207 responses to “Listen to the radio cut of Restless; “We were so young, We had no fear, We had no idea…””

  1. Ian H.

    wow that review was awesome! Still not Alot of stuff about Where I Belong, but compliments most of the other track on VV! 70 more days!!
    My fav SF closers are: 24 Red Eyes, Daisy, Don’t be There, Under the Floor, and LYLBS AND LIVINGISIMPLE IS4TH

  2. Mi470

    Wow! You guys have picked a hard one! For me, an album puts the cherry on a listening experience. As for the best album closer, I hate to say it, but for me, it’s not Switchfoot. My favorite is Take It All Away from Red’s album Innocence & Instinct (listen to this song if you haven’t yet, because it’s really good). As for a Switchfoot album closer, I don’t know. It’s a strong tie between Daisy and Red Eyes. Both are so perfect. Daisy ends with a bang, but Red Eyes has that Needle reprise. If I was forced to choose, I would have to go with Daisy. The ending is so beautiful, and I can’t wait to hear Where I Belong. I bet it will have that Daisy feel.

  3. Krunchberries

    Good to read that “review,” I’ll call it that because the writing is certainly sub-par, and the reviewer’s credentials can be brought into question in the fact that he/she did not even mention “Nothing is Sound, in the band’s history” which many fans consider to be the best SF album ever.

    But, as I said, good information about the additional tracks. I for one am a little scared of the “pop” sound of Selling the News, but perhaps it’s just a way to hit all audiences, they’ve got the rock tracks, CCM ballads in “Restless,” and a pop track for top 40 stations?

    Expanding the audience isn’t a bad idea as long as they stay true to themselves. I think Restless will have a decent run on CCM radio and hopefully be added to the rotation for a long time, it’s a solid track.

  4. kim

    Just heard Restless!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jacob

      AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! CAn you call in and request it?

      1. kim

        I tweeted air1–I listen on computer so not sure about calling in. :)

  5. Jason

    once again its so hard for me to rank switchfoot songs against one another!
    1-Living is Simple- to me this song was a big preview of what Switchfoot could become and works as a great connector song between LTB and TBL
    2- Daisy- i’m guessing most will put this number 1 and its a well deserved number 1 thats for sure. not much else to say :)
    3-Red Eyes- The Ending
    4- 24- i love to play this song whenever i feel emotionally compromised just because i love to feel its raw emotion and it gives me hope
    5-Let Your Love be Strong
    6- Under the Floor- i think this song is pretty underrated sometimes (but so are many songs from their first few albums)
    7- Don’t Be There
    AHHHH ranking these songs was so hard!

  6. Carys

    Woo! Tuned into Air 1, waiting for Restless to come on. EXCITING!

    Hmm.. rate the album closers.. tough. I don’t think I can. I pretty much agree with your list, but I think I’d put LYLBS above 24. Also, Don’t Be There is phenomenally underrated. Methinks it should go above Red Eyes actually… I just LOVE it. Really. The Legend of Chin doesn’t get enough recognition in general.

  7. i am who i am

    Ahhh I need to hear Restless!! Is there anyway you can hear it without having to listen to that radio all day (which I can’t do)? And to anyone who has heard it, how is the studio version? As good as the live? Better?

    Just want to say what I think about (what I’ve heard so far) Vice Verses, is it will be the most emotional album by Switchfoot yet. I think it’s the one that… I don’t know, I guess the one that “feels” the most. That may not be the best word to use, but that’s all I can come up with haha.

    Your order Jeanna, is the exact same as mine. Daisy is just incredible. Not only my favorite closers, but one of my favorite songs, period. It’s so fragile and beautiful, like something that if you try and figure it all out, you might break it. That’s how I feel about it. it will be very hard to top as a closer. If Where I Belong can do it, I’d be surprised, but a 7 minute song? Gotta be epic.

    Twenty-four is just such a great message, that’s probably why it’s up there. So full of questions, not always answers.

    Let Your Love Be Strong probably has the greatest message of any SF song. Almost angry, confused, yet a plea. I don’t care, just let your love be strong.

    Red Eyes because of the ending, of course. Withoutthat, it wouldn’t be too much of a song, but that ending tops all.

    Living is Simple has always been one of my favorites. I just love the term that living really is simple, we don’t have to make it hard.

    Don’t Be There is the best song lyrically on LOC, and just has an all around good feel to it.

    Under the Floor is another favorite. Good song, I like the creativity around it.

    All their closers have been great songs, I like all of them. I really curious how Where I Belong will rank.

    1. Sir Carlos Gomez I

      To me…Restless sounds more emotional live than the studio version. Still great and all but the first time I heard the live version it just felt more impactful but that’s just my opinion. I was freaking out and acting like a fam girl while listening to it on the radio though. It’s so worth waiting to hear it though.

      1. Kim

        “Live” always more emotional to me-no matter what song it is.

  8. Julia

    heard it on air1 !! excited max! plus I’ve just converted my roommate into a SF fan 8) 8) 8)

    1. kim


  9. Gracie

    I’m going to be listening air1 all day to hear Restless! SO EXCITED! This VV anticipation is even better than Christmas :) And about the album closers, Daisy and LYLBS are tied as the BEST EVER.

    1. Gracie

      P.S. Did they compare Switchfoot to U2?! That makes me even MORE excited! ;)

  10. Sarah

    Heard Restless this morning on Air1! It was beautiful. As for the album closers:

    1. Red Eyes. This is one of my favorite songs ever and I can really relate to it.

    2. Let Your Love Be Strong. Do I even have to say why I love this song? I think you guys understand.

    3. 24. The lyrics of this song are sheer brilliance.

