22 responses to “Bro-Am Recap Part 2: Surf Contest & Beach Concert”

  1. Amy

    “^ Hey, I see my head… and a LOT of other people’s.”
    And I see my hat on Jon’s head!!!!

  2. Branden Harvey

    The second to last photo by Jeanna is gold.

    1. wesley

      That was is epic. I love them all and wish I was there. Can’t wait to see them next month!

  3. Sam

    those pics are A-MA-ZING! great job with the pics, hope there’s more.. :D

  4. Wendi

    Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. I have some great video footage from Del Mar and the BroAm posted on YouTube under my username – wendi4boys. Just thought I’d share. Thanks for all the great coverage! It was a great day!

  5. Jacob

    tell me about Dark Horses!!! pleeeeeaaaaase! what does it sound like!!!? be descriptive!

  6. mickykeats

    Did anyone record the music at the listening station..? :D

  7. Katie B.

    It looks like so much fun, I wish I could go!

  8. Matthew

    Bro Am looked great. Wish I could of been there. I’m seeing Switchfoot live for the first time tomarrow in Dallas. Then, on Saturday, I seeing them again at a free Christian music festival.

  9. TheSecondFoot

    awesome photos!!! Looks very nice!!! I really like that Hello Hurricane looking one with the birds in the background.

  10. Andrew

    wow, huge resources available to him and he still uses electrical tape lol. It looks nice though. from the fist photo the other day I thought it was paint

  11. Raquel

    lol, awesomeeeee XD looks like it was a huge success!! love ALL the shots!!
    and out of curiousity, was there a Hello Hurricane guitar?

  12. Carrie

    wowow! amazing pics! and i LOVE the sand art, hehe, I’m totally gonna do that next time that I go to the beach!!! :D

  13. rae (lezpaulplz)

    what a lovely shot of drew jeanna! you’ve got skills girl!