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  1. Mi470

    Lyrically, how’s the content of this album? Is there more positive than negative or what are they trying to get across other than polarity?

    1. Beau

      Personally, I think of hell as the way the characters in Harry Potter view Voldemort. They all call him “he who must not be named”. Hell is a real place that is unfortunately not talked about enough. If you were the devil what would you try to get people to believe about hell? That it doesn’t exist! Why call the fireman when there is no fire? Billions of people choose to ignore hell, heck, even some of our own christian churches do! Some do it purposefully, others don’t give it enough recognition. Were in a spiritual battle, theres no question about that. We need to realize what hell is and share this with other people, not cower away from it and call it a dirty word. The only real wrong way to use it is to treat it light, and frankly, I feel by not talking about it at all you are treating it lightly.

      I know people will disagree, so don’t throw to many verbal rocks!

      1. Zach Hindes

        That’s funny you mention HP cause I remember in the books some people do start saying Voldemort’s name because it holds no power over them anymore and they have to face it head on. Good tie in.

      2. little drummer girl

        Nicely said Beau! You made some great points and they are so true! From at least what I’ve seen it seems like people in the church especially have a problem with mentioning hell and it’s always bothered me. Hell is defiantly a real place and people need to know about it!

      3. Ian W.

        Just to add another literary reference, I believe in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters at one point the character speaking says that people either choose to ignore the existence of hell/demons or are healthily interested in them and the devil is quite pleased with either

        1. Ian W.


        2. Cody

          One of my favorite quotes ever!!!

  2. i am who i am

    Great review, both Jeanna and Job. As expected, you’re getting me more excited for the album, and I can’t wait for the album, and the rest of the reviews!

  3. NeedleGirl

    *applause* I enjoyed this so much! Jeanna and Job, you are both amazing writers – simply from your vivid descriptions, I could FEEL what you HEARD.

    To say that I am looking forward to the next 12 days of song reviews is a gross understatement. I think reading what you two have to say about these new songs is the second best thing to actually listening to the album for myself.

  4. J

    Are we getting y’alls review(s) of the course of like 12 days? A song per day?

    Also I can’t wait to read it all. Definitely value and respect you and Job’s opinion on the Switchfoot music, and I think y’all are very good at telling us what we want to hear (as opposed to some interviewers and reviewers who can get off-topic and focus on trivial things)

  5. wesley

    I’m SO Stoked to read the rest! I see them tomorrow at Ignite Chicago. I wish they’d play VV cover to cover but I’m not getting my hopes up:)

    1. nick

      Me too man! Haha thatd b sweet. Im so pumped!

      Also AMAZING reviews, job and jeanna. You guys are both fantastic “reviewers” and your reviews are the only thing keeping me and my VV excitement alive until september 27! Thanks again you two, you guys are great!

    2. Ebenezer

      Argh! So close to seeing them with my friend at Ignite! Couldn’t make it, though.

    3. wesley

      sorry you missed out, it was pretty awesome! they played restless (i think its my fav or at least top 5 switchfoot song…SO amazing live), dark horses and war inside from VV. i’ve seen switchfoot and fiction family live about 8 times, and i think this was possibly the best show i’ve seen.
      there was a poster there for the fall schedule of chicagoland concerts. looks like the switchfoot/anberlin tour will be in the area on oct 1 and 2 at two different colleges.

      does anyone know with Friends of the Foot, do you get entrance and meet/greet passes for as many shows as you want or only one per tour? i’ve never signed up before despite being a fan since the start. i’ve had the good fortune of meeting the guys on a couple of occasions without FoF.

  6. Emma

    I looked at the header and thought, “Yay! She finished!!”. Nope! hahaha So glad we’ve got some lengthy reviews though!

  7. Job

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the kind comments. Like Jeanna, I’m not quite finished with my review yet. :P

    1. little drummer girl

      Hey Job! I just wanted to say thank you for your We’re Awakening blog! That and your email updates really helped me get into Switchfoot and learn more about them! I always love getting your updates :) Thanks!

  8. Dan

    I appreciate both of you guys contributing your opinions on the new album. It really helps to build the tension and anticipation. With that said, why no song ratings this time around? Last time you guys rated the songs out of five stars. (Even though none of the songs were less than 3.5/5, if I recall correctly). I am unsure what to think of that change, but I do like your analysis, not to mention only reviewing one song at a time and thereby drawing out the excitement.


  9. Ian H.

    wow, some great reviews and work put into “Afterlife”. And I have this EXACT same mental image of red and yellow too, and it seems fitting. I love the line “I’ve tasted fire” Just seems intense to me and I love the opening guitars!
    SOOOOO…. I was wondering since part 1 is only about 1 song, are there going to be 12 seperate posts? or will others contain more song criteria?

  10. TheSecondFoot

    Cool!!! Nice to hear what you guys think of it. Can’t wait until I can hear it! I’m getting the super deluxe pre-order package so I’m going to get it ASAP! This sounds like an album I won’t be able to get out of my head. lol I can barely get “Restless” and “Dark Horses” out of my head.

  11. hadassah

    when did you get to hear the album jeanna?

    1. Ian W.

      She and Job have superpowers that allow them to telepathically hear the songs from the minds of the band, in the form of their memories of listening to the whole album……That or because they have connections they were graciously given pre-releases. (I’m pretty sure it’s the second one, but just imagine if it was the superpowers!)

      1. Ian W.

        And their superhero names would be J & J the telepathic tag team. And it would be from Marvel comics since DC already has the Wonder Twins

        1. Ian W.

          And we would also have to decide how you guys got your powers. Is it part of a species thing like Superman, a mutant by accident like Spiderman or the Hulk, or a mutant by birth like the X-men and then it’s possible that the powers come from some helmet or gadget that amplifies brainwaves like a sort of Prof. X meets Batman

          1. Smiley

            Isn’t that obvious!? Romey bit them ;)

          2. Ian W.

            Well he is the fountain of sound and those kinds of skills are surely the result of cosmic rays cause it’s out-of-this-world

  12. Alicia

    Thanks so much Job and Jeanna, I loved these reviews! You both did so well, and I can’t wait to read the other reviews! :)

  13. Kim

    Fantastic! I really trust your opinions because you don’t sugar coat it. I am so looking forward to Vice Verses

  14. Ashley

    By the way Jeanna, I know this is sort of a random question, but I was just thinking about one of the older posts where the guys said something like “this is the closest we’ve ever come to a worship record” and I was just wondering, did you ever figure out what they really meant by that? Because I know that Jon has been quoted saying “music is worship, it just depends on what your worshipping” and I was just curious to know what they meant by Vice Verses being like a worship album. Thanks! :)

  15. little drummer girl

    Nice, solid reviews, both Jeanna and Job!! I really enjoyed your Hello Hurricane ones when they came out and I can’t wait to read the rest of these! I can tell they’re going to be very thoughtful reviews! They really make me want to listen to the songs now!!! :) Thanks so much!

  16. KirbyW

    Jeanna, as an musician/audio nerd I’d like to know what you think of the production or sonic “sound” of the record. When I first heard that 6-song preview I was just a little concerned about overproduction and unnecessary autotune in a few spots (especially in “Afterlife,” but couldn’t really tell for sure because it was just a camera recording from speakers. I did feel better after hearing “Restless” and “Dark Horses” through headphones though… but I’d just like to know, what’s your take on that aspect of the album’s sound?

    1. KirbyW

      ugh, forgot to close the parentheses after “Afterlife.” haha.

    2. Cody

      I always thought the sound was just because of the quality of the recording not autotune or being over produced or anything.

  17. $w!t(hfr3@K

    I have a quick question…How did you get the CD already?

  18. Jacob

    I think at some point in hearing the songs live, probably around when we first heard afterlife and the war inside, I thought to myself that these songs sounded like “what Switchfoot has always been trying to sound like”. Like a sound that has been hinted at by all their past albums in such a way that those albums almost point to this one. Now my question is was that at all a correct impression from what youve heard? Or just an idea resulting from limited exposure to the music?

  19. Jinnie

    Thanks Jeanna and Job for this awaited and awesome review!!
    I DO really like the fact that you guys are covering each song day by day — not only in just the fun of discovering new reviews day by day, but how it gives a sort of assurance that you guys are taking the time and effort to really listen and transform those thoughts into a nice summary of each song.
    Jeanna, your description about how unapologetic and bold this record is and how they tried to capture the live moments of shows into the studio versions just excites me so much! I’ve always love to rock out on their music, and it seems I can count on that for sure on this record. :) (and I can’t wait to listen to the songs over and over until I pick out those musical gems!!)
    Job, I LOVE the diving board analogy! It paints such a cool image in my mind as I’m basking in sheer anticipation for the record. Also, I really like how your review of Afterlife points out to the POINT of the song in a intelligent and descriptive way — instead of how some reviewers often overgeneralize the underlying messages in the songs (but I don’t think neither of you two will ever overgeneralize any of Switchfoot’s songs — seeing that over-generalization usually comes from going over things too fast and without careful attention to details)

    1. Job

      hey thanks!

