267 responses to “Welcome To The Planet Vice Verses!”

  1. Tanner

    I was one of the Vice Verses twitter contest winners, I still have not recieved my copy of Vice verses, is something wrong? Should I just buy it now?

    1. Sam

      Yikes, I would start emailing them about that! I was one of the twitter winners too, and I’ve had it since Thursday…

      1. Tanner

        I have emailed them, several times. still nothing. It’s kinda making me mad, I didn’t preorder it because i was told i would get it a week early, now its out and i still don’t have it,

    2. Matt

      I live in the UK and only got my copy yesterday, it will turn up soon :)

    3. Rayz

      Hey there! I also won the Twitter contest. I got mine today. Although I paid for the customs, etc… It’s all worth it. Just wait for it. Switchfoot will never ever fail you, okay? Always remember these: HOPE and MUSIC :)

      I’ve got my ViceVerses. :)

  2. mattbrw08

    1. Souvenirs
    2. War Inside
    3. Restless
    4. Where I Belong
    5. Rise Above It
    6. Selling The News
    7. Blinding Light
    8. Thrive
    9. Dark Horses
    10. Vice Verses
    11. Afterlife
    12. The Original

  3. Samuel

    I’m amazed at how Switchfoot doesn’t simply make an album full of amazing music, but how all the songs fit together and complete each other. This wouldn’t be such a great release if even one of those songs weren’t there. After listening to it for the first time from beggining to end with no interruptions in my dark, closed, silent bedroom, all I have to say is: well done guys. Well done.

    Also, those lyrics on Selling The News, Souvenirs and Where I Belong. Wow.

    1. Liza

      I totally agree. Yet another complete album that I can listen to all the way through on repeat. That’s unheard of with other bands I’ve loved in the past.

  4. i am who i am

    First, I’ve got to say this. Its super corny, but yes! i’ve got my Vice Verses! Its really been over two years witing for this… when the guys first announced it back in spring ’09. My, how time flies…

    I listened to it once all the way through on the ESPN stream (obviously lacking “Where I Belong”), but listening it on my iPod, at 1:00 in the morning, looking out the window up at the stars… wow. Its truly an incredible record. It makes it feel much more complete with the closer (which lyrically, is their best closer; hands down), and I really love the way it ends. Its also just so captivating all the way through, I find there is no boring moments. They did really well with the track sequencing (Dark Horses is the only one that feels a little awkward), which I think is a huge part of a record. I think this one will keep their popularity intact with their current fanbase, and I believe it has the ability to captivate others into fam-hood. All in all, its some of Switchfoot’s best work, and could go on to become my favorite record of theirs. But really, I’m with you Jeanna; I can’t really say what I want to say about “Vice Verses”. I’m just so happy for the record, for the guys, and I’m very proud of them.

  5. Myriad

    i totally forgot it was the release day!!! :( … weeee! :P . it doesn’t matter anyway… i’m in the philippines :( . when do u think it will get here?

    1. Seth

      I say get it on iTunes. That’d be the quickest way I think.

    2. Rayz

      I’m from the Philippines too!

      According to a friend, it would probably be released 3 months after. :( Too bad. Although, I’ve got mine already. I won the VV twitter contest. I received the CD and speakers today :)

      1. yuenz

        are u gonna host a listening party?? :)

  6. Matthew

    I hope this album go’s platinum! It’s better than Beautiful Letdown and that was double platinum.

    1. Ian H.

      The Beautiful Letdown also had two hit singles…

    2. KirbyW

      Also, in this day and age with piracy and Spotify, it’s unlikely that it will go platinum. But here’s to hoping! It definitely deserves it.

  7. Jayson

    WOW i love vice verses i got it on my ipod AND on my ps3. i love every song,every lyric,every moment of this album. I think the thing i love most about Vice Verses is it picks up right where hello hurricane left off. We are the dark horses

    1. Liza

      So true Jayson!

  8. Jack

    I purchased on ITunes this morning as I was getting ready for work. Listened to it most of it during my commute. I’m impressed. And “Souvenirs” is such a powerful song. From the first notes it really knocked the breath out of me. Tears were streaming down my face as this song painted the pictures of important people from my life’s past. I really, really like this album. For me …it will likely be up there with TBL. Powerful, powerful stuff.! Thanks Jon and Switchfoot. The wait was worth it.

    1. TheSecondFoot

      That song truley does hit the spot. It would make me cry if I really allow it. The first time I heard it was yesterday in my living room and i was working on homework so I didn’t quite feel it. The other times has been with a lot of people around. I can’t wait to show my gf this later on.

  9. Deborah

    I feel robbed, no Vice Verses in the mail today.

  10. famgirl

    Souvenirs is definitely my favorite song (no,I don’t have the cd….I broke down and listened to it on ESPN….) It just feels like its special to Jon, and that comes out in his voice

    1. little drummer girl

      Yes totally! You can really hear the emotion in his voice when he’s singing that song! Actually all of them!

      1. famgirl

        oh my gosh, yes! It’s just a beautiful song! <3

    2. Liza

      Love Souvenirs! That’s the thing about Jon…he wears his emotions on his sleeve for all to see and I think that authenticity is what pulls everyone in. I hear that same emotion in so many of these songs…for sure in Vice Verses.

      1. little drummer girl

        Totally! That’s what makes him such a gifted songwriter!

  11. Briana

    Wow! I downloaded my copy off of iTunes last night and have been listening to the album nonstop since! Souvenirs blows my bind. It is so brutally honest and sincere….completely heart-wrenching and amazing. Where I Belong is INSANE. The introduction alone builds this song up to a level of epic proportions. Amazing. Best Switchfoot album ever made…best album made period. Bravo!

  12. Alan

    Why isn’t it available at Target? They are always available at Target.

  13. Noah

    I am curious, what edition of Vice Verses came with the bonus commentary on Spotify? (http://open.spotify.com/track/2wFDvYkNqWG12MzgRRQ4im) Is this just the audio off of the Super Deluxe DVD?

    1. Sam

      I think it’s actually just a Spotifty thing…I know that a few other bands have done song-by-song commentaries on their albums for Spotify, so that’s what I’m guessing this is.

      1. Noah

        That would make since.

    2. drummerboy617

      the super deluxe edition dvd was the story clips they’ve been posting, but the longer versions

  14. Mickykeats

    I can see why drew fought for ‘souvenirs’! N ‘where I belong’!!!! It’s not long enough :P

    1. Souvenirs
    2. Afterlife
    3. Where I Belong
    4. Blinding Light
    5. Restless
    6.  Rise Above It
    7. Selling The News
    8. The Original
    9. Thrive
    10. War Inside
    11.  Dark Horses
    12. Vice Verses  

  15. Amanda

    I got vice verses last Sunday at the Padres game. I finally got to meet the guys that day! I listened to vice verses the whole way home. I love the entire album, its absolutely amazing! I really like the lyrics in Blinding Light, Selling The News, and Where I Belong. Thanks Switchfoot for such an awesome album!

  16. Ian H.

    I love VICEVERSES!!! Ill be back to comment later, but is anyones cd album cover different in the super deluxe like mine is? It doesnt have the vice verses lettering…just wonderin if it was just mine

    1. $w!t(hfr3@K

      what does it look like?

  17. Jim

    Vice Verses deluxe is #1 on the Alternative charts on iTunes! And Vice Verses standard is #2 on those same charts!

    I haven’t heard this album yet, but I’m definitely buying it any time soon. Can’t wait. It’s gotten tons of great reviews.

  18. David

    just got the album! it’s amazing beyond belief. it’s everything they said it would be and more! Where i Belong is a huge song! i cant turn it off. the music compliments the lyrics and vice versa. extremely well done album. their beest so far.

    i live in Chicago. but the NIU show that i called off for got cancelled. :( i hope they tour this album again! or at least come back to Chicago!

    1. Daniel

      There’s a show in Bourbonnais, IL at the ONU campus on October 1st! It’s only an hour away from chicago!

      1. David

        im trying to get to that one! ahhh!! i wanna see it!

