190 responses to “LOBH To Interview Switchfoot… With YOUR Questions”

  1. Carolyn Greenlee

    Jon, how many fedoras do you own?
    and/ or: ;)
    what are your guys’ favorite colors?

    1. Carys

      I’d be really interested to know the answer to the first one.

  2. Matt Kerley

    Hey hope everyone is good!

    Question: When they are over in the UK this summer, will they be filming for Fading West? If yes come to the north coast of Cornwall, the beaches are beautiful and, Jon, the Cornish ice cream is pretty good.

    1. Carys

      Ooh, that would be AWESOME if they filmed for “Fading West” over here!

  3. Not.waiting.for.the.afterlife

    It’s not meant to be depressing, but my question for the guys would be this:

    Someday, when the band days are over, what do you see your each individual selves doing in your life? Would it always be music related, or perhaps fullfill another childhood dream or two that you haven’t yet?

  4. Alex

    1. If YOU were to interview someone, who would you interview?
    2. Name one instrument you wish you could play.

    I’ll probably think of more later :)

    How many questions do you plan on asking?

  5. Tim L

    To all the band: Would y’all ever consider doing your own worship album?
    Tim: Which bass is your favorite one to perform on?

    1. RT

      I second this question!

    2. Carys

      Worship album? GOOD question.

      1. carrie(lifeisasong92)

        DUDE! I love that question and idea!
        Switchfoot’s songs are so deep, I know that if they wrote a worship album it would be incredible!

    3. Justin M.

      That’s what I’ve always wanted to know! Great idea, Tim! A worship album would be great!

    4. Andrew M.

      From what ive seen, Tim only uses 1 bass– the lakland jazz bass. He sometimes uses the hollowbody for acoustics though. So, I would guess the Lakland is his favorite.

    5. Dan

      I emphasize with your sentiment. But…I really don’t think it will ever happen. Switchfoot works hard to maintain an open door to all walks of people, and a worship album would close the door to making any sort of impact in the secular world. They’d be completely shunned by the non-Christian market.

      Switchfoot is never going to release a worship record, at least in the sense that you are talking about. Vice Verses, as stated by Jon, is the closest they will probably ever come.

      1. Carys

        Yeah, this.

    6. Rachel

      this is so funny, cause a couple days ago, I was thinking about some worship songs that I’d LOVE to hear Jon sing! And I was like thinking hat if I could ask them ONE question, it would probably be to ask them if they’d make a worship album! So…I join in on the petition!

      My Questions:
      1. Would you consider making a worship album
      2. If you DID make a worship album, what songs would you guys want to cover? Or would you want them to write new ones? Or both?

  6. Losemyself4good

    Jon – do you ever feel like you don’t want to share a song with people because it is just too personal?

  7. Becca W.

    1. what is the time signature of “Always?” I’ve asked that millions of times and I’ve never been answered :(

    2. You guys got a letter and picture from me that I sent with my friend Clarice, a) did you think my sister Lisbeth is cute? :D haha I had to ask that :P and b) Romey- did you check out that coffee website? I think of you eveytime I drink that brand :P

    1. famgirl

      And to tag her question about the letter and picture (that was mee!!) Did you read the notebook I gave you and what did you think of it?

      1. famgirl

        I gave it to them at the CoMo (Columbia Missouri) concert on April 26.

    2. A Commentator

      After the drums come in, it’s definitely 4/4, with kind of a halftime feel. The first verse does feel kind of floaty though.

      1. Becca W.

        My dad thinks that the piano and vocals might have a different signature than the drums, but I no next to nothing about that kind of thing so I have no clue, I just told my dad I would ask the band… thanks for your opinion :D

        1. J

          Switchfoot has done some weird time sigs (see Circles, Dirty Second Hands, the latter is seriously crazy) but I do think Always is pretty straightforward 4/4 the whole time. The piano part is just 8th notes, although the way it’s written there are emphasis on odd beats. That’s just SF’s talented songwriting style.

    3. Ruairí

      There are two different time signatures going on. The piano leading is in 6/8 and then Jon sings in 4/4 that’s where the confusion is. It’s a technique lots of bands use but I’ve only heard Switchfoot use it on that one song.

    4. Dylan

      always is in 4/4 but the piano is just on the opposite quarter notes. if you are counting 1&2&3&4 then the piano hits are on the &’s.
      @ruari you could also count it in 6/8

      1. Sweet s0x

        You’re correct that it’s straight up 4/4 the whole time. Jon sings on the down beats and the piano accents are on the up beats. You can count triplets over the time signature, but neither the piano or Jon’s vocals would naturally be counted in 6/8.