  20. little drummer girl

    Hey Jeanna I have a completely random question but are the photos you post on here, are they copyrighted? Or are we allowed to take them to different stores and have them printed out?

  21. Justin

    Hey Jeanna any idea when the pre-order will officially be announced? I know they said something about it on the live chat but (to my knowledge) management hasn’t sent the emails yet that detail pricing and official contents.

  22. Standing on the Finite

    How is the title track? I have the acoustic version posted on this amazing site called Land of Broken Hearts. I am really curious, does is stay slow and melodic?

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us fans in the loop.

    1. Lukezilla

      I’m really interested in how this song will sound as well.
      My guess is that it will be fairly close to what we’ve heard on youtube.

  23. Tyler Smith

    How would you compare this track to other album openers? Obviously “Meant to Live” will always be tough to beat as an album opener… they are known for that song. I also felt like Lonely Nation was a real solid album opener. From what I’ve heard about “Afterlife” I think it sounds like one of their best openers…. I think Needle is a great song, but I”m thinking Afterlife could be 2nd or 3rd best opener for them.

    1. J

      I personally think Needle and Haystack Life is one of the best openers they’ve done, but that might just be because I love the reprise at the end of the album. With Lonely Nation, Oh! Gravity, Meant to Live, and New Way ALL close seconds. I think a good opener just really sets the tone for the record and I think all the ones I’ve listed to that excellently.

      (I would list Afterlife, but I haven’t heard the whole album yet)

      1. Beau

        I feel bad looking back and having not much love for Needle! It is so good! I have been listening to that song a lot lately, definitely a good album opener.

  24. pam b

    I am really glad to hear you say there are layers of sound that you keep discovering the more you listen to these songs. *cold chill bumps*

  25. scswitchfooter

    When I first heard the Original from a youtube vid off their Canadian tour I loved it right away. I have a deep appreciation and love of old Motown(as does Chad I’ve heard) I find the simplicity refreshing and not at all lacking. Although I do like Bullet Soul off HH, it is not my fave. The more straight forward lyrics and funky beat are a nice artistic stretch for the guys. Sometimes to hold back and keep things simple can be a more difficult task than to add layer upon layer of intricate lyrical content. Kudos to SF to making a song that makes some people say “is that SF?” Added bonus…..you gotta dance to this track!

    1. weird crazy person

      SAME! I loved ‘The Original’ as soon as I heard it on the youtube clip. To me it sounds like a mix of ‘Bullet Soul’ and ‘Poparazzi’ and I love both of those songs. I enjoy a little simplicity every now and then. Sometimes saying something straight forward can be a bigger wake up call than saying something poetically, so I think this song can still hold a strong message. And I’m loving the motown, it kind of also has an older surfier sound of Switchfoot’s in there. Definitely a dancing/rocking out track :)

    2. darkhorse24

      Dont worry. You’re not alone haha. I’ve love The Original since my first listen too. It makes me dance and get all happy haha

  26. Josh H

    so yeah it sounds a lot like Bullet Soul which I was not a fan of.. It was really fun live and it worked well on the album as a whole, but as a standalone track I just didn’t like it ya know?

    Hey Jeanna you’re an Arcade Fire fan aren’t you? Do you have any song recommendations? I’ve been meaning to check them out

  27. kim

    I’m just gonna say thanks now for the next 10 songs so that I don’t take up too much space! ;)

    Jeanna- I really have to agree, of all the songs I’ve heard the Original is my least favorite BUT only because I LOVE the other 5 I’ve heard and just like the Original. It’s so foot tapping that I tend to not hear the lyrics….. I just wanna dance, I don’t want it to be a deep song (but I know Jon write these amaging songs so I feel guilty not paying attention to lyrics *as foot taps singing free yourself*)

    Job-What did you mean those that enjoyed Bullet Soul will like, in what sense; I don’t see the connection or how the two relate.

    1. Job

      same type of crunchy guitar intro, funky guitars, and fun-loving attitude.

      1. Kim

        Oh yes! Agreed and I really do love Bullet Soul. I’m sliiiiiiding across floor in my mind hey, free yourself (is it eh or hey–i’m really feeling guilty that music has taken over on this song :) )

  28. chris keithley

    I’m loving the reviews! I had a question for you guys. Does this album have any of the transitions that make the tracks as a whole seem seamless, like on NIS?

    1. Job

      hey chris. there are a few of them, actually. the ones i can remember off the top of my head are between The War Inside and Restless, and Dark Horses and Souvenirs.

      It feels more cohesive as a record than Hurricane did.

  29. Alicia

    “The Original” is my least favorite song I have heard from the album so far, I guess because all of the other songs I have heard just have so much meaning to them, that I sort of just skip over “the original”, though I always find myself wanting to get up and dance to this song :) I agree with you Job, this song also reminds me of “Bullet Soul”, especially because I didn’t really care for “bullet soul” that much the first time I heard it, same thing happened when I first listened to “The Original”, but this tune is starting to grow on me :) Thanks again for the reviews guys! You both do such a great job!

  30. Pablo

    I think The Original is better than the Bullet Soul. Songs like “The Original” remind me that switchfoot can make a catchy tune without being so serious. It might not have the best lyrics but its a real catchy tune

  31. KirbyW

    Jeanna, I see what you mean about the chorus of “The Original” not having a great amount of poetic creativity. It’s definitely not very poetic or extremely thought provoking… but to me that’s alright for this song. The music has a lot of character and a Motown mood, and it’s more of a fun rocking out song. I think it would almost be weird if the chorus was more poetic than it is, given the carefree nature of the music.

    I definitely see the commonalities with “Bullet Soul” here in the fun, rocking nature of the music, but I honestly like “The Original” better. I like the music better all around, and the lyrics (although they’re not extremely Switchfoot-like in the poetic/thought-provoking sense) seem to match the light, fun mood of the song.

    All that said, I see your point and don’t completely disagree with it. I just really enjoy the song regardless.

    1. Ian W.

      Dude Bullet Soul and The Original are so simialr that if you try to sing the chorus of The Original during Bullet Soul’s chorus it’s actually kind of easy and almost the same chord progression.

      1. Jinnie

        Ooh! This may totally be just me, but I find Bullet Soul similar to More than Fine. Something about the progression of music/beat/rhythm about them??
        But for the Original, I’m going to have to listen to the studio version to compare it to Bullet Soul.

  32. Mi470

    If The Original is Jeanna’s least favorite song, I have high hopes for this record. :)

  33. Jordan

    I agree with you Jenna about the original. Compared to the other songs it seems a tad forgettable but still a good song. The orginal is definitely a less serious song but not the best lyrical choice. Anywho good work Jenna and Jacob can’t wait to see more reviews!

    1. Jacob

      as much as id love to take credit i think you meant Job!… or am i outta the loop on something?

  34. J

    I can’t say The Original is a favorite song, or one that I would die fighting for, but I do think it’s getting too much flake. I agree with Jeanna in that it doesn’t match up to some of the more poetic and deeper words Jon has written, but for me, the lyrics match the music…in a good way! It’s a short catchy pop tune. After listening on Youtube, the “Free yourself” hook was stuck in my head for hours. From the (stellar) opening guitar riff to Chad’s drum stuff (from what I can hear in live recordings) to the guitar solo, this song is definitely a fast and upbeat Switchfoot rocker that I don’t think should be discredited just because the lyrics are too straightforward. Sometimes lyrics shine over the music (Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, for example), and in this case I believe the music outshines the lyrics.

    1. Kim

      Dear The Original,
      Didn’t mean to make it seem we were giving you flack, we love all our song just in different ways. Being a song that makes us wanna daaaance is new and special. We promise to really listen to what you have to say not only musically but lyrically (on Sept 27).
      Auntie Kim :*

      (singing free youself……yep, stuck in my head-thanks J)

  35. Jordan

    I meant Job I’m sorry! Good job job too!

  36. darkhorse24

    First off, i love how therse reviews are day by day. I think its the best way to get the true feeling of the album as a whole…
    Ok, so although many others probably disagree with me about this topic, from what ive heard from live recordings (and the six song sample) i truly think that The Original could turn out to be one of my most listened to songs on the record. Like a few have been saying, in my view this song isnt meant for the deep poetic lyrics that Switchfoot is known for in so many of their songs. The Original is a “GET UP AND GO!” song. And i believe that the lyrics do a good job of expressing the emotion in this song. I know everyone has different tastes in music but if you are not a fan of this song yet, i suggest giving it some time, wait until you here the final version and listen to it a couple times and then see if its still not stuck in your head. Also, if the guys didnt have faith int his song, i dont think they would place it at #2 on the cd…. Just my opinions

    1. Cal

      Does that mean they don’t have faith in where I belong? Which is seven minutes long. Hahaha

      1. darkhorse24

        Haha im really looking foward to hearing that song. And no,i think what im trying to say is that usually the #2 song is a song that sets the pace for many albums. And i know its not always the case but its just something that caught my attention. But really i expect every song to “set the pace” since it is a switchfoot album :)

  37. Guimel

    I haven’t heard the album and sorry if this has been mentioned before, but not every switchfoot song has to have some sort of poetic feel to it. I think every once in awhile it’s ok to have a simple, easy to understand song to shake things up. That’s just my take on it.