  19. Ian H.

    1. Selling The News
    2. Souvenirs
    3. Where I Belong
    4. The War Inside
    5. Thrive
    6. The Original
    7. Restless
    8. Dark Horses
    9. Afterlife
    10. Vice Verses
    11. Rise

  20. Ian H.

    1. Selling The News
    2. Souvenirs
    3. Where I Belong
    4. The War Inside
    5. Thrive
    6. The Original
    7. Restless
    8. Dark Horses
    9. Afterlife
    10. Vice Verses
    11. Rise Above It
    12. Blinding Light

  21. Alicia

    Alright, I am so excited for this record. And I’m really happy for the guys!
    1. Where I Belong
    2. Souvenirs
    3. Blinding Light
    4. Rise Above It
    5. Vice Verses
    6. Restless
    7. Afterlife
    8. Thrive
    9. Dark Horses
    10. Selling The News
    11. War Inside
    12. The Original

    Where I Belong is definitely my favorite so far but that could change over time, but so far I have listened to Where I Belong probably over 30 times (haha!) And I had no idea I would love Souvenirs as much as I do…Wow. This is such an amazing record, and to think I was worried about it at first.

  22. david

    It’s number 7 now on best selling albums on Itunes

  23. southerntomahawk

    why do people keep posting the lyrics? haha

    1. southerntomahawk

      ooh, sorry, i mean why is everyone posting the tracklist? haha

      1. Elijah

        They are ranking the songs. Although they could do it in a more “scroll-friendly” manner :)

    2. Matthew

      They are posting their favorite songs on the album in order.

  24. Seth

    Wow, we all knew Switchfoot was pushing the boundaries of their music, but how ’bout the vocals?! Tim did an awesome job, but we also knew that was coming. Jon is what impressed me. All his “OOOOO”s in Souvenirs and Where I belong, one laughing “Wake Up!” in Blinding Light, and of course his spoken word in “Selling the News”.

    Can’t wait to discover all the other hidden gems in this album.

    1. Casey

      I love the backing vocals on The War Inside

    2. Liza

      I agree that Jon’s vocals are so great, but I expected that have always thought Tim’s back was the extra layer that added so much to past music but wow! this album really showcases Tim. Am so happy with Vice Verses!

  25. Zach H

    i’ve only listened to the first 6 songs but holy cow are they great! i was smiling ear to ear when the original riff came on and then when jon started singing i was blown away with how great it sounded, kind of a mutemath style singing and some beatles moments in there. won’t give away everything i thought but i’m really excited to hear the rest of it later wednesday.

    1. Liza

      If you’re blown away now just wait til you get done with the whole thing :)

  26. Alexa

    I have been listening to this album on youtube and now the day is finally here that I can add it to my library!! Honestly this is seriously one of Switchfoot’s best albums. There is not one bad song on the album!!! I LOVE IT! This list was so hard to make, and I’m sure it’s gonna change.

    1. The War Inside
    2. Dark Horses
    3. Souvenirs
    4. Blinding Light
    5. Where I Belong
    6. The Original
    7. Afterlife
    8. Restless
    9. Vice Verses
    10. Selling the News
    11. Thrive
    12. Rise Above It

  27. AndrewB

    I think part of me died when I first heard Selling The News because it’s SO FREAKING GOOD. Everything about it. I’m more than impressed. I’m also really happy with how Thrive and Vice Verses came out. The echoing vocals on VV are golden. I also think Dark Horses fits really well with the rest of the record, which I think some people were worried about. The whole thing is just so good. Music, lyrics, everything. I’m excited to dig into these songs with you guys.

    On another note…I LOVE the live version of Yet on the HH Live disk.

  28. Kurt

    1. Restless
    2. The Blinding Light
    3. Where I Belong
    4. Rise Above It
    5. The War Inside
    6. Selling The News
    7. Thrive
    8. Souvenirs
    9. Dark Horses
    10.Vice Verses
    11. Afterlife
    12. The Original

    1. Kurt

      But they are all soooooooooooooooooo good!!!! It’s really like all of them are in the race for the top spots!

      1. Liza

        Kurt – I was thinking the same thing….they are all a nose length apart. But I do think that Where I Belong seems to be just so Epic that it leads the close pack.

  29. wesley

    So I held out from listening to the espn stream, the assorted previews, etc. I did know DH, restless, and had heard War Inside live. After receiving my super deluxe preorder yesterday and several spins of VV, I’m still kinda speechless of how amazing it is cover to cover. I sent sf a tweet that its as if this was written for me. I feel my dreams/desires now have a rocking soundtrack (I hadn’t even made it to the epic ‘where I belong’ at the point of sending it).

    It’s just so amazing. I’m so proud of them for all that they’ve done over the years but I already know VV has a special place in my soul for sure.

    1. famgirl

      Wow, that’s how I felt when listening to it, like it was written for me (Except I did listen to it on ESPN, because I don’t know that I can get it anytime soon, which is very sad)

  30. Natalie

    My favorite songs on the Album are Dark Horses, The War Inside, & Thrive.

  31. Noah

    I just noticed that the sticker on the front says “Featuring ‘Dark Horses’ ‘The Original’ & ‘Restless’” I am going to guess that means that The Original will be next single off Vice Verses. I would have chosen The War Inside personally.

    1. O

      Not a chance. There are much better choices available to them.

      1. Noah

        I agree, there are better choices than The Original, but as I recall from Hello Hurricane the sticker on it listed Mess of Me, The Sound and Always and The Sound was later announced as the second single off Hello Hurricane.

        1. i am who i am

          The Sound was actually released as the second single before Hello Hurricane was even released, so that would be why it said that. It could mean that The Original will be the next single, but honestly, it wouldn’t be a very good choice. I would say that Souvenirs, The War Inside, Afterlife and Blinding Light would all be ahead of it in single choices. But you never know, i’ve not always agreed with Switchfoot’s single decisions…

          1. Noah

            Hey you are right, I forgot that The Sound came out before HH. I am just really surprised at The Original being listed with Dark Horses and Restless. I would like to know the marketing reason for that. The Original is probably my least favorite song on VV, so I hope there is a better reason for listing than being the next single.

          2. drummerboy617

            yeah i think War Inside is the best to be a single. anything but the original it’s not even in the same league as Dark Horses Restless and War Inside

          3. Liza

            I really wish they would use Souvenirs to showcase and maybe Afterlife or War Inside. Why not Where I Belong? Too long? Cuz that song would reeeeally get everyone’s attention.

  32. josh h

    This is a GREAT album. I listened to it all the way through late last night. I can’t say where it ranks for me amongst all of their albums. My early thoughts are it may end up right behind NIS and slightly ahead of HH. BTW…as this is my first post, I want to thank Jeanna and all for such a tremendous fan site.
    1. Where I Belong
    2. Souvenirs
    3. Afterlife

  33. Alicia

    Tim’s backing vocals on this record are blowing my mind. ahhh! I’m grinning from ear to ear. They really out did themselves this time!

    1. Jacob

      I know! from front to back it seems like every song has an AMAZING secondary vocal part!

    2. Liza

      I’m with you!!!

  34. Casey

    1. Rise Above It
    2. The War Inside
    3. Blinding Light
    4. Where I Belong
    5. Selling The News
    6. The Original
    7. Restless
    8. Thrive
    9. Afterlife
    10. Dark Horses
    11. Souvenirs
    12. Vice Verses

  35. Jeremy Biederman

    does anyone know if there is there any way we can download spotify into itunes?

    1. drummerboy617

      you can probably do it with real player or the online convert add on for firefox

  36. Shannon

    So I ordered the deluxe edition and I still havent received it. I hope it arrived at my house today or I will be sad, lol.

  37. i am who i am

    Since everyone else is doing the favorite songs order, I suppose i’ll do it too…

    1. Thrive
    2. Vice Verses
    3. Where I Belong
    4. Blinding Light
    5. Afterlife
    6. The War Inside
    7. Souvenirs
    8. Selling The News
    9. Dark Horses
    10. Restless
    11. Rise Above It
    12. The Original

    That is really hard to do… I mean, Selling The News is 8th? And i absolutely LOVE that song. Thats how much I love this album. I feel like the first 8 are all pretty close, though Thrive is definitely my favorite, it totally feels like it was written for me. The whole record does, really… the list will definitely switch around a bit. I have a feeling that the more i listen to “Where I Belong”, the more i’ll love it. It was a little different than what I expected, but its still a stellar song. I really am blown away by this record. Its just amazing.

    And can I say that I’m loving Hello Hurricane Live? Its even better than I anticipated. I think I like it better than the studio Hello Hurricane record. “Yet” is probably my favorite on that one, loving the harmonica. Its truly an awesome day to be a Switchfoot fan!

    1. Noah

      Hello Hurricane Live? Totally agree. I am surprised no one is really talking about it. I guess they will once VV gets few spins. I defiantly prefer it over the studio. The studio version just always felt over polished to me. The live version just adds something that was missing for me.

      1. i am who i am

        I love the studio version of that record, but I find the real energy of it is captured live. What it’s really about. And you feel like you’re there too, it’s great. So glad they released it.