    5. Becca W.

      Thanks for all your answers guys! :)

  8. Connie

    What is it like to constantly meet new people who probably know everything little detail about you when you know nothing about them?

    1. Karen

      Yeah, we know so much about them – my question to them would be:

      If you could ask some questions of your fans (us), what would you ask? What would you like to know about your fans?

    2. Hannah H.

      haha love that question! i wonder how it feels to have people listen to your lyrics every day and be famous.

  9. HY Teh

    If you could be any mythical creature, which one would you be?
    Would you rather have the ability to fly or to breathe underwater? =D

  10. Claudia

    OMG thats so exciting! I have a few…

    1. Do you plan to add subtitles of other languages to Fading West?

    2. Did you guys stop being funny and “ridiculous” or is it just not being filmed? That said, will podcasts come back?

    3. At some point of you guys music career did you regret drop out of college and start a backup plan?

    4. Jon and Tim: When I first heard Switchfoot, I wanted to get some info about the band and when I found out you were pastor’s kids, I really felt related to you guys, because my dad is a pastor too. Was there any difficulty for you to start a band outside the walls of the church? Did you feel any “church pressure”?

    Thats it for now haha

    1. Becca W.

      Ah! They should totally put subtitles in other languages on Fading West! Then I could show it to all my friends since they didn’t speak English! Nice question! :D

    2. Hannah H.

      4- AWESOME QUESTION for real!

  11. Megan

    1) If Switchfoot could only write and perform one more song, what would it be about?

    2) Many of Switchfoot’s songs from all of their albums deal with the desire to live deeply and wholly now, in the present. I’m thinking of songs like Thrive, Dare you to Move, Afterlife, Learning to Breathe, etc. Why is this theme so important and do you think you will ever move on from it? Do you have any advice for those trying to live such a life?

    1. Randy

      I like your first question, I think Jon has done that with “Where I Belong” because to me, that song sums up all his writings…yet, I’d like to see him answer that one! Great question!

  12. Bianchiis

    I wonder what do they believe, they’ve said they’re christians by faith, not genre, so my question to each on to answer is, what do they believe exactly? Cause there are a lot of beliefs and practices on many churches. I’d really love to know what do they really believe.

  13. beautifulletdown

    I don’t know if this will be OK but I really wonder the guys’ thoughts about Istanbul/Turkey because that’s the place that I live.

  14. Emily

    1. (for my sister) do any of you listen to classical music (its kind of a running joke and I had to find out )

    2.did you actually know someone who woke up at 4:12 or is it just a random time

    3. How old were each of you when you received your first instruments

  15. Carys

    Here are my questions so far (all of which have already been tweeted):
    Are you coming back to Scotland this summer?
    Have you thought about covering a song by the Proclaimers?
    What has been your weirdest fan recognition experience in public?
    What was your favourite remix on #ViceReVerses ?
    Are there any songs you’re sick of playing at shows? Which songs do you enjoy playing most?
    If you could tour with ANYONE who would it be and why?
    Is there any instrument you hate?
    Are there any songs you regret writing?
    What other songs [from VV] do you plan to release as singles?

    Hehe, I have a LOT of questions.

    1. Alex

      definitely the “what instrument to you hate” question

      1. Carys

        Yeah, I’ve often wondered that.

        Oh man, I keep thinking of more questions!
        What is Baby Foreman’s name (this probably isn’t appropriate, but I desperately want to know!)?
        Is there a word you love to say?

        1. Molly

          Second question: Entropy. I think Jon likes that word. Just a little bit. ;)

          1. Carys

            Yeah, and “discontented.”

  16. Blase

    Have y’all started working on a new album yet?

    1. Alex


      Check out that page – it should answer a few questions – look under “Fading West” ;)

  17. Randy

    About concerning South Africa, a place that has a special meaning to me (Randy Hickman) because of my trip there, What inspires the return to South Africa? What do you guys plan to do? What do hope to come away with while adding that to the film?

  18. Joe

    How does your identity as Christians play into what you do as artists, especially considering your audience of many believers as well as many who don’t share your faith?

    How many instruments do you play? (A question I’d be curious to hear answers to from all 5 of them)

    Looking forward to the interview!

  19. carrie(lifeisasong92)

    Which song are you most proud of?

    And what is the most awkward concert experience you can remember?

    Thank you, Jeanna for putting SO much time and effort into this website….we love you!

  20. kimberly

    I have a question and something that I want you to say to the guys… first, my question:what’s your favourite song from the album Hello Hurricane and why?

