62 responses to ““The War Inside” featured in new movie trailer; Dark Horses chart news”

  1. Ian H.

    WOW! That movie preview with the War Inside is so AWESOME!! When the lyrics kicked in I got goosebumps no joke!
    Really enjoyed the articles too, what song does “Blood and Nicotine sky” come from?
    And the guys TOTALLY should record DH’s acoustic, i’d buy it.

  2. HurricaneGirl

    Wooaaahh it’s soo cool to hear The Was Inside in the trailer!!! :D
    And did y’all hear what that woman says at 2:02… “I’m not Meant To Live forever.” Well that’s just me, I just relate all the things I hear or see to Switchfoot, lol

    1. HurricaneGirl

      War, not Was… ;)

  3. Gracie

    The War Inside definitely HAS to be a single.

    1. KirbyW

      Agreed. I’m thinking it will be.

      1. Gracie

        I know, It’s SO catchy. I have a feeling it would do REALLY well.

  4. Carrie

    I love “Golden”!…..the ending especially when Jon says “This final verse is a contradiction, cause the more learn, the less we know….” such an amazing line, it really got me thinking the first time that i heard it.
    ahhhhh! I really wanna watch the trailer, but don’t want to spoil the album experience…..so far I have only caved in on DH and that is the one which the guys released for purchasing. I’m gonna stick it out and wait to watch the trailer since we are now less than a month til VV releases! :) Can’t believe that it is here already!

    1. Zach Hindes

      same way dude! I watched up until 1:20 and the movie look really cool. I’ll go back and watch it when the song comes out but it’s so tempting!

  5. i am who i am

    The War Inside sounds great! Though i’m not sure if it was the trailer or not, but the vocals during the chorus sounded like they were kind of auto-tuned… is that the case?

    Golden. Incredible song. Its not Switchfoot’s best song musically, but those lyrics are powerful. I think this song should be played in high school’s everywhere, because I believe it would change the lives of many kids. Older folks as well, yes, but especially the younger generation, when you probably question life and choices a little bit more. I know it got me through some rough times in my life. Some may call it a song thats been written before, just another one about being yourself or something— but its so much more than that. Its written as an answer to a cry, a cry that so many people can relate to. Its a cry thats been my life before, and many lines in this have touched me considerably, and helped me a lot. This one line is especially meaningful to me:

    “You’ve been hiding in the bedroom, Hoping this isn’t how the story has to go, It’s not the way it goes, it’s your book now”

    That sums it all up… I’ve done this so many times myself. Literally. In my bedroom, praying and hoping that my life, or my “story”, doesn’t keep down this road… that it can change. I still do this sometimes. And I remember this song, and remember that it doesn’t have to go like this. Its my life, my story, and I’ll make the right choices. You are golden, child. Don’t let go tonight.

    1. J

      I believe it was more of a voice effect than autotuning. Reminded me of like a megaphone, but very subtle.

  6. My Switchfeed

    The movie reminds me of a line from “Resurrect Me” – “And there’s no price that I haven’t paid to get some relief”.

  7. jjasper123

    Golden is easily one of my favorite Switchfoot songs. :D

  8. Jacob

    First! hehe… well! Is that how The War Inside sounds on the album Jeanna??

    1. Jacob

      Dude not cool… i refreshed the page and there were no comments then I post one and BAM theyre all there… sad day for me :P

  9. Josh H

    I coulda swore y’all named the site after Rebuild… anyways, Jeanna would you compare Where I Belong to This is Home like the reviewer? Cause that was my initial thought too when I heard about it

  10. Amy

    Golden means a lot to me! The acoustics of this song are breathtaking! This song has just been so encouraging to me to never let go, no matter what this world does to get you down, and to never stop being who you are and fighting for what you believe in. I love the ending when Jon is layering over the chorus. “This world is a dead man down, every breath in a fading crown we wear like some debilatated king. The world spins and the moon goes round, the green comes from the frozen ground and everything will be made new again, like freedom in spring.” Those lines really speak to me.

