212 responses to ““He’s a witch! Burn him at the stake!””

  1. Steve

    For me, it’s either gotta be Dirty Second Hands. Just never gelled with me well, even live.

    1. Lexii

      I agree. I know everyone likes it… it’s alright, just not my fave. haha.

    2. Rocky2


  2. Michael Meyerdirk (Cross&Song)

    Ooooh, LEAST favorite…….hm….. Well I just went through all their stuff and when I thought I had it I’d play the song and fail because I still love it all so much. Can I say Living Is Simple? I think that’s the fated one that gets skipped the most. Daylight to Break gets skipped most according to iTunes, I can see that.

    1. Kevin

      I love the Living is Simple lyric: “Is this fiction or Divine comedy…”

  3. Maci

    My least favorite….that’s a hard one…but maybe…..ohhh man this is hard…pahaha. but Maybe Redemption? I mean the lyrics are great, but idk. I’ve never really felt that one….but I love every Switchfoot song so it’s very hard to choose but Redemption would have to be lower on the chart.

    1. sunshine98

      crazy kid! i loooove redemption. i feel like the lyrics are just perfect WITH the music!

      haha all in my opinion of course ;P

  4. i am who i am

    Least favorite… hmm. Probably Amateur Lovers

    1. Maci

      :O Seriously? :O I love that song! haha

  5. Charline

    Least favorite ? It’s very hard to choose ! … maybe “I Turn everything Over” … i don’t know why ! A Switchfoot song is a good song so … I love all Switchfoot songs :) )

  6. Monika

    hmmm … I remember not liking “Life And Love And Why”, if I remember the title right, when it came on my Switchfoot Pandora station. Other than that, almost every song of I would have a hard time NOT liking, if it was the right mood and right time (their songs are so varied there might always be one I could listen to and get into).

    1. switchkosterice

      Love love love the bass on that tune. So much love.

  7. Mariana

    My least favorite Switchfoot song for a long time was “Erosion”, I guess I never really understood the lyrics until a few months ago.

    1. Lexii

      i love that one!

  8. SJ

    hmm…least favorite would probably have to be Golden. Which is weird because NIS is by far my favorite Switchfoot album, but I’ve never gotten into Golden, I’ve tried too, but I dunno it’s uninteresting musically though i do like the lyrics in the final verse.

    1. NeedleGirl

      You think so? I love Golden, but a big part of that may be because it’s gotten me through a lot. I find the lyrics to be – appropriately so! – absolutely golden, and I personally love the music. Isn’t it interesting how we can all be huge fans of Switchfoot but, because their sound is so full of variety, we can still have different musical tastes?

    2. Maci

      I agree. Golden is not a fave of mine. It all depend on what mood I’m in really. At times, i like it, and other times, not so much.

    3. Mariana

      :O! Golden is my favorite Switchfoot song! but it kind of grew on me, I never really got it until I moved to another country on my own… a very cold country where I felt really alone, that song really gave me hope

    4. sunshine98

      I havta agree with needlegirl and say that Golden has gotten myself through a lot as well but one of my close friends who also loves Switchfoot doesn’t like Golden as much! but i TOTALLY agree when you say how we can all have different tastes b/c of how diverse their music is. i love it :D

    5. Rocky2

      wow really? YOU are golden!! i love that song soo much :)

  9. NeedleGirl

    Least favorite Switchfoot song? Hmm… Well, I’ve never liked Incomplete – it just doesn’t do it for me musically.

  10. AndrewB

    I can’t think of a least favorite…a week ago I would’ve said Circles but it came up on my ipod the other day and I’m in love with it now haha. Maybe Sooner Or Later. Hmmm…

    On a totally unrelated note, can I just say that Faust, Midas, and Myself is SO FREAKING GOOD live?! It’s all I’ve listened to all week. Brilliant.

    1. NeedleGirl

      In my Intro to Philosophy course, I read about Soren Kierkegaard and I was all excited because of Sooner Or Later. Although, like you, I hadn’t especially liked that song before, it was really incredible to read about the philosopher and then see for myself where Jon got the inspiration for that song.

      1. AndrewB

        I know what you mean! I read a book this last summer called “Sophie’s World” which is sort of an introduction to philosophy but in story form (it’s really good, you ought to check it out) and I did the exact same thing haha. The Kierkegaard chapter was my favorite.

        1. NeedleGirl

          Okay, Andrew, let me ask you something: Did you read T.S. Elliot’s The Hollow Men just to see how it connected with Meant To Live? Yeah, I might have done that too…

          And thanks for the recommendation. I think I might just look into that book.

