First Live Performance: Blinding Light

Debuted for the first time in Amsterdam – here’s the soundcheck, followed by the first ever live in concert performance!

46 responses to “First Live Performance: Blinding Light”

  1. Meg

    LOVE hearing Tim.

    1. Seth

      Here here

    2. Starrydanielle

      Me too! I’m always on the look out for vocals of Tim and the other guys! Love it :)

  2. Kaye

    I love the second voices of Drew and Tim! Hope they’ll sing solos once in awhile..

    1. Asel

      You can search their video where Timmy sings “Footlose”. I think that’s on the old SwitchfootTV. :)

      1. Tia

        Oh yeah! That was funny!

        1. Asel

          Yeah find that too funny! Drew’s always hilarious! But yeah, Tim’s voice is so Kewl too! And Romey’s too! Haha! :)

          1. Kaye

            Hahahaha I watched it again. It was in Epi49. Drew’s so hilarious!!! And yeah, Tim’s voice rocks!

            Awww,miss these podcasts..

  3. HurricaneGirl

    I was there!! The echo was epic and I love hearing Tim as well!! The soundcheck was so special.

  4. Casey

    Am i the only that thinks the chorus sounds like the old intro they did for On Fire?

    1. Mickykeats

      It’s almost the same chord progression.

      1. Casey

        it actually is the same chord progression. C-G-Am-F. I think i should make a remix of the 2 :P

        1. A Commentator

          I-V-vi-IV is a super-common chord progression. I’ll bet you can find other SF songs that use it as well.

          1. Casey

            of course i know there definitely is some

  5. Sara

    Actually first live performance of Blinding Light was at ACU in Abilene, TX :) . I recorded it!

    1. HurricaneGirl

      Seriously? Ah man, I thought I was at the first live performance! LOL
      Jon did say it… But I think he said “It’s the first time we’re playing it live on this tour”… Anyway. I’m happy for you that you were there!

      1. Sara

        Haha! Thanks! Well, at least we got to see it live, which was a truly phenomenal expirence!

        1. HurricaneGirl

          That’s right! It really was…

  6. Josh


  7. Matthijs

    SUCH an unforgettable night! Tho they didn’t gave us ‘Afterlife’, Jon did an Aftershow!
    So kind!

  8. Melissa

    Wow, I was there in Amsterdam. It was beyond amazing.

  9. Tia

    WHY did you finally decide to zoom in near the end of the songggg:’( Oh well, still good to hear my fav. song liiiiive!!

  10. Cody

    at first i was like who is drumming, then i realized the post from a few days ago about the h*ir cut chad got

  11. famgirl

    Does anybody else have mixed emotions about Chad’s new h*ircut?! I like it, but I also really liked his hair long. Golly geepers. :)

    1. SARAH

      I’m loving Chad’s new do. Its good and fresh and I wish more of them would follow the example set by him and Jerome!

      1. famgirl

        Not Tim!! He has the best hair ever! And I don’t think Jon should cut his either. I’m not sure about Drew, but Tim defiantly shouldn’t!

        1. SARAH

          I guess I’m just not a fan of the long hair. Tim’s isn’t so horrible, and Jon’s is okay a bit longish (its too long right now IMO), but Drew needs a spikyish cut I think.

    2. joe

      pffft, hair shmair..

      1. famgirl

        ahah, like Publishing Smublishing :D

    3. little drummer girl

      I think I like his long hair better ;)

  12. famgirl

    I guess not :P Tim’s is fantastic! Jon could use a trim, and Drew should never go back to the mullet look

    1. SARAH

      Well, I do believe I can agree with you. :)

      1. famgirl

        I’m sorry. I decided I don’t like it. :)

  13. Tia

    Woah,famgirls lets stop talking about the u-know-what!

    1. famgirl

      I know. My bad :P

  14. Hannah

    Love it live.

  15. HurricaneGirl

    Can someone tell me where I can find the update’s picture wich is shown on the homepage?

  16. Ednardo Sabino

    Oh my dear Jesus this is my prefered song of the vice verses, so much amazing,
    i’ll love this band forever and ever cuz i know that there’s a meaning to it all!

    I still waiting the band here in Belo Horizonte Brazil love u so much!