14 responses to “Vice Re-Verses Info; Show news; Compilation CDs”

  1. Michele

    Oh I got all excited about the hangout festival- it looks like its in alabama not hawaii :(

  2. Michele

    They are at the HIM conference and at the new surferbar on the north shore

    1. Edge of My Seat

      totally stoked for them at hawaii convention center!

  3. Mel

    Oh my gosh. That Chimpanzee movie with Switchfoot music just made my day. The idea is so cute and hilarious hahahaha

  4. Claudia

    But, I buy my Switchfoot albums on switchfoot.com, will it be available there? (physical cd)
    cause I live in South America so… and i really want this record!

  5. Tia

    wait…I thought the show in DC was “free and open to the public”??? Why is sold-out ???? so confused!

  6. StarsRae

    Every time I see the commercial for chimpanzee I smile :D

  7. Em

    I saw the chimpanzee commercial the other day and it made me SOOO hahhy!!

  8. lee

    Will Switchfoot have the CD available through their website store, because we don’t have any record stores around here anymore!

    1. My Switchfeed

      Probably not, because it’s a “record store day exclusive”, but of course, I’m not 100% sure.

      It’ll be up on iTunes on May 1, though.

  9. My Switchfeed

    I talked to a representative from Record Store Day the other day about this matter, and this is what she had to say:

    “All the stores bring in their own stock, and they do all their ordering independently of us. It’s entirely possible to talk to a store in advance and tell them you’d be interested in a specific piece. And keep in mind, there are a lot of pieces, so any one employee, at any given time, may not know about a specific title.

    We do recommend that you talk with the store you plan on celebrating Record Store Day with about what pieces you’d like to see, and what they’re planning to bring in (if they’re planning to bring in the releases—some stores who don’t sell new releases on a regular basis, may not be planning to bring in the releases).”

    Also, keep up the AWESOME work requesting! Last week, we were ONE play out of getting into the Billboard Alternative Top 40. We were #1 on the indicator chart’s “most added” list. We’re rising on the Christian billboard charts (#33). Rising on Mediabase Alternative (#34 – 17 up from last week!).

    This single is going places.

  10. Lydia

    Its pretty cool switchfoot is in the christian rock hits of 2012! they were also in it last year!

  11. Josh

    Will this be available in Canada too?