    2. Scott

      I agree, the HH Live is blowing my socks off… I like it more than the studio version, too

    3. Matthew

      I like Jon’s falsetto at the end of Red Eyes and the guitar solo in Always. Yet is pretty great too.

    4. Seth

      Guilty me, I haven’t even listened to HH Live yet. *grins sheepishly

      1. TheSecondFoot

        I haven’t either Seth lol. I’ve listened to VV about 5-7 times by now.

  38. Meg

    Vice Verses left me speechless. I have so much to say about it, but for now, the songs that really stood out to me were Thrive, Souvenirs, and Where I Belong. The whole thing, musically and lyrically, is brilliant.

  39. Matt Quick

    i don’t know what to say… i’ve been a huge fan for a very long time…. but i don’t know what to say…. i’m just not feeling this album… i’m going to keep listening to it.. but first impressions aren’t there for me… i loved Hello Hurricane, but seems to be everywhere to me…

  40. southerntomahawk

    did anyone else that got the “regular” deluxe version also get the “Oh EP” with their order too. I didn’t even pay for it, but i got it. What a nice surprise. haha

    1. Noah

      Nope, but they did throw one in when I ordered a t-shirt month or so ago.

      1. southerntomahawk

        i love how they do that. This is why I love them haha.

    2. drummerboy617

      yeah i think they just randomly throw it in. I got it with a hoodie and HH and a t shirt. anybody need the Oh! EP

    3. $w!t(hfr3@K

      I think they have a bunch left over from when O!G came out. I got one in the mail when I bought HH Collector’s Edition and I was pretty happy because it’s a very nice hidden gem. Not amazing exactly, but I really enjoy “C’mon, C’mon”. :)

      1. drummerboy617

        c’mon c’mon has to be one of the most underrated sf songs out there up there with red eyes, incomplete, and circles

      2. $w!t(hfr3@K

        definitely…There are sooo many songs that I wish SF would bring back…C’mon, C’mon, Circles, Easier Than Love, Politicians, More Than Fine, Adding to the Noise…
        One of the reasons it’s underrated though is because it wasn’t released on iTunes or any other sites. One can only get it if one buys it off Switchfooot.com, or if one buys another piece of SF merch. So that’s why it’s underrated, but I would really like to hear it live…
        In a way, it’s almost similar to Red Eyes. same vibe.

    4. Liza

      I seem to get one everytime I order something so I have about 5 of those :)

  41. Kayla

    I am so in love with this album. Souvenirs makes me want to cry. I think when I die I want it played at my funeral. Haha.
    I ended up liking Thrive a lot more than I thought I was going to. The studio recording gave that song a whole new life. Also another song that surprised me was Blinding Light. I love it.

  42. southerntomahawk

    also, when are we going to get the dark horses demo that was included with our preorder?

    1. Joel22

      That is supposed to be on the release date, so today.

    2. Josh

      Go to Switchfoot.com, then your account, then to Downloads and its there waiting for you! I got it right at midnight and its very good!

      1. southerntomahawk

        thank you!

    3. Evan

      If you log into the account that your preordered with on the Switchfoot Store there should be a section called downloads with a download link. :)

      1. Evan

        Didn’t notice someone already answered. :P

  43. Smiley

    This album amazes me SO much – I’m still speechless!

    I listened to this at my concert buddy #1′s place in the free period at school – and none of us could stop grinning like CRAZY for the rest of the day. As we were listening we’d switch between rocking out, jumping up and down like freaks and crying on each other’s shoulders (of course we cried! :P ). It was an experience of a lifetime.

    Switchfoot, you never, NEVER cease to surprise me. You’ve outdone yourselves AGAIN. There’s a reason you’re my absolute favourite band of all times! THANK YOU so much for sharing Vice Verses with us. I’ll be grateful forever!

    Oh and “Where I Belong”… fave album closer EVER, maybe? And that actually says quite a lot. ;)

  44. Josie

    I could never list my favourites. Every single track is still mind-blowing. Every time I listen to the record, with every song I think “this is my favourite”. When HH was released I thought that they had reached their peak, but they certainly proved me wrong! What I like is that even though the new sound is prominent the songs still have Switchfoot written all over them. This band is one of very few that manages to develope while still being consistent in who they are.

    I would love to hear the commentary tracks, but it doesn’t work in Sweden :/

  45. Jacob

    ok im gonna TRY to list my favorites since i got the album yesterday and ive had time to run through it several times:

    1.Where I Belong
    2+3. Selling the News/Blinding Light
    4. Souvenirs
    5. Vice Verses
    6+7+8 Thrive/Restless/Afterlife
    9. The Original
    10. The War Inside
    11. Dark Horses
    12. Rise Above It

    Its really hard! Cuz i like Rise Above It and i like Dark Horses and stuff i just like other stuff BETTER! The War Inside would be significantly improved i think if it had the drum bashing at the end… that part freaking ROCKS… i can understand if they saved it for live though

    1. the aforementioned Alex

      I’m right there with you, Jacob! Or at least… this is the closest I’ve seen to how the record hits me, as well. I can hardly get over how much I enjoy “Blinding Light” and how brilliantly it echoes “The War Inside” (which I’d probably move above “The Original” on my list to make 6789 a four-way tie, yeah haha). “Where I Belong” tears at the soul… and yet I’d swap it with “Souvenirs” (3. and 1. for me, respectively).

      “Life was just happening/Nothing lasts…”

      Furthermore, I’d like to acknowledge how the end of “Souvenirs” sounds a bit Anberlin-y (the ‘whoa-ohs’), how the very end of “Selling The News” sounds MuteMath-y, and how much I just love the multiple tempo implications throughout the introduction and start of “Where I Belong” – it tackles that polarity beautifully.

      1. Jacob

        Update: Knowing full well that Where I Belong is pretty much just a 2 chord song, i have learned to play these 2 chords quite masterfully… only wrinkle is this supposed “relative minor” part on th IV chord but the iv doesnt sound right to me… still working that out

        1. the aforementioned Alex

          Hey Jacob,
          So as a fellow guitarist/music person, I’m a bit confused by your confusion!

          If this thing is happening in the key of A, the only minor parts I’m picking up on are the F#minor to E to D thing near the end of the second chorus and in the bridge & stuff. I know the song starts in D (with that rising bass line), but it doesn’t take place in that key. Hope this is helpful! :-)

          take good care,

          P.S. Do you post your work on the Tube o’ You? If nay that’s cool, but if yea it’d be sweet to exchange ideas. I can be found with the last name “Zarecki.”

  46. Josh

    Its so hard to put one song ahead of the other for me, I love the entire album! …but for now: 1. The War Inside
    2. The Original
    3. Where I Belong
    4. Afterlife
    5. Selling The News
    6. Rise Above It
    7. Blinding Light
    8. Souvenirs
    9 Restless
    10. Dark Horses
    11. Thrive
    12. Vice Verses… again I like every song very much!

  47. Esther

    I feel like I can relate with each of the songs in some way. Each song is a true masterpiece…
    What I really love about this album, though, is that you can tell the guys were FINALLY able to make the music they want to make–completely. They didn’t just have to focus on “rock ‘n’ roll”. They got to experiment in hip-hop, motown, and a little reggae. That is so exciting.
    I’d have to say my favorite song is “War Inside”, hands down. The beat is pulsing, and the melody line is solid. The lyrics are definitely “typical Jonisms”, but there is something different. More potent. More raw.

    This record is the beginning of something…

  48. Daniel

    QUESTION! I ordered mine on the 19th(Deluxe) and it still hasn’t gotten here….why? I live in Minnesota btw…

    1. Chadd

      I’ve been wondering the same thing, I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe and it’s still in Bandfarm’s “Packing” stage. :(

      1. Chadd

        Btw, I live in Wisconsin so maybe they’re slow on orders to the Midwest? I dunno lol just a thought

        1. aurban

          i ordered mine the 19th too.
          sooo bummed i haven’t gotten it… and i live in LA.

          still holding on till i get the copy in my hands. i just like reading the comments and seeing the reactions.
          can’t wait to hear it!!

  49. pam b

    I could just say “Wow!” and leave it at that. But this album is everything I’d hoped it would be and much more. It feels like all the years of listening to SF comes full circle on this record. “Where I Belong” could easily address “The Beautiful Letdown” (“I don’t belong here” lyrics.) And I love the way the bridge in that song becomes the bridge in “Afterlife” kinda like the way HH ended with “Red Eyes” and blended back into “Needle and Haystack.”