    4. Daisy. I often find this song makes me too sad, so I ignore it. But when I listen to it, I get SO into it.

    5. Living is Simple. SUCH a catchy bassline!

    6. Under the Floor. I listen to this song when I’m feeling mellow.

    7. Don’t Be There. I love the story this song tells.

    1. little drummer girl

      My list of how I would put those songs is almost exactly like yours!! The only thing I would change is putting Don’t be There higher up the list! But I LOVE Red Eyes! When I first heard I instantly loved it and listened to it for like an hour straight! :)

  11. Jinnie

    Listening to Air1 right now….. oh I hope they play it again!

    and Jeanna, the link to the first review seems to be not working.
    I checked the website itself, but it seems to have gone…. missing??

  12. Jared

    ” After 15 years together and seven highly successful albums released…”

    I don’t see how any before “The Beautiful Letdown” could be considered highly successful. xD

    “Multi-platinum records…”

    As I recall, only The Beautiful Letdown even hit platinum.

    The review also has a few grammatical hiccups. Charming.

    “Louder Than The Music Rating 5 out of 5 Stars”

    If “Vice Verses” gets five out of five, what does “Dark Side of the Moon” get? Fan review, no doubt. They also fail to address why they didn’t enjoy “Hello Hurricane,” despite it being one of the most cohesive releases in terms of linearity. Probably the single most, actually. They attribute “Hello Hurricane”‘s “flaws” to the making of the album having been difficult. Yeah, by all means, a difficult album is a bad one.

    They continue with comparisons to other bands, which is never a good sign – as in the review before that, there are many, many errors with the composition.

    “Easily could have fitted on a U2 album.”

    Ignoring the fact that Jon’s been compared to Bono and will be until the end of time…”fitted?” Really?

    “…this really isn’t the case just these two tracks have the big stadium anthem rock sound, all ready to fit into the set for those big stadiums gig.”

    That’s what U2 sounds like.

    “Where is God in the city life, Where is God in the city light, Where is God in the earthquake, Where is God in the genocide…”

    Now they’re just preaching. This isn’t a Phillip Yancey book.

    The reviewer goes on to say that it is the most “complete album,” despite pointing out several times that many of the tracks are either U2-ish or traditional Switchfoot rock tunes, which is exactly what we’re used to getting.

    This isn’t sounding like Switchfoot’s “Achtung Baby” at all; more like their “October,” or even their “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” – just a rehash of old tricks. No review that I’ve seen has convinced me at all, and the five out of five rating conflicts outrageously with the words of the review. From what they say, it should have been perhaps three out of five.

    There again, I’ve never heard of this site, and Internet-based review sites like this aren’t usually credible. Once I see a review on AltPress or even AllMusic, I’ll take it seriously.

    I think it’s interesting that you put “Don’t Be There” so low! I mean, it’s just a matter of discussion, obviously; I personally would’ve fit it perhaps one spot up. “Red Eyes” would also probably be right below “Twenty-Four,” and the rest stays essentially the same. Good discussion! And excellent placement of “Daisy.”

    I suppose this means we can all find “Restless” pretty soon, and I’m guessing “Dark Horses” will be on iTunes AU either tonight or tomorrow.

    1. KirbyW

      How are those lyrics to Vice Verses even close to preaching? Taken in context I’ve always thought they’re more about honest questioning about why God lets these things happen… not sure how it’s preaching when it’s not even directed toward the listener.

      I’m also not sure how you can say what this album is sounding like before you’ve heard it. Sure, we all come to conclusions about what it could be before we hear it, but in my experience those aren’t very telling of what the album is actually like. At this point all we have is snippets of 6 songs that someone recorded with their camera and some live recordings that have (at best) little clarity and dynamics.

      1. Jared

        It’s preachy because one of the biggest arguments against God is “why” – therefore, meddling in that subject is arousing these arguments, which, from a band full of Christian guys, is considered preachy. You can’t look at it from the Christian point of view.

        I didn’t say a word about what it sounds like – the reviewer did.

        1. little drummer girl

          I don’t think I agree with you on that. If asking God “why?” is such a big argument than they have every right to ask it. And it doesn’t have to arouse arguments and be “preachy”, they have a point! “Where is God in the earthquake, Where is God in the genocide?” It’s hard to see God in things like that but it’s ok to ask it. Sides, most people know the guys are Christians so if they want to write songs mentioning God and stuff I see no problem with it.

      2. Jared

        Just as an aside, you have to remove your opinion. I personally do not entirely oppose the lyrics, but I see where they could be harmful to the non-religious fans of the band because of the preaching nature.

        Keep in mind that “preaching” is trying to sell your opinion. If the lyrics are questioning in either a frustrated or a religious fashion, they become biased. This is my point. People don’t want to hear the band’s bias, or their religion, or whatever. In fact, their faith is probably the only thing that prevented them from being a multi-platinum (on an album-by-album basis, not just beginner’s luck) band.

        And again, I stress my remarks on the review itself, not on the album. Obviously, I haven’t heard it – I’ve only read the reviews and, yes, the snippets and live versions. I can tell you that you honestly don’t need to hear an entire album to know it isn’t any good. Anyone here heard Justin Bieber’s “My World?” Yet it can be safely assumed that it is just a collection of silly tween pop tunes. So why can’t I do the same with Switchfoot?

        1. KirbyW

          So by writing an honest song that asks questions to God they are trying to sell their opinion and beliefs and make everyone like them? I completely disagree. They mention God but that doesn’t mean they are trying to persuade every listener to believe what they believe. They are artists, and to say that their motive in mentioning God is to preach to their listeners is completely unfair to the artist.

