263 responses to “ESPN Vice Verses Stream Starts NOW”

  1. Taylor

    NOOOOO Where I belong!!!:(

  2. Taylor

    So far not one of the songs will play for me…

  3. Scott

    Only just started listening to the album, and I can already tell The War Inside is going to be one of my new Switchfoot favourites… love the lyrics…

  4. byuswitchfoot

    Restless sounds like it’s straight off Nothing Is Sound.

  5. Hannah

    Oh. My. Gosh.
    I love Blinding Light. I haven’t heard much commentary on that one, so is that bad? But seriously its really catchy.

    And Selling The News is EPIC. It reminds me of Gone in a way, where Jon is really blunt with the lyrics.

    I’m so excited for the album. This is all I have to say,

    1. Mickykeats

      I agree with you, ive been hooked since those previews on amazon.. Blinding light is rather underrated @ this stage. :]

  6. Josh

    Man… how much better is this studio version of “Restless” than the single version? I loved the single, of course, but this one just makes you tear up and want to literally reach in the sky and scream at the top of your lungs in “looking for you.” I absolutely love it.

  7. Carlos Perez

    Vice verses at the end just sends a chill to my skin. As much as a like it with the full band, the acoustic rises above it.(ha) it reminds me of Let your love be strong. Such a powerful album overall.

  8. i am who i am

    The album sounds AMAZING so far! And i’m kind of glad Where I Belong isn’t on there, as I had decided I didn’t want to listen to it on the stream, but still glad I won’t be able to be tempted ;-)

    1. i am who i am

      Right now, my favorite tracks are Thrive and Vice Verses. Absolutely touching my heart (Thrive) and breaking my heart (Vice Verses). The guys may have just made one of the most incredible records of all time. I am in awe.

  9. Hadassah

    well i dont hear anything, for some reason its not working

  10. Carson

    WOW! I just listened to Selling the News. The bridge is AMAZING! Blinding Light was an unexpected surprise. Great song! The Original is still one of my favorites so far. I’m just such a huge fan of the first 3 Switchfoot records that it has a little nostalgia attached to it.

  11. Hadassah

    blaaaaah i guess i’ll have to wait until the album release cuz stream dint work

    1. Taylor

      This happened to me too and I had to use Google Chrome as a browser and it instantly worked for me. But it won’t load at all with Internet Explorer on my computer..

      1. Ian W.

        Well that’s your problem. Abandon Internet Explorer immediately please for goodness sake.

        1. Winnie

          Comment of win.

          1. KirbyW

            Definitely. That comment is saturated with winning.

          2. Ian W.

            Well it’s true is it not. Chrome is google and google is good therefore chrome is good

          3. Winnie

            Ian – I like how you think :D I made my mum stop using IE because firstly she kept complaining that it kept giving her that stupid IE startup pop-up box, and that it was so slow. Google Chrome loads wayyyy faster.

  12. Alyssa Gomez

    I almost peed my pants. Partially because I skipped going to the bathroom and went straight to my computer to listen. Also, because it is absolutely incredible. I cried. I danced. I am so in love. Switchfoot, I thank you.

    1. Hannah

      [insert thumbs up here]

      1. Alyssa Gomez

        thank you *bows*

  13. kim

    Just finished listening to #1-11 and I thought hearing over speakers last weekend was amazing but hearing through headphones: I’m a little speechless right now. Rise Above It is definitely single material. Thrive literally gave me goosebumps. Backing vocals throughout=WOW! the vice verses in background=haunting.

    Hello Hurricane really spoke to me and I love it but Vice Verses kinds of goes a step further.

  14. Carson

    Not fan of the studio Thrive… for now at least. I’ve just played/listened to Thrive so many times over the past months acoustically that its just gonna take some getting used to. I’m sure it’ll grow on me. Souvenirs is the first song on the album thats made me tear up. So many memories came out while listening to that song. Its beautiful. Rise Above It is great! Especially all the cowbell in it! Such an awesome album. Of course it’ll take 2 years before I completely digest it, as every Switchfoot album is with me. I still catch things in Legend of Chin that I never did before! But first listen impressions were good.

    1. Scott

      I agree about Thrive… I’m stuck on the acoustic version… I hope Jon comes out with an unplugged album to catch the rawness of a live recording.

      1. Alyssa Gomez

        thrive is great. I don’t want to bash you and say “how dare you not like it?!” but I understand. I had that feeling with dark horses. Not many people appreciated the first version of dark horses but I loved it. When it became a rock song I found it soooo incredible but I felt bad for ditching the acoustic because Jon’s voice is so strained and great in that version. Although I think thrive is one of their greatest, I can understand where you come from.

    2. My Switchfeed

      I think “Thrive” is perfect just the way it is :)

      The meaning of the song just distracts me from any musical judgements.

    3. Emily

      I feel the same way about thrive. I LOVE the live version, but i’m sure the studio version will grow on me

  15. Taylor

    Selling the News, and Souvenirs are two really awesome songs and are my two current favorites! Rise Above it is still the only song I wasn’t blown away by. All the rest of the songs are really good!! The bridge in Selling the news is unreal!! I pretty much love every song. Guess I’ll have to wait for my favorite Where I belong..at least I have the rest of the album to listen to until september 27:)

  16. marcus

    Upon first listen, I think they ruined Thrive :(

    1. Kurt

      I agree, I thought the acoustic version was amazing, I like the live recording better than the studio version. Still an amazing song, but it lost some of it’s luster

      1. Kurt

        I also think they should have done Thrive the way they recorded Vice Verses, and Vice verses with the full band. I liked it better with more instruments to it, it had a Blinding Light vibe.

    2. Matthew

      I don’t like the drums in Thrive. It sounds like OneRepublic (ewww).

      1. Jacob

        the ONLY part i dont like is the drum machine claps(?) i would much rather hear some real cymbals though i cant complain about the bass thumps. Its just those dang claps that dont sound real! Doesnt ruin the song for me in the slightest though!

    3. Darius

      I completely disagree. Thrive sounds better than ever.

      1. Stefan

        I completely agree with your complete disagreement. Thrive sounds awesome!

        1. Kim

          Agree! Thrive gave me goosebumps!

    4. Alyssa Gomez

      that’s a bummer :(
      I am sad you feel that way.
      Do you think it will grow on you?
      I find it beautiful.

  17. Rmdez

    just finished streaming.. hands down Blinding Light is a favorite so far. Just loving the free and catchy sound of the song! other faves were Restless and Vice Verses. But lets be honest who can’t wait to hear Where I Belong!? I know I can’t. It’s guaranteed to be my favorite.

    1. Matthew

      The Blinding light was my least favorite, but mabey it’ll grow on me.

  18. Mi470

    I think they left off Where I Belong so we can experience the epicness of it when it’s released. That track will change my life.

    1. Rmdez

      agreed life changing guaranteed

  19. NeedleGirl

    I won’t listen! I won’t listen! I won’t listen!

    1. Seth

      Keep telling yourself that! You can make it til the 27th, even if you have to chant that for the next 10 days! Good Luck!

      1. NeedleGirl

        Thanks for the encouragement, friend!

        1. Jacob

          I cant wait to hear your reaction when you’ve heard it! I wanna know what you think of EVERY song in detail! Its too late for me, ive spoiled myself and i LOVE these songs! It gets me genuinely ecstatic to see your excitement when youve listened to the album front to back! Hang in there kid! Dont give in!!

    2. $w!t(hfr3@K

      Same here! We can make it! YEAH!!!! :D

      1. NeedleGirl


      2. $w!t(hfr3@K

        *high-fives back* :D

    3. Zach Hindes

      stay strong! I’m waiting too

    4. little drummer girl

      Ok for a while there I thought I was the only one who wasn’t going to listen! But I’m glad others aren’t either :) But man I so want to listen to Thrive since there’s so much disagreement over it… ug this hard…

      1. wesley

        i’m not listening either!!! and as sad as it sounds, i may have to not check in at LOBH over the next week either to keep my head clear (sorry jeanna!)

        i do have the football game on and i just heard a brief little snippet of dark horses.

  20. Robert

    I promised myself I wouldn’t listen to it, but I finally broke. My favorites are Selling the News and Souvenirs.

  21. Cody

    Does anyone else feel The Blinding Light could be a pop single? The hook in the chorus…I can just see the video now.

    1. My Switchfeed

      I can see “Souvenirs” more as a pop single. But “Blinding Light” could also do.

  22. marcus

    My opinions:

    Stand Outs: Restless, Selling the News, Dark Horses, Souvenirs, Rise Above It, Vice Verses

    Let Downs: The War Inside, Thrive

    Meh: Afterlife, The Original, Blinding Light

    Worst Track: “Thrive”
    -Probably the song with the best lyrics on the album, the instrumentals do not match it. For as fantastic of a song as the acoustic version was, the album simply does not do it justice. Instead of a slow burning “Shadow proves the sunshine”-esk vibe, we get a song that does not know what it wants. It starts out marginally danceable (with the interesting percussion choice of a drum machine) and ends up as a ballad by the time we reach the bridge. Easily the most frustrating song in my opinion with how beautiful the acoustic version was.

