223 responses to “LOBH Interviews Switchfoot… With YOUR Questions (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)”

  1. Rayz

    THIS. IS. IT.

    Thanks LOBH!!!!!

  2. Tram

    love that we get to hear from all of them! too bad about the noise while tim was speaking; i know you’re busy, but would you be able to transcribe what he’s saying?

  3. Michelle

    Loving Chad’s mouthbrow!! ;)
    Thanks for doing this, SO excited for Part 2 tomorrow!

  4. Lais

    It will not be transcribed? I do not understand English very well!
    Please! And after the 1st question was very difficult to understand what they were saying.

    1. Becca W.

      What language do you speak? I can translate into Spanish, but nothing else

      1. Lais

        I speak Portuguese. But if transcribed, is very helpful. :)

        1. Becca W.

          If you can read Spanish I would be happy to transcribe it, I do have a friend that speaks Portuques but I do not know if she has the time.

          1. Lais

            I would love. If not bother. Thank you so much!

        2. Becca W.

          If you want me to send it to you in Spanish, email me at switchfoot@switchbeats.com :) if not, I will see if my friend can do it in Portugues!

          1. Lais

            I have sent an email!

        3. Lais

          Jeanna! It made me so happy now! Thank you! :)

        4. Claudia

          I was thinking about adding portuguese subtitles to the whole interview, but that will take some time, I really want to share it with my friends too. btw, i dont know what my life would it be without LOBH, seriously, that whas beautiful*.

          *read it in a Timmy Foreman way ^^

    2. Catarina

      So nice to found other portuguese speakers here on lobh!:) Where’re you from? Brazil?

      1. Claudia

        Really nice, yeah im from Brazil, what about you?

        1. Catarina

          I’m from the grand old continent of Europe! hahaha I’m from Portugal :D

        2. Lais

          Cool! I’m Brazilian too! :)

          1. Claudia

            Eu fui sim! Melhor show da minha vida!

        3. Catarina

          So… I’ll just speak in portuguese :P
          Os Switchfoot são muito conhecidos no Brasil não são?

          1. Claudia

            Legal! Não são muito. But i think we better talk in english, the concerts here were amazing thou, i hope they come back soon

          2. Lais

            hahaha depende do que você considera muito! Entre os meus amigos são bem conhecidos, divulgo bastante! kkkkk
            Cládia, você foi no show deles?

          3. Catarina

            If you wanna talk in english, let’s talk in english! :P
            Well… They’re probably much more known than here in Portugal. Everybody I know that knows them it’s because I almost forced them to know hahaha Not to mention the fact that SF has already been in Brazil and I I’m still waiting for that miracle to happen here in Portugal!

          4. Claudia

            Yeah, I know what you mean. A few years back it was just like that here, but I met really good friends because of the band and after their concerts i found out some people in my small town that actually love Switchfoot. So be hopefull, im certain the guys want to play some concerts there. ^^

        4. Lais

          Realmente! Viajei mais de 8h pra chegar e valeu tudo!
          Só acho que faltou um aftershow! Quem sabe no próximo né?

          1. Catarina

            Oh… THE after show. That is definitely on my to do list. Right after “attending a Switchfoot show” :P
            A esperança é a última a morrer, não é? :D

    3. Becca W.

      Hey, it’s gonna take me a lot longer than I though. I’m having a hard time understanding every little thing being said :P I worked on it last night and tonight but I’ve only got through two minutes of the first video. I will do it as fast as I can, but with school too, it will take me a while.

      1. Claudia

        Take your time, i noticed that will be tough for me too, im not that fluent and sometimes i cant even hear what they’re saying (btw, Jeanna, your captions were a BIG help! Thanks!).
        Lets keep trying ^^

  5. Ryan

    This is just great. Thanks for taking the time to make this happen.

  6. Carys

    Hey, who came up with the last question? :)

    This is a total eye opener, finally seeing them answer questions that are NOT “what’s your favourite colour?” etc, but deep, interesting questions. Thank you so much Jeanna and Emily and Haley for doing this, this is so good of you, and such an amazing opportunity for us to finally see what it’s REALLY like to be Switchfoot! :D

  7. Wes Dorethy

    I can already tell this is going to be one of the best in-depth interviews I’ve seen. Thanks so much for putting this together Jeanna, the fans really appreciate it. I know I do. :P

    1. famgirl

      I second that!

