35 responses to “New Switchfoot Boards Launch; “I ate a donut this morning in honor of all the runners!””

  1. switch-ur-foot

    oh..i want that guitar in the last photo…um…jerome’s lookin so cute..with his head on the guitar..)

  2. Abby

    How cool!! I really liked The Hunger Games books.. I see the similarity with Dare You To Move. Great song, good for Taylor!

  3. famgirl

    We have been discussing ETL on the boards lately.
    I really like this song. The first time I heard it, the beginning was so unexpected. It freaked me out, but I love this song. Its such a great message!
    I really like the line “What is the monster we’ve become” and the line right before it, which at the moment, I can’t remember off the top of my head. but this is a really great song! :) I’m glad Jon is so open and honest about stuff like this

    1. switchfam91895

      I love ETL, I remember the first time I heard it I didn’t listen to it all the way through, cuz the first verse started with “Sex is currency” and I was like whoa O.O, I thought it was gonna be a perverted song :P . I really like this song though, I think my favorite verse is:

      “Every advertising antic our banner waves with a neon glow War and love become pedantic, we wage love with a mistletoe”

      1. famgirl

        Haha ya. I still listened to it though.
        Happy Birthday, Jeanna! Thank you for doing all of this! You’re awesome xD

  4. Alicia

    Great update! Like NeedleGirl, going to one of Jon’s aftershows is a dream of mine, my life would be made if I could go to an aftershow of his, haha (I’m only sort of kidding). Even though I don’t listen to a lot of Taylor Swift, I still think its cool that she is a Switchfoot fan, and I love the hunger games books! Also, in the picture where the guys are holding the guitar it sort of looks like Jon is thinking “Drew get your hands off of my guitar!”

    1. Abigail

      I know exactly what you mean when you say ‘I’m only sort of kidding’!!

  5. Gracie

    Easier than love is SUCH a good song, and it could be the most well written song on NIS. I just love how powerful every aspect of the song is. Personally, it amazes me that such a large majority of people don’t find it a big deal or find it wrong to sleep around with multiple people before marriage and not even be in a relationship with the other person. I find that behaivior honestly disgusting and really just animal like. Not even using emotions or reasoning, just acting out of instincts. People don’t even have any shame for what they’ve done, and I feel like this song very powerfully speaks out against what our society accepts as okay. Some of my friends at school wear skimpy clothes and are just dying for a boy to look at them, and we’re only in 7th grade! I feel sad to think that some girls only feel worth what they look like because that’s what tv shows and magazines tell them. But I don’t believe any of it because I know that all of it is wrong and is against what God has said. I also just love this song because I don’t think any other popular musician would ever dare to make the bold statement that this song does.

    1. Alicia

      Great point Grace, I couldn’t agree more!

      1. Alicia

        whoops, I meant Gracie, sorry haha.

    2. Jacob

      Its definitely a kindred spirit to Selling the News. Both songs address things that either make people uncomfortable acknowledging or just go completely ignored by the content. And both are just lyrically insane! Theyre sooooo good!

  6. Michael G.

    First off, Justin; your remix was amazing! I was smiling the whole time, such a cool perspective on the song. ETL is definitely one of the hardest rockers on NiS, I especially love how Chad ends the song with that final drum fill. The verses flow well and the chorus rocks hard, and the message is powerful. What more can you ask for in a rock song?

  7. Em

    We were just talking about ETL on the boards like yesterday!
    I think its a really good messege to get out there because its something that people do all the time but are too afraid to talk about in public. My favorite part is at the end where they repeat “everyone’s been scared to death of” 3 times
    It’s not an easy song to listen to but i love it!

  8. Logan Flaming

    Love Easier Than Love!!! Definitely one of my favorites.

  9. Tia

    So, guys this is my unfortunate, short story regarding the DC concert. Its been 3 days since but I’m still bummed because…you wanna know why? I was totally supposed to go! I made really good grades just so I’d feel even better about going! But guess what happened? My cousin was supposed to pick me up at 10 o’clock since the RFK stadium is just 30 minutes from where I live. My cousin lives in VA and woke up pretty early to get to my house. Even I woke up early. I was AMPED, I tell you. For some reason, my cousin took a different route instead of the easy 301 to get to my house and he got stuck.in.traffic.for.the.Longest.Time. Well, when he finally got to my house it was…11:20 am. I was PISSED. But I didnt say anything. I just told him to keep going and maybe we’d catch the very end of the show. Well, all of a sudden (my aunt and uncle were in the car too),the GPS lied, someone had to use the bathroom, someone had to get gas, someone had to eat something, someone had to blow his/her nose. By the time we reached DC, we couldnt even drive to the RFK because theyd closed off all the entrances/exists. It was 12:16 and then someone suggested we walk 2 miles in 14 minutes to catch the guys (cuz i think they were supposed to end at 12:30). I was just like forget about it. There was no way my cousin, me, and two old people could conquer two miles in 17 minutes. So we turned around and I pretended everything was fine, like I didn’t care. That would’ve been my first switchfoot concert and I am SO upset even as I type this! I’m so jealous of everyone who got to go! :’( As we drove back, Switchfoot’s “You’re Love is a Song” popped up on the radio and that nearly kiled me. When we got home, I BAWLED my eyes out for at least 7 hours and ate a giant bucket of ice cream my mom bought for me. She felt so bad too because she knew how much I’d wanted this :’( I cant belive i missed it :’( I wanted to go like crazy and it seems like it was such an awesome time for those who got to go. I think I’m going to be depressed for the rest of my life D’:

    1. Kiwi

      :( That’s so gutting. I kinda know how you feel – I had tickets to one of the shows they had to cancel. Although that’s quite different really, and I can totally accept that. They just did what had to be done, and I respect them all the more for it. Missing a show that went ahead is really disappointing though. Hope you get another chance soon.