    Best Track: “Selling the News”
    -This song is an absolute POWERHOUSE. This song sounds like the down town of a big city. Brutal, scathing, witty, busy, and brisk, this song is everything we could of asked for and more from the guys. Jon’s lines in the bridge (“I get shiny new models mixed up with the blues/I get binary code mixed up with abuse/The facts are simply one option to choose/When nothing’s sacred/there’s nothing to lose/when nothing is sacred/all is consumed/we’re still on the air/it must be the truth/we’re selling the news”) are the brutal indictment of an out-of-control media. Best song on the album BY FAR.

    1. philip

      you are wrong thrive is amazing i love both versions, you are not a true switchfoot fan

    2. Matthew

      I completely agree about Thrive, but I’ve only listened to it once, so I’m not gonna hate on any of the songs yet.

    3. i am who i am

      Really? I LOVE Thrive the way it is. I think its perfect.

      1. KirbyW

        I agree. Jon said it right when he described Thrive as “a sonic landscape.” The music breathes really well I think.

      2. Josh K

        Everyone needs to listen to Thrive with the best headphones they own. I am in love with it. Truly touching.

    4. Travis

      Completely agree about selling the news, and thrive sounds weak, but the album as whole is really good. Needs a couple more listens but as of right now Vice Verses will probably make my top 5 albums of the year.

      1. Travis

        I listened to Thrive again and changed my mind, that song is killer, but I do see where you’re coming from. And not to sound like a downer but the original is one of the most unoriginal (pun intended) songs I have heard switchfoot make.

      2. Alyssa Gomez

        I love The Original, but I was also one of the Bullet Soul fans. People bash those often and I can kind of see why. But, I do find it soo catchy. I can’t really understand why they don’t like it though. I realize it doesn’t have super deep and intense lyrics like other switchfoot songs, but I feel like this was them just letting loose. Maybe they don’t always want to play songs with super meaning. Can’t they be superficial with one song without us jumping on them for it? I think sometimes we expect too much from them, so with a song about nothing we feel letdown. I don’t. If they didn’t think the song was great, they wouldn’t have released it. Maybe superficial isn’t the right word…thoughts?

  23. Andrew

    Not listening without Where You Belong, need this as a whole…

    1. My Switchfeed

      That’s exactly what I thought….but strangely, “Vice Verses” seems like the end. Although I’m SURE “Where I Belong” will be 100x better.

  24. Herlas

    Just listened to Souvenirs with my eyes closed and I went back in time :) .

  25. TheUnnamedSongwritter

    mmm… don’t judge me… but I dont like the beat on Thrive… I play that song the same way Jon played it live before, but that beat thing is just not right for me

  26. Zoibie

    Oh man… I’m starting a Physics course in a couple of weeks and had the same feeling! May be my new favourite song, I just love the second verse!

  27. philip

    amazing best album yet

  28. Gabriel :)

    OMG i love souvenirs :) and im not agree thrive is my fav song of the record..the most soulest track of the record, i prefer the acoustic one but it still my favorite :) a warm body doesnt mean im alive :’(

  29. jakeRod

    i must be one of the few people who love Thrive, has such a good rhythm with guitar in background and drums. AHHH! dont you guys see how full the song is!?? stop comparing it to the live version and take it for what it is.. ITS AMAZING

    1. Daniel

      Agreed! I love the studio version!

    2. Matthew N

      Yeah, I thought the same as the others when I heard the preview on Amazon, but this time around I just let go of the acoustic version, and I love it!!

    3. Darius

      I completely agree. They’re just gona have to get over it. Expand your musical territories. There’s nothing wrong with electronic beats if they’re used right.

      1. Ryan

        What you said.

        1. Kim

          I’ll say it again :) I LOVE Thrive! Gave me goosebumps!!

  30. Kurt

    I feel like Restless could have a reprise, anyone else think so?

  31. maenad36

    After much deliberation I decided not to listen, I want my first real experience to be with the CD I saved up for and preordered. I did read everyone’s reactions though and I’m even more excited now :)

  32. Daniel

    Thrive is still amazing to me, it’s been my favorite since I heard a clip of it on a podcast!

  33. Jacob

    Heck Yes!!!! Now i dont HAVE to resist listening to Where I Belong!!!!

  34. Josh Castle

    I can totally get where you guys are coming from with the “ruining” of Thrive… but I think it is going to grow on you.

    Just picture yourself driving on a colder, rainy night, where you feel “not right” and you’re traveling but not arriving per say. That song is going to be so good coming through those car speakers in that moment. Just wait for it.

  35. Ian W.

    So far Selling the News and Th War Inside are rocking my socks off. I love the beat of The Original but there just SOO much to soak in!!

  36. Eddie B

    Afterlife just starts it off with a BANG!! Loving the War Inside, and Selling the News as well….. Can’t wait till my pre-order arrives.

  37. Jarad

    The whole album kinda sounds like a fusion of NiS,LTB and NWTBH

  38. Ian W.

    Ok so the thing about thrive I think that is worth considering is that the acoustic that we all love is well just that an intimate acoustic however-he-wants-to-play-it-at-the-aftershow version. And acoustic versions tend to be very different. I mean The Sound acoustic is actually bluesy when the song normally isn’t so you almost have to trea acoustic version as a totally different song. Again that Acoustic Dark Horses is completely different feeling. So that’s my 2 cents and I like the beat in Thrive.

    1. Kim

      I agree 100%, acoustics are totally different songs- at least Jon’s. Dark Horses acoustic is….. Undescribable.

      Now cd of acoustics? Heck ya!

  39. Ian W.

    I am in love with this album right now. My mandolin is gonna get a mean work out this next month.

  40. Jacob

    I. LOVE. This album.

    I have to agree with what seems to be the general opinion, Blinding Light and Selling the News are incredible but its all so good!!!

  41. $w!t(hfr3@K

    I won’t listen to all the tracks. Just DH and Restless because those two have been released as singles.
    However, I have to say VV is my computer background :D

    1. Alyssa Gomez

      MINE TOO!! My mom opened my laptop and said “What is that?!”

  42. Josh

    I dont know if I should listen to it or not…. Im going CRAZY

    1. $w!t(hfr3@K

      Stay strong man. You will like it better if you wait!

  43. Ian H.

    Im holding out as well i mean cmon, how hard is it to control myself? i guess we will see

  44. Andrew

    Selling the news is AMAZING lyrics. Havent had ones that good since NIS

  45. Darius

    Man I confess. When I heard “Thrive” I completely broke down in manly tears. Especially with all the stuff going on my life, and how lately I’ve been questioning whether I was living a life that is pleasing to God, not to mention all of the doubts I’ve been having about his presence. This song just completely nailed it for me. I’ve never cried so hard during a song in my life.

    1. Andrew

      thats why I love music. no matter who you are there is always that one song that can bring your world crashing down around you and then rebuild it before your eyes. all within the space of 3 minutes or so

  46. JOnathan Alejos

    WOW WOW , theres a big way infront of this record! , this is the first tim i hear the songs (obviously) but, its…. i don´t know whta word to use.
    Thanks Switchfoot!

  47. JOnathan Alejos

    Oh, men i think this day gonna be very gratifficant to Switch…


    Switchfoot: THANK YOU !


  48. john

    is it just me or do u think thrive could have sounded way better??
    i know u guys will hate me for saying that.. but i had such high hopes for that song..

  49. Preston

    I decided not to listen until I get the album in the mail, and seeing all these differing opinions is getting me super excited to hear it! I hope the wait pays off!!

  50. Zoibie

    Oh god… I really love Souvenirs!

  51. darkhorse24

    Oh my gosh this is killing me. It’s not letting me listen to it. Anyone else having a problem with the streaming?

    1. Andrew

      try google chrome or some other browser.

  52. jake

    obviously too early (: but here is a list of my favorite to least favorite in order:

    Thrive (even with the added drums i think the space and subtlety in this song is beautiful, it just means so much to me at this point i had to put it at the top.)

    Souvenirs (fantastic easy to relate to nostalgia with great dynamic musical builds, pop single?)

    The War Inside(Its just INFECTIOUS, i love the beat and the guitar, great vocal mixing as well)

    Selling the News (Even with all of the hype Im still kind of stunned, Jon is just a fantastic wordsmith on this song, not to mention i couldn’t stop dancing)

    Restless (The most beautiful imagery Jon has ever written in my opinion, and probably best bridge on the album)

    Afterlife (That riff! and a great message to boot)

    Rise above it (i thought it was burn out bright at first with that guitar, but i really love it, a nice poppy alt rock tune)

    Vice Verses (Its very simple sonically but the lyrics truly are some of Jon’s finest, the chorus is just brilliant)

    Blinding light (Just a bit too poppy/generic for my tastes, still awesome of course)

    Dark Horses (Probably just this low because i’ve heard is so many times, but i agree with their choice for lead single)

    The Original (This could be a lead single on most albums today, but i feel the writing in the chorus just undercuts Jon’s ability)

    I haven’t heard it, but I have a sneaking suspicion Thrive should be nervous about Where I Belong

    Overall another masterpiece from my favorite band that I will listen to for the rest of my life

  53. Jason

    i had to give in and listen to it- just had one of those days and this has made me feel soooooo much better!! all i can say is- all the people who were dubious after hearing the little one minute spoilers are gonna feel pretty dumb here pretty soon hehe. ITS AMAZING!