          1. Jared

            I never said any of that. xD

          2. KirbyW

            You labeled those lyrics to Vice Verses as “preachy,” something you defined as trying to sell your own opinion. So in a way you did say that they are trying to persuade their listeners to believe what they believe, or at least that’s how I interpreted what you were saying. I must not be really understanding what you’re saying, and I’m not trying to attack you.

          3. KirbyW

            I just feel like you’ve made it pretty clear that you think that Switchfoot is being preachy and I disagree with that. I am simply trying to say why I think Switchfoot is NOT being preachy.

        2. Hannah

          in my opinion, of your opinion, of their opinion of Switchfoot (yeah, that is confusing) you are hypocritical and judgemental, and shouldn’t be complaining about how Jon is compared to Bono if he in fact is compared to Bono. Please take your criticism somewhere else. You sound like your some sort of professional critiquer of someone else’s music. Which is an art. Art is basically an opinion about the world in of itself. What’s the point of judging something like that? There are many Switchfoot fans that enjoy the Christian influenced songs, and plenty that don’t. But that’s the beauty of music- it always is dirty with opinnions and biases and faults. I dare you to walk up to Jon at a concert and tell him the problems with his songs. k. thanks. bye.

          1. Jared

            Thanks, Jeanna. It’s all good.

            Just as an aside, if you’re allowed your opinion, ma’am, why am I not?

            What I’m saying is that for as much as Switchfoot sounds like U2 at times, they should be avoiding it, since U2 is known as the basis for many, many modern religiously-oriented groups. You can’t possibly disagree. Would you want your band to be repeatedly compared to another? No. You want individuality.

            I would have no problem presenting a case to Jon – as an artist, I’m sure he would understand. As a mature adult, I’m sure he would understand.

            Critic*. Critiquer isn’t a word. And, respectfully, you sound like a “critiquer” of other people.

          2. Cal

            Honestly, the best thing about Jon is that if you DID walk up to him to him at a concert and tell him the problems with his songs, he’d probably say ‘hey man, what’s your name? I’m sorry you think that, why don’t we grab a coffee and have a chat about it?’. Jon is the most humble guy I’ve ever met, and that’s what’s so awesome about his music, including his incredibly God focused music. He’s not saying ‘I’m so bad but Jesus saved me so hallelujah’. He’s at the very bottom of his emotional and spiritual life and saying to God ‘I can’t do this without you, this WORLD can’t make it without you, so where are you?’. The song vice verses is the best modern day psalm I’ve ever come across.

            Also, i think the song is brilliant in that non Christians and non religious people can identify with the sense of being at the lowest point of life with the people you love most not helping or not being there to help. If Jon can’t sing with a bit of bias from his personal life, the very meaning of his music is lost.

          3. Jared

            My point exactly, Cal – he wouldn’t be bothered by it from a producer, from a friend, from a fan, etc.

            Again, I have to stress that my personal feelings have very little to do with what I’m saying here.

        3. i am who i am

          Well, I don’t know what your religious beliefs are– my guess right now is you don’t care much for Christianity– but I highly disagree with your opinion here. What I take from what you’re saying is the guys shouldn’t sing anything about God, because it might offend non-Christian listeners. I’m sorry, but if that was Switchfoot’s opinion, I would question their beliefs, because that would be wrong, and would go against everything Christianity is. They aren’t out to please people. If they were, then I can guarantee you I wouldn’t enjoy their music. What it sounds like to me, is you’re saying they should please people who are scared of even whispers about God, and should basically tell Christian to F-off if they don’t like it.

          Now, you might say that you never said that at all, and that would be true, but I think thats what you meant. If its not what you meant, then sorry I mis-interpreted it.

          1. Jared

            No, I am a devout, devout Christian, thank you very much. Again, you miss my point. If you could possibly be any more eloquent than to use the phrase “f-off,” I would be much obliged.

            I’m saying that they should not sacrifice their emotional perspective for a preachy route. I did not say that is what they are doing, only that this is what it looks like from songs like “Selling the News” and the title track.

          2. Jared

            Also, what I suggest is that they are out to please their Christian audience, rather than both sides. That would kind of contradict your point, would it not?

        4. Hannah

          My badddddd, Jeanna

    2. KirbyW

      My point: wait until you’ve heard the album before writing it off as a “rehash of old tricks.”

    3. little drummer girl

      Wow. This conversation is getting a little to intense so I think I’ll be done with it now… Seriously some of these comments are a bit much in my opinion.

      1. Carrie

        agreed! :D

    4. Alec

      I know this is older now, but I feel like I need to say something. I’m not going to address everything you’ve said here, Jared, because though you’ve made some good points, I honestly got a little mad, and that’s not a good thing. I doubt you were intending insult or harm to either Switchfoot or lovers of Switchfoot. I’m going to pick a snippet or two and try to bring my fiery opinion into this (and yes, it is personal and emotional, but that’s exactly why it’s worth saying). I’m not pretending to have any more understanding than anyone else, but here’s how I see it:

      “Also, what I suggest is that they are out to please their Christian audience, rather than both sides.”

      From everything I’ve seen in this band from the time I was a little girl with wide eyes and a copy of New Way To Be Human in one hand and Legend of Chin in the other (the only two albums at the time), I have seen that Switchfoot, while very, very good and loving to their fans, fams, audience, friends and even random strangers on the street, they don’t create their music to “please” people. Rather, they create their music to display honesty and vulnerability and truth. I’m not trying to say that their audience has absolutely no impact on Switchfoot’s songs, obviously they do seeing as they rewrote the chorus for “Dark Horses” (which made it seem like a family effort), but Switchfoot makes honest music for people longing for honesty. Jon writes because he needs to let all the tension, stress, love and life into something productive and creative. He asks questions out of unyielding vulnerability, and I find that so powerful.