  11. Katie

    I love Golden, its probably one of my favorite songs. I remember listening to it in 7th grade when I was like, 12, going from elementary school to junior high. It always meant a lot to me because I’m really negative about myself, and that songs really comforting to me. Ironically, I discovered Switchfoot through my brother, who now hates Switchfoot, lol. The first CD I heard by them was Nothing Is Sound, it was pretty much all I had to listen to, its probably one of my favorites by them.

    1. Zach Hindes

      that’s so sad he hates SF now :( change his mind!!

  12. Katie

    I’m 15 now, forgot to mention that..

    1. kim

      Happy Birthday!
      (Or maybe it’s Gracie who said they were 14). I’m old, we forget things :)

      1. Katie

        lol, my birthday is January 26

      2. Gracie

        I’m 12 actually, almost 13! :D

  13. kim

    Ohhhhhhh What if other version of Dark Horses is acoustic and not original version?! That would be so fantastic! I remember in an interview Jon saying that they’d probably release original version for people who want it and I was like duh it’s on deluxe.

  14. StarsRae

    “dried up doubt in eyes looking for the well that won’t run dry” those aren’t the right lyrics right?

    1. i am who i am

      I was pretty sure it was “dried up doubting eyes”, and I checked, sure enough thats the case.

  15. Cody

    Golden is my favorite song from NIS, My favorite line is “You’ve been hiding in the bedroom, Hoping this isn’t how the story has to go It’s not the way it goes, it’s your book now,” It’s probably my favorite line in any song. In fact all the lyrics in the song are phenomenal. I’m having a hard time just picking one other line to quote. I love how the song talks about itself. but my next favorite line would have to be “The green comes from the frozen ground, And everything will be made new again, Like freedom in spring,” Looking back at my song writing i can see that i draw a lot of inspiration from this song. Like Jon I use Spring as a starting over point.Particularly in a song i wrote called “Somewhere Between Fall and Spring” I have a line that goes “I’m letting you go, I’m trying to grow Get up! Get out of the snow Through the white I see some green Somewhere between fall and spring”. the full lyrics to my song are here if you’re curious, and please do. http://cody-warren.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d420le5

    1. little drummer girl

      Wow. Your song is very cool! I really, REALLY like it!!

    2. $w!t(hfr3@K

      nice! I really dig the 1st verse!

    3. Cody

      Thanks guys that means a lot

  16. little drummer girl

    Golden is definatly one of my favorite Switchfoot songs! I love everything about it, the music, the lyrics. The first time I heard the chorus I actually started crying, it’s rather simple, not very long, but it’s so powerful! Using the word “golden”… I don’t know, there’s just something really cool about using that word instead of all the other words people usally use when writing a song like this. I would say my favorite lyrics are “You’re a lonely soul in a land of broken hearts, your far from home is a perfect place to start”. Just the imagery in that is so powerful and so true! And I also thought it was very cool when I learned that this websites name was taken from this song! And I could go on and on about all my favorite parts of this song cause I like them all! They all fit in some how with my life!
    But I think right now this song has been on my mind a lot lately because I have two friends who are really struggling with self-image and depression right now. They have also both been suicidal in the past and I’m very worried for them. I wish they could see that they’re “golden”… Hmm….Maybe I’ll show them this song!

  17. Justin

    I downloaded the mp3 from the Dark Horses video and I noticed it’s pretty near if not on par with studio quality recordings. So, in a way, we already have a “studio” acoustic version :)

  18. Ednardo Sabino

    Amazing i cannot wait to see LIVE in Belo Horizonte Brazil!

    We love u Switchfoot! thanks for ever be who you are!

  19. $w!t(hfr3@K

    I was not expecting that techo beat comin’ on in the trailer…. WOW!!!!! Now I am really, really, really pumped about VICE VERSES!!!!!!!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

  20. Sam

    Hey Jenna, how early are the ViceVerses Twitter winners given the cd? Can’t wait!!