  38. Joel W

    There’s always going to be some unhappy fans when a band who is widely known for deep and thought-provoking lyrics just tries to have some fun on one or two songs.

  39. Tyler Smith

    I received my copy of Vice Verses today thanks to my ties in the Christian music industry. I’ve listened to the album a few times so far… it’s a great album. Refreshing newer sound.. Very bold as Jeanna said… the vocals are excellent. I know it’s too early to judge because lots of Switchfoot songs take time to fully dissect what the song is to you… but I believe this is a better record than Hello Hurricane, and probably my 2nd favorite Switchfoot album.

    I won’t give away too much… Can’t wait for all of you diehard fans to hear this album. It’s well worth the wait. Switchfoot, you never cease to amaze me.. You’ve done it again!

    1. kim

      You lucky lucky man! OK better than Hello Hurricane?!!! Curious how you rate HH (compared to others) because I LOVE it?

      1. Tyler Smith

        To me, the Beautiful Letdown will never be topped. I think Vice Verses will end up being my 2nd favorite album… I’m still listening to it several times each day. I have a tough time judging whether or not I like Nothing is Sound or Hello Hurricane better.. It’s tough. But Hurricane is a great record… I just think Vice Verses is overall better!

        1. wesley

          argh, that is so exciting to hear that its potentially better than HH! my fav is Beautiful Letdown as well.
          Tyler, what’s your connections if you can say? and what’s your overall ranking of sf albums?

          1. Tyler Smith

            I promote Christian rock concerts… We’ve done about 4 Switchfoot concerts.. especially on the “Appetite for Construction” tour with Relient K. We get some pre-released cd’s sometimes.

            Personally hanging out with Jon is so refreshing… he was about to play in front of 4,000 people as a headlining act… yet he was still going around serving others and being so humble and kind to people. I also got to overhear him lead a Bible study for the SF guys, 2 Relient K guys, and 3 guys from Ruth. Pretty awesome!

            I can’t stop listening to this record.. so, so good.

          2. Alyssa Gomez

            I want to hear a bible study led by Jon. That would be incredible.

          3. little drummer girl

            One of my friends who was with his band was staying at the same hotel as Switchfoot and they got to join in on Switchfoot’s Bible study. I was so jeolous when I heard that!!

  40. Tyler Smith

    I received my copy of Vice Verses today thanks to my ties in the Christian music industry. I won’t give away too much… but this is one great album. Better than Hurricane, and probably my 2nd favorite Switchfoot record. Refreshing newer sound, outstanding vocals, live feel, good lyrics… great record. The boys have done it again.

  41. Jordan

    No one is saying the original is a horrible song but compared to there other songs it seems forgettable like Bullet Soul. A song like the Sound will be remembered for a long time as a great song. It’s deep at the same time a very catchy tune.

    1. Tyler Smith

      My biggest problem with The Original is that it bumped Against the Voices. I also don’t like the placement of the song… the 2nd track normally is a little stronger of a track.

      However… now that I have the cd… the Original is growing on me a little bit. It’s fun to sing with… the lyrics aren’t as strong as other tracks, but they still aren’t terrible.

      1. Josh H

        I second that… I don’t see how Against the Voices got bumped for Restless (I’m pretty sure it was for Restless). I mean I listened to it this time last year from the BroAm performances and I still think it’s the greatest this record had to offer.

      2. Jacob

        To both Tyler and Josh- Restless, The Original etc “bumped” “Against the Voices” because at the end of the day it didnt fit with the album the way they wanted or because the guys simply felt more strongly about the other songs

    2. Alyssa Gomez

      I am having a hard time understanding how people are comparing The Original with Bullet Soul. I love Bullet and so it is hard to comprehend. Even when HH was out all my friends didn’t care too much for Bullet, yet I did. I guess we all have our own opinions though.
      P.S. I guess I can kind of, sort of, see how Bullet could maybe get lost in the context of HH, but I also wonder if HH would have been the same without it…

  42. Cal

    I was thinking about the original at work today( packing oranges doesn’t use a lot of brain power) and an idea came to me. Everyone knows this record is a story, and to me it feels like afterlife is a person making a choice to live like they are going to heaven, and the original, with it’s loud singing, in your face guitar riffs, and simple but to the point lyrics, is an immediate reaction the the decision made in afterlife. Like the first step in acting out a relization.

    1. kim


  43. Andrew K

    New song has to be tomorrow’s song

    1. little drummer girl

      That would be awesome too!!!

  44. 4:12

    wait why is this part 2? am I missing something?

    fantastic review btw!

    1. kim

      Part one was Afterlife…. part two the Original….

      1. 4:12

        ooh okay thanks, I was gone when part 1 was posted so thats why I was confused

  45. Beau

    I LOVED the War Inside when I heard it at the San Diego Fair. This review scream most of what I was thinking when I heard it.

  46. J

    Oh man did this review get me even more psyched for one of the top songs I can’t wait for from Vice Verses. I can’t wait to hear the “emotionless…frustrated” vocal track. I think Jon has always had the potential to step away from the guitar and still carry show with his voice alone, especially because he’s one of those singers who tends not to break character when they’re singing live. As opposed to cracking a smile during Sing it Out, or not showing reverence towards On Fire or Always, Jon has always been one to deliver and represent the soul of the song. I loved the War Inside since I watched the youtube video of them testing soundcheck with it, and with this review I can’t wait to hear it through the studio.

    Also, Dark Horses single tomorrow right? ALSO, it’s early August! Pre-order soon!

  47. wesley

    i heard war inside at ignite on saturday. i really liked it, but it wasn’t mixed as well as everything else during the set. i don’t know if it was due to the encore or just not knowing the song as well? the way jon sang it, i thought it was selling the news at first because he was almost rapping it a bit.
    between restless, dark horses, and war inside being the 3 new songs i heard live, i liked it least of the 3.

    cant wait to read the rest. fantastic work Jeanna and Job!

  48. Winnie

    I think The War Inside has to be the song I want to hear off the album most, based off that teaser that they gave us, and now after reading your reviews I want to hear it even more!

  49. Pablo Garcia

    Jeanna how would you rank VV with the rest of switchfoots albums?

  50. RadioRun

    So I actually just bought @Switchfoots new single dark horses on iTunes. Didn’t know it was on there yet. But it is. Go buy it everybody!’

    1. Pablo

      Really? Must the area you live in cause its not out here in Cali

      1. Pablo

        woops nvm just found it :D

  51. Update 5.0: Vice Verses FAQ

    [...] the Hello Hurricane album, Job and I are writing song-by-song reviews together, then posting them HERE. We’ll be reviewing all 12 songs + the bonus track “Fading [...]

  52. Jordan

    I’v bought the single on itunes already. Loving to listen to it! Im super excited the war inside, its almost rapping sort of? Am I off by saying that?

  53. darkhorse24

    i feel like im weird based on the fact that from what ive heard, The Original is one my favorites and The War Inside has to be near the bottom so far. But that could be just because The War Inside is the kind of song that needs to be heard with headphones to get the full effect…. i ges i’ll wait and see :)

  54. Jacob

    hmmmm…. it has been a few days since we got a review!

  55. nick

    Waiting for the next review! Its been a while…

  56. Ian H.

    Restless?? Blinding Light?? Ill never know your full description!!! Until tomorrow maybe?

  57. StarsRae

    Restless sounds beautiful. The fact that job is relating it to On Fire makes me so excited. On Fire gets me every time and its one of my favorite switchfoot songs and especially live, the emotion jon puts into the lyrics is incredible. I can’t wait to hear the whole version of Restless!!!!!!

  58. J

    (Basing this off of the live versions I’ve heard) Restless is a fantastic example of just a good song in general. It starts soft, and builds and builds and builds. There are highs and lows and crescendos and instrumental breaks. And to top it all of great lyrics. GREAT lyrics. I don’t have much to say about the song, but I think it will certainly become a staple of Switchfoot’s live setlist and a well known tune to devoted and casual listeners alike.

    Can’t wait to hear reviews of some of the songs we’ve yet to hear!

  59. Josh H

    So what’s the difference between the radio and the album edits? There was a pretty big difference between the radio and album edits of Always so I was just kinda curious which y’all like better.

  60. darkhorse24

    I’ve loved Restless since the first live version i heard. I think it and Vice Verses are competing for most beautiful song on the album.

    Here come the songs we havn’t heard yet!!!

    1. kim

      Totally agree!

  61. kim

    Restless is beautiful; I fall more in love with it everytime I hear it!

  62. Mi470

    Hey Jeanna, since you have the album, why can’t you post the remaining lyrics?

  63. Justin

    Jeanna, in the back of my mind I’ve been worried that Vice Verses might not live up to the all the hype surrounding it while at the same time I’ve been hoping that it blows people’s minds….so I guess my question is this: In your opinion, does it live up to the hype?