    1. Jason

      and by the way… “Souvenirs” is amazing. absolutely just amazsing

  54. Sam

    Original is FAR surpassing my expectations!

  55. Lindsay Lee

    First listen… I’m even more in love with Switchfoot than I have ever been. “Souvenirs” is is possibly becoming my all-time favorite Switchfoot song. Jon’s voice seems to be telling me a story. The lyrics pull me in to a journey of one song that I never want to end. So incredible.

  56. Andrew

    As good as DH is, I really feel like it is a dark horse of the album. I really feel like its just completely out of place on there.
    And the original i think is so much better than people give it credit. It has such amazing riffs and is so classic rock in its sound

    1. Taylor

      Your right about the original. It’s a very needed rock song, which I may point out the record doesn’t have many straight rock songs other than dark horses, afterlife, war inside..I guess you could count Rise above it but thats pretty weak compared to the other songs. Not every song Jon writes has to have some deep meaning to the lyrics… people NEED to realize this. The original just rocks and thats good enough for me.

      1. Winnie


      2. Jacob

        Right!!? What do you think Jon says to himself when righting songs? “Man i need to be more cryptic here…” or “this doesnt sound nearly fancy enough” or maybe hes saying “this is what sounds RIGHT”

      3. Alyssa Gomez

        woah! I just said the same thing without even seeing your comment. what you said about it not always needing to have deep meaning

  57. Seth

    I don’t know why I haven’t listened to the stream yet. I’m not totally against listening to spoilers (as my brother pointed out, I’ve listened to parts of every song, and I have the live versions of eight songs from the album on my iPod), but I don’t think I’m gonna listen to the stream. Anybody feel the same way?

  58. Mackenzie Moore

    I am embarrassed when I talk about the music I listen to. Because I listen to what inspires me, not what everyone’s dancing to at the school dances.
    I have been made fun SO many times.

    This album is so beautiful that I couldn’t help but post all over my Facebook about it. I didn’t think this was possible, but Switchfoot’s asking the questions of the human experience even louder than before.

    two songs in particular…

    Afterlife = makes me angry because I just moved to college TONIGHT so I don’t have my trampoline and this is SOOO an amped-up trampoline-bouncing song :(
    Selling the News = SOOO what I needed to hear…

    1. Darius

      I’m embarrassed when expressing my music tastes too. But at this point I can’t be embarrassed to tell people that switchfoot is my favorite artist. Most people so, “Why? they only had two good songs.” Of course they’re talking about “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live”. It makes me so mad. I mean those are great songs, but Switchfoot is more than that. They have so many better songs. People don’t know what “music” is.

      1. Jacob

        If people knew what music was the Biebs and Gaga would be out of a job. Say NO to soulless music! Lets bring back the talented musicians with heart and passion!

        1. $w!t(hfr3@K

          totally agree!

        2. Ryan

          Yeah man!

        3. Sam


        4. Emily Wilson

          I agree completely!

      2. wesley

        just curious, why are you guys embarrassed about expressing your musical tastes? is it because your friends don’t share the same ones?

        yes and amen to bringing back musicians with heart and passion!

    2. Alyssa Gomez

      You guys are embarrassed? The fact that I don’t listen to what everyone else listens to makes me flaunt it even more. Especially switchfoot. Not just saying that.

  59. Brandi

    The War Inside and Restless are not leaving my head and heart!

  60. John Corfee

    So I’ve got a dilemma I can’t figure out which one is my favorite! lol. Seriously they’re all amazing. And I’m dancing around my room fist pumping to most of them. This has got to be one of their best!

  61. Sam

    I honestly think that this is their best album….I agree with the other comments about this vs. HH…HH means a lot to me…but this just goes a step (or several steps) further.

    Can’t say which is my favorite….I can only say that Dark Horses is the last in the list…just sorta how it is, seeing as I’ve heard it a thousand times already. Otherwise, I think this has to be their best album so far!!

    1. kim

      ditto (because acoustic versions don’t count–Dark Horses acoustic is WOW)

      1. Sam

        Oh yea, I love the acoustic version of Dark Horses…it’s amazing!

  62. Winnie

    I woke up with a massive hangover this morning (afternoon) & as i’m sitting here I wondered how to listen to the album and felt like it deserved to be listened to through headphones– and I did, despite my head hurting with every beat of Chad’s drums, but it sounds so GOOD. Currently on the War Inside, sounds so good I could cry.

  63. Kiana

    I didn’t think it was possible to dislike a Switchfoot song but unfortunately I’m not feeling “Selling the News”. Who knows…maybe with time it’ll grow on me. Other than that, the album sounds great! Definitely the Switchfoot I’m used to hearing, but I still really like it. I really like “Blinding Light” and the full band version of “Thrive” (and of course “Restless”). Ahh, they’ll be here in Dallas Oct. 17 — I can’t wait to hear these songs live!

  64. Kiana

    Meant to say “definitely NOT the Switchfoot I’m used to hearing”.

  65. Tia

    I only listened to The Original, Thrive, and Souvenirs…all of which are really good. and then somehow I accidentally (ahem) clicked on Blinding Light and I was like “no! I cant listen to it!” but the beginning “seduced” me…if you all havent listened to it yet…do it now. if youre going to wait…well then its like marriage–its worth the wait B> Ive listened to BL more than 20 times already. This album is soooooooo awesome and it had better get the recognition (grammmyyyyyy) it deserves! Muah!

    1. Winnie

      “it’s like marriage – it’s worth the wait”

      that made me crack up XD

  66. Nathan`

    This album is stacked. From top to bottom I think this is their best since Nothing Is Sound, and I haven’t even heard Where I Belong yet. Here is some thoughts I have about a couple of the songs:

    The Original really surprised me. It might not be the most “original” (sorry) lyrically, but you cant help but love the way it sounds. Its one of the catchiest songs out of all their albums. Definitely single worthy. (One thing I’d like to add. I’ve heard some people say this song was great, but the lyrics weren’t that good. While this may or may not be true, I think we have all gotten spoiled with Jon’s amazing lyrics. This song has better lyrics then anything on the radios Top 40, so I think we should be happy with it. Give Switchfoot a break.) <— anyone have any thoughts or disagreements about that statement?

    Souvenirs is probably my favorite on the album. Its a song anyone can relate to, and you have a 99% chance of getting goose bumps the first time you listen to it.

    Overall, an amazing album and I can't wait to hear Where I Belong.

  67. Winnie

    I’m done with the entire album and The War Inside is my current favorite- I LOVE it.

    Favorites – The War Inside, The Original (so what if a song sounds poppish, it’s a feel good song and I can’t stop bopping along to it), Restless, Selling The News

  68. Jose

    Been listening to this stream nonstop.. won’t lie. First thoughts: (1) Afterlife – exactly like the radio edit I heard some weeks back, so no surprises there. Doesn’t stand out like the other rockers on this album. I think it’s because it doesn’t have a genre/or style, it’s just a good old fashioned switchfoot uplifting anthem – kind of the peppier younger brother of This is Your Life. I really like and will come back to it time and time again, much like I do for the similar Needle and Haystack Life from HH. (2) The Original – I did not like this one when I first heard it live at broAm.. thought it was an extension/successor to More than Fine. MAN did the studio version totally change my mind on the song. It still has a trying-hard-to-be-pop feel to it, especially in the beginning, but when it breaks into the chorus, the “hey-eh”s and all the followup lyrics it really claims its own originality (no pun intended) and the main groove takes over. The guitars drop and give the song some heft. Rhythmically, it gets right into the blood. Biggest suprise for me. (3) The War Inside – I’ve watched videos of live performances of this song and the studio recording is pretty much identical.. except for one thing: the chords sound like they are a half-step lower than they should be (my ear) which gives the song even more edge.. it’s like the song has grown some teeth. I friggen love it. I thought this song and Afterlife would fade into obscurity because they seemed like, in comparison to Switchfoot’s body of work, kind of generic rockers, but whatever tweaking they did to TWI worked for me. I always loved the vocal cadence and the hip hop style back beat/rhythm, but its the newfound edge keeps me clicking that play button. (4) Restless – similar to how I thought that The Sound was the perfect rock song (no flaws), I will say that Restless is the perfect ballad. Completely conquers me at an emotional level, every single time. (5) Blinding Light – Raggae/Bob Marley tribute? It’s amazing. Uplifting + island sound + surf groove. I’m astounded that in retrospect switchfoot hasn’t made a song like this before. Infectious song. (6) Selling the News – most anticipated song after Where I Belong and the wait was worth it. Jon seems so comfortable with spitting lines. The real strength though, where this becomes a uniquely switchfoot song, is the way it transitions to a melodic chorus (something most hip hop acts have to use multiple artists for). The whole band contributes so much to the fullness of the sound. It changes cadence and rhythm.. and its just creative all the way through. I think, again in retrospect, that we all knew switchfoot was capable of this after hearing their amazing cover of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. The lyrics are pretty damning now that I’ve heard them all. A+++++. (7) Thrive – at first I agreed with the haters. I have long been in love with the acoustic version, commiting it guitar memory a long time ago. But after a couple listens I realized what they had done. They’d made a tribute (one of many on this album) to R&B. Once I decided to listen to it within that genre, the song fell right into place. It sounds right at home. We all the lyrics are painful and powerful, the genre placement doesn’t weaken it imo, it just gives us a new perspective. Like most of the songs in this album Thrive, even in its acoustic form, depended on a strong central rhythm (again, almost like a hip hop backbone/loop). It’s kind of like switchfoot made their own dance mix version of an otherwise introspective song. Guess what fellas. It works. (8) Dark Horses – daddy’s home. When this song comes on, it kicks the door down. This is classic switchfoot rock, albeit with an essentially rhythm guitar loop (a central theme of this album). This is their Meant to Live/Awakening/Mess of Me/The Sound. Reminds me some of Politicians now that I think about it. Arena filling anthem. I love the original acoustic, bare bones version, but I equally adore this more mainstream evolution of the song. Almost two tonally different songs. Both awesome. (9) Souvenirs – this takes me right back high school (early nineties, Bryan Adams comes to mind for some reason). Maybe it takes you to a different place. It’s really good.. but I can’t find much to say specifically about it. Seems pop radio friendly. (10) Rise Above It – I think this is the song that Love is the Movement grew up into. It rocks. (11) Vice Verses – I play this song on my guitar every day, like Thrive.. now I wonder what Vice Verses would sound like as an R&B/dance song. (12) C’mon!