          1. AndrewB

            I haven’t, but I sure do want to haha. Let Justice Roll Down and pretty much everything by C.S. Lewis is also on my list. I just haven’t had time to do any reading like that on my own with school being so crazy this semester.

  11. A Commentator

    “Erosion” is like a bad parody of a Switchfoot song, complete with allegorical allusions to natural phenomena. There’s a fair amount of filler on their first three albums, but that one takes the cake.

    Let me just say that the 99x video of “Bullet Soul” is ON FIRE. Reminds me of why Switchfoot is such a great live band. As others have said, “Faust” and DSH both kill live as well.

    And to the person who said “Living is Simple” as their least favorite…you make me sad. Crazy Eastern-sounding melody, idiosyncratic combination of acoustic and electric percussion, ethereal harmonies quoting Julian of Norwich, massive, surging chorus…such a brilliant, under-appreciated song.

    1. Mariana

      yeah! i always thought of Erosion as a filler :/

  12. ImAddingToTheNoise

    Least favourite song… I’m gonna have to go with The Economy of Mercy. Probably the one I skip the most… But it IS hard to pick a least favourite. Haha

    1. Mariana

      its funny that you say it, I really started appreciating that song lately haha. I used to skip it all the time

      1. ImAddingToTheNoise

        Haha really? I’m sure it’ll click with me one day… Sooner or later all my least favourite songs always end up as my favourites. XD

    2. Maci

      really? Man. Economy of Mercy says exactly what i feel like al lthe time! ” In the economy of mercy. I am a poor an begging man. In the currency of grace is where my song begins”. I plan on getting that lyric tattooed on my arm. lol. But for me, it just is such a powerful song about grace, and mercy. And how God’s grace can save you.

    3. Shann0n

      Wow really? Thats actually one of my favorite Switchfoot songs that I think a lot of people look over.

    4. Lexii

      I never used to like that one! however,….. iiii love it now. :)

  13. again

    least favorite?? hmm this is hard…. probably Amy’s Song. not that i dont like it i just dont LOVE it.

  14. Sarah

    Now before I say this, I must state that I love every Switchfoot song. The one I love least..Amy’s Song. It never really got to me. Bring on the yelling, guys (:

    1. Zach

      I agree with you, it’s kinda eh if you’re not feeling it

      1. A Commentator

        Wow…crazy story. The guys have certainly impacted many people over the years.

        In my view, “Amy’s Song” has excellent lyrics, but overall it just sounds too much like a bad Sheryl Crow B-side to me.

  15. 24

    Wow I love erosion that song is amazing!!

  16. Esther

    Least favorite? Man, that’s a pretty tough one, considering I really do love all Switchfoot songs… I guess, though, I’d have to say “You Already Take Me There”. Now, I really do love the song’s message, and I think the melody is solid, but… I guess it’s never really resonated with me like the other SF songs have.

    1. Rocky2

      i love”you already take me there”….but i get why u dont like it

  17. 24

    The one song I don’t really like is prolly “the beautiful letdown” I don’t why I just never liked the beginning of it.

    1. Zach

      oh dude, listen to it again if you’re unsure. I mean people are all sinners, made in God’s image, so we’re all technically beautiful letdowns but we don’t belong here and we have home to look forward to. Plus Tim drops phat bass chords so that’s just awesome anyway hahaha

      1. Maci

        i agree Zach!!!! Completely agree!!

    2. Jonfreak

      I agree…. This song doesn’t really ring out as Switchfoot’s best for me. The song itself isn’t very strong. It takes a verrry long time for it to grow on you, at least for me.

  18. Emily

    I think Edge Of My Seat is probably my least favorite. I love a lot of Switchfoot’s older stuff, but this one has always seemed kinda boring and repetitive to me.

  19. Katie B.

    Its weird i feel like we’re all bashing the songs lol

    my least favorite is “stictches”
    it just never clicked with me i guess. its kinda monotone.


    1. Zach

      listen to Stitches with the lights off and no outside noise after a bad day and tell me what you think. the lyrics really can sink in then.

      1. Hadassah

        I havent heard stitches yet :( hmmmmmm wonder what it sounds like?????

      2. sunshine98

        holy cow. definitely doing that tonight.

        thank you SIR.

        1. Zach

          cool cool, tell me what you think after you give it a go

    2. NeedleGirl

      Say it isn’t so, Katie! I absolutely love Stitches!

      And don’t feel too bad… For every song that’s “bashed”, there’s plenty of fams jumping to its defense *laughs*

      1. Jonfreak

        ha ha “Say It Ain’t So”-Weezer ha ha :P :D

        1. Hadassah

          i dont like weezer they always sound the same

          1. Jonfreak

            The only songs that I know by them are “Say It Ain’t So” and “Beverly Hills”.
            I like both of them.

