8 responses to ““…Just normal stuff – taking down a tree and catching gophers.””

  1. Central Asia

    thank you Lisa! Amazing photoes and interesting interviews…

  2. KirbyW

    DREW IS GOING TO MAKE AND RELEASE HIS OWN AMPS??? This freaks me out in the best way possible. I WILL own one. :)

  3. Claudia

    I loved the interviews! Sad to know that there’s no story-type music videos coming, but at the same time, im stoked for Fading West! And I agree with Drew, choosing The Original as the next hit :) and I loved what Tim said about their first tour on Europe ” and we had our gear tied to our arms and legs so no one would steal it.” Wow haha and amazing photos!

  4. TheGloriousEnd

    A new album!!!!!! And late next year too!! (or course everyone knows that’s what summer means :P Seeing the accidentally released clip from Fading West has me really pumped about it for sure =)

  5. TheSecondFoot

    I didn’t know a CD was going to be released and that it would be their next album. But I guess it makes sense by the years. They try to keep a pretty good year schedule for albums. Aside from Oh! Gravity to Hello Hurricane…that kinda had a ton touring but I’m excited for Fading West

  6. Jonfreak

    I love Jon’s face in that first photo.
    He’s like,”Dang it! I forgot the words… again.” :P

  7. lee

    NO, please, not the Original next! Put THE WAR INSIDE out!!!!

  8. Christian lee

    Just found this thank you for sharing my photos even though the link is to a mobile site im happy you all enjoyed them