Switchfoot Bro-Am Date Officially Announced

The Switchfoot Bro-Am facebook page just announced the date for the 2012 Switchfoot Bro-Am!

Time to mark your calendars and start purchasing airplane tickets! Who is going?

32 responses to “Switchfoot Bro-Am Date Officially Announced”

  1. Mariana

    Oh man! I wish I could go this year! last year was AMAZING

    1. Amy

      Oh my goodness. Me too! Last year was incredible, but I’m pretty sure I not going to be able to travel that far again this year. I wish I lived in California! haha

  2. Crystal

    ME!!!! I’m going!!! Sooo excited ….first timer here!!!

  3. kim

    Got Hotel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dani rod

    Arizona & Mexico will be there!!!!
    one question… how much the tix?

    1. Kim

      Tix for what? Actual bro-am is free. Soiree, Delmar Fair, Afterparty there is cost

  5. Briana

    It’s going to be my first time going as well…I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  6. NeedleGirl

    I wish…..

    1. Seth

      Me too. AND I live in SoCal and still can’t go. Next year, for sure!

  7. Alicia

    I want to go so bad! I will make it to the bro-am someday, its one of the first things on my bucket list!

  8. Lydia

    I WANNA GO SOOOO bad ive never gone before! but i live in florida unfortuantly

  9. Tia

    Oh Goddddddddd! Jesus, plz make it possible for me to go this yr! O_O

  10. jonxthxn

    Thats right, last year Del mar fair, was about 12 bucks, the after party was like 25 – 30 cant remember! jeanna are you coming this year? :3

  11. Ellie

    Dude! I’m so excited:D Live in Orange County so it’s only a 2 hour drive, should be awesome:) Never been before.

  12. Meg

    Marking my calendar! I really want to go to this.

  13. Jake

    I’m going!! 4th time!!! And I can go tI the after party now!

    1. Tia

      have you ever met the guys there? So awesome you’ve been to the Bro am!

  14. John C

    So, when I go to the Bro Am Facebook page the above status update is no longer there…

  15. Raquel

    same thing every year… I WANNA GO I WANNA GO I WANNA GO BUT I HAVE NO MONEY AND CANT SURF :( next year, hopefully :)

  16. asel

    hey jeanna, is the Unbroken mp3 already up? :)

  17. Lizz

    OMGOMGOMG SO EXCITING! Wouldn’t miss the bro am for anything (even though I live about 8 hrs away:D)!!!!

  18. famgirl

    I want to go so bad. Uhhh maybe next year or sometime after that.

  19. Hadassah

    gosh i wanna go so freaking bad!!!

  20. learninghowtodie

    awwwww Us Canadians will just have to wait till we can come down.

    :( extremely depressing!

  21. Josie

    One day I’ll go to the Bro-Am… Living in Europe is not cool when you miss out on this great event. Luckily LOBH are doing a splendid job capturing every moment for us to enjoy :)

  22. Melanie

    So stoked!!!! It’ll be my first weekend back home in Del Mar coming back from school. What a perfect way to kick off my summer :D