  64. Michael G.

    My only two thoughts other than whats been covered with Restless are this: 1. With the studio version is is it clear that Jon is saying “I can feel you reaching..” etc. as opposed to “Can’t” ? Because I know in the lyrics Chad sent it said “Can”, but i have to say it sounds really hard to determine that its “Can” with both the live versions as well as the radio edit we heard earlier. 2. The only thing that dissapointed me with the radio edit was the fact that the pivotal line “Laughter drinks them dry” didn’t seem to quite have the oomph that I was expecting it to have. So is the album versions vocals any different from the radio edit?

    1. Jinnie

      Yea, I thought it was “can’t” when I heard it LIVE too. I was singing along to “I can’t feel you reaching” — but after a bit, the meaning of the lyrics dawned on me, and I realized I got it wrong haha

  65. wesley

    nice work Job with the OnFire comparison of Restless. I think after hearing the radio edit alot of times and seeing it once live that Restless is already in my top 5 Switchfoot songs. The song is so incredibly beautiful on many levels. i can’t wait to hear the full record version.

    and as far as the comments of worshipful/soulful music, this is it for sure!

  66. mattbrw08

    it would be great if you could explain the difference of the Radio version of Restless we have heard to the Album version

  67. Jacob

    Ok I have a theory regarding Where I Belong, so just in case im close or right and you dont want the idea in your head before you find out the truth…

    *********SPOILER ALERT********
    Ok so in the video where the guys listen to Vice Verses front to back with Neal Avron, we barely hear the last little bit of the record… Obviously at that point theyre listening to the very end of the last song (Where I Belong) but the lyrics are from Afterlife, even though it doesnt sound like Afterlife “together now, forever now, forever…” Now Jeanna has already responded to the question of a reprise like Red Eyes with a no… So heres what im thinking… obviously we have some repetition of Afterlife; but its not to the same music… so is it just a thematic lyrical reprise and not a musical one… I kind of imagine it like this: Where I Belong seems to kind of yearn for the time where were all in heaven, the Afterlife. In the Afterlife though theres the idea of not waiting and living now. theres that bit about
    “I still believe we can live forever
    You and I we begin forever now
    Forever now
    I still believe in us together
    You and I we’re here together now
    Forever now
    Forever now”

    Well in Where I Belong perhaps the speaker finally arrives there or begins speaking of it with the same words from Afterlife but with a new spin, like hes rethinking his old ideas and seeing things in a new light like were gonna be there together now, forever now….

    Does that make any sense? Im rambling!

    1. Mickykeats

      Hmm, interesting input!

    2. Ashley

      Thats a very interesting thought, I think that would be awesome!

  68. Jinnie

    Restless — I feel that this song reaches its true musical potential LIVE much more than it does in studio form. I just remember that when I heard it live(the first time I heard the song), even without hearing/understanding all the lyrics, the emotional build-up to the bridge part really brought out that yearning and the aching, the drums building into the message of hope it carries–everyone was singing/humming along by then. After coming back home and reading the lyrics, I was amazed at the dept of meaning and the beauty of poetry of the song.

    Yet, when I heard the studio version on the radio (the radio edit), I felt that something core went missing. I went back to see my live recording of the song, and despite poor quality of the video/audio, I could still feel the build-up. So, taking into account of what I’ve heard so far, I feel that this song’s beauty lies in the lyrical content than its musical content–except when it is played live.

    But as I started reading the reviews above, I started remembering those parts of the song, both musically and lyrically, that tugged at my heart, the yearning, the aching, the reaching… Now I’m keeping my hopes up in the full studio version of Restless to bring out that musical build-up I heard/felt before. Lyrically, a true gem. Musically… still deciding. crossing my fingers. :)

  69. Cal

    Jeanna, for many of us, Switchfoots songs, and in particular, a specific album came at a defining time of our lives and helped to bring meaning to our actions and often our walk with God. For me that album was Hello Hurricane, and I get the feeling that Nothing is Sound had the same kind of effect on you, so I’m wondering if you feel like Vice Verses could have that same kind of meaning to some people as Switchfoots previous albums did.

    1. Jacob

      This album is definitely that album for me… and not just because its the first one thats come out while i was a huge fan of the band! with the exception of perhaps NiS I find myself liking more of the songs off this album than others on the first listen or two. And a step ahead of NiS, but only barely, I have yet to not love a song off of Vice Verses! They all either interest me musically or touch me lyrically and, being young, im kind of in a tough place for the first real time in my life… Vice Verses makes it easier!Im so freaking excited for it!

      1. i am who i am

        The Original is the only song I haven’t been in love with that I’ve heard off of Vice Verses, thus far. And that’s pretty impressive to me, considering that with Hello Hurricane (despite it being the Switchfoot album second to only Nothing is Sound to me) a few of the songs I heard live, I didn’t really like. Bullet Soul, Mess of Me, The Sound (I loved the studio version, but it took a little while for me to really appreciate it… it was really only after I saw the video), Hello Hurricane and Always. So Needle was really the only song I loved from Hurricane, before it was released. So I’m pretty excited that I love pretty well all the songs off Vice Verses I’ve heard.

  70. hadassah

    may i get a copy of the album too jeanna?!!!

  71. pam b

    Thank you, Jeanna and Job for taking the time to do such thorough reviews. I wish I could put into words how I feel about SF’s songs but all I can come up with is something like, “I love the sound effects” and the like. :0)

  72. kim

    I’m so excited that you guys love Blinding Light!!! cause I loved it when I heard it at Bro-am but if you remember I couldn’t explain except to say that it was islandy! To know that we feel the same way; I’m soooooo much more excited than I aready was for #viceverses!

  73. Ian H.

    hmmm. “Blinding Light” is islandy, so is it guitar based, or rhythm based? Would this rank upon the better half, or the 2nd best half of the record?

  74. Mi470

    Selling the News tomorrow? That would be great. I feel like that song has potential to be the next “The Sound”.

  75. Fed

    The last Song these guys make should end with the first song the made just a thought

    1. Jacob

      You mean reprise their very first song on their very last one?…. That would be amazing… but then how would you define their first song cuz you could say the first song off of Legend of Chin or you might say thats not an accurate representation of what the band is now due to the lack of Drew and Romey, and therefore say the first song that all 5 of them worked on together etc..

  76. Tyler Smith

    Blinding Light is one of only three songs that I hadn’t heard anything of before I got my copy of Vice Verses….. and I was really excited when I heard the song for the first time. I was expecting it to be a weaker track since I hadn’t heard anything about it… That’s not the case. It does have a reggae feel to it. I like the lyrics “Hey girl.. don’t conform now.. No one else has got soul like you.. hey girl, you’re a strong one.. but none of us are bulletproof.” Lyrics are very hopeful and trying to give us confidence in who we are, but also realizing… this life is fragile.. keep our eyes fixed on the blinding light and the “hope that gives me life!” Love it!!

    1. Blase

      How do you already have Vice Verses? And could you give me the lyrics to Blinding Light or no? I’m assuming there is some legal matter, that must be why Jeanna hasn’t posted the lyrics to the rest of the songs.

  77. Josh H

    So would you compare Blinding Light to Gone? The idea sounds similar to Gone to me

  78. Jared

    “Hey boy, don’t believe them, we’re the nation that eats our youth, hey boy, don’t believe them, none of us our bullet proof”


  79. darkhorse24

    Man i’ve always loved those switchfoot songs that just make you smile. The Setting Sun has always been one of those to me. Can’t wait to hear Blinding Light!

  80. Victoria

    You can really hear the C.S. Lewis influence in Restless. The imagery really reminds me of Narnia.
    By the way, really great reviews guys! I’m so psyched for Blinding Light- the lyrics sound so awesome.

    1. Jinnie

      I second this! All the discussion about the song’s “yearning” and “hope” imagery reminded me of C. S. Lewis’ Surprised by Joy.

  81. Jason

    As much as I appreciate your song by song review, I find myself a little jealous and somewhat resentful that you have your copy of the album and we don’t. :o ) It is almost like you are rubbing our nose in the fact that you get special perks and we don’t. :o / You are making September 27, 2011, seem like it is 100 years away. :o (

  82. i am who i am

    Really excited to hear Blinding Light now. I’m happy to hear it mentioned with The Setting Sun, a song that’s been really meaningful to me, especially lately. From the description it sounds like the type of song I’m going to like a lot. Can’t wait to hear it! Hurry up, September 27th!

  83. Alicia

    I am so excited, I’m going to a Switchfoot concert on Saturday (August 13th)! :)

  84. Blase

    Are you guys gonna add the lyrics to blinding light to the Vice Verses album lyrics?

    1. Jinnie

      You might wanna pop over to http://landofbrokenhearts.org/archive/2011/08/vice-verses-faq/ and read #32 about future posting of VV lyrics.

  85. Mi470

    What is the overall message that’s getting across in Selling the News?

    1. J

      Based on what I’ve heard: The line “selling the news” itself means they’re making the news more like an advertisement. They’re beefing it up with opinions and/or plain lies to make it more appealing. Which…is not awesome. haha

  86. Jacob


    Firat cover i know of for Dark Horses for us people who wanna know how to play it!

