33 responses to “Atomic Tom joins Fall Tour; Japanese HH Bonus Tracks”

  1. wesley

    i’m still undecided if i am going to listen to the stream on espn. right now, i’m leaning NO and wait for the preorder to arrive.

    1. Sir Carlos Gomez I

      Yea same here not sure if I want to listen to it or wait till I get it.

    2. Sir Carlos Gomez I

      I mean I’ve already listened to the tracks they’ve played live from VV but I’m undecided whether I should listen to the album versions.

      1. wesley

        yeah, i saw them live this summer, so i heard Restless, Dark Horses, and War inside. and i’ve listened to DH over 100 times between my phone and the car lol. but i’m not listening to the live stream.

  2. Zahko

    I’m waiting. I’ve listened to Restless and Dark Horses, and Vice Verses and Thrive a loooong time ago, but that’s all. It’s getting so hard though!

  3. Jacob

    Im definietly going to listen to the stream but im gonna wait for the full release to listen to Where I Belong :)

    1. Jacob

      or try anyways :P

  4. Wes

    I’m considering waiting for my preorder to arrive to listen to it too. I want that first listen to be in my car from start to finish on a road trip. I did that with Hello Hurricane and it was a great experience. But I may listen to a couple of songs on ESPN. I’m glad they are making it available there!

  5. Ian H.

    OK so this is what I think I’m going to do…I’m going to listen to the stream just one time through, then that’s it, im just gonna leave it. So when the CD comes it’ll still be fresh…but darn you guys now im tempted to just wait!! arrgg!

    1. Jacob

      I know! I feel guilty next to all these people who will wait but i just know I wont be able to resist!

      1. Ryan

        Ditto, Jacob. Know what you mean, but I’m fairly certain I won’t stop myself. I’ve already heard enough of the other tracks so it’s not like it’ll damage the experience for me like it would for some of the others, who have refused to listen to any of it. I admire their discipline but me . . . I just can’t stop myself. :)

        Yes I will definitely listen to the stream. I might even get out of bed early to see if it’s up. :)

  6. Alyssa

    Hey Jeanna, “Lucky Man” and the song after it (“Proud Mary”) are all scrunched together. Just thought you’d like to know ;)

  7. i am who i am

    I’m really debating whether I will listen to it or not. I haven’t pre ordered Vice Verses yet (I just decided last week i would get the super deluxe, but keep forgetting to order it) so it will be a while before i recieve my copy (I live in Canada, and it will be at least a month before it gets here) so i will buy it on itunes anyway, so it will be different listening to it the first time either way… I think I might do what Jacob said he’s going to do, listen to the whole album, except Where I Belong. That one just seems so special, I will have to hear it after listening to the previous 11 songs in a row, and I want to do it on my iPod. There, I guess i’ve decided!

  8. $w!t(hfr3@K

    Thanks for “Lucky Man” and “The Sound” Jeanna!!!

  9. Andrew

    lol. A lady from my church actually knows the lead singer of atomic tom personally. apparently he used to be a youth volunteer

  10. NeedleGirl

    I think I’m gonna… gonna… holdoutandnotlisten!

    There – my decision’s been made. Now I just have to stick to it…

    1. Seth

      Haha, good for you. I know you can do it!

  11. wesley

    since i was on the fence before, i decided for sure I will NOT listen to the stream. if i hear some clips during a college football game, i won’t be too upset. but definitely NO to the stream.

    however, i’m glad its out there for the casual or non switchfoot listener to know of the awesomeness that is Switchfoot.

  12. HurricaneGirl

    I will NOT listen to the stream. I’ve already heard too much before the release date.
    Just wondering.. Will they send all the albums on the 27th October and do we as non-Americans have to wait some time more, or will they send it earlier so it will arrive on the 27th??

    1. HurricaneGirl

      Oh man ofcourse I mean 27th September.. Sorry I’m just tired lol And I do it automatically coz thats my bday ;P

    2. My Switchfeed

      According to management, the Pre-Orders will arrive on the 27.

      1. Jacob

        Thats a relief!

      2. HurricaneGirl

        Ooh thank you so much telling me! :)

  13. Cody

    Yes give it to me now! Sooner, the better.

  14. Ian H.

    Gunna buy tickets to the LA show! Should be fun, Ive never seen Anberlin live before! Theyre like my 3rd favorite band behind Switchfoot and Relient K.

  15. Mi470

    The thing about advanced listening parties is that for some it ruins the fun while for others, they don’t care. This is kinda what happened with HH. They leaked the entire thing on their myspace and I listened up until Bullet Soul, then I checked my mail and it was there! I think that I’ll do the same again. I’ll listen to the entire album once, then if and I say “IF” needed, I’ll go back and listen to a few that I really like. I would like to leave you guys with one final thought. Listening to it early doesn’t make you less of a fan. The only difference between now and later is the amount of time.

  16. Mickykeats

    That aftershow video was awesome! Especially like the “I am honoured to be affliated with the name of christ, but I don’t want to be exclusive to the point where people don’t feel their invited to the party” and when jon looks up when he sings ‘May redemption has stories to tell’.

  17. A Commentator

    Not listening to the stream. I must say though, those Japanese HH bonus tracks are quite good. The acoustic version of “The Sound” is far and away the most “produced” acoustic version they’ve ever done, in a good way.

  18. Karlee

    Best news ever for Australian fans!! We never get privileges like this!! Particularly when it’s an American band. Another reason why Switchfoot have such a committed and loyal fanbase- they take care of us! Even though we’ve preordered the super deluxe package off the website, international postage means it could take a while to get here… But now, I’ve pre-ordered my copy from JB Hifi and this time next week, will have it in my hands. YAY!! Thanks for this update Jeanna!! :)

    1. Dave

      I know – it’s awesome news! But….I don’t know whether to just wait until I get my pre-ordered super-deluxe. Won’t it arrive on Sept 27 regardless of your location? I’m not informed on these things…
      I think I’ll just listen to it on EPSN’s stream and then wait until it comes in the mail. There’s a JB Hi-Fi right near where I catch the bus though, so it’s gonna be tempting…
      It’s almost here!

  19. Alec Haylee

    Ahahaha, I love that Proud Mary cover. The guys in Paper Tongues are buddies of mine, and Aswan was so stoked when they went on tour with the guys in SF. I remember him saying that Jon just happened to have a harmonica, that happened to be in the right key. That’s Jon for you.