      1. el presidente93

        I 3rd and 4th it!

        1. Claudia

          and 5th…?… YEAH Jeanna im your fan

          1. Smiley

            6th? :) Yeah, Jeanna, you definitely deserve some fans ;)

  8. carrie(lifeisasong92)

    I love how casual the guys are! And they seem even more laid back with you, Jeanna :)

  9. Alex

    Haha, Coldplay totally interrupting Tim.

    Hey Jeanna, I run my own video production studio, THE ALEX PRODUCTIONS. If you are ever in need of a professional video crew in the tristate area (NJ, NY, PA), I can help you out for free, especially if it involves Switchfoot.

  10. Chris

    It sounded like Jon was singing in the background! That music that was going on you know?

  11. Sam

    Just curious, where was the interview done? Why on earth was someone cranking up Trouble?! lol

  12. Tia

    Wowwww! Thanks so much LOBH! You should do this again whenever you have the chance :) The guys are so nice to take the time out to be interviewed. And I have to say Jeanna, you’ve got some skills! You are a talented photographer, web designer, and you should be….like a tv show host or something. I would definitely watch if so! You got some skills, girl…kudos:)

  13. Carolyn greenlee

    Jeanna- you are beautiful. :)
    And thanks for doing this, you ohsowonderful staff of LOBH!!

  14. Crissy

    Wow, Jeanna (Gina, haha), you’re such a natural! I would have been so nervous. I loved it when they mentioned “New Way to Be Human” and you said “You guys remember that one?!” Hahahahaha. So awesome. Good job!

  15. Alicia

    Fantastic interview! I can’t wait for part 2! I absolutely love Switchfoot interviews, even when the questions become repetitive and I know what the guys’s answers will be, I never get tired of hearing what they have to say, so to have new questions that are really thought provoking makes the interview even better! Thank you Jeanna, Haley and Emily for doing this!

  16. Grace Elizabeth

    Thanks for doing this!! Where did you film this? It stinks that all the background noise interrupted you guys. It would be awesome if there could be a “proffessional” LOBH video soon. :) I am into photography and video, so if you ever need help in the Midwest area, let me know. It would be amazing to help.

  17. lee

    That was great! You should interview them on an annual basis…or monthly :)

  18. Alex

    great interview!

    thoughts on P1:
    1. I love Drew’s Hurley shirt! Hehe.
    2. I KNEW they would talk about U2. The Edge. Right at Q1.
    3. Coldplay interrupting Romey? Wut?
    4. Jeanna: (On NWTBH) “Oh wow…you guys actually remember that one?” Hahaha!

    thoughts on P2:
    1. Against the Voices! Yes! Now “All of God’s Children” just needs to be released. ASAP. :)
    2. I’m TOTALLY distracted by the music in the background. I find myself singing along to it…hahaha.
    3. “Vice Verses” almost didn’t make it onto Vice Verses? Woh.
    4. “Souvenirs” was old? COOL MAN. I wanna hear demos.
    5. I think I remember seeing “Fading West” on the HH possible songlist on the bonus DVDs.
    6. “I made a raft out of bamboo when I was a kid…tried to sail down the river.” -Tim
    7. Romey: (On Aragorn) “I don’t know…I just feel it sometimes.”

    thoughts on P3:
    1. Chad: *lies down*
    Jeanna: “How do you feel about that?”
    2. “I had this whole SPY operation”…. I’m imagining wittle timmy running through the neighborhood with his surfboard, hoppin’ fences and trampling gardens, doing all his ninja-tim moves….
    3. Drew’s story. Why did this kid shove a twinkie in his face because he snapped his fingers? Um. And when you posted on twitter “violent story from Drew’s past”, I kinda sorta envisioned him in a gang or something.
    4. “Tim can you please switch places with me, I’m a little scared now??” HAHA!
    5. “What about the kid’s face? Did you have to pay for that?” Love it!
    Will be back soon to watch the rest of the interview… :)

    1. Crissy

      Wait, how did the Bono story not make it in there? I know Jon wasn’t present, but . . . Haha, j/k.

