59 responses to “Switchfoot on Jimmy Kimmel – Complete Coverage”

  1. Asel

    Hi-hi-hilarious! LOL!

    1. Carrie

      I love how Tim is “trying” to pull the guy back, even though he is like twice Tim’s size!
      Dark Horses looks awesome! Love it when the guys get tv time :)

  2. Nobin

    Where i belong doesnt work! =(

  3. Elaine

    Awesome show! I was against the barrier and Jon was right above me before he jumped down! Can’t believe how well is does his balancing act with the assistance of the fans of course! Hearing 4 new songs made the night for me!

  4. rachel

    Is this what you do at 12 A.M. for entertainment? :) I set my alarm but pressed snooze and kept on sleeping probably what they are doing right now as my work day begins. :)

  5. Winnie


  6. Jacob

    All the “Where I Belong” videos are making this a tough week to hold out! I cant even imagine if I was waiting on the whole cd right now!

    1. NeedleGirl

      I’m still waiting for the whole album! Only one week from today, hallelujah!!

      1. i am who i am

        Have you heard even any live versions of Vice Verses’ songs, NeedleGirl?

        1. NeedleGirl

          Yes, I admit I have – I wasn’t THAT self-disciplined!

    2. Stefan

      I haven’t listened to any of the Where I Belong videos either. I was listening to the radio on the way home from work today, and K Love was playing a song I didn’t recognize. I was confused at first because I knew it was Jon Foreman singing but didn’t know what song it was. Apparently K Love is playing Where I Belong now!

  7. Ian W.

    Man I wanted to go and I only live like an 1hr and 30min away from hollywood but simply put driving is not my strong suit. They better play War Inside and Where I Belong on OCt. 11th at The Wiltern.

    1. Seth

      I’m going to that show, and you’re right, they better!

      1. Ian H.

        ME TOO! haha yeah i hope they play the album from front to back like they did with HH

        1. Ian W.

          Unfortunately i don’t think that gonna happen while they tours with Anberlin because instead of an hour-ish of new album and then an hour-ish of past songs they have an hour-ish for each band. Maybe if they do a VV tour after the Europe tour. But this one with Anberlin isn’t technically a VV tour.

          1. Jacob

            im going to the concert on oct 21st in phoenix, its the first one on the tour without Anberlin, does that make it likely theyll play vice verses front to back for us?

          2. Ian W.

            I’d say there’s a better chance but I’m not them so I don’t know.

          3. Seth

            I don’t think so either, and here’s my reasoning: If they were doing a VV tour after the European tour, they’d have been promoting it for a long time already. We’d probably know about it by now. Since there’s been rumors by Jon, they might do it later. How many months after HH came out did they start the HH tour?

  8. Matheus Seidel

    there was an interview on Jimmy Kimmel too or just the show?

    1. Wes

      Just the show. The Jimmy Kimmel show has two audiences. They record the main part of the show with the guests inside the studio with one audience. The outdoor concert stage is right behind the studio. The audience for the band wait and watch the show being recorded on screens while standing in front of the stage waiting for the band segment (the anticipation was intense for me). Then Jimmy Kimmel comes out to the back where the stage is and they film the intro and the band plays. Then Kimmel does the end “goodnight everyone” etc etc. After that, Switchfoot played the extra songs (The War Inside, Restless, Where I Belong).

  9. Ken

    Whenever they play in front of cameras it seems a bit different. Maybe it’s the nerves?

  10. Stephanie

    Looove Jon’s face in the picture. hahaha.

  11. Gracie

    I stayed up until 1 am to watch this on tv, it was worth it though. But when I got up for school this morning, I was so tired I told my mom I was sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school. The things I do for Switchfoot… :)

    1. Ian H.

      haha dang, I was going to but the thought of going in for work the next day sounded horrible, so I didnt see it.

    2. Seth

      Haha, my mom would never let me get off that easy. She thinks I’m crazy cuz i’m going to the wiltern show on a tuesday after class. I dont have class on weds but I have to leave right after school!

      1. Ian W.

        yeah getting for college that wed. is not going to be fun for me. I have a 9:30AM Chem class and i live and hour away from school (Cal State Northridge)

  12. Erika

    HAHAHAHA I loved the pic! “Chad, eyes of fire” lol

  13. Ian H.

    Romey is looks like hes laughing! haha Drew is just being Drew

  14. Tia

    I WATCHED SF LIVE LAST NIGHT!! THEY WERE SPECTACULAR AS USUAL! For some reason, I can imagine Tim dangling from that guy’s arm as he holds on….that wasnt meant to be mean or anything. Its just that Tim is really small…but thats okay cuz Im shorter than him anyways so…

  15. Andrew

    they missed tims bass jump in the sound :(

  16. famgirl

    wow, that is the best pic ever!! although Chad looks a little creepy….

