26 responses to ““Don’t try and make money with music… make life with music””

  1. Grace Elizabeth

    I was just listening to that today! I love this song… The lyrics are poetic (as with %99 percent of all Switchfoot songs). Not much else to say on this song- except that I almost always love their songs that are overtly Christian.

  2. maipai

    Hi Jeanna! I also really love this song a lot. It is very sincere. When I listen to it, I just stop with whatever I’m doing. It’s always like listening to it the first time.

  3. David

    “Jone Foreman” haha

    Headed to the Bro-Am for the first time! cant wait..super stoked!

    i think Jon hit the nail on the head with this one. This song means so much to me at such a personal level. There has been so many times where i question why my existence and think about how fragile my life is and how limited my abilities are and how narrow my understanding is. But In Christ is where i am made whole. I looked for so long, my identity, my purpose, my hope, and all of this is found on one Magnificent Being. I will never even come close to understanding who and what God is, but like the song says, “I find peace when im confused.” to know that i will never fully know God is wonderful. i am continually being amazed by what God has done and where He has put me in my life.
    Listening to this song, i find Hope in something bigger than myself and that is freeing.

  4. Liza

    When I first heard it recently(I’m still unearthing all of SF’s music as they are new to me), I couldn’t stop listening to it over and over, just that one song back to back. It has a strange effect on me because as soothing as Jon’s voice and the melody is, it both soothes and aggitates me emotionally. Not sure why… I’m confused haha . But I think it’s simply a beautifully gorgeous song. Seriously, SF can do no wrong in my eyes…I love how diverse their music is. I think it’s a true reflection of the group as individuals. Never a dull moment! Even in the quiet.

  5. Kayla

    I love the lyrics to this song. I like to listen to it when I’m riding in the car at night.
    The lyrics are pretty self-explanetory for me,
    “There’s always something in the way, there’s always something getting through.” I’ve had that feeling before, when I’m wanting to do something I know I shouldn’t, there’s always something in the way, always something telling me I shouldn’t do it, always something holding me back. Some might say it’s mearly my concience, but I believe it’s God, trying to keep me on track.
    “I find peace when I’m confused,
    and I find hope when I’m let down.”
    These lyrics for me talk about the hope I have in my faith. When the world may let me down, or when I’m confused, I still have the deep hope in Christ. I still have peace.
    “I hope to lose myself for good,
    I hope to find it in the end,
    but not in me, in you.”
    This is almost exact to the scripture that says, “Whoever loses his life for me, shall find it.” That’s not exact as far as wording, but it’s close.
    Like I said, the song seems pretty self-explanetory, but that’s what it means for me, personally, anyway. A song is pretty much whatever you make of it.

  6. 1dareu2mov3

    The video of “You” on YouTube that has clips from “A Walk to Remember” has 4,981,192 views (I think that the only other Switchfoot video that has more is the “Dare You to Move” music video [on @SwitchfootVEVO]). I think that says something about how good the song is, both from a lyrical standpoint and an instrumental/vocal standpoint: the song has beautiful poetic lyrics, and the strumming pattern is simply amazing. Even if the lyrics weren’t so poetic, the song would portray an essential message: don’t rely on yourself or others, rely on Christ.

  7. 1dareu2mov3

    Scratch that part about the music video for “Dare You to Move” being the Switchfoot video with the most views; it’s a clip from “A Walk to Remember” of Mandy Moore’s cover of “Only Hope”. But, really, that doesn’t count.

  8. 1dareu2mov3

    (The video “Mandy Moore – Only Hope” has 19,739,954 views.)

  9. abbie

    Awesome video of Jon, or “Jone” :) And thanks Kevin for all your hard work! I don’t know what I would do without this site…

  10. Rocky foreman

    at the end”to be Continued” *tim turns head*

  11. Carrie

    “You” is such an amazing masterpiece! I love the line “Sometimes ignorance rings true”
    It really hits home hard for me, because no matter how great we think that we are, in the end our ignorance DOES ring true and we have to realize that we are fully God’s creation and that we are only fully ourselves when we are in Christ…..definitely one of their more “Christian” songs and I am really fond of it!

  12. ibex

    “You” was the first ever Switchfoot song I heard, and still one of my all- time favorites :-)

  13. NeedleGirl

    This was a song that really hit hard the first time I ever heard it. I remember listening to it over and over again on repeat, just relishing the soothing vocals, the calming music, and the song’s overall message of hopeful dependence on God. I really like how Jeanna put it – it’s a surprise… indeed it is. You certainly don’t expect it, and because it’s near the end of the tracklist, you assume you already have a feel for the sound of this album. And then this song comes. And because it takes you by surprise, you cannot help but give it your full attention.