  19. Karen

    Yeah! That was fantastic! The questions and answers were so different to all the interviews we’ve heard and seen in the past. I’m really sorry that Jon wasn’t feeling well, it must be awful to have a sore throat as a singer, but this gave the others the opportunity to do a lot more talking than we’re used to seeing! thank you Jeanna, Haley and Emily!

  20. el presidente93

    Thanks for using my question Jeanna! I loved all the responses! You look good interviewing those guys, I vote you as the new addition to the band ;) – Andrew

  21. kim


  22. hadassah

    what an awesome interview! hey jeanna i was wondering, but do the switchfoot guys ever checkout peoples comments or anything thats on LBH?

  23. NeedleGirl

    Awesome interview, Jeanna! I’ve been looking forward to watching this literally all day… Thanks so much and I cannot wait to see the rest!

    p.s. I love your outfit!

    1. Becca W.

      I love your outfit too, Jeanna! Very cute :)

  24. Kaye

    Can’t hear Romey’s answer to the second song. But thanks to the captions in Tim’s part. It helped a lot. Coldplay kind of swallowed up their words. Hahaha.

    This is such a great interview! I love your top btw. And Drew’s shirt. Awesome!

    Can’t wait for the second part.

    1. Kaye

      I mean *second question haha

  25. Karen

    Counting the hours till the second part is posted!!! :)

  26. Karen

    Just watched Part 2 – this is great! Felt too short though! I can’t get enough of my favourite band… Now just have to be patient until tomorrow.

  27. Carys

    Drew? Mr Darcy? LULZ. Amazing!

    1. Rayz

      “Mr. Darcy, charming for all ages.” – Drew

      Oh Drew. You are charming! Haha :) )

    2. Claudia

      I laughed so hard haha yeah Drew, you’re that charming

    3. Becca W.

      yeah, I’m pretty sure my sister just fell in love with him :P

  28. Alicia

    hahaha Drew “Well I was gonna say the Lorax…”

  29. Monica Thompson

    Haha- finally getting a chance to watch the interview and within the first 2 minutes my four year old Jack asks: “Where’s Jon Foreman?”

    Thanks again for putting this together Jeanna!

  30. Robbie

    Jeanna, it would be nice the videos weren’t uploaded to Youtube. You see I live in China and Youtube is blocked here. Would you consider making a transcript for the interview if that’s not too much trouble?

  31. Mmhmmike

    Haha this time it’s Jimmy Eat World and The Wallflowers interrupting! maybe a more private location would have been better. Still so awesome though!

  32. Smiley

    Ahh, that was amazing! :D

    But I didn’t quite catch who Romey said he’d be… was it Eragon? Aragorn? (Better be Aragorn. That’d be… amazing. Haha.)

    1. lee

      Whatever one was from Lord of the Rings.

      1. Smiley

        Haha that’s what I though! Man, that’s amazing. If possible, that just made Romey even MORE awesome. And that kinda says a lot. :P

  33. lee

    I was interested in Chad and Drew’s comments about songs making it/being cut at the last minute. I would love to know which ones besides the song Vice Verses were added at the last minute or taken off.

  34. Em

    Ok first like a month ago a saw pic of Drew and said ‘ya know with his mouthbrow, he could be the lorax’ and I pegged him as that! *score*
    However, drew as Mr. Darcy? WHAT?! YES!!! *even bigger score!*

    thank you so much for doing this interview Jeanna! We love you so much!

    1. famgirl

      He totally would be the Lorax… Drew is so rad

  35. el presidente93

    Romey would be Aragorn? SCORE. I was hoping that one of them would say something from Lord Of The Rings. Well done Romey.

  36. el presidente93

    Jeanna, you mentioned liking the song “Fading West,” during the interview, and I remember it was maybe going to be on Vice Verses, because in your review for the album, “Fading West” was the last song. Did you just get to hear the song before it was cut from the album because you’re so special and amazing, or is there a way to buy/listen to the song now? I really wanna hear it!

    1. Alex

      Actually, a demo of it plays during the credits of the 2008 movie “Highwater” – although don’t go out of your way to hear it. It’s played behind interviews and hard to hear.

  37. HM

    Jeanna, you may live all the way across the ocean but you are now my new best friend. Congratulations…

    Words cannot express how excited I am that a) my question was picked, b) it was FIRST and c) ALL THE GUYS SAID IT WAS GOOD!! Having a moderate freak out. Also, Chad is wearing the same shirt he wore at the Edinburgh show :)

    What a magnificent interview, I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks a thousand-fold for offering this to us!