    I really hope they play Where I Belong this Sunday at San Diego. I might have to beg them at the meet and greet.

    This is a really good album, not a single song I would skip.

    1. kim

      I usually stop reading LONG posts but you were so right on that I couldn’t stop reading! You said everything I was thinking (but only in laymans terms). Thank you :)

  69. miketrav87

    Hey guys, here is the recording of “Where I Belong” from tonight. It was awesome. Terrible audio quality though so don’t get too excited. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGbeWwQYOUI

    1. Jacob

      I REFUSE THEE! I shant listen!!

      1. Kim

        What he said :)

  70. SFfan84

    One word: legit. My review from favorite track to least favorite:

    1. Souvenirs- No contest. Right now this is one of my top 5 Switchfoot songs ever. Amazing song

    2. Thrive- While I’ll agree that the acoustic version is better, this is still an amazing song. Incredible lyrics

    3. Blinding Light- This song just makes me happy

    4. The War Inside- I was surprised by this. I definitely overlooked this song when I heard the live version, but the album version is awesome.

    5. Restless- This is definitely a solid “slow song”

    6. Selling the News- The chorus is insane! Love this song. And the “Spoken” stuff is… interesting, but I still like it.

    7. Rise Above It- Great song

    8. Afterlife- It definitely has the energy you expect for a Switchfoot album opener. I really like this song, and I want to love it. There’s just something about it that I can’t put my finger on that throws it off a little. Idk…

    9. Dark Horses- Great song, but I think I’ve listened to it too much. And I’m also in the minority of people who liked the original lyrics better. (Not the song, but the original chorus of this song.) Still, a really good song.

    10. Vice Verses- Good, but I don’t love it. I’m hoping it’ll grow on me.

    11. The Original- This song is better than I expected (I didn’t like the live version at all), but I still don’t really like it. The music just doesn’t have that Switchfoot sound, and the lyrics aren’t anywhere near what Jon is capable of. Waaaay to cliche. The guy’s a freaking lyrical genius, so I guess this song just disappoints me a little. Basically, the problem I have with this song is that (if it wasn’t for Jon’s voice) if someone played me this song and asked me who made it, I wouldn’t have any idea.

    So that’s my opinion. It’ll probably change the next time I listen to the cd. Oh, and I can’t wait for Where I Belong!


    1. SFfan84

      Actually, switch 3 & 4. The War Inside is just more epic than Blinding Light.

  71. chris keithley


    1. Ian W.

      But if you think about it they couldn’t make tv appearances for that song

      1. Pablo

        lol ^

      2. Ian W.

        But seriously they need to make it a single. I honestly think it would do amazing and get all kinds of attention.

  72. Brady

    I’d agree with many of you that say “Thrive” is better acoustic. I mean… I like the album version… but gah, I’ll never forget that night in Houston (after a show on the Goo Goo Dolls tour) when I heard Jon play it solo. He said, “The H in Thrive stands for Houston” (classic Jon bad joke haha) and proceeded to blow my friends and I away with that song. I just don’t think the album version lives up to it…

    Selling The News is absolutely amazing. That bridge is so ridiculously awesome.

  73. TheRealBrendan

    Souvenirs needs to be a single. I can just picture a video on a beach around a campfire at night, sparks flying, the reflection of the moon, fireflies, kids running around.

  74. ferny

    The best album ever made by switchfoot after oh gravity

    this album is so cool cuz it talk bout rebelion
    against the government, the system
    good job switchfoot

    now its time to wait for the live album and the dvd>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  75. Johan

    My favorites are

    The Original
    The War Inside
    Blinding Light
    Rise Above It

    Aspecially the last one!

  76. Sam Kisaka

    This is my favorite Switchfoot album. i dont care what people say about NIS. I LOVED that albumas well, but the music ALONG with the lyrics (which i feel are so much more personal and specific compared to the more “general” and “broad” lyrics of NIS…idk just my opinion) go so well together! This is the result of a group of musicians who have been together forever. I know some may think this is their 2nd best, but so many more songs touch me in a deeper way than on NIS. I feel like this is what Switchfoot has been wanting to say their whole career, and finally found the best way to say it.. I hope/doubt they have more in store cause ill be with them the whole way haha :D
    Btw, Rise above it and the Original surpass my expectations. and Souvenirs? anyone? so sick! Thrive…..what can i say. there are so many layers and texture mixed with soulful raw tones of Jon’s voice. And of course Selling the News blew my mind. K I’m done.

    1. Sam Kisaka

      ooops i meant to say i hope they arent done and that they do have more in store :P

  77. Jacob

    Does anyone else feel like this album needs to be a movie?

    Several of the songs feel like they have a very clear continuity and if they dont they still fit in the overall big picture. I would love to see something visual that follows the story of these songs…. think “Across the Universe” but really good…. and with Switchfoot

    1. Matthew

      Ha! Vice Verses the movie. Or maybe a broadway play, like American Idiot.

    2. Mi470

      I actually was writing a movie for Hello Hurricane. It was gonna be just like Across the Universe. Maybe I should write one for Vice Verses. The one I had for Hello Hurricane was kinda stupid.

  78. fileas

    OK, time for me;p
    I don’t know why you all rate Afterlife so low. It plain rocks. No, wait. It R-O-C-K-S! I wanna jump, strive to live and win.
    I’m really surprised with The Original. I was against it after the live versions and so on, but I loved it with the first listen. And the last minute is great, I suppose. I mean the energy and music in this song…
    There’s something strange with Jon’s voice in the chorus of “The War Inside”, but I love it. After first full listen I feel like it lacks something, but – again – absolutely loving it.
    I’m not loving the lyrics in “Restless” like all of you, but wow, the bridge is a killer. Absolute killer.
    Blinding Light is really poppy and I feel like it could have been something more, but it’s really fun to listen to. Also great! It gives you good feeling. BUT, FUN FACT: Am I the only one to notice that the music sounds in some parts almost the same as the music from War Inside? Lazy, lazy Switchfoot;p Or maybe they wanted to prove us they are able to do two different songs with the same sounds?
    Selling The News – it’s a problem. I was supposed to love it, it was supposed to be my favourite. And something went terribly wrong. After the one minute sample I thought I’m gonna love it like nothing before… And now I just like it. Maybe it’ll grow on me? I hope so…
    Erm, Thrive… Quite interesting. I loved the acoustic version. Really. And after the trailer of “The Story of” and yesterday’s Amazon.com sample I thought the same as many of you – they ruined it. With the drums, with more sounds… Completely. But now, from the second it started, I thought there is something really deep in that song. It’s different. I don’t know if it’s better (I think the problem is always the first one is the best. That’s why covers are worse than originals. And we feel like Thrive acoustic is the original version and this one is a strange cover. Btw it’s the only problem I have with listening to songs earlier. Or like the songs that are missing later – I love She Says, and where the hell is she!?) but it’s good too. Acoustic sounded to me more like “OK, strive and you’ll thrive, everything will be better” and I feel like the album version with its mysterious atmosphere and ghostly noises says “no, it’s not gonna be fine. you’re doomed’. really:) But the feeling may change with another listen.
    I’m really happy that I’m starting to lie Dark Horses. Strange, but in the last few days I’m really beginning to like it.
    And Souvenirs is the biggest WOW of the album for me. I was unhappy with kicking out Against The Voices and I’m not gonna say it’s better we have Souvenirs but… WOW. The bridge in Souvenirs can be the only thing on VV that is bigger than the bridge on Restless. And by saying “bridge” I mean almost the whole song, of course:) The “stronger” part.
    Ha, I completely agree with the opinion on Rise Above It. It feels like a cousin of Burn Out Bright. And I love the “come on, move your lazy ass, let’s go and make something big” feeling. But still, Burn Out Bright is one of my favorite Switchfoot songs ever and most underrated in my opinion so Rise Above It won’t win this fight. Burn Out Bright gave me the power, the energy instead of caffeine so many times, it was with me in so many happy moments…
    Ah, and Vice Verses. It’s great. Always have been. It has such lyrics nothing could do it wrong. It’s great it’s calm. It’s sad, it tells you to stop and think about how bad the world is. And I think it is also not giving you hope for better. It’s rare for Switchfoot. But it’s good for the song.
    Can’t wait for Where I Belong.
    Can’t wait for Fiction Family and their Give Me Back My Girl also:D I love it, Los Angeles has to adore it!!!:D
    Wow, sorry if the review was chaotic. Now I’m gonna give VV a second listen. But with the first huge-life-experience-earphones-listen I’m gonna wait til it’s realeased. Love you Switchfoot and Switchfoot community:) Peace!
    PS. Still can’t decide whether go to Vienna, Berlin, London or Manchester. I think I’ll have to choose Manchester because my girlfriend loves Manchester United – I’m gonna go to the concert and she’ll go to the stadium:P

