28 responses to “Synths and Surfing with Switchfoot”

  1. Ian

    ROMEY!!!! hahaha, i wonder if the song in 2nd video is on the new record?? interesting, it sounds good!

  2. Ken

    Wow, nice insider access. Jerome’s work I find is the most underrated in the band. I find his sweet synth & keys like the glue to the songs or else it’d be emptier & drier.
    He’s also very down to earth and humble.

    1. abbie

      Agreed. I think Romey is very talented; he really can play almost any instrument. He has such a sweet personality, too. I remember once in an interview the interviewer was asking the guys what music they listen to when they’re mad. Jon looked at Romey was like, “I don’t think you’ve ever been mad in your life!”

      1. Carrie

        yeah, Romey is SO nice! I went to a concert in December, the show wasn’t over until 11:15 pm…. Jon, Tim, Drew and Romey came out to talk after, and Romey was the very last to go in…..He seriously did not go in until he had talked to everyone, by which time it was well after midnight!

  3. Josie

    So nice to see an interview with only Romey. That doesn’t happen too often. Why I don’t know.

  4. Michael Meyerdirk (Crosswithasong)

    I love Romey’s cardigan. =p That was really cool actually, I enjoy seeing into their music world a little bit more.

    1. Josie

      I agree. It’s nice to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Especially since they’re not doing the webcam thing this time.

  5. pam b

    That was fun! And, yes, the song in video #2 is sounding s-w-e-e-t!!!

  6. Raquel

    osmmm :) and very true about not seeing much with mr. fontamillias, shame :/

  7. Hadassah

    Jeanna i’ve been checking out other switchfoot fansites and they all suck! i was surprise to see how bad they were, im really happy that we got you :) cause lobh is awesome!!!

    1. Josie

      Word! :) creds to Jeanna, and Lisa of course.

    2. Liza

      Absolutely! We are so spoiled…and I love it.

  8. kim

    Romey—what a smile :)

  9. Carrie

    lovin’ the videos, yes, it is so nice to see Romey talk a bit…..definitely very rare!
    Wow, I love the snippet of the song on the second video….sounds like Switchfoot, but has a fresh and exciting tone, I think……Getting more excited every day!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date LOBH, don’t know what I’d do without you guys!

  10. Carol Neves

    OMG I’m getting more and more excited about Vice Verses, every single day! I simply CANT wait!

  11. Amy Kennedy

    What awesome videos! Romey is the most beastly keyboard player out there! :) He’s the bomb! The new song he was playing sounded FANTASTIC!

    1. Zach Hindes

      totally agree with that, the new song sounds awesomeeeee

  12. Érika Beda

    he makes me a proud keyboardist. lol
    and the second video… oh my goodness… I need to listen this album right now! :)

  13. i am who i am

    So Dark Horses is taking wild turns, and it appears the track listing has been changed from what the guys posted on twitter a few weeks back… interesting. can’t wait to see what happens.

  14. Switchfreak

    A question: If Switchfoot is now an independent band, how come on the HH CD there is the Atlantic Records label?

  15. Switchfreak

    Paul LOL!!! :D :P

  16. StarsRae

    Its nice to see an interview with Romey for a change! I can’t watch the second video :( .