    The more I listen to it, the more I hear echoes of songs from the past reaching into the future with more fervency and urgency than before. This makes me wanna sing louder, live louder, love louder.

    It’s like Jon and the band are creating a tapestry of sorts with their music where each thread has its own unique color yet blends perfectly with all the other hues and tones that bleed into this one beautiful creation that we all get to see take shape and form inside our heads while listening with our ears.

    This was worth the wait!

    1. NeedleGirl

      I really like what you said, Pam, about hearing echoes of songs from the past reaching into the future. That’s really insightful and so very true… in fact, Jon’s recent essay about Vice Verses was much the same way – after all, he directly and indirectly referenced song lyrics from a lot of their new and old albums.

  50. Andrew

    I pre-ordered the super deluxe and I don’t get the double Switchfoot reference. Can someone explain it?

    1. Seth

      I was hoping someone would explain it even though I didn’t get the Super Deluxe.

      1. $w!t(hfr3@K

        same here

    2. KirbyW

      I got the Super Deluxe too, and I don’t get it either. lol

  51. Lukezilla

    Man, I love this album.

    Could somebody ‘reply’ to this with some reviews from the non-christian music world?
    I mean of course this is a big release in the Christian music world and it seems to be really well received so far; what I’m more interested in is if this album means anything to music lovers in general.

  52. Zahko

    I found my package awaiting me on the front porch after arriving home from yesterday’s concert. I bought the record four days ago at Awakening Festival and I was completely blown away. This is probably my favorite album yet and I’m loving every song!

  53. Ian W.

    So I’m still waiting for my back ordered(so to speak) super deluxe. But i did pick up a standard from Target and my car is all the better for it.

  54. PAblo

    I guess since Everyone is doing this ranking thing I should too

    1.the original
    1.the war inside
    1.the blinding light
    1.selling the news
    1.dark horses
    1.rise above it
    1.vice verses
    1. Where I belong

    1. Smiley

      I’ll just second this, if it all right. :)

    2. weird crazy person

      Completely agree :)

    3. Jason

      I was looking at all the rankings and thinking “I disagree with that…” and then I kept thinking “How are they even ranking the songs at all? They’re all SOOOO good!” So I come to your’s and I see that they’re in order without realizing what the numbers were: “I disagree with that too.
      …………WAIT! NOPE, THAT’S ABOUT RIGHT!” I couldn’t rank them if I tried unless I exactly copied and pasted this ranking system.

  55. ParalyzingSilence

    I got my super deluxe edition in yesterday. Listened to Vice Verses for the first time in the car while driving to see Switchfoot in Philly. It was an EPIC day… and Jon played an after show which made the day so much better. Thank you cops for cutting the show short though!

    Any one else go to vote for their top 3 songs and just felt like choosing them all. Seriously, this record doesn’t have a weak track on it!

    1. little drummer girl

      Lol Yes!! I just sat there for a while wondering how on earth I was going to choose! I finally just kinda picked some different random ones cause they’re all my favorite!

      1. famgirl

        The only one I could choose was Souvenirs, but after that, I couldn’t choose! And why are you glad the cops cut the aftershow short? I’d want that to keep going (along with the Switchfoot show :P )

        1. ParalyzingSilence

          Ya I ended up picking War Inside, Souvenirs, and Thrive because they were the ones that gave me goosebumps when I first listened to them!

          I was being sarcastic when I thanked the cops for cutting the after show short haha. Jon only got to play 3 songs, of course I would’ve liked more! I guess I should just be thankful I got to experience a Jon after show, though.

          1. Seth

            Haha! Jon’s aftershows sound like when I airsoft (war simulation game with guns that shoot plastic BBs). The last two times I played someone called the cops on us!

          2. famgirl

            I was gonna say… we didn’t get an aftershow :( Jon didn’t even do autographs

  56. little drummer girl

    WOW! I would say this is their best CD yet! Man I am blown away by it. I love every single song so I really don’t think I could put them in order of which I like the best! They’re all so good! And I am so glad I got the Super Deluxe, definitely worth it!! I was just speechless as I listened to the CD! Well done Switchfoot! :D

    1. famgirl

      I know!!! I wanted to cry while listening to some of the songs (but then again, you already knew that)

      1. little drummer girl

        Haha yes friend :) Agree with you!

  57. Dylan

    Is anyone else as in love with “Selling The News” as I am? dang.

    This is definitely, in my opinion, the BEST record to date. My thoughts may change over time…but I think it beats NIS…which is hard to say. but the truth. haha

    thanks Jeanna for all you do! =)

    1. little drummer girl

      Selling the News is AMAZING! I don’t know why so many people didn’t think they would like it! I think it’s amazing! It’s one of my favorite ones!

    2. Mellie

      I need the album to “marinate” a bit. Once I give it a couple of months of listening, I may decide then if it’s better than NIS lol.

    3. NeedleGirl

      I’m having trouble deciding where I would rank Vice Verses as far as Switchfoot albums go… I have SUCH personal ties to Hello Hurricane and Nothing Is Sound… But I think that’s just it, and the more I go through with the songs on this album, the more it will become an all time favorite for me.

  58. Hannah

    Can I get a hallelujah? The day has come.

    1. TheSecondFoot

      Hallelujah! lol I had too also.

  59. $w!t(hfr3@K

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    I haven’t bought the CD yet (and I think I’ll probably get it as a Christmas present), but I wanted to listen to it on ESPN….BUT NOW THE LINK’S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    Pray for me dear LOBHers…
    Sincerely looking for where I belong,

    1. famgirl

      me too! I asked for it for my birthday, and I don’t know that I’ll get it :’( I listened to it as much as I could last night

    2. losemyself4good

      the songs are all in videos on youtube if you want to listen to it still

      1. $w!t(hfr3@K

        thanks! :D

      2. $w!t(hfr3@K

        sorry to tell you, but I don’t think they are…at least not yet.

    3. $w!t(hfr3@K

      never mind!! I found the songs…1st time listening…Afterlife and The Original sound really awesome…the only 2 I’ve heard so far!!!!!
      THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. Zahko

    I just looked at the DVD with the super deluxe – I’m thinking I might have missed something here. Is that really all there is for 60 bucks? The surfing footage was all that hadn’t been released. How is that even fair? The CD was awesome (Though I did buy two copies, but that was my own fault) and the live HH was good too, though I might not have bought it until later, but the DVD was a huge rip off in my opinion.

    There was a 40 dollar difference between the deluxe and super deluxe and the super deluxe got the box, envelopes and DVD extra. That would be a good price, 20 for the DVD, 15 for the envelopes, 5 for the box, but since everyone got to see the DVD before it released I payed 40 dollars just for the envelopes. I mean, they were awesome, but they weren’t worth 40 dollars. What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

    1. i am who i am

      Theres no main story on the DVD? Just the individual band member stories? I was under the impression there was a “Making of” feature.

      1. Zahko

        That’s exactly what I thought! I thought the sneak peaks they released were pretty big, but I thought that must just be because the whole DVD was going to be big. There’s no main story at all.

        1. $w!t(hfr3@K

          So those interview vids. and some surfing footage are the only things on the DVD?
          I considered getting super-deluxe, but now, um, that disappoints me, so…No.

        2. i am who i am

          So whats the “Vice Verses Day in the life/Story of DVD” description on their website supposed to mean then, if theres no “story of” feature? If there isn’t, then thats very poor advertising, for whoever came up with the descriptions. That makes the Super Deluxe kind of disappointing. I’m not very excited for it now… i feel a little ripped off…

  61. A Commentator

    I’m loving the album so far! Just the SOUND of it is awesome: most of the songs are very atmospheric, the guitar tones are fantastic, the use of strings and beats throughout is brilliant, there’s a ton of layering and detail in everything…all in all the album is extremely well arranged, produced, and performed. If this is what the boys have chosen to be “the Switchfoot sound”, I’m not objecting. The lyrics are also very good for the most part. “Restless”, “Thrive”, and “Vice Verses” are the masterpieces in that category. My one complaint is that there could’ve been a little more inventiveness in terms of chord progressions…a fair amount of the songs on the album are fairly cliched in that regard. Melodically, there’s some shining moments (“Thrive” in particular comes to mind), although the album for the most part is average relative to the other post-re:Think albums.

    As for the individual songs, my favorites so far are “Selling the News”, “Thrive”, and “Vice Verses”. The first boasts some sweet chord progressions, a fantastic arrangement (the strings!), and powerful vocal delivery from Jon. “Thrive” is beautiful in just about every regard: atmosphere, melody, lyrics. Heartfelt and heartbreaking. The title track was always a great song, and the new arrangement really suits it well…so fragile and naked. I liked the more percussion-heavy live versions, but I’m glad they chose the arrangement they did for the album.