  87. Daniel

    Hey Jeanna, I was wondering if you knew when we would be able to hear clips/previews of every song? In previous albums, the band or some other website usually posts clips of every song around this point in time before the official release.

  88. Abisai V

    This is going to be a hit-or-miss type of prediction. We all know that for Switchfoot album arrangement is key. Hello Hurricane told a very nice story about troubles and tribulations and how even after we overcome them, the cycle repeats again. I don’t know why (Probably because I just re-read the book) but from what I’ve heard and read on the reviews of Vice Verses, it reminds me so much of The Pilgrim’s Progress.

    I know it sounds crazy to take a leap when I haven’t even heard the whole album yet, but there are major signs that lead me to believe.
    -The first major sign is The Blinding Light. If you’ve read the book, you know that Christian is told by Evangelist to always keep his sight on the “shining light” so as to not lose direction from the Celestial City.
    -Afterlife could very well be the sudden spark inside of Christian that makes him realize he doesn’t want to stay in The City of Destruction (very similar to Something More aka Augustine’s Confession) “I still believe in us together” could refer to how Christian still yearns for his family to one day follow him, since they rejected him
    -I take a controversial approach on The Original. I feel that it’s the people in The City of Destruction mocking him for his change of heart. In the story, Christian is told numerous times that he will fail, since others have failed and that he is no original.
    -The War inside could be the doubts that begin to creep up in Christian as he faces adversity after adversity
    -Restless is the reawakening of Christian’s hope to find the Celestial City. “I am restless, looking for you” is his motivation in the hopes to one day come face to face with the only one that can save him
    -I imagine Selling the News as the Vanity Fair. Christian is bombarded by mundane vanities and pleasures that try to lure him from his destination. The whole idea of the world trying to sell you something just gives me that feeling.
    -Dark Horses could be after Christian earns his armor that allows him to put up a battle against any opposition. He was down, but was never out and is now ready to get up and keep fighting
    -Thrive and Rise Above it could be more hopeful songs about not giving up and keeping on
    -Vice Verses is the conclusion of Christian’s life. I imagine this is what is going through Christian’s mind as he is crossing the River of Death. As Christian is reaching death, his life is flashing through his mind.
    -Where I Belong. My theory on this has to be accredited to an earlier comment (the one with the Spoiler Alert) about this having the same lines as Afterlife. Christian has finally reached the end of his long journey and finds himself in the Celestial City, the place he really belongs. Unknown to Christian, his family has already begun to follow him on the same journey, so “forever now” could represent the fact that Christian will, after all, be at last is with his family for eternity.
    I would not be surprised if no one shares my belief, but I recommend you at least do some background on Paul Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. There are some really cool short cartoons on YouTube or you could read the summary at Sparknotes. God Bless

    1. i am who i am

      I never thought of that before… but it lines up quite nicely, good job. Whether its a coincidence or not though, I don’t know

    2. JonnyL

      Abisai, I really like your thoughts and your interpretation of the album (even thought neither of us have heard the whole thing!). That’s a very creative, well-thought out reflection and even if the band didn’t intend the album to be that way, I think it’s great. Everyone must understand the artwork differently and I am thankful you shared your understanding with us! I think I may have to go back and read the book myself– a children’s version of it was read to me when I was young.

      1. Abisai V

        Thanks ‘I am and Jonny for your replies. I was really iffy about posting my interpretation due to the fact that I doubt that books like The Pilgrim’s Progress get read these days. (I hope no one takes offense to that) I actually cut some pieces out of my post since I feared that if I made it any longer, people would just get too confused or lose interest so I simply opted to put the essential points. You should’ve seen the war inside (pun intended!) that I had over posting it or not. I refreshed the page every half an hour hoping for a reply, so both your replies meant a lot.

        *Jonny, I recommend that you do read it. In fact, I would suggest that find yourself a copy of the book and wait until Sept. 27 so you can read it as you listen to Vice Verses. I’m sure it would make the reading experience that much better. Anyways, if you or anyone else is interested, I will gladly post the rest of my discoveries. God Bless

        1. Ahlem

          I’m interested :) .

        2. Ahlem

          Oh btw I just discovered a ‘notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ option below the ‘post comment’ button. This way you don’t have to refresh the page every 30 min :P .

  89. Ian H.

    Excited for “Selling the News” Ive been waiting for the ‘rapping’ so bad! How does the song end, I feel it should end with a “SHA-BANG!” Or maybe it slows down and transitions nicely to “Thrive” which I think is the next song on the album

  90. Ahlem

    Thanks a lot for the reviews. I always get so excited when I see there’s a new one up. I wasn’t expecting much, but now I heard some parts and with these reviews I Can hardly wait for vv!

    The same thing applies to the Original. The lyrics weren’t that innovative to me, but this motown sound pleasantly surprised me. :D

  91. Tyler Smith

    I’ve had the album for a few weeks now… and I’ll admit that I thought highly of “Selling the News” at first but it wasn’t always one of the first ones I turned to for the album… But lately I’ve started to appreciate the song more and more and it really is a great song. Lyrically and musically both…. so glad they put it on Vice Verses!

    1. Blase

      How do you have the record already?

  92. Tyler Smith

    Best lyrics on this album: Selling the News, Restless, Vice Verses.

  93. J

    Selling the News is what I’ve been most excited about. What better way to showcase Jon’s unbeatable lyrics than a genre that focuses on them specifically. I can’t wait to hear it. Also, interested to see how it sets up the listener for the (what I assume is quieter/more gentle) Thrive.

  94. Ahlem

    I have a question for the J’s and every one else who listened to the album (Tyler?): the guys spoke about their influences for the album and I remember Tim naming Arcade Fire, Jon the Beastie Boys and Chad motown. Are there any specific songs in wich you hear a certain influence?

    1. J

      Um for the record I haven’t heard anything outside what any other fan has heard hahaha. I’m not THAT special :P

      1. Ahlem

        I could have seen that one coming :p. Of course you are! You’re a miracle and you’re not alone. :o

    2. Tyler Smith

      I haven’t heard much of Arcade Fire other than the song Switchfoot covered of them in their bootlegs… Definitely The Original for Motown, especially in the middle and the end. I feel like “Rise Above It” and “Selling the News” have a little Beastie Boys feel to them, but not a ton. Musically this album feels like it draws from a ton of different influences.. which is cool, especially when you consider the boys still give every song the Switchfoot feel.

      1. Ahlem

        From what I’ve heard I do hear a bit of a Hip hop meets rock sound, like in The War Inside. That kind of reminded me of the beastie boys.
        I totally get where you’re coming from, even though they have drawn from so many music styles, you can still recognise a switchfoot song. Especially because of Jon’s lyrics, I guess.

        Hmm.. Curious to what Where I belong sounds like. It must be something like they’ve never done before.

        1. Tyler Smith

          Yeah… Jon also sounds Bono-ish in The War Inside and Restless.

          Where I belong is one of my favorites.. such a great album closer.

  95. Lukezilla

    Thrive review soon?
    I’ve been dying to hear the album version; I’m hoping a couple tantalizing descriptions will somehow be able to hold me over until the album drops.

  96. Jacob

    patiently* waiting for another review O.O

  97. Carol Neves

    This review is epic, thanks alot Jeanna and Job! I’m so anxious about VV that I try to listens to other bands so I don’t start suffering. I bought my pre order but it’s gonna take a month for it to get here, so thank you both very very much for letting me know that the guys are pratcly going to blow my mind, I wish you both lifetime of kisses and cake.

  98. nick

    not to be rude, but… Thrive review please! its one of my most anticipated of the new album and im dyin to here a review…

  99. kim

    WOW! OK, every song is so WOW… how many more days?! :)

  100. lola


  101. Josh H

    Been waiting anxiously for this review.. I’m so stoked for Thrive. I love how you put it with Jon peaking at diaries. I would have to say him and Matt Thiessen are some of the greatest songwriters of our generation.

  102. Alicia

    Jeanna and Job thank you for the Thrive review, I think it will definitely be a favorite song of mine. I love how you both described the song, and Im so glad that the studio version is just as good, or even better than the live version! :)

  103. mattbrw08

    wow. cant wait. no other words necessary.

  104. miketrav87

    Am I the only one that remembers there was supposed to be some big announcement today? Is that still happening? Will it happen tomorrow? Update please! :)

    1. Mi470

      Yeah! Where’s this announcement? By the way, I am sooooo emotionally excited for Thrive! I feel like laughing and crying and shouting “Yes!” all at the same time! SOOOOOOOO beautiful!

  105. Becca W.

    Awesome reviews guys!!! I can’t wait till VV comes out! And then I have to wait till November to get it ’cause I live in Central America and a friend in th USA is mailing it to me :(

  106. Tia

    Where is the big announcement? And does ne one remember today is Tim’s birthday? We love yuh TiM here in maryland!

  107. Matthew

    From the way Jeanna described Thrive (the “sexy” guitars), I pictured it sounding like John Mayer’s Gravity… but Job said it’s like Meant to Live. Those two songs sound nothing alike. What do the guitars sound like? Is there any distortian on them?