  20. Jonfreak

    I completely love the Bullet Soul video^!!!
    Least favorite… hmmm…. I like alot of their stuff up from L2B. Haven’t heard their older stuff except for NWTBH, Comp. Car, Chem6a, You, and Sooner or Later. I agree with i am who i am… Amateur Lovers.

  21. Zach

    hmmm….let’s see….I’ll go by cd but let me clarify that I like all SF songs but these 7 I’d be more inclined to skip, mostly because of what mood I might be in. For LoC – Might Have Ben Hur (love the music but I found I couldn’t relate to it as much so I usually jam to this one when I’m with my friend Thomas who loves all their older stuff), NWtbH – Amy’s Song (the guitar is great and the feel is great, actually think the whole rocks but this is the one I usually skip), LtB – Poparazzi (like this one cause it’s so frantic and I listen to it when I’m feeling crazy or stressed), TBL – Redemption (that was hard cause I love all that album and I can remember one day listening to it over 100 times so maybe that’s I’m more prone to skip it haha), NiS – Politicians (Jon has a lot of songs about politics and the gov’t and this one literally melted my face off when I heard but NiS is one of those albums that I can stuck on a song cause of my mood and being mad about the gov’t usually isn’t one of those moods), O!G – Yesterdays (just because it brings up sadder memories, great song though), HH – Red Eyes (it’s such an album end-er that I have to be listening to the whole album and then Red Eyes cause that how I roll, B-sides – Dirty Second Hands (Alternate) cause I thought there would have been more of a change or something, but the original is better, hopefully the one coming in the next ep will be different.

    1. Rocky2

      I LOVE RED EYES! and i agree on “might have ben hur” i dont like it :P

      1. Hadassah

        yeah me too i dont like “might of been hur”

      2. Jonfreak

        Might of Ben Hur wasn’t a shocking amazing song. Red Eyes is good though. I would love it if I go to a SF show and they play HH all the way through and at the end of Red Eyes where there is the Needle outro, at the very end, all of the sudden they launch into the end of Needle & Haystack Life, and they end Red Eyes with the last chords of Needle & Haystack Life… Akee!!!

        1. Rocky2

          :D !!i agree with u cheese lover,jonfreak!

          1. Hadassah

            lol cheese lover!!!!!!!!

  22. concretegrl

    Erosion. I never really *got* that song. pretty much every other switchfoot song I’ve had a connection with. And if I haven’t had a connection, I just like rocking out to them. But Erosion is just . . . .there.

    I also agree with Katie B. – Stitches never really clicked either. (Ironic, because my name also happens to be Katie B! hahah! Nice name, Katie!)

    1. Katie B.

      WHOAHHH same name!!!

      haha i’m glad im not the only one who felt that why about stitches :)

      1. concretegrl

        I know right!! and I spell it the same way too! Katie. Not Katy. :)
        *high fives*

        And nope, your not the only one.

        1. Katie B.

          Katie Bs unite!!!

  23. Rocky2

    ugggh! i soo wanted to come!! but u had to be 21 and up!! D:
    Kirby and I could have gone together…but were not 21!!

    oh and im leat favorite song is…Dasiy…i just dont like the song…JONFREAK! u dont like amateur lovers??? :O that my favorite song!!

    1. Jonfreak

      he he he he…Cheese :D

    2. Jonfreak

      You weren’t able to go to the Atlanta show because it was 21+!!!
      I am soooooo sorrryy. :(
      Super pobrecito!

      1. Rocky2

        D:…i really wanted to go…im just 12!!!! im so young,but i love Switchfoot :D
        AND CHESE! lol

      2. Rocky2

        well…u love chese!

        1. Jonfreak

          2 things Switchfoot goes well with:
          1)Cheese *Chad Eating Cheese* (youtube it)
          Andy: It’s recording.
          Chad: Oh *laughs* I was just eatin’ cheese.
          2)Deep-Frying- Just because thinking of something deep fried makes me crack up and SF makes me crack up sometimes.

          1. Rocky2

            LOL!! ur TOO funny :)

    3. Lexii

      ,…….you don’t like daisy?!

      1. Rocky2

        Nope…i love the ending but..ehh….

  24. Cody

    Circles and I hate my self for it, it’s so good, and has an amazing meaning. I just dont like the sound, never really have but I think im coming around how could i not?

    Oh and stitches is probably one of their greatest, it is so unique and unlike all their other ones ever, it’s so cool, and erosion is pretty amazing too.