      “Keep in mind that “preaching” is trying to sell your opinion. If the lyrics are questioning in either a frustrated or a religious fashion, they become biased. This is my point. People don’t want to hear the band’s bias, or their religion, or whatever. In fact, their faith is probably the only thing that prevented them from being a multi-platinum (on an album-by-album basis, not just beginner’s luck) band.”

      If lyrics were not questioning or probing, in a frustrated or religious fashion or not, then there would be very little meaning. These questions, even though age old, speak to the human condition and offer opportunities for thought and growth. There are certain questions that will be asked until the end of time, or asked for years and years, and does that mean we should ignore them? Heavens no! If someone is searching for truth, then let them search, even if they’re repeating questions. I think that will appeal to many people, such as myself (especially when I was going through the steps of becoming a Christian and my soul was SCREAMING these age-old questions) and those who want to know they’re not alone in the thirst in their soul. MANY of my non-Christian friends enjoy Switchfoot and bands like Switchfoot and authors that ask questions like Switchfoot BECAUSE they ask these questions, BECAUSE they’re “biased”. They like hearing opinions and biases and such because they’re on a quest to form their own.

      And I thank God quite greatly that Switchfoot has been open and forthright with who they are their whole journey, even if that cost them fame or fortune. They didn’t sacrifice faith (and even “blind faith” as you put it at some point can be so beautiful) for greater success. As said earlier, people looking for honesty enjoy their honest music. I love them for their authenticity. Amazing, amazing men.

      I hope I didn’t misunderstand what you were trying to say, and I realize it was just an opinion, as this is, albeit a strongly worded, authoritatively written one. I just felt like I needed to say SOMETHING. I hold a great deal of respect for you, you put forward an honest opinion in a place you probably knew it wouldn’t go over well. Bravo.

  13. Jacob

    I would definitely start with Daisy followed by 24 and then Red Eyes (LYLBS is one of those Switchfoot songs I havent latched onto yet) Im really hoping that WHere I Belong can take number 1 though!

  14. Jason

    Question: In the iPod/MP3 era, does it still matter whether the song is an album closer, opening track or lead single? Seems to me like the way we listen to albums today has fundamentally changed due to the way the music is distributed. I have never thought to rank the last song in an album. I guess that is because I rarely listen to an album form beginning to end.

    1. KirbyW

      The music industry is changing more into a songs-based market, rather than album-based. There are fewer and fewer artists who really put thought into the structure of an album, but Switchfoot is one of the true album bands left out there. So I think for Switchfoot, this is a very relevant discussion because of the time and thought they put into the structure of their albums.

      1. Mickykeats

        Theres an Aussie band called ‘Evermore’ who do great cover to cover albums, check Em out.

        1. KirbyW

          Thanks! Evermore, I will check them out!

    2. Jason

      You are all right. I can see how understanding the music within the context of the album is yet another reason why SF is so special. I hadn’t thought about their music from that angle before. I have about 4300 songs in my iTunes library and I have gotten into the habit of creating my own playlists and using “shuffle” and “genius” to mix the music. Now that I think this through a little (with all of your help), could you imagine if they just lined out their music alphabetically? (Yuck!) Now I am going to have to listen to all the “closers” over again in the context of the album so that I can participate in the main part of this discussion. Not a bad way to spend an evening . . . :o )

  15. Ian H.

    Next weeks discussion will be album OPENERS! haha “Afterlife” might be my favorite even though I havent heard the album version of it

    1. Kurt Parker

      I think “Needle” takes the cake for me. I LOVE THAT SONG! We should also do “title tracks” or songs the title of the album is found on!

      1. NeedleGirl

        I have to agree with you – I’ve STILL not completely gotten over the brilliance that is Needle.

        1. Kim

          Here here

        2. Kim

          Here here

        3. Mickykeats

          We can see that :]

          1. NeedleGirl

            ahaha! thus is true!

      2. Jacob

        Title tracks! I really like that “Nothing is Sound” is a lyric from a song on the album and not the actual name of it…

  16. 4:12

    I really want to listen to Restless!!! I missed it both times!!

  17. Roelfke
  18. wesley

    my copy of Nothing is sound has Good Night Punk after Daisy?

    24. let your love be strong. don’t be there. under the floor (love the ode to the beach boys at the very end). daisy. living is simple. red eyes.

    i’m getting restless by not hearing Restless played on air1! ugh.

  19. nick

    Amazon keeps moving up their release date of dark horses. Now they’re saying the 25th

  20. pablo

    Im not moving from the radio till i hear restless lol

    1. kim

      Been here 5.5 hrs and counting! thanks for the company :)

      1. wesley

        5 hours here. i haven’t really heard any repeats during that time that i can think of. and unfortunately no Restless. hopefully soon!

        1. Ian H.

          I have a couple hours under my belt too and still haven’t heard it. Ive been listening at work all day seems like, maybe it hasnt hit So Cal yet.

          1. Kurt Parker

            With ya too! listening since about Noon (Central Time). Still no Restless. Im with you, no bathroom or food breaks till I hear it! :)

          2. wesley

            the new music just got me excited ….until they said it was Esterlyn.
            O Restless where art thou?