  21. Scribbledreamer

    Ok, I’ve been a lurker for quite some time, but I’m going to emerge now… :)

    Golden is my favorite song. Ever. It’s amazing. I love the lyrics so much! Especially the Contradiction verse. It’s like he states it’s a contradiction, everything after it contradicts, but at the same time, it all makes sense…which is a contradiction. At least, that’s how I viewed it. I could be terribly off. :)

    And Jeanna, this is an amazing site! Thank you so much!!

  22. wesley

    i saw what song was the Monday Comes Around topic, so i decided to listen to it a couple times and NiS all the way through…

    i love the lyrics and imagery of Golden. everyone at some point in their life has felt like a lonely soul in the land of broken hearts.
    the sound/music of it, doesn’t thrill me too much. i feel its too polished and overproduced (along with many songs from NiS in my opinion). it would be cool to hear a stripped down more acoustic style version. and i think the song order of Golden and Setting Sun should have been swapped.

    my fav line is The green comes from the frozen ground/and everything will be made new again/like freedom in the spring.

    Is there a listing of people’s winning #viceverses ?

  23. Tia

    Golden was one of my first favorite sf songs! I love timmys harmony in the song too. Some of the lyrics confuse me to this day still (especially toward the end of the song) but i luv the lyrics anyway lol

  24. Kaye Sigua

    I’m so happy for Switchfoot to be able to hear their songs in hit TV series or movies throughout the years. They deserve it so much!

    “Golden” is also one of my favorite Switchfoot songs. I particularly fell inlove with the song through these verses: “You’re a lonely soul in a land of broken hearts
    You’re far from home, it’s a perfect place to start” and “So this final verse is a contradiction, And the more we learn the less we know.” I can still relate to it until now.

    And Dark Horses must have an acoustic version! Drew’s strums are amazing. It gives the song a different relaxing feel. ;)

    1. Rayz

      Favorite verse too!

      “The more we learn, the less we know.”

      Very very very clever! I love LOBH! <3

  25. Kayla

    Oh goodness. Golden is one of my all time favorite songs (Up there with Faust and Shadows). It means so much to me. It reminds me of being thirteen again, you know, that point in your life where suddenly everything is sooo confusing, and people who used to be your best friends now hate you. I bet I listened to this song a hundred times when I was thirteen, it was such an encouraging song for that time in my life. It will always hold a special place in my heart.
    “The more we learn, the less we know.” It’s funny, I get what this line means, like, I know what it means, but I can’t articulate it… I can tell myself what it means in my head, but when I write it out it makes no sense, haha. So, I’m not going to attempt it. I would just confuse you all. I confuse myself sometimes.

  26. Ian H.

    Just popped NiS in my car and man does it bring back good memories back ’05! Golden was a hidden gem song imo, it was shaddowed by songs like Stars and WAOT. Today i can say it is a personal fav, the lyrics are beautifully put together.

  27. Highwayeyes

    What’s up with Drew’s shirt

  28. Ebenezer

    Woahoah! That acoustic Dark Horses was amazing! Pretty amazing that The War Inside could feature in a Hollywood movie as well.

  29. Rayz

    I dunno why but I just got too emotional that I cried watching Jon and Drew perform tha Dark Horses.

    What’s happening to me?

  30. Winnie

    I’m really excited for the movie (i’m a sucker for mindboggling sci-fis like Inception) despite the main character being played by Justin Timberlake… (though i’m willing to watch it just for Cillian Murphy…)

    And i’m also excited for the song :D I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites from VV.

    Golden has to be one of my favorite SF songs of all time, it reminds me to love myself whenever i’m feeling unwanted, alone and broken. It’s my pick me up, dust me off song. It’ beautiful.

  31. Kevin

    The addition of the new Switchfoot song to the In Time trailer makes that movie look way better! ;) I saw the trailer without “The War Inside” at Comic-con and was disappointed by it. Now it looks epic!

    Golden is one of my all time favs from SF. The lyric “don’t let go tonight” has always resonated with me.