreak

    I love Drew’s pedalboard!!! So AWESOME! :D

  2. Asel

    Wow. I have to say, those above are FUNtastic Shots. Super Nice moments! Great job Victoria and Home FM. Love them especially that one with Drew and his amps and that of Jon & Tim’s shots.

  3. Hannah H.

    Those pictures are exceptional.

  4. HHKyleVV

    I love the picture of Jon and Drew where Jon is stepping on Drew’s foot.. haha. And the crowd seemed amazing during The Original! Can’t wait to see the guys at Bro-Am!!!!!

  5. Tram

    how nice of jon to bring that lucky boy up to sing happy birthday to him :-) . and that shot of jon stepping on drew’s foot is epic and funny at the same time! love it.

  6. Alex

    Aww! They sang happy birthday to that kid :) great shots too.

  7. Pat harn

    Does Standup for Kids provide these essentials if you re living on the street:
    – showers,
    – lockers to store valuables,
    – mail slots to get snail mail,
    – pc’s or posters telling where to find pc’s at the local library/schools,
    – phones and info on how to find cheap prepaid wireless accounts
    – posters/bulletin boards on how to sign up for food stamps, housing, drug treatment, school, etc
    – old magazines and books to read/keep out of trouble/use your brain
    – maybe even a big room for group therapy do kids can talk constructively
    – bus tickets/bus passes are VIP
    – info on jobs/day labor
    – etc, etc

    1. Kim

      Check out their website standupforkids.org ….programs differ by location :)

  8. Pat harn

    – washers and dryers
    – toiletries like soap
    – clothing exchange
    – food and water to go
    – birth control/std info for homeless girls
    – little pocket Bibles