36 responses to “Switchfoot Bro-Am 2011 E-mail; “This is going to be awesome!””

  1. Ian H.

    Wish I could go to the Bro-Am…maybe next year, is it possible to record from the listening booths?? hhaa probably not

  2. Francisco("Paco") Gtz.

    I can’t wait to be there!
    It’s so awesome that the Vice Verses listening will be available for the people that didn’t get to buy a VIP package, I’m impacient to heart a bit of VV!

  3. Sam

    any idea on when would they release the album cover??? that’s killing me… :D

  4. Cydon Prax

    I WILL be at Bro-Am. I WILL record the show. and I WILL spend time at the listening stations

    1. Rayz

      Please upload all of it :) Please please please!

      1. Cydon prax

        Don’t it will be on YouTube and I’ll eBay them to jeanna

        1. Cydon prax

          *email not eBay * damnit auto-correct

          1. A Commentator

            Selling SF bootlegs on eBay? What a scam! :p

  5. Rayz

    Please upload all of it :) Please please please! Please do :)

  6. mickykeats

    Yeah someone do what a kid last year did by recording Hello Hurricane studio version that they previewed at a concert..

    Tho I wonder if they’ll put the music into their podcast videos like they did with HH…

  7. Ryan m

    Stupid question…switchfoot does perform at the bro-am/after party…right?

  8. Carrie

    wow! That picture is so awesome, it would be epic in canvas.
    well, early congrats to whoever gets it!
    That is amazing that the guys did a show on an aircraft carrier, it must have been amazing, so nice of the guys to do that for our armed forces! :) Makes me feel warm and gooey inside, like a warm apple pie!

    1. Liza

      I’m beyond words on the whole USS Stennis deal…I’m still pinching myself. So amazing to me.

  9. StarsRae

    I have a signed drum head but it doesn’t say “switchfoot” on it :P

  10. Courtney

    Is the Bro-Am Ginger to be streamed live from Ustream like is was last year?

    And also. Jeanna, I heard you saw the Vice Verse album art. Any hints as to what it looks like?

    1. Courtney


  11. Liza

    That drum would be such a great item to have!:) These guys are cool on so many levels, but primarily because their hearts are in the right place. Awesome the way they give back.

  12. Carrie

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I <3 THE NEW PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I don't know how it happens, but the website just keeps getting better!!!! You are the best LOBH!!! :)

    yikes! If i'm this excited about a new pic, imagine how I'm gonna be when VV comes out!!! sqeeee!!!

    1. Liza

      Carrie – You made me laugh and that’s always a good thing. It’s awesome how you don’t hold back LOL! That’s what being a fan is all about…of SF AND LOBH :)

      1. Carrie

        haha, yep, I embrace my intensity about such matters….If I ever hear SF on the radio my response is the same, “OH MY GOSH! IT’S SWITCHFOOT!!! *tells everybody in the car to shut-up and turns up the stereo*”

        1. Smiley

          Hahahah, me too! And the fact that they’re almost NEVER played on the Norwegian radio only makes me freak out even more when they do! The last time I heard them, on Norway’s Got Talent, my voice became so high-pitched I’m sure I could have called in dogs with it.
          “IIIIHIIT’S… IITTT’S SW….IT’S SWITCHFOOT!!! SHHHHHHHH!” *turns up volume*

  13. Angela Vincent

    Love the banner Jeanna! lovely!

  14. Smiley

    Let me just say, this header is probably one of my all-time LOBH favourites. And that’s saying a LOT. It’s almost as good as the first one you used on the “new” LOBH – I digged that picture… but this is just brilliant. Thank you so much! :D

  15. Beth

    Random question: Is there going to be a meet and greet at the fair? you can sign up for one on the FOTF site or is it a mistake.

  16. Briana

    Hi! I’m relatively new here and I’m not sure where to post questions so I tried to find a post most closely related to the concert at the San Diego County Fair to ask it in!

    On the LOBH tour page, it says that there is going to be a meet and greet at the fair (June 17). Is that strictly for FOTF members or do people who show up early have a chance to meet them also?