    (and PS, what were you saying about uploading the videos to download from LOBH? Because I would LOVE to have them on my ipod along with the podcasts!)

  38. Kris

    Wow, LOBH has been my favorite site for years now, but this sent me over the top. It is so great to get passed the cliched SF questions.


  39. Tram

    maybe you should post the other parts on their own page, so they each have their own comments section… just a suggestion :-)

  40. Cal

    I really like the way you made into more of a social conversation, with some planned questions involved, rather then a formal interview.

  41. Nothing is Gravity

    I’m pretty sure the “Yamaha’s” name is a Melodica. Like HARmonica, but melodies.

    1. Nothing is Gravity

      Is there a reason SF-related people call it that?

    2. J

      Well, a melodica is like a piano that you blow into and make melodies and notes and stuff. Gungor’s used it before in a video I’m pretty sure.

      Jon plays a Yamaha mini keyboard at aftershows. He nicknamed it “The Yam” so everyone just calls in the Yamaha (although it bugs me cause yamaha is a brand that makes pretty much every instrument, so that doesn’t really narrow it down, haha)

      Although, in defense of the Yam, I love it if only because he plays Fake Your Own Death on there. Gorgeous.

  42. Rayz

    Romey’s not a hater. :)

  43. Karen

    GREAT video today! Loved the childhood memories and the whole ‘hand bells’ thing! lots of laughing along with this one!

  44. Catarina

    Hey I’m having some trouble to understand Tim. Was it him or Jon who got his shirt dirty? Cause Tim says that Chad was playing his brother’s role and in the video Chad is the one who got dirty but I’m pretty sure I hear Tim saying “All over my shirt”

    1. Nothing is Gravity

      I think it went like this: Jon spilled Tim’s punch on Tim at the REAL birthday party, being held for Jon. In the music video, Tim was Jon and Chad was Tim…

      Or so my mind is translating it. ;)

  45. Asel

    You will never get bored with Drew. It was so much fun! I was laughing really hard haha! He’s just a natural comedian. Love you Boys! I wonder which instrument Jon hate and how would he respond on Timmy’s story about their fight. Laughter*Laughter*Laughter*

    Part 3. Favorite part too!

  46. Ivey

    Bahahaha! Hilarious! Part 3 is definitely my favorite so far.

    Hey Jeanna, can I switch places with you next time you get to hang out with them? :P

    1. Seth

      And can I go after Ivey?

  47. Carys

    :O Wow Jeanna, thank you SO much for using my question!

  48. Claire

    It’s an amazing idea to interwiew Switchfoot with our own questions:) I wish I could understand everything what they say. Could you transcribe it or add some english subtitles? Because it’s much easier for foreigner to understand written text. Many thanks from Czech republic

  49. Crissy

    Haha, Part 3 is FANTASTIC. I laughed out loud several times. How can you NOT, with the fruit-filled Twinkie story?!

  50. Becca W.

    Drew had anger issues just like me! Lol only I beat a guy up ’cause he stole my friends hat… he was the visiting pastor’s son :/ I got in big trouble! But Drew doesn’t like handbells?!? :’( that’s the only instrument I can play well :P I can play up to four at a time so it’s not boring at all!

  51. kim

    Jeanna, Jeanna, Jeanna!
    Once again you have outdone yourself; part three was FANTASTIC!

  52. Wes M.

    I thought for sure someone would say they wanted to be Frodo or Gandalf. It was great to hear Jerome pick Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I understand Drew’s frustration and annoyance with handbells too.

  53. 1dareu2mov3

    The one question I have (maybe I have more, just not right now): why is this not in HD – even point-and-shoots? I thought you had a really good camera as a photographer, Jeanna. Don’t most cameras have HD video nowadays? Heck, some even have simulateneous videoing and photographing nowadays!

  54. famgirl

    I’m working on transcribing it right now. I’ve had a little trouble understanding them sometimes like when they all decide it would be fun to all talk at once, or when people think its cool to blare their music over Sf. Or just Chad not talking clearly. So it might be a few more days, but I’m working on it.

