18 responses to “Switchfoot Bro-Am Photos Galore, Recaps and Videos”

  1. Jonfreak

    In the first Where I Belong picture, does anyone know who that guy is on the far right? o.O

    1. gaby

      Oh that was the cameraman that was running around stage for like the whole entire show. :/

  2. Tia

    Jerome and I have the same birthday! I know, that was random but I’m on vacay in the woods and can’t get any reception sometimes so I’m a little late on saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEROME! :D Love those Bro am pics toooo!:D

    1. aranel

      Thats’ so cool! Mine is the day before Tim’s.

    2. gaby

      That’s awesome! Mine’s 9 days after Romey’s lol :3

  3. mochiman

    Hey, thanks for the posting on Jon’s solo show. Does anyone know anything about this one in NYC? The number that it lists for info connects with the local Salvation Army…not sure if that’s the correct number for info.

  4. Brady

    Thanks for the update on the solo show in Ft Worth.
    I’ll be there! Has anyone been to one of his solo shows like the one in Washington state a few weeks back or any of the ones in California? What should I expect? # of songs? With Keith Tutt be with him? Totally excited already =)

    1. kim

      It will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I went to the two in TN and they were very different but both fantastic. Have fun!

  5. kim

    Welcome back Jeanna, we missed you! Lisa did a great job! :)
    And I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing everyone!

  6. Abbie

    THATS ME!!! My youth pastor and I made the Bro-Am longboard in the collage!

  7. ryanmeagher

    saw myself standing behing jon in a beach picture…woot woot!!