Vice Re-Verses Album Art Revealed; “Souvenirs” on Army Wives

The album art for Vice Re-Verses was just revealed on Switchfoot’s facebook page! Check it out!:

Vice Re-Verses Album Art. Limited edition Physical CD release on April 21st, Record Store Day. Available digitally May 1st. Remixes by Adam Young (Owl City), Darren King (MUTEMATH), Photek, JT Daly (Paper Route) and more…

What do you guys think? Pretty cool huh? Don’t you just love all the vinyl on the floor?

Andy Barron also posted about the cover:


Switchfoot’s “Souvenirs” was featured on the popular TV show “Army Wives” last night! MyLifetime posted:

We’ll see if we can get video for you later!


A few fans from different fan and twitter sites from around the web have put together a promotion site for Switchfoot singles called “Switchbeats” – essentially, it’s your one stop shop for all promotion updates, news and info. Check it out over HERE and be sure to join in the promotion efforts!


TeenInk posted a fantastic – albeit late – review of Vice Verses!:

“Vice Verses” is all about polar opposites. From the album opener, “Afterlife,” to the poetic “Restless,” from the old school rock feel of “Original,” to the slightly reggae “Blinding Light,” this album is a mix of styles and lyrical messages. Whether you’re a fan of Switchfoot or are just discovering their music, this album is perfect.

When I first listened to it, I was amazed. “Vice Verses” renewed my love for this band. The varying genres, the deep messages – everything is wonderful. The strong messages of standing up for yourself, speaking for yourself, and staying true to yourself penetrate the lyrics. The guitar riffs on “Dark Horse” are nothing less than perfection. It feels as though “Vice Verses” should be the score of a film set in the Middle Ages. Switchfoot’s experiments with unique sounds show through on “Rise Above It,” and Jon Foreman’s vocals on “Selling the News” – spoken instead of sung – give a different feel to the album, similar to that of Skillet’s “Looking for Angels.”

My favorite song from the start was “The War Inside.” It is darker and stronger than the other songs. The opener, “Afterlife,” is similarly dark, reminiscent of Foo Fighters, starting the album on a rich note. Its message about coming alive introduces the theme of the album. “Every day the world is made; a chance to change … I wonder why would I wait ’til I die to come alive?”

This theme of not waiting to live continues in “Original” and “Thrive.” “Restless” has a strong sense of searching for God, “restless” until He is found.

The album is flooded with songs to put on repeat. Whether you are rediscovering your love for Switchfoot, as I am, or just finding them for the first time, “Vice Verses” is one album to add to your collection.


Lastly, as a LOT of you have noticed – and written us about – the Switchfoot official boards are down. No fear! They’re under construction and will be back soon!


20 responses to “Vice Re-Verses Album Art Revealed; “Souvenirs” on Army Wives”

  1. Jumper2295

    The album art is really cool!

  2. famgirl

    Ya! Switchbeats is up. :)

    I love the Vice Re-Verses artwork. Das is big cool

  3. kevinx55656

    oh boy,

  4. Ray

    HaHa, I think Im first! And that album art is sick! Can’t wait to hear darren king’s remix! Wonder what song?

  5. Wes

    Anyone else notice that Vice Re-verses lettering is light with a dark background while the Vice Verses album is the opposite? I thought that was a pretty genius idea. :D

    1. famgirl

      Whoa, you’re right! That’s awesome

  6. Mystic

    I’m ready for Vice re-Verses, how about ya’ll? The album cover is sweet!!!

  7. Meg

    That’s such a rad album cover. Nice job, Andy.

  8. jamesy679p


  9. Blake

    Is the physical CD avaiable everywhere like walmart target and all that or just select places?

    1. Emily

      I was wondering the same thing, since it says “limited edition” and all that.

    2. andy barron

      record store day releases are only at participating record stores. get it. it’s rad.

  10. HurricaneGirl

    I’m soo ready! :) I’m ready now, I’m not waiting for the afterlife! ;P I really like the cover too!

  11. Matthijs

    Sweet cover!

  12. miketrav87

    Lame that they’re releasing this on RECORD day and it’s a cd? Very lame.

  13. Carys

    Kudos to Alex (myswitchfeed) for coming up with! He worked really hard on it, so be sure to check it out. Also, I am hosting a twitter contest too in promotion for Afterlife, which is advertised on the site, so look forward to that.

    In other news, the album art is too awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy on Record Store Day! One question: when will it be available for record stores to order? Cos I’ll need to request is especially since my local store doesn’t sell ANY Switchjazz. :(

    1. andy barron

      it depends on your record store. if they participate in record store day, just tell them to order this with everything they get for that.

      1. Carys

        Awesome, thank you Andy! :)

  14. Raquel

    love the art! very cool :D

  15. Tia

    whatever happened to the afterlife fan remixes? Is it over now?