    I have a brother who has 3 years old(only) and he can sing: Your Love Is A Song,Afterlife and Dark Horses!!

    1. Clement

      I want to know about their favourite song form HH too!

      1. Clement


  21. KLS

    Given the huge influence you have with not only teenagers, but the 18-25 age group, what are your thoughts on the importance of supporting music education for young people? What benefits do you see in music education as a means for young people to work though issues/struggles/and questions that inevitably come up?

  22. Justin

    Have you ever wished some songs would have been “dug up” earlier in the journey and put on another album? Like “Souvenirs” would be a great song for Nothing is Sound as well

  23. Gracie

    What are you guys’ favorite U2 albums and songs?

    1. SL

      Chad loves the Joshua tree by U2

  24. Emily

    I thought of another one -

    If you didn’t hold the position in the band of the instrument(s) that you play now what would you play

  25. A Commentator

    1. What are each of the guys’ favorite books? (This can be fiction or non-fiction, but let’s exclude sacred texts.)

    2. If you could give one piece of advice to people younger than yourself, what would it be?

    3. Do you guys see music as an agent of social change? If so, how?

    1. Seth

      I believe the answer to the books question is on their LOBH bios:


      1. A Commentator

        Ah, thanks! Hadn’t been to that part of the site in a very very long time, so thanks for pointing that out. The latter two questions still stand though.

  26. Meg

    Jon and Drew: What is your favorite kind of Taylor guitar to play, and why?

  27. Clement

    To Jon: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re all alone and there’s no beach nor any instrument around?
    To Tim: What’s your favourite thing to do during a live show?
    To the band: What’s your favourite thing to do when stuck in a van together?

  28. J

    Q: Might be a little premature to be asking, but what does Fading West sound like? Any departures from your sound? With Vice Verses being such a unique album, how does FW compare so far? How far along are songs developing?

  29. lee

    1) Do you plan on releasing more limited release albums of original songs like Eastern Hymns for Western Shores for the core fans?

    2) Could you possibly release the extra songs recorded from the Hello Hurricane sessions to the core fans if they would never see the light of day otherwise?

    3) Jerome and Jon, I love the Mortal song Mytho Ex. Have you ever considered making Switchfoot songs (or an EP) with an industrial sound? or Jerome, did you, for the most part, leave that part of your music behind with Mortal?

    4)Regarding the Fading West soundtrack, will the songs be new or will they be live songs from previous albums?

    5)Tim and Drew, I met you at the Yellow Deli in Oneonta, NY and told you I was writing a book inspired by your song Stitches (which I thought sounded like a ghost story). I finished it, and am doing the second draft which my editor is looking over as I go. You said I can get it to you via your manager. Can I still do this? I was wondering if anybody in the band is personally interested in supernatural thrillers/horror.

    6) I’ve heard your music on a variety of shows and movies. Do people seek you out to use your music, or are you fans of the stuff your music ends up on. Has it ever been on anything you didn’t approve of? Is there anything you would like to hear your music on?

    1. Alex

      i was at the yellow deli in Oneonta…. :o

      1. lee

        Are you from the area?

        1. Alex

          No, I drove out an hour-ish for the show. But I was at the Yellow Deli too after the show.

          1. lee

            Me too. Are you near Utica?

          2. Alex

            closer to Buffalo.

  30. Madison

    Here’s my question..

    You guys have been playing for teenagers for more than 10 years now. What keeps you coming back to 14-18 year olds instead of attempting to cater to an older audience?

    1. switchfam91895

      That’s a really good question :)

    2. Karen

      Umm, I am 50 years old and in my view, Switchfoot IS catering for me!!! :)

      1. pam b

        High five, Karen! I’m 51 and I listen to SF more than any other band. I haven’t dug music this much since The Beatles :)

    3. michele

      Oh gosh that is funny. My son is 14 and I’m 38. We both love their music :)

      1. Deb

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one over 25 who loves Switchfoot!

        1. kim

          ditto :)

    4. Hannah H.

      Hahahahaha…. I guess my mom isn’t that creepy considering she’s 51 and listens to Switchfoot.

  31. Zach Hindes

    I sent this Q in but I wanted to know what you guys thought?

    What if SF played TBL front to back in honor of it’s 10th anniversary? (Feb 2003)

    I was thinking, nothing crazy but maybe a month or so of special venues across the country. Kind of like the HH tour. Play the whole album then come back and play some hits.

    Yay or Nay?