    I do have one confession, though: I’m a little underwhelmed by “Where I Belong”. Maybe it’s just the classic problem of hype raising expectations too high. It’s a good song, but I feel like given the length it should be a little more dynamic. Instead, it just rides the same groove and feel for nearly all of its seven minutes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a strong track, both lyrically and musically…just not a masterpiece at first listen. We’ll see if more listens raise my view of it.

    1. i am who i am

      I would give “Where I Belong” more time, for sure. The first time I liestened to it, I liked it, but wasn’t blown away. But today, i’ve listened to it a few times over and over… and now its blowing away. I think it will grow on you!

      Also, I love your description of the record. Very well written.

      1. southerntomahawk

        blew me away from the first time i heard it

    2. Cameron

      The chord progressions were actually something that I thought was really amazing about several of these songs, but especially where I belong. Simply the fact that they can take something so simple and make it so creative and incredible. Blows the mind

    3. Jacob

      It just feels really communal! With the gang vocals at the beginning and throughout the song and especially the ending it feels like a song that youre meant to sing with the band. its gotta be AMAZING in concert

  62. Tyler

    When will we find out who the grand prize winners are?

  63. Bobby Cashman

    Anyone know why they cut Fading West???

    1. Zahko

      Man, I didn’t even think about that! I have no idea…

    2. i am who i am

      I’ve been following their question/answer thing on Hurley’s favebook page, and someone asked about all the material from the Hello Hurricane sessions that got cut (the 80+ songs they tracked) and they said it would all see the light of day enventually (AKEE!) and that they were really excited to work on the soundtrack for their next project, which is a film called “Fading West”… not sure what that all means, but obviously “Fading West” will be on that. Guess thats why they cut it!

      1. Smiley

        This exites me so much! I always wondered if we’d ever see those songs… :)

        And a film? Whoa, I wonder what that’s gonna be all about? Really cool though – I’m so curious!

  64. Daniel

    1. Thrive
    2. Where I Belong
    3. Restless
    4. Selling the News
    5. Blinding Light
    6. Souvenirs
    7. The Original
    8. Vice Verses
    9. The War Inside
    10. Afterlife
    11. Dark Horses
    12. Rise Above It

  65. Guimel

    Vice Verses marks for me a new era in my life. I got the privilege to see Switchfoot live for the first time after being a fan for 6 years, a week before the album came out. Ever since that earth-shattering, life changing experience, I have been thinking and delving into the why Switchfoot? Why do I love this band so much? Why have they affected me so much? It has been such a great journey to figure that out and I have been delighted to find that a lot of the reasons are spiritual and personal. Switchfoot has been like a companion in my life story. God is the center and I have my relationships and my issues and Switchfoot has always been that constant companion that added to and enhanced those experiences. They have also challenged me to think deeply and love deeply. They are my true heroes and that has been accentuated in the past week and through the release of this album. As I grow older and I grow into these songs I am finding the beauty of who they are and what they are about and everything gets much more complex.

    Vice Verses marks this new experience and listening to this album makes me so grateful that I am a part of Switchfoot’s story and that I can contribute to all that they are about by joining into the conversation!
    My initial favorite songs were Where I Belong and Souvenirs! I was glad that most people thought the same!

    1. TheSecondFoot

      Well…said. I can’t respond (partly cause I’ll go on and on if you read my comments sometimes.) I just can’t respond tho. To said everything there was needed to say. I am a type of person that agrees with Jon on how music should be shared. Aka with everyone and without forcing your religion into their thoughts but it can also lead to religion personally.

    2. little drummer girl

      That is exactly how I see Switchfoot! Some people ask me why I like them so much and what you said is my exact reason why!

  66. Carson

    Oh man, dare I say it, but Where I Belong may be the best song Switchfoot has written. In my eyes at least.

  67. Mellie

    I get my album this afternoon! :D But I used the ESPN site to listen so I could write my university review.

    Mine is ranked as:
    1) Souvenirs
    2) Where I Belong
    3) Restless
    4) Blinding Light
    5) Thrive
    6) Selling The News
    7) The War Inside
    8) Dark Horses
    9) Afterlife
    10) Vice Verses
    11) Rise Above It
    12) The Original

    Much preferred the slower songs. Did anyone think that the intros of ‘The War Inside’ and ‘Blinding Light’ sounded similar?

    1. $w!t(hfr3@K

      did ESPN load for you…cause it didn’t for me? :(

      1. Mellie

        Yeah it did. Sometimes I had to refresh the page twice. Where I Belong I had to listen through Youtube though lol.

  68. switchkosterice

    Wait. People seriously like Souvenirs? It’s like, the only song of complete cliche Switchfoot fluff on the album.

    1. Mellie

      I do lol! I think the line “that life was just happening” really hits me.
      But I agree, there are some cliche elements. It’s such a feel good song though that I can’t help but love it.

    2. Jacob

      I think for some people it just seems like a teen romance song, but thinking about it and hearing some bits about it from the band it seems like its really more about memories in general and thinking back on life

      1. Mellie

        It is a teen romance song! I didn’t think about that till now, but I did go and start reminiscing bout my 18 year old self being all romanced and what not lol. (I’m 20 now, so I’m no longer a teen though lol.)

      2. Zahko

        Souvenirs may be my favorite song on the record! It has nothing to do with romance. (at least how I see it) To me it’s childhood and memories and growing up and leaving things behind. I listened to the song and almost cried because it reminded me of so many things, my sister, my best friends, and most of all, the best days of my life spent at Switchfoot concerts.

        1. little drummer girl

          That’s exactly how I few Souvenirs! I don’t see it as a “teen romance” song at all! I think it’s talking about all the memories of our past and that’s all we have now, just memories. But those memories are ours. And I’m glad I have them cause no one else has my exact memories. They’re specifically mine and I think it’s a really cool concept. I didn’t find it cliche at all…

          1. little drummer girl


          2. famgirl

            Really? That is my favorite song on the album!
            little drummer girl- wow, ya. That’s how I fell. This time you took the words out of my mouth!

    3. i am who i am

      I like it a lot. It may have some cliches in it, but its a reflection for me… looking back at my life so far, the highs, the lows, the triumphs, the scars… which that is totally cliche, but sometimes that works.

  69. Cody

    I just sent something to Jeanna about this, but did you guys see this? It was on the Hurley takeover, where the guys answered questions on Hurley’s facebook page.

    Q- “Steve Fontamillas: What’re you guys going to do with that other 2 albums worth of extra material you had from the Hello Hurricane section? I heard that Vice Verses is your “exit” from that era of time?”
    A- “All the unreleased songs will see the light of day eventually… we are really excited about working on the soundtrack for our next project which will be a film called Fading West”

    1. A Commentator

      They’re doing a film? Very interesting!

  70. TheSecondFoot

    Well today is the day. I wish I could read all of your guys reactions. I so wish I could cause we can learn so much from each other. Picking my top 3 songs was hard. I mean, the album doesn’t feel complete but at the same time it does. I feel like it’s missing something but they covered everything I could think of. And I’m not one bit disappointed. I can’t stop listening to the album. I’ve hardly heard HH live yet. I’m just so attached to it. The 3 songs I did pick were Souvenirs, Thrive, and Where I Belong. Souvenirs is a song that I connect to easily cause I have a GF and I’ve been with her for a long time according to my age and how relationships are and I don’t plan for it to ever end. But I want to give this song to her so badly but I have to wait cause I feel like the song sounds like it should be played in my senior year in HS. It’s a while away but it’ll come and it’ll blow her mind. It will make us both cry about the memories that we share together. Nothing last forever to me in the song is saying these moments won’t last forever but our love for each other will. So we make them our Souvenirs. Thrive is just really is opening all of our lives up. If you admit it or not, it’s true. When you look in the mirror sometimes you think who is this person? Are they really who they are? Are they living it out? I’m still trying to understand the whole song so I can’t say much. But it’s such a nice tune to listen to when you’re wanting to think of change. Finally, I chose Where I Belong. I mean, who didn’t. This song is amazing and Jenna said it right, it doesn’t feel complete. That may be why the album may not feel complete yet. This song seems to be one of those that should just last as long as it should and it seems cut short but it’s so catchy with a Restless sound to it. But with the Afterlife and Yesterdays put together also. Then the Shadow Proves the Sunshine waves throughout the whole song also. It just seems endless like the ocean. If this is their last album if something ever happens, we shall close our eyes one last time for them. But they will keep on singing until they die and I’m seeing more in the future cause I still think, even with Vice Verses reaching places that they haven’t hit yet, that there is more to be put out from them. No matter how high the age of the group gets, they will pour their hearts into us and express the way they feel. If you read this, I thank you. For this is long and I am selfish and didn’t read anyone elses. But you read mine. So thanks. But to be honest, I post to help others learn and for my self to bring my thoughts to words and maybe to life.