    1. $w!t(hfr3@K

      Manchester United is awesome. Does Ruud Van Nisltroy still play for them?

      1. fileas

        haha, no, it’s been a long time since he played there! and I’m rather a fan of Newcastle United;)
        I’m not sure, but I think it was you under one of my comments who asked me if I like JPII. I didn’t want do discuss it here and focus on music, but I suppose you meant the Polish Pope;) Yeah, of course I love him, he did a lot of great things, not only when you consider religion but also for my country. And he was a great man. ALMOST everyone in Poland loves him.

      2. Winnie

        Van Nistlerooy plays for Malaga in the Spanish La Liga now (I know because my brother is a fan). And Manchester United for the winnnnnn.

    2. SFfan84

      I realized the same thing about Blinding Light. I think it’s mainly in the beginning.

  79. Kim

    Backing vocals throughout… WOW on viceverses-haunting!

  80. Daniel

    I never comment here, but its so cool that you all are having like a switchfoot fan discussion kind of thing that I want to join in.

    Viceverses sounds like Switchfoot going more mainstream, still retaining the emotional depth of meaning their music has. Its like they can make something that sounds hip-hop or whatever and still make the song so darn good. This album seems so far to me appears and feels to have so much meaning, effort, and emotion in it. The music is real good, but not great. The lyrics aren’t good or great, they’re better. All the melodies and rhythms perfectly match the lyrics and the meaning of each song in my opinion. I think that this album is not going to be super great in the perspective that the music good rather that each song has so much potential to impact, inspire and encourage. Its the emotional and spiritual meaning this album is has.

    PS. I’m not saying that Switchfoot going mainstream is bad or anything! Just sounded like it to me.

  81. Tyler P

    This album is just solid. Add Where I Belong and I think this may be the best album the guys have ever done. NiS was amazing…this is right there with it.

    The only songs I want to skip over are Dark Horses, Restless, and Thrive, but only because I’ve heard them so many times. I really like Thrive’s feel. It’s naturally going to be different than the amazing live acoustic version. This isn’t a Jon Foreman solo project.

    War Inside almost made me cry at the end. The build is outstanding.

    Souvenirs kind of takes your breath away slowly. “Nothing lasts, nothing lasts…”

    The two other songs I knew nothing of, Blinding Light and Rise Above It, are simply great songs.

    Can’t wait for Where I Belong. I am so privileged to have this band to fall back on. I got their first album when I was 16…I turn 31 in 3 weeks. You can say they’ve had an impact on me :)

    Vice Verses was worth the wait.

  82. Sam

    One thought about War Inside….does anyone else (who’s listened to the live versions) feel they should’ve rocked it out on the drums at the end like they do live?

  83. Jake

    wow a lot of people are talking about how thrive could have been so much better cause i guess the “fake” drums but personally i think it fits perfect cause if it was normal drums it would of been over the top or to much but the electronic drums keeps it like a calm slow song. idk i still love it!

    1. Pablo

      I think some people dont like thrive cause they heard the acoustic version by Jon. If they wouldve never heard that, im sure they wouldve loved the album version.

  84. Caleb

    Incredible album all the way around! Against the Voices is a great song, but Drew is the man for fighting for Souvenirs instead!

  85. Carson

    I’ve listened to the album a few times through now and I’ve decided this album is like a greatest hits album of songs that never were. I can hear so much from the old Switchfoot cds in these songs, not that its not original of course. Just my two cents.

  86. Ender

    Okay, so I’m getting ready to list my favorite songs to listen to:

    These first 4 songs are probably the best on the album, and I fully expect “Where I Belong” to replace any of them. All in all, I could probably put them in any orders, but I decided that soft-hard, s0ft-hard would be a good pattern. I know we’ve heard this song before, but it’s so deep, I feel restless, yearning, longing for something new all the time. In Portuguese, they have a word, “saudade,” meaning to long for something, to yearn for something, but it’s a deep yearning for something you may not have ever known or that you’ll never know. Many of Switchfoot’s songs emit a “saudade-ish” feel to them, but this is one that pushes close to the front of the line. When Switchfoot sang this at Celebrate Freedom, I sang my heart out. It’s a great song, which really speaks to me in so many ways. “I am the broken breaking seas, even my blood finds ways to bleed, even my rivers ways to run, even the rain to reach the sun, even my thirsty streams, even in my dreams… I am restless.”
    Even with time, this song has not dulled in the slightest bit. 5/5 for what I feel may become a Switchfoot classic.

    The War Inside:
    This one I loved since I first heard it on the youtube vid of the bro-am listening thing. (At least I think that’s where I first heard it). I later heard it at the Celebrate Freedom listening session/Q&A. I like this song, to me it’s a slightly better “Mess of Me,” which I thought had amazing lyrics, but this song delivers more strongly musically, I think. It’s catchy, it’s driving, and it really hits hard the point of the battle between right and wrong fighting within every person. “*I*! am the war inside! *I*! am the battle line! *I*! am the rising tide! *I*! am the war I fight!” It’s just an epic, rousing chorus that really invigorates me. I love it.
    I gave Mess of Me 4.5/5. This is more than just one half star of an improvement, but there’s no greater honor than 5/5 stars.

    This is the first time I’d heard this song really (I don’t count the Amazon sampler version), and wow. I don’t think I’ve teared up since I listened to Restless for the first time. And Souvenirs also has that Saudade feeling. I’ve moved something like 16 years in my 19-year-old life. Memories are the only souvenirs, all I have of some places I’ve been. I think back to moments that I’ve captured in my mind, still images, sometimes I can indeed go back in time and see moments take place before my eyes. It makes me think of a more idealistic, a more happy time. Definitely another “saudade” song, and maybe even a stronger than Restless. “We were so young, we had no idea that nothing lasts forever, nothing lasts forever, nothing lasts, nothing lasts, you and me together, were always now or never… can you hear me?” A very heart-aching song.
    5/5, for the music, the lyrics, the heart-wrenching connect it made with my soul.

    Dark Horses:
    The lead single. Probably overplayed, it’s breaking into the top 20 of Alternative Rock Radio this week (it’s at #17 right now on Allaccess, and I expect it to be at #16 before the week ends. By Thursday, the song will have an access of over 2 million people). Regardless, I love the song. It’s my favorite lead single since… well, probably Meant To Live. Yeah. It’s a power-charged song reminiscent of my favorite song from Hurricane, “The Sound.” I love the message of these kids who have never had a chance, never had anything, but “Hey, you can’t count us out, we’ve been running up against the crowd, yeah, we are the dark horses. We’re singing wait! it’s not over now, we’ve been down but we’ve never been out, yeah, we are the dark horses” They’re the dark horses. Furthermore, I think this song could potentially become a sports anthem, ala “Don’t Stop Believing” or “We Will Rock You.” Can’t you just hear the chorus playing at a football or a basketball game where they’re down in the second half, but not too far behind? Sports networks take note, this song could be perfect for you guys! (also: I love the na-na-na-na-na-na-naaaaaaah! part of the song. Perfect for a rock anthem, a part of the song anyone can sing along to!)
    Lively rock anthem hitting it big on alternative radio? 5/5 stars

    Vice Verses:
    … Wow. I like the studio version. Most people won’t, but I do. It’s a heart-wrencher again, Jon’s lyrics really stand out all over this album. But this one, it’s not just a personal longing, it’s a yearning to make an understanding with God. It’s got a very Job-like feeling to it.

    “Where is God in the night sky?
    Where is God in the city light?
    Where is God in the earthquake?
    Where is God in the genocide?