    1. J

      I think he meant the message is like Meant to Live (in a softer way).

      VERY interested to hear this song now. Love the experiments and new directions Switchfoot is taking

  108. Lukezilla

    Awe yeah.
    Thanks for the Thrive reviews; I love the acoustic version and can’t wait to hear the album version!

  109. Jacob

    Really intrigued to hear Thrive now!

  110. KirbyW

    Dude I’m so pumped for Thrive!!!!! Sounds like Tim was right about this song all along.

  111. Jinnie

    Job, I love this line, “Do we truly live or do we simply grip the steering wheel, press the pedal, and drive into a murky wasteland of mental and spiritual mediocrity?” so much, that I’m gonna quote it on my twitter. haha Please don’t take it awkwardly. It sounds very much quotable, in my humble opinion… I mean, I haven’t heard Thrive yet, but from yours and Jeanna’s descriptions, I cannot wait! (I feel like I’m saying this for every single song review you guys are putting up, but really, can’t help the anticipation. :D )

  112. Ian H.

    Does anyone feel that they should skip Dark Horses because weve already heard it? haha kidding, but besides Dark Horses I’m excited for the next couple of reviews, especially Rise Above It and VV and Where I Belong.
    oh and I hope the surprise from twitter gets here soon!!

    1. Lukezilla

      Why ‘Rise Above It’ and not ‘Souvenirs’? I mean do we even know anything about either of these songs?
      Anyways, while I am interested in hearing what Jeanna and Job think about ‘Dark Horses’ in the context of the rest of the album, I must say that I’m especially excited about the last four songs.
      I mean, personally, I don’t know anything at all about ‘Rise Above It’ and ‘Souvenirs;’ so I’m very curious about them. And ‘Vice Verses’ is already my favorite of Jons’ acoustic songs; I can’t wait to hear how they made it fit on this album. And everyone who has heard ‘Where I Belong’ gushes about how good it is …

      1. nick

        i say they should post Dark Horses along with the next song off the record (Souvenirs i think…?). like both of them at the same time :) haha i know, keep dreaming right??

        1. Lukezilla

          Don’t even start me on dreaming. I just might become deluded enough to purchase a ‘time machine’ off of Ebay as a sort of last ditch effort to hear the album before its release. :-P

          1. Ian H.

            Ooops, I totally forgot about Souveniers!

    2. Tyler Smith

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised with “Souvenirs.” Beautiful slower song about memories in life.. I think that song is destined to be on a big movie.

  113. Jimbo

    Gasping in horror at sensuality in music? That’s a bit hilarious.

  114. Lukezilla

    By the way, when I read Jobs’ Thrive review I feel like he’s describing a fine cheese…

    1. Lukezilla

      … or maybe a really nice cologne, something FANCY.

  115. scswitchfooter

    So glad to read the review on Thrive. One of my favs since I heard it. I love how Jon manages to be almost confessional in many of his songs. Letting us in on his failures, disappointments and hopes. This song speaks to me of all the before mentioned. Thrive takes me to a personal place where you admit your flaws and leave yourself open to criticism. But like so many SF songs, hope is the resounding theme that lifts you up. I can’t wait to hear to album version.

  116. racheal

    will hello hurricane live be released outside of the preorder packages?

  117. Ian H.

    Hey Jeanna, are the lyrics EXACTLY the same in ”Thrive” and ”Vice Verses”?

  118. Ian H.

    Hey Jeanna, are the lyrics EXACTLY the same in ”Thrive” and ”Vice Verses”?

  119. Skippy43

    Hey Jeanna and Job,
    I’ve been a longtime SF fan and am completely excited for VV! It sounds experimental but I’m a little fearful on it sounding more mainstream i guess. Would u mind tellin me where u rank it as an album compared to the others? Im sure its hard lol but thanks if u do.
    P.S. U do a great job of running this website
    P.P.S. Idk if anyone else asked u the same question so sorry if im being dumb haha XD

  120. Lukezilla

    When I first heard the final version of “Dark Horses” I was as excited as everyone else here but it’s kind of worn off with subsequent listens.
    Honestly the whole song, in spite of the great bass and drum work, sounds a little generic; and I really don’t like the “lalala” part at all. Also I find the whole “we’re Dark Horses” simile to be pretty hard to buy into; it seems forced to me.
    It’s still a great single but I’m thinking it will be my least favorite song on the album.

    1. J

      I believe this is one of the places this song started from. Read it and maybe the ‘dark horses’ idea will seem more clear


  121. Tyler Smith

    Dark Horses has really, really, really grown on me. It’s also in a perfect spot on the album… after some of the more experimental songs, and after the beautiful “Thrive”, Dark Horses kicks in with rockin’ guitars and just a real solid overall rock song. It also will appeal to so many people.. in sports, in life… about being the underdog… but overall we as Christians are often the dark horses in society… and it’s just a feel good song that’s very good musically. A lot of people really liked “Mess of Me” as a lead single… I like Dark Horses better!

  122. Abigail

    Hello Jeanna,
    do you have any new news about international release dates please? :)

  123. Abigail

    Thanks Jeanna!

  124. Tyler Smith

    I think I take the song “Souvenirs” differently… nothing wrong with that. Jon Foreman often speaks of how he wants their fans to “make these songs their own.”

    But for me, Souvenirs isn’t so much about missing someone or an aching past memory.. it’s more about reflecting on life.. the good and the bad memories.. and realizing that nothing lasts forever.. but I wouldn’t trade any experience I’ve ever had.. because every memory is like a souvenir. The song does seem to be speaking about a relationship.. but he might not be singing about one person.. and it could just be the imagery being used in the song.

    When I listen to this song, I honestly think about my past… high school, college, past friendships, experiences… and the song makes me thankful for those experiences, even though at the time I had no idea that “life was just happening”.

    1. Matthew N

      I was actually thinking along the same lines. Good experiences, bad experiences, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything… my souvenirs.”

    2. kim

      I think as we age we see things differently…. I can not wait for September 27th!

  125. Noah

    I want to hear (or at least read the lyrics to) Souvenirs so bad now! Why must Jeanna and Job be such good writers! Ugh.

  126. J

    Sounvenirs: “Nothing lasts forever”

    Afterlife: “You and I we’re here together now, forever now. Forever.”

    Overarching album themes. Just pointing them out as we’re going along. Vice Verses is shaping up to be more and more of a concept album to me.

  127. Ashley

    Souveniers is definitely my most anticipated song off of Vice Verses. I can’t wait to hear it.

  128. Ian H.

    3 more reviews and thats it!! Man these have been really good reviews, its been holding me off ’til Sept. 27! Souveniers sounds like a song I would like.

    1. Jacob

      4 actually! Dont forget Fading West!

      1. Ian H.

        oh snaps, true true!

  129. $w!t(hfr3@K

    Does anyone know if SF will ever have the radio cut of “Restless” up on iTunes or anything like that?
    I am debating whether or not to rip the audio off the Youtube video, because if the radio edit. sounds like the studio version, I don’t want to be stealing music.
    Also, LOBH has the radio edit of “Always” up and it’s not illegal to download that, so basically I am trying to figure out the best way to get the radio edit. of Restless w/out being illegal…or if I should just wait until Vice Verses comes out.

    1. $w!t(hfr3@K

      Thanks…I just looked at the radio edit time, and there is about a difference of a whole minute between radio and studio versions.
      And I actually found just found the radio version on a sight called mp3skull.com.
      In case you wanna share :)

      1. Taylor

        how do you download it? i click on download and it takes me to a blank page with a quicktime symbol with a question mark.

        1. Taylor

          Nvm i got it.

  130. Taylor

    I can’t wait to see how switchfoot pulls off the “Chili-Pepperish” Rise above it! Vice verses is going to be awesome!!!

    1. Lukezilla

      There’s a song on this record that sounds like the Chili Peppers? Where did you hear this?
      Also, this could mean the song is either really funky or really melodic.

      1. Taylor

        People have said it several times while describing rise above it! The funky sound of old chili peppers. I really hope the review comes out today or soon. Out of the songs I have heard I really really like where I belong. The lyrics are soo good!! I can’t wait to hear the studio version or hear it live.

  131. Jacob

    I just remembered, Souvenirs is the song that Drew was personally fighting for on Vice Verses… I really hope I might be able to hear why! But he says Selling the News is his favorite! I wann hear that in that context as well!

  132. nick

    Part 10 today?? Rise Above It??! :) :):)

    1. Jacob

      Like! Bump! Anything!

  133. Carol Neves

    I can’t wait to hear Souveniers and Thrive, I think I’ll cry when it finally happens.

    1. Alyssa Gomez

      I feel the same. I am looking forward to souvenirs the most

  134. Mi470

    Howling??? What’s this about? And what laws is he telling us to rise above?

  135. Gracie

    okay, so there was supposed to be a special fotf acoustic show in norfolk virginia. the email said that the swithcfoot twitter would announce the location in the morning, but they havent yet. does anyone have any ideas where it is?

  136. Seth

    Whenever I think of Rise above it, i think of the song in Cool Runnings. Hopefully its not quite like that.