          3. NeedleGirl

            I’m with you guys…

      2. pablo

        Wooooooo! good to know im not alone. haha

  21. Joel W

    Hehe, the memories. I remember beautiful letdown and how I was into Switchfoot for the rock band part of them, and therefore, never cared about their slow enders (you can imagine the adjustment I had to make when I went and bought their first three). Now, however, they are definitely some of my favorites. I don’t know if I could rank them, but I absolutely love 24 and Let Your Love Be Strong.

  22. Beau

    Hey they are playing Meant to Live right now! Good chance we will here Restless again after!

    1. pablo

      I got excited when meant to live came on for some reason lol

    2. Zoibie

      Your Love is a Song was on before as well. Gahh.

      1. majkl

        Stars started playing right now..

      2. pablo

        Stars! :D

        1. kim

          It, the psych out, all started with Awakening sometime after the 11am EST playing of Restless and then 6 (yes 6) other Switchfoot songs were played and each time I went crazy for a split second then realized no, not it. All in all not a bad 7 hours spent in front of computer waiting for Restless to be played.

  23. Mi470

    I know Jeanna can’t spoil anything yet, but might we see some bonus tracks mixed in with the preorder? Oh, and when will you discuss the preorder with us?

    1. KirbyW

      This is purely speculation and me getting my hopes up, but maybe “Against the Voices” will be involved..? :)

      1. NeedleGirl

        ahh, that would be a dream come true – now you are getting my hopes up too! :D

      2. Mi470

        I hate to say it, but I think not. 

      3. Josh H

        Truth be told, I have bought albums twice for one or two songs and very rarely were they EVER worth it. So glad I didn’t do that for Stitches. But you know I really appreciate what Relient K did with Birds and the B sides. That was GENIUS. I wish every band would catch onto that cause they could make killings with those kinda deals. I mean Switchfoot has plenty of gems they could make killings off of. Though, that would probably put the LoBH media section out of business. And I really hope they don’t release AtV as a deluxe track. It deserves much more. Maybe as a random single or on another album but not as a deluxe package track..

        1. Zach Hindes

          totally agree with you with the b-sides album and not just an ep. what relient k did was smart and it got those lost songs out in the open.

  24. Roelfke

    like someone said on the officials, i’m surprised that i’m actually thinking: oh, no, this is stars, meant to live, etc.
    i want restless to come on soon.

    1. nick

      sames…and everytime another switchfoot song comes on it most likely means restless is farther away

  25. nick

    Although you can never go wrong with anything switchfoot…i wanna hear restless not stars ;)

    1. Ian H.

      yes sir-eee! Im a big fan of switchfoot, dont get me wrong, but Im (starting) to get mad when I hear a non- “restless” Switchfoot song because I know it’s going to be a while b4 the next Switchfoot song comes up

      1. KirbyW

        Yeah. I get more restless every time they play a Switchfoot song that’s not Restless.

      2. NeedleGirl

        Same here, haha! “NOOO, not Meant to Live!!”

  26. Kurt Parker

    1.Let Your Love Be Strong
    4.Red Eyes
    5.Dont Be There
    5.Under The Floor
    6. Living Is Simple

    I have been waiting for Restless all day!!! But they just played “Stars”, so I guess that will have to just hold me over

  27. Josh H

    #1 Twenty-Four. Incredible song. I obviously don’t really need to elaborate I’m sure everyone knows why it’s incredible. Didn’t like it at first but it grew on me and now I can’t get enough of it.

    #2 Don’t Be There. I actually first heard this song a year ago. It’s probably my favorite off of LoC. I relate so much to it. The music is beautiful as well. Love the strings and the guitar part. Just a beautifully crafted song.

    #3 Daisy. Didn’t like it at first either but it’s grown on me. Like Twenty-Four and many other songs, this one unfolds listen by listen and you begin to understand more and more. It really is a masterpiece when I think about it.

    #4 Under The Floor. Honestly, I can’t remember how this one goes but I do know the few times I listened to it I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    #5 Let Your Love Be Strong. I never was a big fan of this one.. To me it didn’t feel like it was resolved in the end.. It’s a very minor-based song I guess and it just didn’t sit right with me…

    #6 Red Eyes.. This one I just.. no. Didn’t like it to be flat honest. Everytime I listen to it I think of like the sith lords or the evil horses on Lord of the Rings with all their red eyes. I just cannot relate to it or find meaning in it at all lol.. I’m sure it has a deeper meaning than I’ve found and I do like the tune but… I can’t take it seriously. The Needle reprise was cool though so I’ll give it that.

    #7 Living Is Simple. I’ve never listened to this song all the way through. I get to the chorus and turn it off. There’s a good bit of songs from the older albums (The Bomb, I Turn Everything Over, You Already Take Me There) that I can’t listen to. This is one of em. As devoted a fan as I am, every artist, band, etc has their duds.

    1. NeedleGirl

      Josh – oh, you REALLY should give Red Eyes another try… there is an incredibly deep message in there.

      Have you ever read Jon’s song story for it?

  28. Amy Kennedy

    This list was really hard to do…haha

    1. Twenty Four-This song is so amazing, lyrically and musically, it speaks so deeply. It is so powerful in a simple way. “I want to see miracles to see the world change.”
    2. Let Your Love Be Strong-The Lyrics in this song speak in every situation life throws at you. No matter what happens ‘Let Your Love Be Strong.’
    3. Red Eyes-Such an awesome song and the ending is just BRILLIANT! :) This song really encourages me to Never stop searching, to always ask big questions and to never stop believing. Always go for what seems impossible.
    4. Daisy- This song is so unique and was slightly different than the rest of NIS, but still tied the album together perfectly. This song encourages me to always be strong no matter what this crazy world throws at you. I love how it builds at the end!
    5. Living Is Simple-This is such a unusual and unique song musically. I love all the times it quiets down then goes right back into the main parts of the song. It has a great message, and I love Tim’s back up vocals on the ending layered with Jon’s.
    6. Don’t Be There- I love the simplicity of this song, all the way through the acoustic guitar and some strings carry it, but that really adds in a beautiful way.
    7. Under The Floor- This song is really cool, I love how Jon’s vocals kindof seem underneath everything! It also just speaks of no matther what’s going on God’s presence can still be found.