    1. Mellie

      Awww, reading your take on Souvenirs was so sweet!
      I shared the song with my boyfriend and he loves it. I’d still share it with your girlfriend. Who knows, it could become “your song”. And I’m sure your girlfriend would think its very sweet that you think of her when you hear that song.

      Plus, how can you avoid sharing great Switchfoot music? :P

      1. TheSecondFoot

        Thank you!!! I’m usually this sweet to her so I get that a lot but it’s so nice to hear that I’m treating her right. Lol I will probably will break and give it to her. But we do I have one song. I showed her Always and she loves it. We use the word all the time just it be cute and sweet to each other. It is hard tho to resist sharing it. I’ll most likely give it to her the end of this year. But I really so thank you for commenting and reading.

        1. Mellie

          Aw well the world needs more guys that treat their girlfriends like you do! Seriously, never change ;)

          (And ‘Always’ is a great choice :P )

          1. TheSecondFoot

            awww thanks. It means a lot to me and I bet it does to her too. Thanks…I couldn’t resist Always. But hey why should I be talking when the world could use more girls like you. I mean, there are a ton of girls giving their body away and doing things they shouldn’t. And most girls are acting fake now. So I’m thanking you too. (Tho a lot of girls on here, if not all, are real.)

          2. Mellie

            Thanks SecondFoot :P You’re such a sweetheart :)
            (Sorry, it wouldn’t let me reply directly under your comment)

    2. i am who i am

      What you said about Thrive… totally. I’m not afraid to admit I look in the mirror very often, saying “who is this? how have I gotten here?”. I think we all have stuff that we deal with, certain issues that mess up your life sometimes. I know I have “my vices”. Thrive is already helping me push through stuff, breaking down certain barriers in me. It’s easily my favorite song off Vice Verses, and quickly becoming one of my favorite Switchfoot songs ever. It actually might already be.

      1. TheSecondFoot

        Thank you for reading and commenting. As soon as I started reading this, my ipod chose to pick this song. My ipod can read my mind and my feelings. lol it’s weird but it’s cool. But thanks for agreeing. I seriously will talk to myself to. When I’m alone, I’ll be asking myself why I am doing this, why am I choosing this? How did this ever happen, I thought I was never going to do this(again)? I’ve got my vices too. I am still trying to understand it. Sometimes songs take a while for you to understand it to it’s fullest. It took me forever to completely understand “Enough To Let Me Go.” I realized that it’s not a break up song. It’s letting go off special things in your life in order to go do what you have to do but if you hold on, you will never get it. But Thrive has pushed me to. To live to my fullest. To push hard. To try my hardest to be enough.

  71. Oceans&Lights

    I am sad, did anyone else who lives in Canada order it and not get it? I mean i ordered it like 3-4 weeks ago so it could have gotten here :’(

    1. i am who i am

      They ship them out the same time as they ship out the ones that are staying within the States. I don’t know why, they really shouldn’t guarantee that you’re pre order will get to you by the release date, then not allow enough time for it to get to you by then. Its really false advertising, but thats just how it is. (I’ve had the same problem as you, i’m from Canada as well)

  72. StarsRae

    Souvenirs is a gorgeous song.I think the theme is more along the lines of thinking of the past and remembering the things you loved about that part of your life back when things were more simple.

  73. SJ

    Oh Vice Verses, how I’m glad you finally exist for mass consumption. There is so much here! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little underwhelmed at first, mainly by the middle of the album. But, as Switchfoot tends to do, it grew and is continuing to grow on me. My three songs for the poll were Dark Horses and Afterlife because I love a good rock tune, and I’ve always enjoyed Switchfoot most when they’re rocking. But the other song had to be Where I Belong, because seriously, there’s no contest, it probably is the best track on the record.

    Souvenirs surprised me though. From the reviews it sounded meh. But then I heard it and I was blown away, probably my 4th favorite on the record. It was actually hard for me to pick between Afterlife and Souvenirs. I love all of the little nuances on the record, it definitely has a confidence that permeates the entire album. You can hear it from the very beginning with the way Jon spits out the words “I can’t just shut it up” in Afterlife. So good. That confidence is, I think, fully realized in The War Inside. I’m a little surprised by all the love for Blinding Light, but at the same time I’m not. It’s a little too pop for my liking, but it’s growing on me too.

    But anyways, here are my rankings
    1. Where I Belong
    2. Dark Horses
    3. Afterlife
    4. Souvenirs
    5. The War Inside
    6. The Original
    7. Restless
    8. Selling the News
    9. Vice Verses
    10. Thrive
    11. Rise Above It
    12. Blinding Light

    1. Joel W

      I like Blinding Light because of the second verse and the chorus. I’m a guy but I love the second verse because it speaks to all my girl Christian friends who need that kind of encouragement. And the chorus is just so infectuous. It has a great melody that I can’t resist singing along to.

      1. NeedleGirl

        Blinding Light was such a delightful surprise for me! I hadn’t thought much about it, having been so obsessed with hearing Where I Belong and Souvenirs. But it really is an amazing song and definitely one of my top favorites! The vocals and the music are just incredible.

        1. Mellie

          Blinding Light took a while to grow on me cause I wasn’t in favour of the intro and verse. The chorus is AMAZING though, such fantastic lyrics.

  74. Joel W

    What a fantastic record. It’s incredible how much Switchfoot has evolved. My favorite album used to be Oh! Gravity but it cannot compete with the deeply layered, meaningful, and in-your-face sound of Vice Verses. “Afterlife” put a gigantic smile on my face that basically stayed there for a really long time. While every song on this record is stellar, and there is no way I could ever rank them, “Selling the News” and “Blinding Light” stand out for me as completely top-notch both lyrically and musically. Other songs like “Thrive” and “Where I Belong” have some of the best lyrics on the record.

  75. SARAH

    My first time commenting…here goes
    As the last echoes of Where I Belong ring in my ears, I just think: wow.
    This whole album is beautiful – I’m so glad I hung in until the release date.
    Kudos to all those who did the same!

  76. NeedleGirl

    Everyone has already said pretty much everything there is to say – but here are my two cents anyways: This. Album. Is. Fantastic.

    Yup, that’s all I got right now! :D I can’t wait to discuss the songs with all of you!

    Oh, and Jeanna – I absolutely love your quote up there: “We hope your verses will continue to heal our vices” – I really LOVE that, so beautifully phrased!

    1. Jacob

      Yes! Man i bet it was worth the wait!

      1. NeedleGirl

        Well, I have to confess that I broke on Saturday, ehehe. But it was definitely worth waiting up til then!

    2. i am who i am

      I have to know though (because I really appreciate your opinions on music) what your favorite songs are off Vice Verses. And I’m sure it must have been great to hear after waiting out for most of the songs… which I’m really impressed with anyone who has the self control to do that!

      1. NeedleGirl

        Aw, that’s really sweet of you to say – but just as a disclaimer, I really am no authority on music! *laughs*

        My initial favorite songs from Vice Verses were: Blinding Light (such a happy surprise! the VOCALS.), Souvenirs (achingly gorgeous and really speaking to where I am right now), and Afterlife (the lyrics: “everday a choice is made / everyday I choose my fate” really convict me). I actually haven’t listened to Where I Belong as of yet, because I am waiting to hear it from my preordered album and not from YouTube! (Yeah, I broke on Saturday… I wanted to listen to it with my sister before I left for the week)

        So what are your favorite songs?

        1. i am who i am

          I agree, Blinding Light is great. Loving the backing vocals on it. And the lyrics. Great stuff.

          I’m really loving Thrive, hands down my favorite on the record. It seriously feels like it was written for me, exactly where I am right now. Its been speaking to me strongly. Love it! Vice Verses, Where I Belong, Souvenirs, Blinding Light, The War Inside and Afterlife are all big favorites. Selling the News as well. Thats pretty much the whole record, but I’m just loving it that much. But Thrive, Vice Verses and Where I Belong are my top 3. Its a masterful creation by Switchfoot, no doubt about it.

  77. Mi470

    Ok. I’m confused. Fading West is a movie?

  78. Alvin

    Are there song stories for Vice Verses?