    1. Tyler Smith

      I do that too.. haha.. But honestly, “Blinding Light” sounds like it could almost be on Cool Runnings.

      For “Rise Above It,” imagine if “Adding to the Noise”, and “Burn out Bright” had a baby and added some flare to it.

      1. Seth

        Nice way to put it. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!

  137. Ian H.

    Vice Verses is such a special song as it is, but I can tell that it’s going to bring something special with my life. I’m really excited, I just preordered and it says that it SHOULD arrive the day of the release date right? gosh its probably going to arrive at like 7pm or something!

    1. Dan

      It’ll probably arrive a couple days before the release actually. Albums usually release on tuesdays, I’ve gotten my pre-ordered copy (NIS, O!G, and HH) the friday or saturday before!

  138. Alicia

    Wow, The Vice Verses review is probably my favorite review so far. I love Vice Verses, of course I have only heard the live versions, but now I can’t wait to hear the album version. Thanks Jeanna and Job for these reviews, you guys do so well. And I also think that Vice Verses is one of the best songs ever written by Jon.

  139. JonnyL

    The idea of the person being a soul trapped in a body (as is sang in “Vice Verses”) is Cartesian (very Platonic) but not very Biblical. The idea of a soul trapped inside a body is in great contrast with the Genesis 2 account, where God makes the man from the dust, then breathes life into him to make him living. In the ancient Hebrew mindset, we aren’t souls trapped in bodies; we’re bodies that have had the Breath (Hebrew also means “Spirit”) of God breathed into us. I think Jon is being poetic and is drawing from a lot of Paul’s writing (which was Greek– therefore Platonic) and trying to describe the tension between the “spirit” and the “flesh” and the desires each have. With all do respect Job, I don’t think Jon means that literally we are just souls. I think it is an aching cry for more– for the redemption of the flesh when all things– heaven AND earth–will be made new again (like freedom in spring…).

    1. Mi470

      Agree! Jon says “I know that there’s a meaning to it all”, and that’s what this song is exploring. It’s searching for the meaning of life and questioning why we are in this state and sometimes how we are afraid of this life and how we need God’s grace (Where is God in the night sky?). We are longing for mire than this flesh and more than this world. We are longing for heaven.

      1. JonnyL

        Definitely! I really like your comments Mi470. (And by the way Job and Jeanna, your reviews are incredible– that’s why I have a strong opinion on one of them!) Just to clarify what I was saying though, Mi470– biblically speaking, Christ followers have hope for a new heaven and a new earth. That’s the hope of Revelation– and of Jesus’ resurrection in the body. So yes– more than this world. A new world in which all of creation is renewed, when the Kingdom comes in its fullness.

  140. Seth

    Strange how Vice Verses is the song off the album I know least. I know it’s been around the longest, but when I first found this site (way back in feb), Vice Verses was somewhat old news, so it took me a while to discover it.

    Btw Jeanna, I think you meant “quiet” guitars instead of “quite” guitars at the end of the first paragraph.

  141. Lukezilla

    Interesting reviews. So this song is all Jon? Do we hear anything from the other band members in this piece at all?
    I can see how this could be the best direction for this song although, personally, I was hoping for a more different take on a song that I’ve already heard, like, forty times.

  142. Mi470

    I’ve seen review sites that describe Vice Verses as a negative song that contradicts the tone of the album and explores emptiness. What’s everyone’s take on this? ‘Cause I don’t want to put negative messages in my mind if what they’re saying is correct. I’ve always liked it, but never analyzed the lyrics to the point that I wanted to.

    1. Job

      it is definitely the sparsest and most desolate, and it does feel like a bit of an odd-ball on the record. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s got a negative message. It’s just an acknowledgement that there is indeed bad in the world, alongside the good.

  143. J

    One month til this album comes out. I cannot wait.

    Also, is the review of Where I Belong gonna contain spoilers? I do trust y’all not to reveal too much, but I’d like some first time listening surprises, and that song seems to be the big finish to this great album.

    1. Job

      You might want to skip the reviews of that one. hehe.

  144. Seth

    Totally random, but does anyone remember what podcast Drew shows off his “Sorry I’m Awesome” shirt?

    1. Alicia

      I believe its Switchfoot podcast episode 35 :)

      1. Seth

        You were right, thanks! I feel bad because my brother kept saying “its 35, its 35!” and I didn’t believe him.

  145. Jacob

    Interesting that Vice Verses seems to be completely Guitar and Vocals… i wonder is there stillnthat little acoustic solo/lead line from Drew?

    Anyways, Where I Belong is next and ive been waiting soooooooooo long for that one!!!

  146. Skippy43

    Hey Jeanna would u say that Vice Verses is one of the songs on this album that takes some getting used to? Since u said u didnt like it at first

  147. mattbrw08

    jeanna, did they leave in the really nice solo towards the end of the song that was played much earlier in the live performances?

    1. jakedasnake

      yeah in those first performances with the cello and stuff, i hope they kept that

  148. nick

    Where I Belong review tomorrow?? That would totally MAKE my entire weekend

  149. Peter

    Job, you did not really give your opinion on how Vice Verses translated from the live versions to the studio version. Which one do you prefer? Do you think the studio version did the song justice?

  150. $w!t(hfr3@K

    A while back, Jon said that Vice Verses is “their best attempt at a worship record.”
    What do you think Jeanna?
    I feel like it is in the fact that the whole album is centered around living and dying. I think I will find myself pondering deeply on many of these songs. :)

  151. Abisai V.

    Part 2 of my Investigation. (This one’s for you, Ahlem)

    Ò The title, Vice Verses, is really a clue itself. I imagine that when Jon came up with the title he was thinking of the common phrase “Vice-Versa”. This phrase was originated in Latin and means: the other way round. Is the Pilgrim’s Progress not about Christian going the opposite way than everybody else?

    Ò Just want to add more to The Original discussion. I insist that this is a mockery of Christian’s new found conviction. They tell him “so you say you’re just a face in city race; wasted and sick of it all”. It can be inferred that this is Atheist who tries to stop Christian from continuing. The mention to the “city race” refers to the journey that Christian is taking to Celestial City.

    Ò Restless talks about “running for the other side, the world that has always been denied. Running hard for the infinite”, referring to Celestial City. However, I am a tad confused about the part “Until the sea of glass we meet; at last completed and complete. Where tide and tear and pain subside”. I am 70% sure he means the River of Death, that when crossed, will lead to a place with no more pain or suffering (hence the tears and pain).

    Ò Dark Horses adds more to the idea of escaping the City of Destruction. “We found a way out; the city (of Destruction) takes everything it can. But outside the crowds, I can feel my lungs again.”

    Ò Part of the chorus in “Thrive” also gives a big hint. “Feels like I travel but I never arrive.” Christian has traveled for some time now and he is growing desperate (a hint towards Doubting Castle and Giant Despair?) since he has yet to feel any closer to the shining light.

    Ò I did not realize the powerful meaning of the lyrics in the second to last track Vice Verses until recently listening to the song again. Christian “walks along the high tide line” shores of the River of Death. He “wonders what it means to live forever?” referring to being moments away from eternity and “wonders what it means to die” due to fear of crossing the waters. “The ocean comes at him like a drunken man” since Christian was warned the crossing would not be easy. In the end Christian decided that he will “let the pacific laugh be on his epitaph” since he is determined to get through the waters. ***To get an idea of what I’m talking about, click on my name and you’ll get a link to part of a video adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress on Youtube.***

    Ò If I could just get more than 5 seconds of Where I Belong I would be able to figure this out. I keep listening to the same clip in the Listening Session hoping to figure out something but I can’t. We know that it has repeated lyrics “forever now” from Afterlife. In context, Christian is already in Celestial City. From what I can hear, it sounds like an organ in the background. Am I the only one that gets a feeling of ‘heaven’ when listening to it? It reminds me of final 3 minutes of Death Bed by Relient K after the man goes to heaven. I imagine that it’s either God telling Christian that his family is on their way to be with him “forever” or the song is being told now in the perspective of Christian’s wife. (The book has 2 parts, the first in Christian’s POV and the second told by his wife). I am leaning towards Where I Belong marking the end of Christian’s journey and the beginning of Christiana’s (his wife) ala Hello Hurricane.

    1. Ahlem

      Thanks a lot for the elaboration! I’m amazed at how seamlessly the story fits to the songs. Whether it was really written with the story in mind or not, you sure did find some interesting things. I recall Jon saying that the band like to put hidden gems in their music, even though probably only one person would notice them. You might be that person =).

  152. Jim Is The Man

    Great reviews so far from both of you. I can’t wait till Part 12; after watching the one-minute clip of the guys playing Where I Belong, Where I Belong has become my most-anticipated song from Vice Verses. Something about the song deeply resonated with me–the lyrics, the vocals, and the music are all stellar. Literally some of the best lyrics Jon has written, in my opinion–and that’s saying something.