  29. pablo

    ITS ON! :D

  30. nick


  31. majkl


  32. Kurt Parker


    1. Kurt Parker

      Thank God I did not go pee at that moment!! it would have been 5 hours wasted!

      1. wesley

        Absolutely Amazing! So worth the 6 hour wait

  33. NeedleGirl

    Wow, what a great discussion topic! Let’s see… this might take awhile.

    1. Twenty-Four (Enough said. I simply ADORE this song. It means more to me than I could ever express… Suffice to say that this might be my most favorite song EVER. If I could pick one and only one song to listen to for the rest of my life – this would be it)
    2. Red Eyes (How could you NOT love this song?! I don’t blame the guys for being so proud of it, the ending is absolutely magical. I also have a strong emotional connection to it, as it’s gotten me through feelings of insecurity and desperate loneliness. I identified with Red Eyes and its message most especially this past year)
    3. Daisy (Jeanna, you said it best. This song is a masterpiece – so powerful, so poetic)
    4. Let Your Love Be Strong (This is such a beautiful, pleading prayer with aching vocals and emotional lyrics – it’s what I listen to in the broken times, and it’s what helps get me through them)
    5. Living Is Simple (This is a really great song – and one of my top favorites from Learning to Breathe… I love the clever lyrics and Tim’s backing vocals)
    6. Don’t Be There (I like the poetry in this one, and the sparse musical arrangement…but it’s definitely not one of my favorites)
    7. Under The Floor (The lyrics in this one are beautiful and so touching, but I hardly listen to it. I feel like the music is not that interesting)

  34. pablo

    That wasnt the whole song right? was it radio edited or something?

    1. majkl

      Does it seem short to you?

      1. pablo

        yah cause when i heard it the first time live. Jon goes “im looking for you” and it goes into a guitarsolo and a final verse

      2. KirbyW

        It had to be shortened… the guitar solo was gone, and so was the “looking for you…. looking for you… looking for you” part. And it didn’t seem 5 minutes long like we’re hearing the album version is

        1. KirbyW

          BUT it was still the jam

          1. pablo

            Cool Cool Cool i got worried for a bit hahahaha. thanks

  35. NeedleGirl

    Restless. Is. Beautiful.

    1. KirbyW

      True story :)

  36. My Switchfeed

    I got a video of “Restless”, and it’s on its way to the internet, in case any of you want to hear it again. It’ll be up on my website when it’s done. Should be 15 mins – a half hour.

    1. NeedleGirl

      Thanks so much!!

  37. KirbyW

    1. Red Eyes – just a great way to end HH, and I don’t even need to say how awesome the end is.
    2. Daisy – again, just a really fitting end to the album. I love the very last hit of it with the dark sounding melody on “let it go…”
    3. 24 – It was really hard to put two ahead of this one. What a great song.
    4. Let Your Love Be Strong – I think the only reason this one is so low is because O!G isn’t THAT cohesive of an album. The ones above this on my list wrap up the whole albums better, at least IMO. This is a beautiful song though.
    5. Don’t Be There – Not as familiar with these last three, but this one just seems easiest on the ears to me.
    6. Under the Floor/
    7. Living is Simple – These two just don’t hold my attention that well for whatever reason. Maybe I need to just listen to them more.

  38. O

    Restless. Truly an experience.

  39. Nikki

    Daisy and Red Eyes, my favorite album closers.

    I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow Switchfoot fanatic who happened to live down the hall from me in my apartment complex this past year (best coincidence ever). He told me to think about the last song on Oh! Gravity (LYLBS). He told me to think about the lyrics. What do they say? “Let your love be strong enough to weather through the thunder cloud //Fury and thunder clap like stealing the fire from your eyes” This is a reference to a storm of sorts. Which brings us right to Hello Hurricane. I thought it was a really cool coincidence :)

  40. i am who i am

    To those who heard the full radio version of Restless, how long is it exactly? Our friend here who recorded it (who I am very thankful for!) obviously was not able to get the whole thing, but what he did get was 3:47, and it sounds like it was just the first verse missing. So i’m guessing its a little over 4 minutes… so i’m wondering what the full length studio version will be like, since its apparently 5:18. Obviously a little different than the radio cut.

    1. Mickykeats

      Could you send us a copy? :]

  41. MP

    1. 24 – Not only my favorite album closer by Switchfoot, but my favorite album closer by any artist. Its brilliant.
    2, Red Eyes – Some people love it, some people hate it. I personally love it. Its a song I relate to a lot. One of those songs where its as if Jon wrote what I was thinking. The ending is the icing on the cake and just makes it all the better.
    3. Don’t be There – One of my favorite songs from the pre – TBL era.
    4. Daisy – I use to hate the song. I was never able to connect with it. But overtime it has really grown on me. I love the ending when the guitars and drums kick in and it turns into more of a rock song.
    5. Let Your Love Be Strong – This song always fell a little short for me. Its just missing something that I can’t quite pinpoint. The line “train the monkeys on my back to fight” always bothered me for some reason too haha.
    6. Under the Floor – Nice lyrics. Nice song. The music is a little stale though.
    7. Living Is Simple – I never liked the song. Usually when I don’t like a SF song it eventually grows on me after a few listens, but this one never did. I like an emotional song that leaves me thinking as an album closer, and unlike the rest of SF’s album closers, this one doesn’t do that. And for that I give it last place.