    Like the ones Jon has done for all the past albums — I’m missing those…anyone have an idea about where they might be/if they will be coming?

  79. Alicia

    Okay so I have listened to Where I Belong probably over thirty times now…and as I was listening to it once again, I noticed that I had tears in my eyes…and this has never happened to me before with any song…I think that really says something about this record…

  80. Tia

    Im going to get the album like…next week or something–when I get my paycheck. I cant wait for Where I belong Im hearing some amazing opinions on it. Vice Verses is such a beautiful baby!

  81. Zach Hindes

    not sure why people are drinking haterade for The Original. I love it! Reminds me of Mutemath and the Beatles. That riff is so crunchy and the chorus is catchy, the solo makes it an A+ for me. Had an open mind about it and it might not be my favorite song by the time I’m finished but I still love it, reminds me of Bullet Soul Jr.

  82. wes neal

    what about FADING WEST?

  83. Michael G.

    Has anyone given the demo version of vice verses a listen yet? I keep forgetting to download it from their website..

    1. Michael G.

      Dark horses demo, my bad

    2. SARAH

      Yeah, its very raw and unpolished…I prefer the album version, but there’s some insane guitar stuff in the demo.

  84. Liza

    Anyone else think that Vice Verses is a very heartbreaking song?

    1. i am who i am

      And beautiful. But yes, it’s pretty heartbreaking. Maybe thats why I love it so. As I type this, I’m listening to that very song on my iPod, with the line “after all, it’s just water and I am just soul, with a body of water and bones” being sung… I seriously almost cry when I hear that line (and I’m a dude. That’s not necessarily something you want to admit…). It just really says how thats all we’re made of. Water. Bones. So frail. Weak. But then Where I Belong kicks in, and you realize that your body is just a rental anyway, and there is a much greater purpose to life. Perhaps one of the biggest purposes is dying, moving on to where you belong.

      1. Liza

        Tearing up…a sign that you are human :) …yay! Yes pure and beautiful. It seems to come from a place that is a low point in life that we all experience. Hence the polarity of life that Jon talks about. So true about Where We Belong. Truely Epic.

        I honestly didn’t know what to expect after such great past music and thought I could wait…because heck I’m still enjoying songs like Shadow and Yuppie, Faust and Daisy and on and on…Lonely Nation…but then came this. I’m still processing.

  85. Dave

    Here’s my list:

    1. Where I Belong
    2. Thrive
    3. The War Inside
    4. Afterlife
    5. The Blinding Light
    6. Vice Verses
    7. Restless
    8. Rise Above It
    9. Selling the News
    10. Souvenirs
    11. Dark Horses
    12. The Original

    Even though I haven’t heard Where I Belong yet (I still haven’t got my super deluxe), I’ll put that first in anticipation haha. The top 10 are all really close.

    Such a good album. I don’t think it’ll be equal with or better than NiS or HH for me but it goes close.

  86. Carly

    1. Any word on a vinyl release? and 2. Joe Jonas tweeted about SF…kinda cool! :)

  87. Justin

    Where I Belong……wow

  88. Ryan H

    The fact that Vice Verses isn’t #1 is mindblowing…and Dark Horses so near the bottom, wow I think that’s a great single. But really, the fact that every track has at least 10% of the vote shows how strong the album is, and how different the songs are. Different songs appeal to different people.

  89. Ryan H

    1)Vice Verses
    3)Where I Belong
    5)Selling the News
    6)Dark Horses
    7)Blinding Light
    9)War Inside
    11)Rise Above It
    12)The Original

  90. dani rod

    aaaa c’mon well i guess

    Restless – cause is my story right there

    The Original- the music make me happy

    Selling the news- i never imagine i would listen to continues rhymes

  91. Jayson

    i love vice verses i downloaded it last night and been listening ever sience the orignal blinding light restless….ah heck ALL the songs just blow me away

  92. Jayson

    I can’t stop listening to the new album I just love it :)

  93. Suz

    OMG spotfy is not available on Brazil, what do I do?
    I want to help them on charts and get them on top, but DDDD:

  94. Eric S.

    Bought two Vice Verses CDs (yes, compact discs still exist) yesterday including the Deluxe Version with Hello Hurricane Live. The other Vice Verses CD will go to my sister for Christmas. It’s not too early for holiday shopping!

    Vice Verses-I love the amazing musicianship on the new record but the lyrics are blowing my mind right now!

  95. Graham

    Charlie Peacock > Mike Elizondo

    1. Graham

      Also, SF needs to make more records like Eastern Hymns for Western Shores. They were headed for that direction between Nothing is Sound and Oh! Gravity… I wonder what happened.

    2. i am who i am

      Not sure what that means… Charlie Peacock hasn’t produced a Switchfoot record in a really long time, and their stuff has gotten a lot better since then. Also, Mike Elizondo didn’t produce this one, it was Neal Avron… I’m not saying anything bad on Charlie Peacock, I think he’s an awesome producer, but I’m just not really sure what you’re trying to get at.

      1. Graham

        Mike Elizondo was the executive producer; Neil Avron the producer. Meaning something like Mike ended up making the majority of the production decisions. I was just listening to some of the Learning to Breathe songs, and though I like the Nothing Is Sound-Oh! Gravity period the best lyrically and musically, I prefer the way the songs were recorded before. Now (since about 2003, actually, with the exception perhaps of Oh! Gravity) all there stuff seems far too overproduced for my taste. Listen to the difference between Jon’s solo stuff, or Fiction Family’s recordings compared to the new SF stuff. The latter, in my opinion, seems muddled in post-production.

        1. Ryan H

          Production and a sense of rawness both have their advantages. I feel like great production values can give a song a sense of expansiveness and breadth, such as Needle or Lonely Nation or Where I Belong. But it can also add to the feelings of minimalism, like in Daisy or Vice Verses. In VV the whispers and voices add to the mystery and transcendent/yearning feeling of the song. It’s a good example of production aiding the art, and not being overbearing. But I look forward to Jon releasing more solo EPs…the intimacy of just a man and his guitar, breathing in, turning on/off the equipment…it definitely has its charms.

          An executive producer is pretty far zoomed out and would only over see production in the vaguest sense. Most of the production decisions were probably made by Avron and the band, but since Switchfoot now records these songs in their own private studio and are independent, I think they’re making most of the decisions. Sure, they are taking input from the producers, but that can add a lot. Mike E. helped write “Your Love is a Song” and “Bullet Soul”.

          1. Graham

            Ah, I see I was mistaken about the role of Executive Producer. My bad. I agree, there are advantages to heavy production. I see that in songs like “Selling the News” and, say “Yesterdays,” but I think that in “Restless” for example, more gets taken away than added. I remember hearing Jon sing it with Sarah Masen at Calvin College and being absolutely humbled. But now I think it just sounds like a generic alt-rock ballad. The lyrics are still brilliant, of course.

          2. Graham

            Also, I wonder why Mike was “allowed” to co-write with Jon. That seems to be taking away from the purity of the process as well, since what he adds seems to be added for the purpose of appealing to more people, but that shouldn’t be what the music is about. I might make people mad by saying this, but “Bullet Soul” and “Your Love is a Song” (along with the rest of HH, honestly, with the exception of the The Sound) seem hopelessly cliche to me, musically and lyrically.

            Does anyone agree? Call me crazy, please, if I’m crazy.

          3. Ryan H

            I dont think HH is cliche at all. It’s main themes are hope and love which is a bit more general compared to NiS’s entropy or “everything is falling apart” or Oh Gravity!’s Anti-Materialism, role confusion, etc but hope and love are the two most precious things in life. To me, HH is like a beach (this metaphor is probably influenced by the cover art)- sometimes its turbulent (The Sound, Bullet Soul), and at times it can feel lonely and desperate (Yet, Sing It Out) but overall its rather peaceful and reflective. Therefore, HH is a lot like life.The backround noises, vocals, and bells of Hello Hurricane, Always, Yet, and Red Eyes all make me think of a beach. To me another of HH’s biggest strengths is how every song is at least “very good”- there is no weak link, which almost every other albums has., including VV.

            I’m not sure where I read it (could have been Jon’s song stories here on LOBH) but I know that Jon said the foundation of “Your Love Is a Song” is the prechorus line “I’ve been keepin’ my mind wide open”. To me YLIAS is about prayer- it’s about listening. Opening your mind to the holy, the transcendent, the songs and beauties all around you that you might not be aware of if your thoughts are too loud. The premise of the song is based off string theory- that the entire universe, all matter is vibrating, as if to some song. And how do we hear this song, which is all around us, if we aren’t listening? And how applicable is that to life? There’s so much we miss. So to me, even if a song like YTLIAS isn’t lyrically brilliant at first glance, it can be incredibly meaningful.