    Oh and I only like a few songs on The Legend of chin, so Most of those are my least favorite ans New way to be human, and also those one two songs on Learning to breathe you know which ones I’m taking about.

    Also Redemption although i feel the as i do on Circles.

    1. Maci

      Duuuude. Try listening to it again, and like, idk. But It’s one of my personal faves! Especially the melody!!! It always leaves me feeling like…idk….pahaha it’s a hard to describe feeling but it’s an awesome one. hehe.

    2. Jonfreak

      Circles leaves me…. ‘spinning… Spinning… Spinning… in circles!!’

  25. Rocky2


    1. Cody

      I Know

  26. s.footgirl

    hmmm.. least favorite song say? it would probably be concrete girl i always skip it. its that song that i only listen to when i cant change the song in class cuz ill get in trouble its ok though :)

    1. Rocky2

      same here!

    2. concretegrl

      *GASP!!* How could you?

      No, jk!!! Its not my favorite song either. Its a great user name, though! haha!

  27. MusicGal

    I really have never liked Economy of Mercy. The vocals just kind of annoy me, and the lyrics are pretty decent but nothing special.

    1. Maci

      I’ve always felt the lyrics to be pretty special. I mean, basically the whole song is about God’s grace and how we all are sinners, and poor and begging, people. and then God saves us and then, like the lyric” in the curreny of grace is where my song begins.” says, we have a new beginning and that beginning is in God’s loving and aweosme grace. But personally, it’s been one of my faves :D

  28. HM

    I usually stop liking Switchfoot songs cause I overplay them. But I’m having trouble with Always right now. Great song and everything, but something about it makes me flip past it when I listen to Hurricane. Hrmm…


  29. switchkosterice

    I’m giving a pass to their first three albums. That was a a completely different era of music and they didn’t really come into their own musical footing until touring with The Beautiful Letdown. So…

    Gone – It’s fine, but I’d really like them to stop overplaying it live. They have so many more brilliant songs to play.

    Head Over Heels (In This Life) – I don’t really care about this song at all.

    Mess Of Me – They spent too much time working with this song and turned it into a generic mess by the time they were done with it. The demos had FLAVOR.

    Enough To Let Me Go – Guhhhhhh, gimme an INTERESTING tune.

    Always – See above.

    Red Eyes – See above.

    Honestly I think some of the lyrical brilliance was lost on Hello Hurricane. The subtlety just disappeared…

    1. Katie B.

      “lyrical brilliance was lost on Hello Hurricane”

      Hello Hurricane might be their best album yet!!! I’m appalled!!!

      1. Rocky2

        I KNOW!! i love Hello Hurrican!!

      2. switchkosterice

        Try comparing lyrics like “You’re a kid with a bullet soul are you ready to go?” with the brilliant subtlety and poetry of songs like Lonely Nation in “Singing without tongues, screaming without lungs, I want more than my lonely nation.” Still disagree?

        I could go on. I miss that poetic flavor.

        “Desperate we are young, separate we are one, I want more than my desperation.”

        1. sunshine98

          but then think of sing it out w/ “my world is wrong, my world is a lie come true”
          or how about the bridge to yet?? “if it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love. no if it doesn’t break your heart it’s not enough. it’s when your breaking down, with your insides coming out. that’s when you find out what your heart is made of…”

          they really do have a lot of amazing lyrics in the HH album. i understand where your coming from, but they haven’t lost their poetic-ness. it’s not all just straight forward like that line in Bullet Soul. no no no

          1. Lexii

            what about the verseses to YLIAS? they’re not straight-out at all.

            i LOVE hh.

    2. Jonfreak

      WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, slow down (the stars are comin’ out)…
      Always is an amazing song…. “This is the day your were formed… I am always yours”
      TBL, NiS, and HH are basically tied for best in my mind…
      The guys practically killed themselves doing HH, and you say “some of the lyrical brilliance was lost on Hello Hurricane”… HUH?
      Does your world begin with newborn skin? We are RIGHT NOW!
      I will pray for you :P

      *sorry didn’t mean to overbash you… sorry :( *

      1. switchkosterice

        You didn’t overbash me, don’t worry. I still completely stand by what I said. Take EVERY song from their previous couple albums and there’s great poetry in the lyrics. While I’ll admit there are some pockets of interesting/influential lyrics on Hello Hurricane, overall there was a heavy dependance on the straightforward.

        1. Katie B.

          Okay but maybe what they lack lyrically they make up for musically. Have you heard the story of how they created the beginning of Needle and Haystack Life? Its pretty legit.

          How about the beginning of Always, its starts basically without any rhythm, its completley out there all alone, but then the drums come in and the whole song fuses together to become a complete masterpiece.