    1. Karen

      That is good of you to do – I’m sure it will be appreciated by many! :)

  55. emjeyarey


    can i be friends with you so that i could be friends with switchfoot? man, i envy you! hahaha! :D

    thanks though for interviewing these guys!

  56. “Anything’s fair game in a song”; Switchfoot in South Africa; Vice Re-Verses

    [...] later for Part 4 of our exclusive interview with Switchfoot – and if you haven’t yet, check out Parts 1, 2, and 3 – there’s some great stories and information! Chad even reveals that they’re [...]

  57. Kaye

    There seemed to be a soft spot for Jon right beside Chad. ((:

    I am really enjoying this interview! It made me feel like I’m eavesdropping to a live conversation (in a very good way).

  58. little drummer girl

    Wow these are amazing!!! Best interview (more like conversation) that I’ve ever seen! Thank you sooo much for doing this Jeanna! Love it :D Can’t wait for more!!

  59. Becca W.

    Oh my word. I can’t believe I JUST noticed this part:

    when talking about Drew hating bells and mybe he should lay down on the couch and talk about it- Tim: *pionts* “there’s a window”

    Bahahaha my sister and I laughed soooo hard XD although it took her five minutes to get it :P

  60. Tia

    This is just…TOO awesome! I am beyond excited for Fading West!! Woot woot! And OMG Tim and I have the same clever humor…but I think I’m worse though. I tend to be more sarcastic than clever O_o

  61. Asel

    I think the Boys really enjoyed this interview as much as we do. Great job Jeanna! I think they have never sit down and talk about what the other person is good at or his talents are etc etc.. It was so much fun watching them.

    1. Nothing is Gravity

      I loved the part about the talents, too! Chad is even cooler now…

      And Dr.ew plays keyboard?! TOTALLY didn’t know that…

  62. lee

    Part 4 is the best yet! I can’t wait to hear the fading west soundtrack! It left me thinking of the Who’s Tommy. Could this be their opus? I also loved hearing about Tim and that he does the merch/album designs and producing. That’s all the stuff I would love to do. And a part 5 to the interview? That’s a welcome surprise; I thought there were only 4 parts. I’m loving this! It’s like and early Christmas!

  63. Andrew

    Is there any way to get ahold of the ETC. album?

    1. Nothing is Gravity

      If you can get to San Diego and find a copy in a record store. Jon, Tim, and Chad have asked fans not to post it on the internet anywhere. But if you can find a hard copy…

      The (nearly) complete lyrics are here on LOBH, @ http://landofbrokenhearts.org/switchfoot/etc/
      (I say nearly because of the question marks that fill in for the words that Jon just sjhfkjsdfhklsajghskghsdkfjhsaf;l;sdfjsfs over.)

      But, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it isn’t on iTunes or Amazon MP3 or anything. Only used hard copies float around now.

      P.S. No, I don’t have a copy… and I’ve never heard ony of it. :)

      1. lee

        Okay, so a few of you have it. Please share! Tim doesn’t mind if it’s shared, from what I read, he just doesn’t want it posted online for everybody.

  64. Nothing is Gravity

    *any…. I meant any…

  65. J

    Whoa thanks so much for using my question Jeanna! Excited to hear what the boys plan to do with Fading West. Psyched to hear more news about how it will all be released. So excited. Love this band. Thanks again Jeanna! Very honored to have the guys answer a question of mine.

  66. Tram

    part 4 was so good (they all have been, so far)… and it’s funny that Tim mentioned Drew’s piano skills because the meet and greet in St. Paul, MN, was in a choir room, so Drew played this awesome piano piece, which I did NOT catch on video, darn it (chad also did a fabulous dance, also not caught on video). when I said I didn’t know he played piano, he said he’d taken lessons for 10 years! then I asked him when he switched to guitar, but never got to hear his answer because someone else was getting his autograph. would’ve loved to hear his answer… oh well!

    really enjoying the interview/conversation; thanks Jeanna, for doing such a great job. you’re the perfect sf interviewer because you’re such a big fan and know so much about their history and can ask the natural questions that come out of a conversation like this. can’t wait to see part 5…

  67. Seth

    Oh my gosh Tim read my mind!! Right as a watched the part about Jerome being the “music chef” i was thinking of making a t-shirt that said that. Fits with Tim’s well known hidden talent: Ninja!!