  153. Mi470

    No joke, this review makes me wanna cry a little. The beauty of this song has and will sink into my soul forever. I’m really excited to hear this song, and it will indeed take the place of Red’s “Take It All Away” as the best album closer in history. By the way, Jeanna, could you post the list in order of your favorite songs from this record, starting at 1 and ending at 12? I value your opinion and wanna compare it to mine…

    1. Seth

      Only problem is that “Take it All Away” isn’t the closing song of Innocence & Instinct. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song too, but tecnically speaking “Out from Under” is the closer and “Take it All Away” is a bonus track.

      1. Mi470

        The version I bought of Innocence & Instinct was the regular version. Out From Hnder wasn’t even on that. I bought it on iTunes. Instead it was Forever and Take It All Away was the closing track. I’m not lying. It’s a great album ender. Where I Belong will be better though. :)

        1. Seth

          Huh. Don’t know how but I got a different version. I bought the deluxe package from iTunes a couple months ago.

    2. $w!t(hfr3@K

      RED and Switchfoot should totally tour again sometime! That would be awesome ;) !!!

      1. Seth

        I second that. Red is a great band, and we already know how great Switchfoot is!

  154. kim

    I can not say anything other than WOW.

  155. Dan

    Do you folks plan on writing up conclusions to your reviews?

  156. P

    Jeanna! after having the album for a while now. (I asked you this question after your first heard it) Do you think this is Switchfoots best album? Lyrically and Musically or just one of those?

  157. Jim

    Fantastic reviews from both of you–but as much as I dislike being a grammar Nazi, isn’t “brilliant edition” supposed to be “brilliant addition” (in Jeanna’s review of the title track)? Other than that I thought your writing has even improved from your reviews of Hello Hurricane. Bravo. Also, a bravo for Switchfoot for apparently making an album even better than Hello Hurricane, judging by your reviews of both Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses.

  158. Dave

    Thanks for the reviews on Where I Belong, guys – my anticipation for hearing that song is reaching uncomfortable proportions haha. From the sounds of it, it’s going to be another one of those Switchfoot songs that put a spring in my step on a day that I’m struggling.
    Vice Verses comes out this month! Can’t wait.

  159. Seth

    Great review, of Where I Belong and the album. Also I remember when the youtube vid came out and you said you forgot there was a song by that name. Can’t wait to hear this song!!! Btw, thanks to both of you for not spoiling the song. Your reviews sparked my interest sooooo much more than I thought possible!

    As Jim was saying, I hate being a grammar Nazi or sounding like your mother correcting your spelling Jeanna, but I think you meant “And if you need to *hear the reason why…”

  160. NeedleGirl


    1. Jacob

      :D ^same^

  161. Mi470

    Jeanna, I don’t get this. I thought Fading West wasn’t a bonustrack anymore. Why review it? Will you tell us it’s plans in the review?

  162. Matthew

    Right now I’m pictureing Where I Belong sounding like a mellower, switchfootyer Death Bed (Relient K). I hope I’m right.

    1. Justin

      Death Bed is like one of my all time favorite songs. If Where I Belong is in fact similar, I might explode

    2. $w!t(hfr3@K

      Death Bed Yeah!

  163. Julia

    Oh jeanna spoke my mine out for where I belong song review! Same vibes and yes I thought I was confused by being reminded of restless’ “until the sea of glass we meet at last completed and complete” in putting this song into visuals! Simply can’t wait for ittttt but I know it’s gonna be a darn good wait. :)

  164. J

    Speechless. Just the lyric drops, and y’all describing the music. Thrive is a hands down favorite, the lyrics are unbeatable. But Where I Belong is already getting to me, and I haven’t heard one note of it yet.

    > 1 month y’all

  165. CCM Magazine Cover; Fiction Family Show

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  166. Sam Kisaka

    Man, you guys right such awesome/tantalizing reviews! Thank you so much for all the work and effort you put into this site, it’s a real blessing to me :) Ive come to this site for everything to do with switchfoot for a long time, but just started using the comments section. Also, Jeanna, i have a question: I was one of the winners of the twitter contest, and apparently they are giving the album a week early, but i was wondering if you knew if the version that we get is just a copy of the album or something a little more special? Because i wanted to pre-order the album from the SF site, but if I get the whole deluxe package for free then i would just have two sets.. So i was wondering about your thoughts on that?? :)

    1. Sam Kisaka

      whoops *write

  167. ashley

    Yes! I have been waiting for the “Where I Belong” review! I remember the first time I watched the video clip from youtube and I fell in love with this song and couldn’t wait to hear more. Then the guys rehearsed this song at the concert I went to in Oklahoma City, and it was amazing! Ever since that video clip I knew this was going to be one of my favorite songs from Vice Verses. Wow Jeanna and Job, your interviews are even better than I had hoped! Thank you guys so much! I am now even more excited for Vice Verses, which I didn’t think that was possible. :)

  168. shane stearns

    i disagree on your comments about ‘rise above’…it’s sounds nothing the sound or bullet soul. this is really poppy and enjoyable but in a really unique way. he goes for a more simple, non-soaring chorus, more like 4:12. this song wouldn’t have fit on HH.

  169. TheSecondFoot

    Thanks for the review. It was well done. Cause I was wondering what it wounded like kind of but I didn’t want to hear the songs yet. So thanks. Maybe you guys should make a data base where fans could send in their reviews of albums. That would be interesting and might keep some people on this website a little longer. Just a thought cause that would be fun to make one and read others

  170. TheSecondFoot

    I can understand that. I just had an interesting thought and wanted to put it out there. I don’t know how to work websites but you’re in control and I’ll honor that. I didn’t find this website until I wanted to know some news on Vice Verses and so I searched it and I found this (must I say) well done website. So I explored and then I realized that I liked the website a lot so I figured out how to make a username and stuff like that. Anyways, (sorry for getting completely off topic) just saying thanks. One last thing, when you start the 12 days of discussing songs. Cause I pre-ordeded my super deluxe and Idk if it comes on the day the album comes out or it gets shipped the day the album comes out.

  171. little drummer girl

    Ok reading this -”The lonesome man in “Vice Verses” walks along a fairly crowded sidewalk. He is no longer downcast, but has his eyes focused ahead. He even ventures a slight smile.” seriously gave me goosebumps. What a GREAT way to descibe that song! I have a feeling that’s going to be my favorite Switchfoot song.

  172. Taylor

    Wow I knew “Where I belong” was going to be awesome!! Can’t wait to hear it! I’m going to be so tempted when I get the album to just skip to it..but I know I can’t do that lol.

  173. Carol Neves

    Dude I cried reading all this, it’s all so… No band in this world deserves my love more than Switchfoot does, I mean they taught mr how love cam be worth it, how faith is still needed, that I can be strong, that music really needs to mean something and that an awesome melody can be killed by meaningless lyrics and oh God how I love them, I love LOBH this place is home made up of smiles and ugh love just love and peace
    I’m too sentimental right now and I have Jeanna an Job to blame.

  174. Jacob

    Glad to hear Fading West is a good song! And even one of the best B-sides ever! I was worried when it showed up at the bottom of Jeannas list… forgetting the time that it was the bonus track not a fully fledged song on the album… and if the Original is Jeannas least favorite but she still has so many good things to say about it than this album must be great!

  175. J

    Fading West seems/sounds like it was supposed to be the title/main track for “Eastern Hymns for Western Shores.” Especially with Job’s review.


  176. Seth

    still no word on how we can get our hands on fading west?

  177. Nicole

    Now I really want to hear Fading West! I didn’t even know it existed.

    All your descriptions of the songs are SO accurate, especially “Where I Belong.” It’s so hard to put into words. But I get chills EVERY time I hear the “I still believe we can live forever, you and I we begin forever now, forever now…” at the end. I see a pattern here.. with the “In this haystack life…” at the end of Red Eyes. They’re both SO powerful. Love it.

  178. Briana

    I really hope we’ll be able to hear Fading West soon! I didn’t know anything about it until after reading your review, and it sounds like a song I could definitely relate to! (Born and raised in San Diego, but currently attending college out of state.) Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on it soon so I can jam out to it the whole way back!

  179. brad

    When we getting samples?

  180. Sir Carlos Gomez I

    I know I am going to love Fading West, considering I was born in Cali and lived there for 12 years…every now and then I do miss it…rarely but I do. So I think this song will bring on some nostalgia for me…

  181. Miketrav87

    Any idea when preview clips of the songs will go up somewhere?

  182. “We know we’re not guaranteed tomorrow”; Fading West’s movie feature

    [...] talk that it might be a b-side for the album. (Read more about “Fading West” HERE) – so if you’re really dying to hear that song, see if you can get the movie! You can [...]

  183. Alyssa Gomez

    I feel like Rise Above It is almost like they are saying “We are evolving and experimenting, but we are still switchfoot.”

  184. Alyssa Gomez

    I remember when I played the live version of The War Inside for my best friend. She is familiar with their music because I am ALWAYS playing it. Conversation went as follows:
    “Kyle, listen to this new Switchfoot song, it’s sooo cool”
    *starts song*
    “Is that…Switchfoot?! There is no way…are you sure? That really doesn’t sound like them.”
    “Isn’t it great though?!”
    “It’s great, I just can’t believe that’s Switchfoot!”