    1. Seth

      I say 1/2 nay. that would be cool to all us fams, but i don’t think a tour like that would do that well as a whole. I think they would do something along the line’s of rolling out a lesser known tract from that album for the anniversary (like maybe the title track).

      1. Zach Hindes

        I’d be okay with that. We know they still play Company Car and Learning To Breathe so why not Ammunition or The Beautiful Letdown. Great idea Seth!

  32. switchfam91895

    What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had while touring?

  33. John C

    What’s your usual order at In-N-Out?

    1. Seth

      I could see Chad going strait for a double-double with animal fries. Gotta love In-N-0ut!

  34. HM

    1. If you could add a 6th band member from ANY time in musical history, who would it be and why?

    2. You guys are HUGE in the USA, but as a Brit it feels that despite being so established you’re still very much a “cult following” in the UK. Is that refreshing for you when you tour here (being able to work some smaller venues and connect more individually with the fans) or would you like to widen out your British fanbase?

    3. Does SF have any weird rituals you MUST DO when visiting a town or even a country you’ve never visited before? Like tasting a local delicacy or visiting a local record store to get the vibes of the place.

    4. Do you feel songs are better when they represent the emotion felt in the writing, or when they convey some particular message or idea? I ask because I’ve noticed that your music seems driven by both these things, but that Vice Verses seemed a particularly ideas-driven album.

    1. Lais

      The question 1. I thought the same!
      Maybe they could do a contest to choose the new member? hahahaha

  35. Gracie

    Whats you guys’ favorite bible verse(s)?

    1. Rachel

      DITTO! Or favorite book of the Bible!

  36. jayson

    hows your tour going?

  37. Josh H

    How do you guys make time/connect with your families with your busy touring schedules?

  38. jayson

    hey jon you know your my hero but who is your hero?

  39. Tyler

    When will y’all be coming back to Mississippi?????????

  40. pam b

    1)I’d like to know how they keep the energy level so high night after night. They pour it all out!

    2)How awkward is it meeting new people all the time and making conversation with someone you’ve never met before? Especially when you’re told how great you are and how your music has impacted and influenced lives?

    3)Does it feel different when you play to a mostly “Christian” audience as opposed to a definite “secular” one? Is there a major difference between touring with fellow believers like The Rocket Summer and others like, oh, Marilyn Manson?

  41. Mystic

    Here’s my question: if you say that your songs are ‘Honest and true,’ I say that when I listen to your music and your lyrics, it kind of makes no sense. And since your so called honest songs are so honest, I hear nonsensical things in it instead of the straightforward truth. Why is that? Even my family doesn’t understand your music either.
    Will you use this, Jeanna? I’m so confused about this. And please say yes :’(

    1. Alex

      What do you mean by not honest? Since music is…y’know, poetry, Jon writes with a lot of metaphors and such…like, “a steering wheel doesn’t mean you can drive” doesn’t LITERALLY mean you can’t drive if you have a steering wheel. It’s referring to…well, however you interpret it ;)

      1. Mystic

        And also, that may be true, when now that I thought about how their songs sometimes brings me down. Im not sure why it’s so, but it just does.

        1. Alex

          THERE’s the honest part. Honesty can be, well, sad. Life IS sad. Sometimes.

          1. Mystic

            I understand. I feel a little better. Here’s another few:
            All of the band— What’s your favorite candy and why? I just personally love all of them!!
            Jon— What’s your inspiration for al of these songs? You’re just a songwriting BEAST!!! That’s a rare and critically endangered creature!
            Drew— Anymore Drewcasts? Pretty Please with your awesomeness on top?? :)
            All of the band— WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO WICHITA KS!!!???

        2. Michael

          I don’t think you are alone in that kind of thinking, Mystic. I once described TBL to someone and their first thought it was that it was a song about suicide.. I quickly explained it wasn’t!

          Switchfoot does deal with heavy topics.. like life and death. But I find it refreshing. I think their music is honest because it’s not gimmicky, or shallow – they are trying to explore the deeper sides of life. I think they try to find meaning in it and that’s what I really like about their music.

          Just look at the top 5 songs right now on billboard – not that it’s bad to like these songs, they have their place. But does any feel like a real, honest expression? Maybe the top song (Someone I used to know) but Payphone, We are Young, Call me Maybe, Wild Ones.. these kind of feel like more gimmicky, party-type songs, let’s-have-fun songs, not really taking a look at yourself, not really exploring what it means to really live. Nothing wrong with that, and maybe I’ll like those songs for a while, but Switchfoot has stuck with me for 8 years now, so I feel that their songs have deeper meaning to me. I don’t know.