    Where are you in my broken heart?
    Everything seems to fall apart
    Everything feels rusted over
    Tell me that you’re there”

    We’ve all felt like this before, where we don’t want to be against God, but everything around us seems to scream that there’s nothing good left in the world. Maybe I’m still missing the point of the song, maybe I’m only seeing one vice of it. This is a grower, one that I’ll still be picking out new things from in 5, 10, 50 years. Definitely a diamond in an album full of gems. This song hits #5/#6, pending Where I Belong, but I expect it to rise as time passes.
    The acoustic rendition and heart-wrenching lyrics drag this to a 5/5.

    Okay, I like Thrive. It’s got just a little bit of a different rhythm, and it’s not the same as Jon’s acoustic version, but I’m definitely not complaining. “The stranger in the mirror is wearing my clothes, no I’m not alright, I know I’m not right, a steering wheel don’t mean you can drive, a warm body don’t mean I’m alive.” This is a song that’s another yearning song, but it’s not AS saudade-ish as some others on this album. It’s more of a… soft meant to live song. I really like this song, it’s got some of the best lyrics and I think it’ll be overlooked on the album, similar to how Yet or Red Eyes or Hello Hurricane were on Switchfoot’s last album. Again, this song gets 5 stars out of 5.

    The Free of Vice Verses. The song that for me would be the best on almost any non-switchfoot rock album. I really like it, but its not an all-time great Switchfoot song like the ones I’ve listed before it. I like the vocal effects in the verses, and it’s got a very meant-to-live vibe about it, and I love the line “I’m ready now I’m not waiting for the other side.” It’s got a nice beat, a nice driving guitar and drums sound, I’m betting this will be Switchfoot’s second big single from the album. Lyrically, it’s magnificent, as it again follows in the footsteps of Meant to Live. It’s a cry, a shout, an urging for people to live now, not wait until they die. This is your life, live it.
    5/5. Okay well 4.9, but I’m rounding up. It just doesn’t have the same instant-classic sound the other songs I listed have.

    Blinding Light:
    An underrated song to be sure, I think this one will grow on me. It’s got a great pop-rock sound with great backing vocals. I think this might sneak its way onto my most played playlist just because it’s a fun song. And the “Wake up… wake up” part is amazing. It’s a similar song to Afterlife, in that a guy is waiting for a purpose, but I get the feeling that the man in Afterlife HAS a purpose, he’s just not living up to it. The man in Blinding Light is willing to live his life, he just needs the reason, the blinding light that will give him a reason to do better. Somehow I feel like it’s a more optimistic song than any of the others.
    “Hey girl, free yourself now, don’t believe what they told you to. Hey girl, be yourself now, your skin’s more than a pin-up suit. Hey girl, don’t conform now, no one else got shoal(??? I need the lyrics!) like you. Hey girl, you’re a strong one, but none of us are bullet proof.”
    4.5/5 for the good music and vocals, not a classic, but it’ll still get plenty of plays.

    Rise Above It
    Not sure what to compare this to, it’s got a pop-rock vibe, but I can’t think of any Switchfoot song to compare it to, except maybe Bullet Soul (both lyrically and musically) or something from Oh! Gravity. I love the stringed instrument on this, I hesitate to call it a guitar, but I like the sound. As usual, Jon’s lyrics fail to disappoint, another song criticizing humanity and an eagerness to rise above expectations and impress. It’s a solid song that will still make my favorites playlist. “I feel so typical, I guess I’m looking for a miracle, rise above it! Rise above it! I get so sick of it, I feel so counterfeit.”
    4/5 stars for this solid track.

    Selling The News
    Smack down in the middle of the album is this track. A criticism of society ala Easy to Love, except now it’s aiming at our culture’s obsession with media. It’s got some great lines, a great beat, a crunchy guitar, and… oh, I forgot to mention. It sounds like a hip-hop song. And Foreman pulls it off. It’s the most talked about song on the album, it’s different, it showcases Switchfoot’s versatility like nothing ever before. It impresses you by shocking you, you do not want to believe this is switchfoot, but you can’t mistake Jon Foreman’s vocals shouting “The fact is fiction!” as he shouts against the corporate media of our world.
    5/5 stars. I like the lyrics, I like the sound, but I somehow don’t like the overall product. I want to like this song, but it’s just a little too different than I expected. Regardless, it’s beautifully crafted and Switchfoot pulls it off, but this is a list of how much I like the songs, not how great they are. So this song finds itself out of the top 5 and into the bottom 2.

    The Original
    Okay, so there had to be a last place. And I considered putting Selling The News here, but The Original is just… mediocre. It’s the only song I can’t justify giving a 4 star rating to. It’s fun, I guess, but the lyrics, the sound, they just don’t meet up to expectations. I liked it when I first heard it, and… everything else just got better. On most albums, this would be a 4-5 star song. On this album it gets 3.
    3/5 stars. Sadly, The Original is not original.

    Overall opinion:
    They did it. It bests Hello Hurricane. I was not expecting it to, and I’m still waiting for Where I Belong to meet my ears.
    An album about life. That’s what I can summarize Vice Verses as. It’s about the hurt, the hope, the beginning, the end, the joys, the sadness, the times you know God is with you, the times you feel He’s far away. It will make you smile, dance, and cry. It doesn’t have the cycle-genius of Hello Hurricane, but it’s a more typical album. And yet it’s so much more than that. It’s a commentary on me. On you. On everyone. Switchfoot has delivered, and I already can not wait to see how they will top this release.

  87. Corey S.

    Well, I didn’t want to listen to the album so I could hear the whole thing on the same day that I got the super deluxe package in my hands. I don’t know when that’ll be though, so I compromised and just listened to Vice Verses (the song) and….wow. I was really worried about how the studio version would turn out, but they completely did the live version justice while at the same time making it even better. That pulsing bass drum throughout was…well, the best words for the song would be: absolutely haunting. But somehow, in a good, uplifting way. There is no doubt in my mind that VV will outdo HH and most of their other albums, by far (except NIS, of course).

  88. Pablo

    Well I really like the album. I believe you cant compare this album to NIS its just so different and good in the same way. I mean NIS was released about 6 years ago! Lots of things change in 6 years. It would be unfair to say Vice Verses is better than NIS orr vice versa. And idk why but all these songs put a certain color in my head. Afterlife (red), The Original (all certain types of colors), The War Inside (Blue), Restless (blue), The Blinding Light (Light Blue lol), Selling the News (yellow and black), Thrive (purple), Dark Horses(the colors of the album cover), Souvenirs ( white and blue), rise above it (white and blue), Vice Verses (black). From listening to the ESPN stream the album feels so incomplete without an epic ending like Where I Belong. And about thrive, i think people just have to accept it as it is, its not a horrible song, its the same song just with beats and for me it passes the test. Maybe without the beats it wouldve been better but im fine with what they came up with. I tried coming up with a list of my favroite songs off the album but i couldnt, i love them all haha

    1. Jacob

      personally i really like the beats… just not the drum machine claps. The bass thumps sound great but if that clap was a muted cymbal crash or something or an actual clap i dont think id mind

  89. Standing on the Finite

    The album leaves me a little depressed. Not sure why. But HH I felt was so hopeful, and now I just feel numb. Help me out here, where is the hope in this album. I mean “You got your babies (life, hope, joy) I’ve got my hearses (death, pain, sorrow). Maybe I just need more time, and maybe I am just depressed, who knows. But after listening to it for a few hours, I don’t feel the same way I did when I listened to HH or NIS.

    1. Jacob

      Its at the end of Where I Belong ;)

    2. Ryan H

      I have a feeling your listening experience is incomplete without “Where I Belong” at the end. Belonging…something we all yearn for, but so often forget it’s such a deep, important motivation.

      Hope…true hope, is found at the very bottom of your soul, when you hit rock bottom in life. Thrive reflects this in that emotional bridge “I’m always close but I’m never enough, I feel so down but I won’t give up.” In that sense VV is Switchfoot’s most hopeful album yet. Personally, Vice Verses (the title track) made me cry. NiS is so lauded around here, but this album is so much mature…”Everything is meaningless” (Yuppie) –> “I know that there’s a meaning to it all” (VV). For Jon to ask “Where is God in the genocide? Where are you in my broken heart? Everything feels rusted over!” and they repeat that chorus….that’s hanging on. That’s hope. When you have next to nothing left and you’re hanging on.

      This album is disarming because of how intimate and honest it is at times, but not everything is serious. I think “Blinding Light” is one of the most hopeful songs on the album. I also think “Souvenirs” is very hopeful…when I first heard the song on this site, I thought it would be another Yesterdays or I Am Still Running. But instead it seems to look at life and memories- the love, the pain, the journey with the feeling of “I wouldn’t trade that for anything!” With the feeling that it’s all worth it. And that to me is hopeful.

      Just a few thoughts.

    3. PAblo

      I think the album is suppose to be dark and all the hope is in where I belong.

  90. Kyle

    That voice box on The War Inside is killing me… I want to hear his voice raw on that song.

  91. michael

    Anyone else think jon’s voice has gotten…..worse?? Used to be a lot softer (especially on EP’s & NIS) now it sounds a lot more strained….more dry…maybe sometimes even higher pitched. During live performances he’s always having to break up words into separate syllables in order to hit the notes:

    “I hear you breathing in, another day BEGI-HINS.” You know what i’m talking about.