            Also based upon these song stories, Jon seemed to have an incredible time working with Mike. He wasn’t “allowed”. He was requested! For YLIAS it appears his perspective was invaluable for the song to come together. So are many of the producers Switchfoot works with, I believe they requested Avron specifically. If they haven’t proven to you by now they never will, but Switchfoot makes incredible, soulful, honest music with and without the aid of producers, and this music always feels uniquely their own, with their voice. Sometimes I think the term “over-produced” is thrown around too much and labeled onto music that is thought of as synthetic and merely constructed to be a product to sell. But song writing is a process, and sometimes two or three heads is better than one. Whether it’s Jon rewriting his own song 17 times or a producer working with the band through tracking 12 versions (like with Sing It Out), song writing is not an exact science. It’s a process.

    3. A Commentator

      I actually find Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses to be the two best-produced records in their discography. What weaknesses I do find in those two have to do with songwriting, not arrangement or production. Nothing is Sound, on the other hand, was hopelessly overproduced. The reverb on the drums…just absurd. Their re:Think albums were alright production-wise, but definitely date themselves to the era they were produced in.

      Elizondo only co-wrote on “Your Love is a Song”, not “Bullet Soul”. And I’m glad he did: the result was a very fine song. (Although I still wish it had a proper bridge.) Letting another songwriter in on the process isn’t a sign of artistic compromise, it’s just another way to approach songwriting. That particular co-write speaks a lot more to good rapport between Elizondo and the band than it does to a desperate grab at commercial success.

  96. The Vices and Verses of Switchfoot

    [...] you’re still all basking in the juicy newness of Vice Verses! Be sure to check out our “Welcome to the Planet Vice Verses“ post from yesterday for chart news, a poll and a link to audio commentary from the guys on [...]

  97. HurricaneGirl

    My rating (it was soo hard! and I bet it’s gonna change, coz I’m very excited about the songs I’d never heard before right now.)

    1. Souvenirs
    2. Where I Belong
    3. Rise Above It
    4. Restless
    5. Blinding Light
    6. The War Inside
    7. Thrive
    8. Dark Horses
    9. Vice Verses
    10. The Original
    11. Selling The News
    12. Afterlife

    It’s funny to see all the differences! I LOVE Rise Above It, and that one’s very low on the poll! I love the differences though. :)

    1. HurricaneGirl

      Oh I gotta say, I LOVE all the songs! I’m soo in love with this album! I’ve been listening to it the whole day now… And even Afterlife is AMAZING. Thank you Switchfoot!

  98. Grace Elizabeth

    I don’t know why, but I actually really dislike “The Original”. It sounds good, I just really am not a fan. Souvenirs is AWESOME!!!

    1. Ryan H

      You are not the only one. I’m not sure if I “dislike” it, but I find it obnoxiously average. I mean, the bass (and guitar I guess) is awesome but the lyrics are pretty blah. The fact that’s it is featured so prominently on the album in the 2nd slot just makes it seem all the more disappointing. I’m more willing to forgive an average song towards the middle/end like say, Adding to the Noise.

      In my opinion, it’s the weakest song on the album, and weaker than any of the songs on HH. That’s one of Hello Hurricane’s amazing qualities, it has no weak links.

      1. Grace Elizabeth

        Yep, I think it’s the weakest lyrically. But I loved hearing it live!!!

      2. A Commentator

        The lyrics are nothing special, but “The Original” is such a blast!

  99. darkhorse24

    1. Selling the News
    2. Souvenirs
    3. The Original
    4. Where I Belong
    5. Thrive
    6. Dark Horses
    7. Blinding Light
    8. Rise Above It
    9. Restless
    10.Vice Verses
    11. Afterlife
    12. The War Inside

    I am in love with Selling The News and Souvenirs. And absolutely LOVE the changes they made to Thrive! And it’s not that I don’t like The War Inside, but I just find it too repetitve to listen to it all the way through. And would someone please tell me why The Original is getting so much hate? It’s one of the catchiest songs on the album! It truly is hard to pick a favorite on this album though.. but i gave it my best shot to show my immediate reaction

    1. Joel W

      I love The Original too! (Even though, if I were to rank them, it would be probably number 12, but I realllllly like this album right now) The chorus could be better. But as for the guitar, bass, and drums, they are so solid. Also, I just figured out how to play most of it on guitar (still working on that crazy solo part) and the opening riff is so fun to play.

  100. Graham

    You and Ryan have some legitimate points, but I think our disagreement comes down to opinion. Like the fact that Nothing is Sound is my favorite album, even though SF was so frustrated with production choices they had little control of. I apologize to sound so hipster using the term “overproduced;” when it comes down to it the way I’m using that term is to mean something more like “overstandardized” or “overgenericized.” While NiS and O!G were very heavily “messed with” in post-production, the effect of said production is pleasing to my ear—it’s interesting and original, which I can’t say of the production choices made by HH and VV. I tend to associate bigger producers with overstandardization and radio hit-making, which I think SF is simply above. Maybe I’m wrong about that last sentence, but I think my worry might be warranted. For a band that speaks out against the corporate world, they seem to be walking a slippery slope.

    Again, forgive my rebellious “f-the-system” tendencies.

  101. Graham

    You and Ryan have some legitimate points, but I think our disagreement comes down to opinion. Like the fact that Nothing is Sound is my favorite album, even though SF was so frustrated with production choices they had little control of. I apologize to sound so hipster using the term “overproduced;” when it comes down to it the way I’m using that term is to mean something more like “overstandardized” or “overgenericized.” While NiS and O!G were very heavily “messed with” in post-production, the effect of said production is pleasing to my ear—it’s interesting and original, which I can’t say of the production choices made by HH and VV. I tend to associate bigger producers with overstandardization and radio hit-making, which I think SF is simply above. Maybe I’m wrong about that last sentence, but I think my worry might be warranted. For a band that speaks out against the corporate world, they seem to be walking a slippery slope.

    Again, forgive my rebellious “f-the-system” tendencies.

  102. Ryan H

    I understand your association- it probably happens more times than not, but that view is also an over generalization, a stereotype. Production, even the abundance of it, is not an evil. It can be used for good or ill, to aid the art or just make generic products to bring in the money.

    Switchfoot seems in control of their work, especially in the last two albums. My immediate judgment of “The Original”, my least favorite song on VV, was that it was a poppy, generic turd that was stuck in there to increase mainstream appeal. But that was a poor judgment- I recently read about how much Drew (and Tim) loves that song and how it takes him back to his mo-town roots. And while the ‘be yourself’ motif is pretty simple, you can hear blips of it in “War Inside” and “Blinding Life” as well, so it fits in the album.

    It’s certainly a tricky balance between making music unique that reflects your heart and soul and something broad enough to have a universal element. But I think Switchfoot is pretty good at it.

    1. Graham

      Certainly. And since their music has a mission, it’s not a bad thing that it is made to appeal to a lot of people. I guess I was just expecting something different from their status as “independent.”

  103. Carys


    There are no words to describe the beauty and power of this special album.

    Initial favourite: The War Inside. It’s just SO catchy, been singing it all day, and I only know half the words! Though, I’m a massive fan of Thrive too.

  104. Wes

    I can’t rank the songs on this disc. I love them all. On other albums I sometimes skip to my favorite tracks but not on Vice Verses. I want to listen to every track from 1 to 12! They are all so well integrated that it is like a symphony in 4 movements but a whole piece! I’m listening again all the way through when I go workout tonight. Now there is some workout motivation!

    Side issue:
    When I put the disc in my computer to load it into iTunes, I clicked “get album artwork” but it said not found. Did that happen to anyone else? Not a big deal but I’m surprised iTunes does not have it.

  105. Josh

    1. Souvenirs
    2. Afterlife
    3. War Inside
    4. Thrive
    5. Dark Horses
    6. Blinding Light
    7. Where I Belong
    8. Restless
    9. Selling the News
    10. Vice Verses
    11. Rise Above It
    12. The Original

  106. Matt

    AMAZING record! Their best since “The Beautiful Letdown”….and maybe even their best period.
    Would love to see a song on here hit Top 40—for the simple fact of all the mainstream exposure it would draw to this album. I believe the best song on here for mainstream appeal is “The Blinding Light.”
    But my personal favorites: The War Inside, Selling the News, and Rise Above It.

    Killer Album though. Way to go Switchfoot!