          I think the challenge is seeing the hope in the songs too. Take a song like The Shadow Proves the Sunshine, for example. To me it’s a song that talks about the darker parts of life but finding lessons or hope in those moments too. I know when I look back on things that have affected me in some way, that I often gained something out of it. That’s where I think the music comes from a lot of the time – gaining something out of an experience. Hello Hurricane is a song that is a perfect example of that kind of thinking, really.

          I’m curious to see if the guys answer this, because you’re right, their songs can sometimes be “downers” if you will, instead of fun pop songs (though they do have those too). Good q!

          1. Carys

            This. All the way.

            As a society, we’re used to being dishonest- call it “politeness” if you will.

            When someone tells you something straight, you can get a bit taken aback, eg. if someone was to make a personal comment about your appearance- it hurts, but it’s true at the same time.

            That’s what these songs are designed to do- to make people QUESTION the “truth” and the world we live in. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty glad Jon writes such “honest” lyrics, otherwise, we’d be content with the fluffy, always polite, we’re not gonna hurt anyone’s feelings attitude (which is good, I’m not saying we should be rude to people, I’m saying we should be true to ourselves and what we as people are. Mess of Me, for example. I’m talking about sin. About life. About mistakes. We should be honest about these things.)

  42. Mystic

    And also, when I try to think in your songs, it always summarizes in something bad or tragic.

    1. Mystic

      And then I listen to the songs itself, it leaves me depressed, to be honest with myself.

    2. Becca W.

      I’ve never been depressed by them. I’ve definitely been sad but a truly good song that is about what sometimes writes about should make you sad at least a bit. And about your first comment, they’re lyrics make total sense to me. Many times it feels like Jon was feeling just like me when he wrote a song. I’ve been through a lot more than the average kid my age though, so I may have a better understanding of what he writes about because of that. I don’t want to appear to be attacking you, I know a lot of times I come across that way :P I’m just trying to defend my favorite band :)

      1. Mystic

        No it’s fine. Now here’s another question: how’s Jon’s daughter doing? Good, I hope. Sorry for that little thing. Just had to get that off my mind. ^_^

        1. switchfam91895

          I believe his daughter is ok now, though I’d avoid asking questions that are too personal, because that’s really awkward for them :P

  43. pam b

    I’ve got another question after reading Tim’s tweet about living in Boston for 6 yrs as a kid. I heard them say one time they had lived in Virginia and so on. So, I’d like to know where they (all the guys) have lived in their lifetimes. I just find that interesting.

  44. Michael

    This is a bit of a long question but one I always wondered how the guys deal with this or if they ever have dealt with it. Sorry if it seems a little “dark ” or political – it’s not intended to be. Just curious because it’s something I think about and the guy’s music has always been a point of “centering” for me, if you will. Sorry for getting all serious.. haha.

    So onto my long question:

    I feel like there is this constant division in the world of faith versus the “secular and mainstream”. It makes me feel like faith is “old-fashioned” or perhaps “misguided” when people say it isn’t “mainstream”. What I’m getting at here is I feel that there is this constant action of “drawing a line in the sand” – something like where a person would only watch Fox News (or vice versa CNN, MSNBC, etc )because it gives views that they agree with. That feels a little ridiculous to me. It’s not that their viewpoint is wrong – it’s the closing off of everything else. I think it’s dangerous to believe something blindly – without proof or evidence, or without some counter-argument. I think the debate actually helps belief. Digging into it uncovers the truth, if you will.

    I have, at times, had debates with close friends who are staunch atheists. I respect their point of view and they respect mine. Like I said, they are still my close friends, even though they may go about their lives in a way that I don’t agree with. Still, they often cause me to have doubts. I don’t say that as if it were a bad thing – just at times I will wonder if my viewpoint is the “right” one. What I mean to say is, sometimes these conversations will irritate a friend of mine because he thinks my belief is ridiculous. Some might say that if you have faith then you have nothing to lose. I don’t want to see faith as being “a gamble” or not. That doesn’t feel real or authentic to me.

    I’m all over the place here, so let me get to the question. Do you guys ever have doubts? You sell music that you believe in – and at times have hinted at doubts that plagued you, or questions about certain things (The end of Vice Verses comes to mind – or The Blues). What did you do about them? Where did you go to find answers to the hard questions? It could be that you just have to believe in it – faith is called just that for a reason, after all.

    Secondly, what do you think about the modern church in America today? I hate the feeling of like it’s “us vs them” – like I can’t love someone because they don’t believe in what I do, or even hang out with someone. I feel like there is a lot of this in the church today – but it always has kind of been like that, too.