    ^This is all just really a pet-peave to me. In my songwriting class at school my professor detests it when singers in the class do that. lol

    what do you think? It might just be me….hah

    1. i am who i am

      Maybe to some, but I’ve actually found his vocals to be at his best on this record. I think his voice sounds more mature and experienced on this one. However, I did find his vocals to be not as good on Hello Hurricane, but they seem to have improved quite a bit on Vice Verses.

      With Jon though, I’ve never actually felt he had the greatest vocals in the world– I know some might gasp at that thought, but thats what I think. He has a great voice, no doubt, but its not like he’d ever win American Idol or anything… I think its the emotion that he sings with, is his strongest point. One can never say he lacks enthusiasm

    2. Sam Kisaka

      I think you might also have to take into consideration that the melody line he sings for Vice Verses is a lot simpler than The Blues. So, The Blues just naturally showcases the higher points of his range, whereas Vice Verses’ melody is in his lower range, which is just naturally harder to sing.

  92. Patrick

    Holy cow… After listening to the whole album (except for Where I Belong, which I obviously can’t wait to hear) I hate to say it, but nothing really stood out to me. However, taking a second listen totally changed my opinion!! I can’t stop listening to Selling The News… it’s so…..idk bold I guess would be a good word. The rockers are outstanding. Afterlife, The Original, The War Inside, and obviously Dark Horses…oh, speaking of which, I’m not the only one who thinks that Dark Horses could go down as the song that joins Meant To Live and Dare You To Move as one of their best songs of all time, am I?? I know most people have it low on their list because we’ve all heard it 11 thousand times, but come on…it’s the best song on the album. Get ready to hear this one during the sports games on TV.

  93. Beau

    This is hard not to listen to. Im definitely saving Souvenirs, Thrive, Vice Verses, Rise Above It, and Blinding Light for when it comes out. Im actually kind of surprised of everyones general opinion of The Original. I really like the song, though definitely not my favorite. It’s got that Bullet Soul feel to it. I love Afterlife but feel like I could easily get sick of it if I tried listening to it to much. And Selling the News is awesome, but The War Inside is definitely taking the crown as my favorite song! I love the lyrics, they are so true.

  94. Kyle

    The more I listen to the CD, the more I am just kind of… frustrated, I guess. I am not a musician and respect Switchfoot’s decisions, but on VV I disagree with a lot of the arrangements they made. I have not had one argument against their taste in past albums, but I am finding more and more as I listen. Additionally, I just don’t feel like this CD is complete… It’s missing something. At the end of HH, I felt like I had taken a journey and kind of went full circle, but on VV I am left wanting more… Oh well, just my opinion.

  95. Dave

    I’ve listened to it 2 times now…I think I’ll need several listens. Initially, I was thinking, ‘What have they done to Thrive and Vice Verses?? They’ve taken them from a great song to a good song!’ I’m really, really hoping that I go through the same process as you Jeanna… And Restless too…I just loved the live versions of those songs, but hoping that I’ll warm to them over time.
    Afterlife, The War Inside, Selling The News….WOW. Especially STN…how bold are these guys!? Having studied Journalism, that song just resonates so deep with me…
    The Original, Rise Above It were what I expected…good songs. I’m not a fan of love songs in general lol, but I think Souvenirs is really well done.
    So many thoughts going through my head…I gotta wait for the dust to settle after a longer period of listening.

    1. Winnie

      I’m taking a Journalism degree too, and when I first listened to Selling The News, I was like whoa, I could really relate!

  96. Ryan H

    I understand the aversion to Thrive’s drum beat (though I like it), but find it hard to criticize anything about the studio version of Vice Verses. Jon’s vocal performance is as good or better than any live version I’ve heard. The echoes and whispers , both instrumental and vocal (particularly in the bridge) add quite a lot, they give it a transcendent “all around you” feeling, & make it so much more mysterious. In the searching there is mystery, there is God, there is hope. The bridge is all about questions, and questions are part of the journey and ultimately lead to the mystery.

    1. Corey S.

      yeah, I really don’t understand what people have to complain about regarding the studio version of Vice Verses. It’s exactly what the song *should* sound like.

      1. Dave

        I think that’s subjective though – everybody has their own ideas of what the song *should* sound like. Everyone perhaps had their own ideas about what they’d like the studio version of VV to sound like, and the diversity of opinions reflects that diversity of ideas. Kind of like when Jon has said that songs mean different things to different people…I don’t think you can make a blanket statement about what a song should sound like.
        Even if initially I’m iffy on VV, I can still see the mastery in it and I have an idea about what they were trying to communicate. I’m sure it’ll grow on me ;)

        1. Corey S.

          you’re right, should is too strong of a word. I don’t really understand though how people don’t like it, because really….It sounds so close to the way he did it live. but then they added that pulsing bass drum sound, and the echoing, and just improved it. That’s how I hear it. It’s not like they *drastically* altered the sound of it like they did for Thrive. It turned out more similar to the live versions than I had even hoped it would.

  97. Emily Wilson


    Souvenirs is definitely going to be one of my favorite Switchfoot songs ever! I LOVE it! It brings back so many memories.

    Selling the News- I love everything about this song. The bridge is amazing!

    Restless- This is also going to be one of my favorite SF songs ever. The lyrics are amazing. I almost always tear up when I hear it. I love it live too!

    Afterlife- I seem to be one of the few that likes this song! I love the guitar riffs and the lyric, “why would I wait til I die to come alive” always gets stuck in my head!

    The War Inside- The chorus does get pretty repetitive but I love the lyrics and the beat of this one.

    Vice Verses- I love that they kept this one acoustic. I was worried about what it would sound like with the whole band. I think these are definitely some of the best lyrics Jon has ever written.

    Thrive- I’m not really sure where to put this song. I LOVE the lyrics. They are life-changing lyrics. I am just not wild about the beat. It is however growing on me so I didn’t want to put it in my least favorites.

    Least Favorites-

    Dark Horses- This would probably normally be in my favorites but I have listened to it way too many times by now.

    Rise Above It- Not wild about the beat in this one either. This song just never really stuck out to me. This one and The Blinding Light sound a lot like other pop songs to me

    The Blinding Light- This one is slowly growing on me but never stuck out to me either.

    The Original- while I like the beat, the lyrics are very unoriginal

  98. Michael

    I think Switchfoot made The Orignal’s lyrics unoriginal on purpose. A pun of sorts, maybe. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion.

    1. PAblo

      They probably focused mostly on the music on that song

  99. i am who i am

    After some thought, this is what my current list is of the best songs on Vice Verses, starting from favorite to not favorite

    Thrive- I know many dislike the drum machine, and overall beat, on this track, but I love it. Its a little dark, somewhat haunting, which matches the lyrics perfectly. Do I really have to mention how powerful those lyrics are? Breathtaking.

    Vice Verses- I was a little unsure how the studio recording would end up, but the guys nailed it. Its simple, bare, lonely and empty. Thats what you need for this song. The brilliance of the lyrics is something that still baffles me, now over two years since it was performed live for the first time.

    Blinding Light- A song I knew very little about before hearing the whole. The word I mostly heard that was used to describe it was “islandy”. Turns out it was the right description. Partial reggae feel during the verses, and it features some impressive lyrics. The lyrics on the chorous may be a little predictable, but they’re solid. But the overall feel to this track, uplifting, beachy, catchy and plain old happy makes this song an instant favorite.

    The War Inside- Loved it from the very first live listen. Studio recording does not disappoint. One of the most agressive Switchfoot songs to date, it clearly holds that title for this record. The lyrics are classic Jon, and the beat is very contagious, and explores new territory for the band. And overall great track

    Souvenirs- I heard a bit about the song prior to listening, and I know why. I heard it described as “a quiet gem”, but its not really all that quiet. Its pretty steady through the whole song, and its very catchy. The lyrics are very descriptive, and the beat is surprisingly catchy. Could for sure be a pop hit.

    Selling the News- Probably the most talked about track on the record, its easy to tell why. Obviously the spoken word verses are completely new and dynamic for the band, but the hip-hop driven music is just as new. Nothing about this song screams Switchfoot by any means, except for the lyrics. Featuring some of the best by Jon yet, its captivating how brutally honest he paints the picture of where we’re going and what we do. And, like Jon always does, he does not point fingers. He includes himself in the blame.

    Afterlife- as usual, another solid opener from our favorite San Diego musicians. I would say this is a call to arms of sorts, throughout the chorus. The riffs are once again very strong, and its a great kickoff to the album. A very good rocker from the band, and most certainly will see some time on the radio waves (and i believe it already has)

    Dark Horses- Without a doubt, the best lead single material on the record. Features classic Switchfoot lyrics, and classic Switchfoot music, but presents itself to be a little bolder than most of their songs. Solid track, but its placement in the record, is almost awkward. It doesn’t seem comfortable in between to ballad-like songs. Its message as whole is good, but again, seems awkward on this record, doesn’t completely fit in. I suppose that might make sense though, given its title and all

    Restless- A great ballad from the band, it features strong lyrics, and solid music. A song about always wanting more, always reaching. Its by no means a weak song, but I haven’t been captivated by it as strongly as others have.

