24 responses to ““It created quite the jungle gym for Foreman to meander around in during the show.””

  1. Tram

    I always wonder if Jon asks each venue what’s safe to walk/climb on before the show… he’s really all over the place at each venue, and keeps the security guys hopping! Love it.

  2. Catarina

    Hey Lisa, I was just wondering, do you guys know if SF will reveal any tour dates any time soon? Like a Europe tour… maybe? :)

  3. Em

    Jon has a boombox on his shirt! ….but you just didn’t know it B)

    1. Alex

      I believe that’s a cassette tape.

      1. kim

        OK Alex you are showing your age ;)

  4. Alex


    The cover song was a Jane’s Addiction song played after “Mess of Me.”
    “This Is Your Life” was NOT played.
    “Dare You To Move” is the song that was actually played in that spot.
    “The Sound” was played after “Your Love Is A Song.”

  5. TheSecondFoot

    FINALLY!!! Switchfoot is coming to Charlotte again. I missed the two on the HH tour cause of things going on or my parents couldn’t get around to it. But I hope that I can make this one.

  6. sheepkid

    I have a few questions about bro-am. What’s the best time to arrive at the beach? What do you do during the day? What do you bring? What do you wear? Is there any chance to talk to the guys? If so, when/where?

    1. Mandy

      Surf contest starts at 7am, music starts at 12pm. During the day you watch the surfing or the concerts or visit the vendors for food or surf gear or whatever. You wear comfortable casual clothes and bring sunscreen and water and money. There may be chances to talk to the guys for a second if you can catch them between all the stuff they’re doing that day. But there are no official meet & greets.

  7. Ashley

    whoa, Jon swearing in the video where they sing learning to breathe really caught me off guard… didn’t think he said stuff like that… :(

    1. Daniel

      Where is the video? I can’t find it.

      And, for the record, the guys probably swear. 99.8% of people do. Or something like that. I think the venue would probably be a reason for that. When they’re at big shows, he probably tries to keep it G.

      1. Ashley

        This video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7h15–tFts&feature=youtu.be …and I know a lot of people swear, I just wasn’t expecting it, and I look up to them. So, for me it was just a shock, but I apologize for making a big deal about it.

    2. HHKyleVV

      What video are you talking about?

      1. HHKyleVV

        Okay.. I found what you were talking about, and piss is not a curse word. Yes, it is kind of vulgar, but not a curse word.

        1. Ashley

          Well I guess that’s what I mean then. There’s a lot worse words out there, but I didn’t know that Jon used vulgar language like that. It just surprised me that’s all.

    3. Jonfreak

      um…. what video? o.O

      1. Ashley
        1. Jonfreak

          oh I see. I wouldn’t expect that coming from him, but you have to remember his is human, and every once in a while something slips. :P

    4. Rae

      where are y’all from? to me “pissed” is not vulgar at all, living in Southern California I hear it all the time … I mean, it’s probably like equivelant to “darn” or “heck” in terms of vulgarity. maybe it’s just a SoCal thing?

      1. Alicia

        I’m from Oklahoma, and I was raised not to say it, but I’ve heard people at my church say it before, to me its not that big of a deal. I wouldn’t say its just a SoCal thing, but a matter of opinion.

  8. Jonfreak

    um…. what video? o.O

  9. Philly

    The second cover in philly was jane says by janes addiction.

  10. Corey S.

    Pissed is a cuss word? (and I mean especially in that context, he wasn’t even talking about himself) I never realized, I guess I’m a much worse sinner than I realized :P