    Anyway, as people I look up to and who inspire me I’m interested in what you have to say.

    Those are my questions. Sorry if I stepped on any toes or seemed a little “stuck-up” – not trying to be. I’m not trying to be “right”, I’m just trying to believe that what I believe in and how I believe it aren’t completely ridiculous. Like I said, it’s just stuff I think about. Thanks for doing this Jeanna and LOBH crew.

    1. Bianchiis

      You got a really good and difficult question to answer, I hope they answer this question.

      1. Joe

        I agree, i had this same question

    2. Nader

      This reminds me of “Ode to Chin”. “What’s your direction, what matters most?”…”Anchor your roots underneath, doubt your doubts, and believe your beliefs.”

      Interesting point of view Michael, good question.

    3. Carys

      Wow. This is an AWESOME question- I sure hope it gets answered!

  45. Tia

    1. Tim (or jon) have you ever had bubble gum ice cream? 2. Has anyone ever hit a bad guitar/keyboard note during a performance? 3. Have you seen Lord Of The Rings? who is your favorite character?

  46. Laura

    Hey guys!
    I wonder: If you weren’t musicians what do you guys think you’d probably be in this moment?

    1. Alex

      surfers :D

  47. Tia

    1. Tim or Jon: have you ever had Bubblegum ice cream? Whats your thoughts on that?

    2. For everyone: (if you have seen the movie/read the book)which Lord of The Rings Character are you?

    3. Have you ever hit a REALLY bad note during a live performance? If so, what did you do?? :)

    God Bless Y’all SO much!

    1. Tia

      *Whoops! I didn’t see my comment at first so I wrote it again. My B :)

  48. Lais

    1. Jerome: I love the work of his wife. Did you guys ever consider being photographed for her?

    2. To all: We know that Jon has many other talents besides music, what are the talents that few know Tim, Jerome, Drew and Chad?

    3. To all: You have a way to keep souvenirs of the fans? If yes, do you remember the cardboard sign that caught the show in Brazil? You kept?

    4. To all: They are all Christians. When not on tour you usually go to church, participate in activities and events of the church with the family?

    5. To all: Have you thought about making the Bro-Am elsewhere … country (Brazil maybe)? :)

    6. Please put subtitles in Fading West! :)

    7. Jon: Have you ever thought about writing some books?

    1. Hannah H.

      a book by Jon? >>>>>>

  49. Seth

    1) Tim: Have you ever considered doing lead vocals on a SF song? Will you ever do lead vocals for a SF song? PLEASE DO LEAD VOCALS ON A SF SONG!!!

    2) Jon: I know you’re the type of songwriter who never stops writing songs. Will you every release your collection of unused lyrics, songs, or demos?

    3) All: Could you tell us a story of a time each one of you really felt like ending your musical career. What convinced you to keep going?

    4) All: Do you ever think it’s weird that us fans know so much about you.

    1. Alex

      I think Tim does some lead vocals on ETC

      1. Becca W.

        Yup, he does. And he sounds amazing :D

    2. Alyssa Gomez

      I completely second that notion you put forth in your first question.

  50. TheSecondFoot

    I would ask “How many albums are you guys going to put out until the band is over?”

    1. Rayz

      I hope there will be no “over” in this band.

      There songs will be timeless.

  51. Rayz

    Oh, here’s my question:

    To all: Did you have arguments along the way? If yes, how were you able to resolve it.

    To all: Have you read all our notes in the LOBH Love Jar? :) (We really hope you did!)

    To Jon: You’re an inspiration to many of us, who/what is/are your inspiration/s in writing songs?

    To Jerome (my kababayan): Did you have professional lessons in playing all those instruments? or just pure awesome talent??? :) )

    To Drew: Why are you awesome and funny and awesome and… awesome?

    To Tim: Have you written songs with Jon? I mean the lyrical composition of the songs? If yes, what are these? If no, could you please write some songs? :)

    To Chad: What do you think of your Filipino fams? :)

    To all: If ever you come back to the Philippines, please stay a little longer, play an aftershow and try to surf here :) Well, I could tour you if you like :) )

  52. Deb

    My 11 year old has a couple of questions:

    1. Who’s Mike?

    2. Jon – are your eyes “red” from crying or from lack of sleep?

    My question to each of the guys would be: What is your favorite animated movie and why?

    1. Deb

      My first two comments are about lyrics in songs, of course.

    2. Tristan

      I was just thinking about that the other day, is mike an actual person?