    Restless is awesome. Good choice for a single.

  42. Cnote

    1.24- The guitar is incredible, and the lyrics about Jon’s reliance on God is pure awesome. The Chorus is one of the best Switchfoot melodies ever(in my opinion).

    2.Red Eyes- For me, I feel that closers need to be more on the melodic side, to really draw the listener in for the finale. This songs lyrics constantly amaze me, and the beautiful toy piano piece in the beginning is so pretty, so soothing. And of course to agree with Jeanna, the ending is RAD.

    3.Let Your Love Be Strong- This song’s is legit, but is not my favorite because of the lack of melody. But the almost spoken word verses are really cool, and Jon gets points for the really odd lyrics(“Training monkeys on my back to fight?”)

    4.Daisy- Good song, all Switchfoot songs are good, but this one seems to drag just a tad. But the folk guitar in the beginning is great, and the rocking finish is pretty sweet.

    5. Don’t Be There- Somewhat simple, not quite in the same style as the other closers. The soulful hook in the verse really draws me in though, and the lyrics are still awesome.

    6. Under the Floor- Eh, its fine, but the Thing at the end is sweet.

    7.Living is Simple-N/A I know I’m going to sound lame, but I don’t have the Learning To Breathe album yet. I’m getting to it though..

  43. maenad36

    I am so happy right now! I sat at the computer all day listening to air1, I even paid my 5yo sister to watch the screen when I had to leave the room for a few minutes, then after seven hours I gave up, so I was so excited to see that it had been recorded! Thanks so much!

    1. Kim

      You must have just missed both times! It took 7 hours but I heard it twice!

  44. wesley

    is there going to be an mp3 of restless or will we have to wait till its released digitally on itunes/amazon?

  45. Mi470

    Right now, I have so many expectations for Where I Belong. Here are my possible reasons why it’s so long.
    1. A reprise like Red Eyes
    2. A hidden track like Under The Floor
    3. I don’t know why, but for some strange reason I imagine a bagpipe solo. :)
    4. Maybe it’s just a long track.

  46. Zach Hindes

    My picks for album closers would have to be
    LYLBS- I learned it on the guitar and O!G was the first SF album i heard so it had special meaning to me and it’s epic but quiet enough that I can listen to it no matter what.

    Daisy- holy crap….never heard it live but wont watch a video of it, I gots to be there to hear it for myself. The opening guitar. The words. The feel. “Let it..GoOOoooOOOoO!!”

    24- a lot of people LooOOOoOOoooooOOOve this song to the point that it can get irksome BUT! when I’m alone I consider myself to be one of those people. Jon’s unconventional playing at the beginning (G chords and stuff) and making so few chords sound so awesome. “you’re raising the dead in me.” gotta be one of my favorite lines.

    Red Eyes- even at #4 RE is one SF that keeps growing on me. The end part is great and a good tie in to waking up or going through a tough time to then go back to Needle – “the world begins with newborn skin, etc etc”. I thought musically it did sound a little like an O!G b-side but not in a bad way, kind of like if you ran into an old friend from high school you had forgotten after years “holy cow! it’s great to see you!”. that’s how i felt with RE

    Don’t B There- one of my favorite songs. a rainy-day-feel-bad-just-got-dumped song…

    Lvng s smpl- tied with #5 and #4 just because of the lyrics and how experimental they were with the music and the style, really stands out to me.

    Under the floor- “And I’m certain that he hears me, He listens even as I sing my song”. enough said that, just great. also love hoe it ends, reminds me of MAE a little with the riffy guitar and etc.

    and just to throw it out there, I think Restless will be my new #1. I gotta hunch that it being over 7 minutes will make me love it so much. musically, thematically, lyrically and so on. The emotional end to VV, at least I hope so! *fingers crossed*

  47. Zach Hindes

    I meant Where I Belong I swear! I’ve just had the word Restless stuck in head since I hear we could listen to it…resisting the urge to..

  48. Jared

    If it pleases their majesty, I’ll take back every word I said and say that this sounds like it’s going to be the best album of all timez. :333

    1. Kevin

      Haha! You’re funny, Jared! I think you did a right good job of playing devil’s advocate & sparked a fascinating discussion. That was one of the longest reply chains I’ve seen.

      1. Jared

        Devil’s advocate! That’s what I was looking for. Glad you got what I was going for.

    2. KirbyW

      Ok, we’re good now!! haha! Seriously though, even if I’ve seemed harsh at times (I hope I haven’t been too harsh) I do enjoy discussing this and I respect your opinion. Even though it’s a lot different from mine you are entitled to it and I appreciate the discussion! We’ve got a good community here.

    3. i am who i am

      I wouldn’t ask you to say that, Jared. I disagree with your view on this particular matter, but it doesn’t “please” me for you to say that you’re throwing your opinion out. Theres nothing wrong with your opinion, doesn’t matter whether anyone agrees with it or not. I understand where you were coming from, I just simply was not in agreement with you.

      Its just that I, for one, on’t continue with the discussion we had above, because its moving into argument terroitory, and thats just empty and meaningless (to me). So I think we should just agree to disagree, and I hope when you get your copy of Vice Verses, that it will turn out to be better than you thought.