    Rise Above It- As many have said, if Burn Out Bright and Bullet Soul had a child, this may well have been the song birthed. Features the same type of high energy music, and is a solid rocker that fits in well to the back on the record.

    The Original- Its hard to get past the lyrics — mostly the chorus — and its apparent lack of creativity. But its another high energy tune, and is not a bad filler track at all. The music is fun, and I suppose thats what matters on a song such as this one

    Overall, this may well become my favorite Switchfoot record (It still ranks behind Nothing is Sound), especially when Where I Belong reaches my headphones. It doesn’t feature many weak tracks, and to be honest, it was hard to rank them past the first two. 3-6 are all quite close, as well as 7-9. The only song I’d probably be tempted to skip over is The Original, but I think it was wise to put it so close to the beginning of the album, because then I think the temptation will be much less. It is a great album though, and the music is phenominal. Lyrics are still trailing NIS on most songs, but songs such as Thrive, Vice Verses and Selling the News are as could as any that Jon has ever written. I’m very proud of the guys for making this record, they did a fantastic job. it is bold, much bolder than Hello Hurricane, in my opinion, and I think it will be succesful.

  100. Josh H

    Thrive sounds like the sequel to Yet… it grows more and more beautiful each listen for me

  101. Winnie

    Must have listened to the album ten times over the span of yesterday and today, and for a while I didn’t really like the bottom half of the album as much and I feel like it didn’t fit in as much or glue together, despite liking all of the songs, but now i’m starting to love it as one. It does definitely take a few listens to take it all in!

    However, I will say this: I think Hello Hurricane made more of an impact on me than VV did/does as a whole… I might have to put my foot in my mouth later on, but I don’t think any album can give me the goosebumps Hello Hurricane did from start to finish.

    1. Winnie

      also, now as i listen to this via my brother’s noise-cancelling headphones for the first time, i start to notice how awesome Tim’s bass sounds on The Original even more. so, so, so amazing.

  102. Starsrae

    Most resist temptation!! :/ oh boy I can’ttttt

  103. Hannah

    I wish someone had the lyrics to all the songs! Preferably selling the news(:

    1. Alyssa Gomez


  104. 1dareu2mov3

    I just couldn’t resist, so I listened to it today – and I am blown away! This might just possibly be the best album Switchfoot has made to date. I will probably believe that even more when I listen to the album with headphones on (I refuse to do so until I receive the Super Deluxe version of Vice Verses in the mail).

    1. Pablo

      The album sounds WAYYYYY better with headphones on. :D

      1. 1dareu2mov3

        I will try my best to not listen to it with headphones on (with my amazing Audio-Technica heaphones that I got for my birthday) until I get the entire album in the mail, then on my computer, then on my iPod.

  105. Blake

    First impression: Meh.

    The whole first half of the album is very inconsistant. It’s got good songs like Restless and The War Inside, but other songs like the Original are just there; not good, not bad, not doing anything for me. And Selling the News, the most talked about song fails to live up to what it could be. It lacks any type of hook and instead relies on the fact that the spoken word is something different to define it. And the lyrics are far to modern, with references to the internet and our news system. Jon’s lyrics have always addressed human issues, but this is a social issue. This song won’t stand the test of time because it is too grounded in today. It comes across as a band trying desperately to stay relevant, honestly. I just don’t care about what is being said; it doesn’t connect with me on an emotional level. Also, Blinding Light is the worst song on the album, far too poppy.

    The second half is much better. Here lie the absolute gems, Souveniers and Vice Verses. With Thrive, I can respect what they tried to do, make it a simple song heavy in ambiance. And while that ambiance does come through, at times it just disappears altogether leaving the song sounding hollow. Also not a fan of the drum loops. Then again, I absolutely loved the acoustic live version, so this song will definitely grow on me.

    Despite all my gripes I will for sure be buying this album on release day. I’m sure I’ll like it a lot more after I’ve given it a few listens. Despite the inconsistancy, that won’t stop me from liking certain select tracks, and I’m really looking forward to Where I Belong. Still majorly excited.

    1. Daniel

      The lyrics to “selling the news” is one of jon’s best ever. I don’t understand at all where you get the idea that it is too modern. What is jon supposed to write about? Something that’s so generic that it can be listened to 50 years from now? The best lyrics are those that are most relevant to that time period. So on that note, I completely disagree with you. Sorry.

      1. Blake

        So all the great timeless songs from the past were addressing issues that were going on then? Even if some of them were, it wasn’t blatant. I guess it’s just a personal preference because like I said, it didn’t connect with me on an emotional level, or any level really. Just my opinion

  106. Josh K

    I caved…… Peer pressure, eck.

  107. Cal

    thrive seem to be the broken twin of against the voices determination. more powerful song in the end.

  108. wesley

    Is anyone else still holding out and not listening? I haven’t listened. And after seeing how many posts there are, I feel like I’m the last one out there.
    Side note, I didn’t read much of these but I’m glad to see that VV is much loved already:)

  109. Vice Verses Pre-order news; Kimmel tonight; Padres show; Where I Belong

    [...] forget that ESPN is streaming Vice Verses LIVE (all the songs by Where I Belong) right now! Click HERE for the info. You should also head over HERE and read the comments in this AbsolutePunk thread [...]

  110. Kris

    I am very conflicted about this album. HH was an instant favorite. It is probably my favorite album of all time. It is so hopeful. VV seems so dark. I am conflicted because I like that it is darker, mainly because it matches my moods, but HH pulled me off the floor of depression. VV is just a pillow to make my stay a little more comfortable. I love that people on here think this is the best Switchfoot ever. I wish I could talk with Jon about this album. Musically I love it, STN is amazing! But lyrically I just want to know where Jon is coming from, what happened that made him see life in terms of such contrast (babies + hearses). Can someone explain what Vice Verses actually means. I love all of the positive tweets, but I guess I just don’t get it.

    1. Alyssa Gomez

      It is the polarity of life and death. I understand what you mean about HH. Read my comment below. I don’t want people to say “Oh VV is SOOOO much better” Although I do think it is stronger and bolder, I still have ties with HH and I won’t/can’t break those. But I do love Vice Verses

  111. Alyssa Gomez

    My hope is that Hello Hurricane won’t get lost in all the Vice Verses excitement. I know that lyrically VV is stronger but HH got me through so much. I understand people’s opinions may be that VV is better than HH. Vice Verses is bold and strong, it stands on it’s own and speaks out. Hello Hurricane is emotional, longing, hungry. HH was the searching, VV is the found. They both lean on each other to stand, but I don’t find one better than the other. Just opinions. Thoughts, friends?

    1. i am who i am

      I think you’re quite right. The honest writing of Hello Hurricane is what I loved about it. Lyrically, it was pretty good, but was not as good as NIS or O!G, but I thought it was much more emotional and… almost more “feeling” to them… if thats what i want to say. The lyrics of NIS are incredible and may never be matched by Jon, but they did not strike your heart with emotion as much as HH did. I think Vice Verses lyrics are better than HH, but I find they also still have a lot of that emotion too. I like the way it seems Jon is going with his lyrics, they may not be as “creative”, but they’re more “heart on my sleeve”, I think. They don’t leave me as awe-struck as NIS did, but I can relate more to them. So i’m all good with that!

      1. Alyssa Gomez

        Right now I feel a lot of people bringing up NiS. I think I need to go back and listen to that album because right now I have Hello Hurricane and Vice Verses bouncing around my head. Hello Hurricane was easy to accept and, like I said, emotional. What I love about Vice Verses though is the fact that you have to chew on it a bit and it is creative, electric, bold, and wild. Hello Hurricane was soo straight forward and carried a lot of heavy stuff with it that Vice Verses NEEDED to be fresh. And it did it’s job well.

      2. Alyssa Gomez

        Okay, I just re-listened to all of NiS. It is some of his greates lyrics ever. An incredible album. But you are right in that they don’t carry as much emotion. I think collectively NiS is his best set of lyrics. But most of the songs on Vice Verses are just indescribably perfect and truly display Jon’s talent as a song writer. But NiS flows beautifully, lyrically and musically (literally because the songs blend into eachother). NiS left me excited and pumped, HH left me crying and dancing, VV will leave me laughing and crying and thirsty for more. Switchfoot is such a solid band.

        1. Kris

          Thanks for the feedback. After listening to it for 6hours straight, I am still conflicted. But I can certainly appreciate it.

          1. Alyssa Gomez

            Which album are you referring to, Kris?

  112. Daniel

    Could anyone explain the lyrics to “Souvenirs”? It’s one of my absolute favorites off the new record, but I’m having trouble understanding the lyrics. It seems as if the lyrics are conflicting with the emotional level musically. Like, the lines “life was just happening” and “nothing lasts forever” seem contrary the lyrics to the rest of the song?

  113. Myriad

    Wow! xD. This album is awesome! :D

    So far, Souvenirs is really the song that’s on the top of my list right now. I was kinda expecting more from Rise Above It though… oh well xD>

    BTW, just wondering, when the lyrics will be compiled in the site? I really wanna get the whole feel of the songs