25 responses to ““It’s the most soulful record we’ve ever made, that’s for sure.””

  1. Carly

    I miss seeing Switchfoot in concert! It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen em. Hope they come back to Cincinnati soon :)

    1. lupe

      i know how u feel i havent seen them either for about a year. gah! i miss them hope to see them in portland, OR soon :)

      1. hadassah

        i know, me too. I also have 1 year without seeing them im still hoping they will come to san antonio during the summer :)

    2. Gracie

      I’m FINALLY going to see my first SF concert this summer in VA. *SUPER excited*

      1. hadassah

        oh man your going to have so much fun so take a camera and a phone oh and lots of money for you can buy sf cd’s, t-shirt,poster… have fun!!!

      2. Carrie

        yay!!! You are going to love it! They are amazing, I had goosebumps for the entire concert the first time that I went to their concert.

      3. little drummer girl

        Oh my gosh you’re going to have so much fun!! :) I got to see them for my 1st time last year and the whole time I was freaking out! I’m so excited for you!! :)

      4. Gracie

        Thank u guys! I’ll take ur advice!;)

      5. Gracie

        Hope you had LOTS of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. little drummer girl

      I might be going to see them in September when they come to Six Flags! I’m so excited!!!! :) :)

  2. John Corfee

    I’m still waiting for the US Open of Surfing Music Lineup announcement to see if they’ll be playing at that again this year since I found out that I won’t be able to make it out to Bro Am this year.

  3. rifttides

    Three points.
    1) The record is done.
    2) All they do is talk about it and I want proof that it’s actually good.
    3) From the songs I’ve heard so far I’m not sure if it will be that good.

    Release the album sooner than later. I love you Switchfoot but sometimes. . . gah.

  4. hadassah

    wow jeanna i never knew that. so jeanna is dark horses going to be in the album???

    1. ~

      I hope “Dark Horses” never shows up in any way, shape, or form available to the general public just so people will shut up about it. >> Seriously, I’m so sick of hearing ZOMGDARKHORSESAAAAAAAAAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Come on.

      I think it’d be nice, though, if they released some bonus tracks with VV, considering how popular those have become in the last couple of years (Panic at the Disco’s latest record had a bonus track list almost as long as the album itself).

  5. TheSecondFoot

    This album may have been easier to make than Hello Hurricane but it will definitely pack a punch. So excited for VV and I hope they release it earlier in the Summer.

  6. Matthew

    I’m going to the Celebrate Freedom Concert. It will be my first Switchfoot Concert!

  7. kim

    It’s so great that you guys are going to your first SF concerts this year! I promise you that it will not be your last! I went to my first in 2004 (yikes!) and each time since has been a new experience. They are true performers and each show is different (even from night to night). I know lots of you are going to festivals but if you can you must must must also see them in a “club” venue. Words cannot describe………

    1. Matthew

      I tried to see them at a venue last year, but it was rated 21 and older so I couldn’t go. :(

      1. kim

        yeah, getting older really doesn’t suck sometimes ;)

  8. Joel W

    Switchfoot, dudes, come to Knoxville again.