      Cheers, and I hope I didn’t say anything that would cause you to hesitate engaging in further conversation with me someday.

  49. NeedleGirl

    Jared – Having unfortunately come a little too late to take part in the above debate, I merely read all the comments that you and the others wrote. There were points on both sides of the argument that I agreed and disagreed with… but I am really glad you started that very interesting conversation – it gave me a lot to think about.

  50. chris keithley

    Jared – As a secular listener who isn’t exactly what one would call a “Christian”, and an AVID fan of Switchfoot, I understand a lot of the points you made. I’m just so partial to the band I’ve never really gave it that much thought. I still think Vice Verse will be a great album.

    1. chris keithley

      Vice Verses*

  51. Ian H.

    Wow, this is the most heated discussion Ive read since….well ever. I agree with Ms. NeedleGirl, very good points on both sides. But personally it’s Jons, Tims, Chads, Jeromes and Drews band, whatever they wanna write about is theyre personal buisness. And although them being Christians in a rock band may be a turn off for others, some may not get into Switchfoot without some spiritual backbone to it. But I do love how they dont reallty mention God directly, I mean other bands like David Crowder, Leeland, and Starfield are great by proclaiming the Lords name flatout, but the fact that I still get the same satisfaction out of it is what really draws me in. But it’s just a matter of what you like and what you don’t like.
    oh and haha restless is truely amazing, sux that they got rid of the song, but I can wait. I sure hope they dont cut anything from Dark Horses, but they probably will:(
    oh Jeanna are you going to put up websites to vote/request switchfoot songs on local radio stations like you guys did with Hello Hurricane? It really helped me get them out there you know?

  52. Christina

    Restless on Air1 RIGHT NOW!! AHHH! ^^

  53. Ian W.

    Jeanna you have really created something incredible with this site. People from around the world come together here as a community and family and are all safe to speak their minds be it thoughtful discussion or just pure fan excitement and it’s all perfectly normal. Any other site and we’d all be called fangirls and fanboys. Trolls and altogether weird….. But not here.

    Thank you

  54. Ian W.

    Oh and Ian h. The song didn’t get cut. She meant that this is the radio cut or version

  55. HM

    Daisy is easily my favourite from the list… Freaking love that song. The lyrics, the *almost* ballad like quality. Plus, I like to sing it while I do my chores in the evenings, and it always cheers me up as I do the boring tasks. Close second for me is Living is Simple. Purely because I personally believe that living IS simple. I think people nowadays make a real meal out of getting through each day… Somedays the littlest things seem so disproportionately important, so I listen to Living is Simple to remind myself that at the basest level I have all that I need in life: Food, water, air, love and of course Switchfoot :P . Then, Let Your Love Be Strong (think I explained what I like about this in a previous Song Discussion). Then Red Eyes. Then 24, which was one of the first SF songs I ever heard. Then Don’t Be There, and finally Under The Floor.

  56. Silageman

    Good topic. I’d have to agree on ‘Daisy.’ For me, ‘Red Eyes’ is a little bittersweet; I’ve always thought that ‘Sing it Out’ would’ve been a way better closer for the album (and I’m sure they could have worked the Needles reprise into the end of that song just as well as they worked it into ‘Red Eyes.’ I might’ve been tempted to go with ‘Sing it Out’ if they had made that the closer.

    1. Silageman

      Oh my goodness! Wait! Hold up the dark horses!!! What about the a cappella ‘Ba ba ba buh-ba-da ba ba ba da’ from New Way to be Human?!? Throw out everything that’s gone before, we need to reassess!!! :)

  57. TheSecondFoot

    Took me a while to understand what it was meant by “closers” but I got it now. I cant’ wait until tomorrow to hear Dark Horses. There is a video coming out with it and we’ll be able to hear it? Anyways, here I go.

    1.Let Your Love Be Strong-For me this song leaves me with this feeling that love is so much deeper than many people know. “That love can be a verb, maybe I’ve been a little misinformed.”

    2.Daisy-Poetic and really thought thru by Jon. “Daisy let it go.”

    3.24-is easy one that can be listened to and interpreted in many ways. It’s a song that says you’re giving it all to God.

    4.Red Eyes-I’ve liked this song since I first heard the album but it doesn’t stand out like the others. It’s kind of hidden and you really have to listen to it. “What are you looking for?”

    5.Living is Simple-To put life into words is simple, living can be more difficult. Life isn’t a daydream even tho it may seem like it sometimes. But it also is supposed to be enjoyed.

    6.Don’t Be There-I don’t enjoy the lyrics much and the song isn’t my favorite but I can’t help but to think that this is Jon’s best song on Chin lyrically. Well thought out for a new musician.

    7.Under the Floor-Not my favorite. Kinda slow and not very connecting but I do enjoy the last bit of the song

  58. Zahko

    1. Let Your Love Be Strong

    2. 24

    3. Red Eyes

    4. Daisy

    5. Don’t Be There

    6. Living Is Simple

    7. Under The Floor

  59. Emily

    1) 24
    2) Red Eyes
    3) Daisy
    4) Living is Simple
    5) Let your love be strong
    6) Don’t be there
    7) Under the floor

  60. Update 3.0: Vice Verses FAQ

    [...] Can I hear the new singles? Switchfoot has a live stream of “Dark Horses” up on their website. Listen HERE! You can listen to the radio cut of “Restless” right over HERE. [...]

  61. Robert

    Well my favorite would have to be Daisy with my least favorite being Living is Simple. The other ones are tied. I believe the band with the best closers is Relient K. You can’t top theirs. ;)