  17. Cody

    the funny thing is i went to sleep around 6 am. and didn’t watch it because i don’t have cable.

  18. Wes

    I went to Jimmy Kimmel last night too! It was so much fun. The outdoor theater is designed so you can get really close to the stage. That was a free mini concert! There were probably about 300 fans there. That photo above is with a UFC fighter who was interviewed on the show before the band played. The whole thing went like this: There were two lines outside of the theater. One was priority and one was general. The tickets were free and you got priority or general depending on when you went online and requested your tickets. As far as I know, everyone got in to the show. The said no cameras or phones but lots of people brought their phones in. I wish I had brought mine now! A few with cameras were turned away and told take them back to their cars before getting in. You walked through a metal detector and once inside they screened the show live on giant screens for us to watch while we waited for Switchfoot. After Dark Horses and The Sound, they played The War Inside, Restless, and Where I Belong. It looks like the YouTube videos were removed at the links above. It was a great night. The crowd was really nice too. Well LOBHers, less than a week until Vice Verses and less than a month until the LA show on Oct. 11 for those of us in SoCal! I hope those of you going to the Wilmington, NC show this week and the others following have a great time!

  19. aurban

    may i say something?
    first off, anytime switchfoot plays on TV rocks.
    but, i just didn’t feel the performance was there. and maybe it was the nerves of playing on TV, but i see something bigger.
    I remember hearing from jeanna (correct me if i’m wrong), that in VV, it was their greatest attempt to put their energy from their live shows to a CD, and i think that is the case for ‘dark horses’.
    but then, when they play it live, you just kinda expect that energy.

    i don’t know. maybe i’m completely wrong. any input on this??

  20. Anabell

    I was there! In the center but second row. Behind the girl with the poster. Cant wait to see them at the wiltern :D
    PS I uploaded footage of “Restless”, “The War Inside” and “Where I Belong” to my youtube channel. I hope it doesn’t get taken down.

    1. Wendi

      Good luck – my videos were removed via Disney’s request to Youtube :(

  21. Josh

    What did Jon ever do to you? hahahaha!

  22. Kyle

    For me the “Where I Belong” video is saying that it is unavailable do to a copyright claim by Disney… Weird.

    1. Ian W.

      jimmy kimmel = abc =disney

  23. Becca

    love the picture!! Where I Belong didn’t work though :(

  24. Mi470

    Hey! Does anyone know when they’ll actually SEND OUT our packages? I want a tracking number! :(

  25. Justin

    Lol this is totally unrelated to this post but Jeanna do you still need help on mp3s?

  26. Wendi

    Sorry guys…Disney contacted Youtube to remove my videos due to copyright infringement. Really, how does this harm the show?? They didn’t even get through the first 1/2 of “The Sound”. That’s not right.

    1. Wes

      Thanks to those of you who posted videos of the Jimmy Kimmel show! It was nice to re-experience it. It looks like Anabell’s video is still on YouTube. Hopefully someone filmed some of the Tree Hill, er, I mean Wilmington, NC show tonight. That’s great that you got your CD today! Hopefully tomorrow or the next day for me.

  27. Joel W

    Switchfoot is soooo ridiculously beyond good live.

  28. Kayla

    Nobody else normally stays up until 1 AM? Am I really the only one…? The perks of being homeschooled, I guess.
    Also, was anyone else seriously concerned that Jon was going to fall during The Sound? I’m used to Jon’s live antics, but he looked REALLY off balance when he got up on that rail. The whole time, I was thinking, “At least don’t fall while the cameras are rolling!”, haha.

  29. Wendi

    Did anyone catch Jon struggling with the mic cord. How frustrating!

  30. Hadassah

    lol tim is so short compared to the other guy. oh yeah i was tempted to listen to “selling the news and rise above it” it sounds so freaking awesome, i do hear a lot of chad in both songs.

  31. Josh

    Hey does anyone know when preorders will be shipped?

    1. Mi470

      Asked the same thing, contacted Bandfarm. Should be sent out today or tomorrow. Should be here Friday or Saturday (depending on how close to California you are).

      1. Jacob

        That is notably before Tuesday! Looks like Christmas comes early this year :D i will never regret going all out on a Super Deluxe preorder!

  32. Josh

    Thanks! Can’t wait!

  33. Wendi

    I got mine TODAY!