    3. Carys

      Aw, that’s so cute that your young son came up with those awesome questions!

      No, Mike is not real- he is a caricature of life in LA, I believe.

  53. Ivey

    I can’t think of any questions that haven’t already been asked, but I’m excited to hear their answers to any of the questions they are asked. And finally, an interview that does not include the question, “Where did the name Switchfoot come from?”.

  54. gaby

    Ohhhh I have one!

    For Drew : Did you ever drink Romey’s “illegal” coffee? ( from that one drewcast episode )

  55. Ashley Loveless

    . Jon: Regarding honest songs – have any that are on a recent record been tough to play for people [at first]?

    . Jon/all: how much longer do you think you’ll keep your hair long, before going back to hair kind of like what’s pictured in Learning to Breathe’s lyric book?

    . All: What’s one of your favorite songs to play? (Whether because of sheer enjoyment of the music, or because of a typical crowd response to it, or whatever.)

    . Anyone: I’m reading through Augustine’s Confessions, and I feel like often I understand in general what he says, but then will really love, connect with, or be intrigued by a couple lines in each small section. The other day I read something that in context I understood generally, but I still seek clarity. I asked a few friends what they thought, and all said they had no idea. It’s from 4.14.22, talking about a particular orator whom he admired, particularly because of the admiration that orator received from others. I know this is a random question, but any insight you guys may have would definitely be appreciated! Here’s the quote, including some surrounding words:
    “…Actually, I admired the orator in a different and more serious fashion, as I would myself desire to be admired. For I did not want them to praise and love me as actors were praised and loved – although I myself praise and love them too. I would prefer being unknown than loved that way. How are these various influences and diverse sorts of loves distributed within one soul?” I get all this. The next sentence is what I’m wondering your thoughts on. “What is it that I love in another which, did I not hate it, I should have no reason to forswear or reject myself, seeing that we are both human. For it does not follow that because the good horse is admired by someone who would not be that horse – even if he could – the same kind of admiration should be given to an actor, who shares our nature. Do I think love that in a human being, which I also, a human being, would hate to be? Man is himself a great deep.”

    Amen on that last line. Thank you guys.

    1. Alex

      NOOO! No h**r questions. Nosir. Nope. We don’t want another letter :)

  56. Tyler

    Will podcasts ever come back?

  57. Petehewy

    My questions… (So excited!!):

    1) Have you guys said ‘no’ to any shows/movies using your song (i.e. American Idol contestant requesting to cover or a movie like ‘Cabin in the Woods’ using ‘The Sound’)? Or do you guys even have control of what gets approved for use?

    2)Regarding covers, if you were to release a covers EP or full album which songs (or artists) would you cover for it?

    3)If they made a hollywood movie of the band, which actor would play who?

    4)What is one place left on the map that you still want to visit? (ex: east coast of Canada? or Antartica? etc…)

    1. Carys

      The third question! :D

  58. Jumper2295

    Oh, I just thought of one.

    To all: Have you ever thought of releasing an acoustic EP or album?

    1. Alex

      Please. THIS.

      1. Petehewy

        They have done this somewhat already… check out their itunes session ep that came out not too long after ‘Hello Hurricane’

  59. Andrew Maust

    What instruments are there that you have never featured in a Switchfoot song, yet would really like to? (or, what “unusual” instruments did you really like the sound of and want to use again?”

  60. Andrew Maust

    Another question!
    If the band could only play new songs, and never any of the songs that have already been released on your albums, or only play old songs and never release any new ones, which one would they choose?

    1. Dan

      I sincerely hope this query is chosen. Great question.

  61. KirbyW

    For Drew – I’d love to hear any details at all about the guitar amps he’s been working on. How he got into building amps, what kind of inspiration is going into his work, what tone is he going for, etc?

  62. Melanie

    1) Will there be a European Tour in 2012 or 2013?

    2) Are you going to film more of your podcasts?

    3) Is it planned that the song ”Against the voices” is on one of your upcoming albums?

  63. switch-ur-foot

    My question rather a request.

    Switchfoot-Are you planing to tour asia? i.e. India
    :p! I really want to just see them live in front of my eyes.!

  64. switch-ur-foot

    and yes! Drew-Are we going to see some more guitar solos.? :D

  65. switch-ur-foot

    how did jon meet bono!! Plz tell plz tell.!

  66. mickykeats

    question 1: why does Jon never play the ‘salvation is here’ part when performing Dare you to move acoustically?

    q2: Why don’t you guys play more older songs or other songs of the albums you haven’t played live?