  68. Carys

    Part 4 is my favourite, getting to really know all the guys. Wow, incredible! :)

  69. Kim

    Have any of you seen Rob Machado’s Melali tour? I’m hoping Fading West will be the same.

  70. Becca W.

    Part four is amazing!! Jeanna, you’re the bomb! Thanks sooo much for doing this :D I can’t wait till part five.

    Their description of Tim is so cool, he’s so awesome he should be left handed :P he actually does sound left handed… y’know, Leonardo Divici was. Lefties tend to be artistic :D

  71. Alex

    someone PLEASE make a shirt that says: “Jerome. Music Chef. He likes it spicy.” I’m seriously thinking of doing one in photoshop.

  72. Karen

    The whole thing was really great, Jeanna – thanks so much for putting this together and thanks to our wonderful, funny, sweet, lovely Switchfoot guys for being so great and answering these questions so thoughtfully! We love you guys!

  73. Catarina

    Oh wow… This whole interview made me feel like I know much much more about the guys and I now admire them much more. Specially Tim! I was like “Yesterday? Really?!That’s like one of my favorite songs of all times!” And I can not ignore the biggest words of wisdom ever said: Let it be. Like Drew’s brother said, Let the Beatles say it. They know what to say. And Drew’s brother has got to be the sweetest kid.
    Thank you so much for making this happen Jeanna! I loved it and I’m pretty sure everyone did too!

    P.S.: Curiosity time! Did you Know that Paul Mcartney wrote the lyrics for Yesterday on a trip to Algarve here in Portugal? Such beautiful words could only be written in such a beautiful place! hehehehe

  74. Hannah

    Someone please enlighten me on what the song “etc.” is where it is rumored that Tim sings lead! I keep Googling/Youtubing it and can’t find it!

    1. famgirl

      Etc is Tim and Jon’s high-school band. One of the songs on the album Tim sings lead vocals. Its not anywhere on youtube I don’t think.

  75. Michael G.

    $25 every five minutes? Jeanna, your possibly the most expensive psychiatrist ive ever heard of haha.

  76. lee

    Can I make a suggestion? Why don’t we, as fans/members of LOBH pool together other questions and when one of us goes to an M&G, we ask one of the questions? We can keep this going!!!

    1. Alex

      that sounds sweet!

    2. Kaye

      Good idea! We could even take a short video of it.

      1. lee

        Okay, so who’s going to see them first? :)

  77. Patricia Harn

    hey Tim, have you read any of Robin Williams books on graphic design? not the actor, but the graphic artist. her best-selling book is, “The Non-Designer’s Design Book.” there are four principles of graphic design, which you probably know, but i’ll repeat. they are: CRAP (contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity). it’s an easy read, which i’m sure is of utmost necessity…

    i found “The Waco Song” in the Media section, and all four of the guys can sing. i’m very reassured, aren’t you?

  78. Patricia Harn

    hey Jon, who’s probably still listening to Coldplay in the adjacent room, how’s it goin’? ya still got that scraggly beard and baseball cap from twitter a few days ago?

    Drew’s Awesome, and you’re OVERLY-Awesome. i guess sometimes they have to kick you out of the room ‘cuz the light from your hair is so blinding. keep lookin’ for the Blinding Light!

  79. Karen

    haha! Patricia, you’re crackin’ me up! :D

  80. Liza

    I waited til they were all posted so I could enjoy all at once and am so happy I did that. I love how in Depth this was. Questions from the people who know Switchfoot best, and done by someone who knows them even better. Makes for one of the best SF interviews. So much material to comment on, but what stands out the most for me is the feel of it. Jeanna having the familiarity she has with the guys, created a feeling of just hanging out at home chatting, so the interaction between the guys reminds me of their podcasts. That kind of feel…which is what is so endearing about them. Truly good and decent guys with great personalities. The questions were so great and it was just one long conversation, rather than an interview. I vote for more of these. Really appreciate how everyone got to answer the same question. One little thing…Chad didn’t get to answer what his most vibrant childhood memory was so could he email it to you Jeanna?:)…IF he’s up for it. And on that note, sorry to hear Jon was not feeling well, so maybe all these questions could be posed to him and he can answer if he has the time? Just wondering. Many thanks Jeanna and the guys for taking time out to do this. So fun.

  81. Tim L

    Why does Drew not have his own show!?