    I love how Jon says that it serves as a response to the questions brought up in Life and Love and Why. After all, there’s a time for questions: “Can it be You? Can it be You?” And then there’s a time for discovery: “It’s You, it’s You”. And that’s what this song feels like to me, a song of surprised discovery. And maybe that’s what discovery really is – after all the chaos and the noise and the questions, it’s a beautiful and oftentimes unexpected time of serene peace. Of course, this is not to say that the questions and the doubt ends with such a discovery. Not at all – faith itself is the belief in what we cannot know for sure, and The Legend of Chin quickly picks up once again with the noise and the questions. But the discovery and the peace is still there, and if it’s all that I know – well, it’s more than enough.

  14. Jeremy Biederman

    OMG!! I’m kinda famous now!!! I am in the Bro-Am poster on this post between Jon and Chad with the grey shirt and hat!!!

    1. majkl

      Haha, this is awesome! :)

    2. Jonfreak

      That’s awesome dude!!! :D

  15. shea

    this song is why i started listening to switchfoot! i remember hearing it in A Walk to Remember, and as soon as it played, i thought, “i have to get this soundtrack!” the rest is history :) it sums up the contradictions of faith so well. one of my favorites, even though pretty much whichever SF song i’m listening to at the moment i feel is my fav :)

  16. pam b

    Wow! Such great comments about the song “You.” I don’t know what to add. I felt a connection to this song the first time I heard it. “You’re all I know” speaks to a desperate soul holding on to faith in spite of oneself. That’s me at times…more times than I like to admit. I love the strings in this song. It makes the melody soar. And I love it at the end when Jon sings “It’s You” over and over and in the background “It’s all I know” is like an echo that continues to ring in the heart. Mhm, mhm, mhm, love me some SF.

    Enjoyed the podcast. Poor Timmy. He’s so sleepy. There is something thought-provoking about the comment “You’ll sleep when you’re dead.” Sometimes I think I sleep like I’m dead. Oh well, I’ll save that for my therapist :)

    Thanks for all the hard work in keeping the site top-notch. I love me some LOBH too!

  17. Jonfreak

    Since I go to a Catholic school, in my theology class I had to find a song in which the lyrics had some type of way in which they could be related to the faith.
    I chose the song “You” and my friend chose “On Fire”. Yeah!
    My favorite line of this song is:
    “i find peace when
    i’m confused
    i find hope when
    i’m let down
    not in me … me
    in You
    it’s in you”
    p.s. I also noticed the in the Latin America Tour, Switchfoot went back to their original lineup with Tim on stage right and Drew and Jerome on the stage left. Hmmmm… just something interesting.

    1. kim

      Pretty sure lineup was because Drew wasn’t there (remember his wifeeee was having the bambina) :)

      1. Jonfreak

        my bad, of course. I feel kinda sorry for the South American fans because they couldn’t see Drew, but duty calls!!!

    2. Jonfreak

      high school

      1. kim

        let’s not play that game!!! You are only as old as you feel and act. And the youngens are allow to have taste ;)

  18. Lexii

    “it’s *Jon* foreman, don’t call him Jone…”

  19. alyssa

    I like Jon’s smile at 1:48. Oh man, I miss seeing these guys up in my area. Somebody needs to get them up to northern california!

  20. Ashley

    When I was in 7th grade I was really into buying CDs with any money I got. One of my Christmas presents that year was a Target gift card. So I scoped out the music section and saw Switchfoot: The Early Years for just $10 – and I couldn’t pass up such a great deal. Now, my parents were pretty cautious about what music I listened to, desiring that I listen to mellow, average Christian music. As I went through the SF tunes on those three albums, I found that only a few would be deemed appropriate to play within my parents’ hearing. “You” was one of those. In fact, “You” was put on repeat. Often.

    I’m a bit older these days, and listen to a whole lot more SF/Jon tunes than “You”, but that song still has substance in my mind. As someone who does a lot of thinking, reading, and writing, the lines proclaiming that “hope is not in what I know, not in me, it’s in You” really remind me that I am not paramount, but that God is. He’s got more wisdom than I do, he’s got better ideas about things, and he is the why to what we seek. I guess, more than anything, this song reminds me that I must decrease and Christ must increase.