    1. Lais

      Oh yes!
      I want to hear them sing Spirit, Life and Love and Why, Chem 6A, I Turn Everything Over, Playing for Keeps, Poparazzi, The Loser, Living Is Simple, The Setting Sun, Faust, Midas, and Myself …

      1. Rachel

        YES YES YES!!! They never play those, and they’re some of my FAVS! Living is Simple, Spirit, and Life and Love and Why would AMAZING live!

        I think they don’t cause most of the people who go to their shows aren’t die hard fans who know every song by heart, and they want people to be able to sing along…but still! I think they need to make an exception…when they come to my town… :)

        1. Lais

          This songs have the best lyrics too!
          I hope them sing sometime.

  67. Rhonda Duhon

    I LOVE the song Yesterdays….if it’s not too personal..was wondering who that is about. oops.another question if that’s ok…Jon, will you have another set of solo albums? Love you guys a lot..thank you for the wonderful music and see ya in June !! : D

    1. Alex

      Check out this page for the solo album question: http://landofbrokenhearts.org/switchfoot/new-albums-releases/

  68. lee

    Have you ever considered re-recording the entire album of Legend of Chin? I would love to hear it updated with a 5 person band!

    1. Megan

      I would LOVE that!

    2. Carys

      Hmmm… I don’t think it would ever be the same if they recorded it again, not the young, innocent feel I get from the old stuff.

  69. Quincy

    1) would you guys ever consider covering a Led Zeppelin song?

    2) Jon : if you could write a song with ANY musician/artist, who would it be?

  70. Carys

    I know that when HH live was made, Jon’s favourite song to play live was “Yet.” Has that song changed with any of the newer ones?
    What songs do the other guys love to play live? :)

  71. ThP

    To Jon: During the interviews you usually use (operate with) the words “for kids”, “those kids” or just “kids”. I guess thus you mean kids, teenagers and young people. But, we all know there are many adults among the SF followers. My questions are: Do you think that the majority of listeners of your (SF) songs are kids? Who are you thinking of when you write the certain song? Young generation? Defined category of people?

    I don’t think that this is a relevant question, but it was the first that came to my mind.

  72. Dan

    I know this question is almost definitely too late to be chosen, but I will ask it nonetheless.

    Years and years and years from now, after a plethora of awesome albums, a fistful of Grammy’s, and a bevy of #1 hits, when you guys finally decide to call it quits…What will your last show be like? Where will it be (I assume San Diego)? How many sets will you play?

    My friend and I have made a pact with one another that, no matter where or when, we will go to Switchfoot’s final concert. My hope is that they would have it on the beach in San Diego or something along those lines, and play 4 to 5 sets of songs from throughout their career.

    What say you all?

    1. Carys

      I say “yes please!!!!!”

  73. Karen

    What does the term ‘dirty second hands’ mean???

  74. Smiley

    Ahh, I totally, totally LOVE this. It was just about time that LOBH interviewed SF… and judging from the questions, this will be GOOD. I really can’t wait to read! :D Thank you so incredibly much for doing this – you guys here at LOBH are amazing!

    As a side note, I completely adore how someone will ask a question and everyone else will answer it. Now that’s dedication! :)

  75. ThP

    If it will be possible, just tell them how much we love them for just being who they are

  76. Josh

    What kind of jeans does Jon wear?

  77. Dylan

    I would want to know why they decided to cover Sabotage. I mean I know they cover alot of songs, but I feel like they play sabotage a lot.
    I have a feeling that they have answered this in the past but oh well

  78. bri12

    I think it’s late, but still… I would like to ask: Will you guys come to Czech republic someday? We are waiting for you!

  79. Lydia

    “When are you guys coming out with a new podcast?”

  80. drake wolfe

    How did Mr. Jon Foreman’s voice change? i mean why?

    1. Rachel

      I can answer this one: age. :p

    2. Deb

      Do you think it has all that much? I was listening to New Way to Be Human the other day and thinking how, at such a young age, his voice was so similar to what it is now.

    3. A Commentator

      I would guess wear and tear from the band’s demanding touring schedule would be the main factor, with age also playing an important role. Unlike classical singers, rock singers typically don’t have proper technique, which causes them to damage their vocal cords over time. It’s not unusual for rock singers to experience change in their voices throughout their careers, with Robert Plant and Bono as two of the more noticeable cases.

  81. drake

    do any of them smoke? *SORRY*

    1. Becca W.

      nope! They don’t.

  82. James Ivan Layne

    Jon, how much money would it take for you to come and play ‘Always’ at my wedding? We $2000….