      1. Tia

        Thanks ;/ Same to you:)

        1. SL

          Haha don’t worry, at my first and only concert I was right in front of the stage and literally five minutes before they came on my mother decided she wanted to go home :’(

    2. Liza

      So very sorry to hear that Tia…I hope you get to see them soon! They will be touring a lot this summer and hopefully you will get to go to a nearby show. Keep your eyes on new shows being added and Pray :)

  10. Jacob

    A few things:
    -I would DIE to have my guitar signed by the guys… that would just complete the vision I had for it in my head so perfectly
    -Arcade Fire on the Hunger games Soundtrack!?! Yes please!!
    -Easier Than Love is one of the catchiest songs on Nothing is Sound, with one of my favorite choruses! The whole song is just so electric and energetic while also being completely raw and unapologetic in its message. Jon is absolutely right when he says Love is difficult, one of the hardest things we can do

  11. Roelfke

    I still can’t get on to the boards… anybody else have the same problem?

  12. SARAH

    Easier than love has a great message, and I love the blunt confrontation it displays, but I gotta say it, it’s my least favourite track on Nothing is Sound. That does not mean I don’t love it. I do. I just love the other ones more.

    Oh, and christianmusiczine.com is having a tournament, and right now Switchfoot is up against Stellar Kart (who posted everywhere asking fans to vote for them), and SK is winning right now, so if anyone wants to vote for them, and keep them in the tourney, here’s the link: http://christianmusiczine.com/switchfoot-vs-stellar-kart/

  13. Sarah

    Easier Than Love might be my favorite song on NIS, but then again, every song on that album is my favorite(: I remember listening to it when I was little and wondering, “What the heck is this song about??” But as I’ve grown older I have seen how true it really is. My favorite line is, “Where is my soul, numb” because honestly, we have become desensitised towards the wrongness of the sex and lust of our society, and we don’t turn away from it like we should.

  14. Molly

    Heey! Happy birthday, Jeanna!!

    . . It is your birthday, right?

  15. Mike

    The band needtobreathe also has a song titled Keep Your Eyes Open that has a similar sound rhythmically. Not nearly as dynamic though.

    Won’t say anything regarding ETL as its pretty much all been covered.
    Just that the lyrics are great, and the guitars sound like giant raging beasts.

  16. KLS

    When I hear “Easier Than Love,” I think of these words from “Resurrect Me:”

    I tried to drown the pain with a friend of mine/It didn’t seem to help/She’s got a pretty face with her wedding lace/But I’m still waking up with myself

    Even in the context of marriage, physical love is only a part of the expression of love. Because sex has become a currency, the physical side of love is exalted above all other forms of love. I’ve been married a long time, and it’s not that part of the marriage that sustains real love.

    “Easier Than Love,” carried the sentiment of not wanting to die alone, but the irony of making sex the be all and end all, is that we still wake up with ourselves.


  17. pam b

    Well, duh, do you think the Taylor Swift song sounds like DYTM? Even the way she does the “eye-eyes” sounds like Jon. But, I don’t mind. I think it’s cool. SF is THE band to draw inspiration from. (I’m not sure her voice is strong enough to pull it off tho.)

    “Easier Than Love” is a great song. “Sex is industry, she sells cars, she sells magazines” is so true. I sing it a lot while watching TV because sexy sells and casts spells. It’s ridiculous.

    To the person who said it reminds them of “Resurrect Me”, I was thinking “Lord, Save Me from Myself” where Jon sings “Sex is a grand production, but I’m bored with that as well” is spot on. I wish I saw more creativity coming from intellect and imagination instead of the oldest ploy in the book.

  18. pam b

    BTW- You’re welcome, Jeanna! I think the pic of the guys with the guitar is priceless. Esp the look on Jon’s face. Vogue.

  19. My Switchfeed

    happy birthday, jeanna!

  20. Jacob

    Happy Birthday Jeanna! It would be acceptable at this time to listen to ’24′ I believe!

  21. Gracie

    Happy birthday, jeanna! Thanks for all that you do! :D

  22. TheSecondFoot

    Definitely a song I wish was more popular. Culture might take a look at this and change it’s ways. Also a song I want to here Switchfoot do more around this topic. So many people misjudge it and go the wrong way. In church they hear it’s good and that you should enjoy it. But selective hearing was applied and they missed the part in marriage. And then culture says that it’s ok to do what you want when you want. And those that have huge outcomes will get on tv…which doesn’t help. But this song means so much to me. I like to intimidate people with it hehe. I love the chorus of this song. It’s fun to sing out loud…people look at you weird (I’ve only done it a couple times). My favorite lines are “Since when did love become a kissing show?” (as seen in school) and “Everyone is scared to death of dying here alone” really breaks into the chorus well.

    1. Bianchiis

      I wish that song was more popular too, it has a really good message more people should know and understand in this difficult times when all you see around in the street, TV, internet, etc, is just sex.

  23. Matthew

    Easier than Love is one of my favorite Switchfoot songs. I love when Jon says “fake and smile and burn” in the last chorus and the guitars stop and Chad has an epic little drum solo. That’s my favorite part.

  24. Alicia

    In my opinion, Easier than Love is definitely one of the best songs on Nothing Is Sound. The first time I heard it, I was surprised by the lyrics, but as I really listened to the song I realized that it actually has a great and honest message, and I’m really glad that Jon isn’t afraid to write about topics such as God, politics and sex, its refreshing to hear songs that are this open and honest.