Recording VV; Switchfoot ESPN Video Clip; “Meant To Live” ft. on NHL

Short but sweet! That’s probably the best way to sum up Switchfoot’s-all-too-short-but-still-rad video clip on ESPN. For all of you who weren’t able to tune in, or who were watching but just want to rewatch it, check out the recording below, uploaded by our friend Emily W.!

Short, yes, but the good news is that ESPN has been playing the guys all throughout the game – Free, The Sound and multiple clips of We Are One Tonight. The airings have already caused a spike in iTunes sales, and We Are One Tonight is Switchfoot’s hightest selling song on iTunes, as well as reaching to #138 on the iTunes Pop chart!

Next up, in more sports news, Meant to Live was featured in a stellar commercial for 2011 NHL All-Stars. Check it out below!:

Lastly, the guys are recording Vice Verses!!! First up, Romey tweeted the following:

Started recording the new album today. Excited to see where it’ll go.

Then Switchfoot chimed in:

Fun to have our song/video kick things off tonight on the bcs espn game. Go sports!

Speaking of kicking things off, we officially started tracking today on the new record. #viceverses

Good stuff happening folks!

26 responses to “Recording VV; Switchfoot ESPN Video Clip; “Meant To Live” ft. on NHL”

  1. Pablo

    This was the only reason I saw this football game hahaha
    Switchfoot is the best! Excited for VV!

    1. Light In the Darkness

      Dude same here! Hahaha It was worth it! Loved seeing those guys on tv! SO stoked for the new album!

  2. NeedleGirl

    I agree – that video was way too short! I mean, the Behind the Scenes was longer than that! But it was definitely exciting to see the guys on national tv, and I’m loving ESPN’s love for Switchfoot. I was never more excited for a football game…

    and – AKEE! *dances in wild joy* The news that the guys are working on Vice Verses seriously made my night! I CANNOT WAIT.

  3. Racheal

    Thank you Emily for the video!! It’s awesome! I wish it was longer, but still. This kind of exposure is wonderful! :D So happy for the guys.

    HUZZAH! *cue confetti* I’m very excited about where Vice Verses will go as well…

    1. Emily

      you are welcome! :)

  4. Liza

    Was so great to see them…might be short but at these events 30 secs is huge, plus I don’t see any other bands featured :p KUDOS!

  5. Emma Hall

    Hello Hurley-cane!

  6. QuinN

    My family is a huge hockey family, and I always see that commercial, it makes me smile cause its ne of my favorite songs.haha

  7. Frank Soto

    Man! I thought they would put the whole video! But it’s still awesome.

    I’m so excited but in expectation about the new album, would it be a full rock or a soul searching album?

    What do you think SF lovers!?

  8. Ian wilmoth

    it makes sense that they started recording now since fiction family just finished tracking

  9. jocelyn

    that nhl commercial made me teary eyed.
    luongo AND switchfoot in the same commercial?! ohhh man xD

    go ‘nucks go!

  10. Lisa

    NHL? Switchfoot? epic. gotta love luongo and toews! (canadian pride? perhaps.)

    1. i am who i am

      And Crosby as well… i guess nearly everyone in that commercial was canadian, except for ovechkin

  11. Ferny

    I think goodbye hurricane would have been better
    Than vice verses
    Still I heard pretty good songs on the DVD

  12. John Corfee

    That was so short that it was some what of a disappointment, but the NHL commercial is sweet.

  13. Carol Neves

    Oh God I’m SO happy for the guys!
    These commercials are perfect for exposure, and I can’t believe that their songs were played during the game, this is AWESOME! I hope that with this and Vice Verses coming they can become more popular… I would love to not have only one friend that knows them (specially because she only knows ‘Yet’ that played on Vampire Diaries).
    And I can’t wait for the new album!

  14. Dan

    Hmm. Too bad it was so short. It sounded like it would be a full-fledged video premiere initially.

  15. Sam

    I ditto with the rest of the group on length, but I’m happy to see uniting songs like “We are one” and M2L played in a sports event where team spirit is needed above all else!

  16. concretegrl

    football + Switchfoot = awesome. (even if it was really short!)

  17. Chris

    Short it may be but to be pretty much the only music played is huge especially when so many people were watching that game.

  18. Michael Salvo

    ESPN has been playing Switchfoot all year long for college football and NFL games. ‘We Are One Tonight’ and ‘Mess of Me’ were used the most this year. NBC used their songs once or twice as well.

  19. ImAddingToTheNoise

    Thanks for putting the video up. I didn’t catch it last night, because sports pretty much bore me. XD

    So excited for the new album! I had a dream last night that I spent all my money on clothes and then the album came out and I had no cash to buy it. So sad. XD Probably the most realistic dream I’ve ever had. Hahaha

  20. again

    Am I the only one who loves Jons shirt in that video?? Yay plaid lol. Super excited for vice verses!!