          What about Sing it Out? It could be two completley different songs, sometimes i have to double check my Ipod when it comes on because its so unique. It builds and builds and really leaves an effect on you.

          1. switchkosterice

            I enjoy Needle (what a GREAT album starter, right?) but like you’ll find in many outside-the-famisphere reviews, I do think it pulls on anthemic roots in the likes of U2 more than being innovative musically.

            And Always just bothers me all over. It’s boring to me musically and lyrically I find it overly cheesy (besides the second verse which is LOVE). Sorry, I’m gonna get a lot of hate for that one… *sheepishly backs away*

            Sing It Out is brilliant in every way. I love what it pulls from Imogen Heap as well.

      2. Rocky2

        i pray for you,Switchkosterice….but i guess we have diffrent likes and dislikes…

        1. switchkosterice

          Yeesh, I’m not much of a fan of people saying “I’m praying for you” in a negative manner. No worries about our likes and dislikes, I simply miss a greater literary quality in some lyrics. This is a thread about our least favorite Switchfoot songs, after all. I still love all these tunes and the band, of course. No need to use prayer as a means of disrespect.

          1. Rocky2

            hahaha! ok Sure

          2. Jonfreak

            :D got it :D

  30. pam b

    I can’t bring myself to do this.

    1. Rocky2

      LOL! me neither..lol but i had to pick Daisy..but i love the lyrcis to it…but its my least,its not like “new way to be human”<— that song is awesome!!

    2. 4:12

      aha same, I love all of their songs, sounds cliche but very true
      Love ‘might have ben hur’ listening to it right now, gosh I gotta get that album, i have most of the songs from it ‘cept for 3 or 4

  31. Grace Elizabeth

    Wow that is honestly SO HARD. If I was forced to choose, it would probably be Dirty Second Hands. I know I’ll get a lot of complaints for that, but I do like it. I just don’t like it as much as the others.

    1. Rocky2

      wow…i love Dirty second hands!

  32. Zahko

    Wow…I’m with everyone else, least favorite is hard! I would have to say…maybe Under The Floor?

    1. switchkosterice

      That was kind of experimental, yeah? I find it interesting. I totally see your point though.

  33. Jonfreak

    This is random… but Jeanna, do you know why “The Sound-Switchfoot Community” died?
    I am kinda puzzled why it disappeared all of the sudden.

  34. 24

    :OOO WHAT!! The hello hurricane album is so insanely amazing!!!! especially mess of me and enough to let me go.

    the one song i never really liked is Happy is a Yuppie Word :/

  35. sunshine98

    man i loved reading through the comments ha! but i must say, no one’s mentioned one of these so maybe i shouldn’t lol, but prob my least favorite is either Adding to the Noise or Dirty Second Hands. Everyone’s covered DSH but Adding to the Noise…it just didn’t really talk to me. Sometimes it did vaguely, but the music too..idk. just not for me!

    A while ago I would’ve said Free, but I listened to it one day and almost started bawling. All of a sudden the lyrics hit me to the core. I love that, a song of their’s I just pass over and then one day…BAM! It just hits me!! Crazy crazy..

    1. sunshine98

      P.S. That Shark City video?? Loved it!! so much!

    2. Jonfreak

      I was the same way with Free, that song grows on you :D

    3. ImAddingToTheNoise

      *stands up for “Adding To The Noise”*
      I likes it. Ahah.

      1. Jonfreak

        nice… I love that it’s a fast rocker.

    4. Rocky2

      *gasp*! i love Adding to the noise..Such and Awesome Song! :D

  36. Lexii

    …….i’m fully aware of the fact that i’m about to get beat up for this.

    …..the reason i didn’t like Switchfoot for a long time was because the only songs i had ever heard were M2L, Dare you to Move, This is Your Life, and Stars. A venue i frequented at over-played the first 3,…. and while now I am a hardcore Switchfoot fam, I still think that those songs (with Stars as the exception) are over-played. They are good, yes. And I still really like them. But Switchfoot has sooo many other songs that I feel have out-ranked them. Sooo yeah.
    Also, first 3 albums aside (while some songs from those are pure gold- i.e. Only Hope, Concrete Girl, Learning to Breathe, etc…- as has been said, that’s a different era), I’ve never been a huge fan of Politicians… O!G isn’t really a fave….. and yeah. :)
    idk. i love all switchfoot, but some i’m not quite as fond of. but you know you know. haha.

    1. Jonfreak

      Yeah, for me O!G wasn’t that amazing. For me the highlights were Oh! Gravity, Awakening, Head Over Heels, and Burn Out Bright, LYLBS? kinda.

    2. Rocky2

      *cracks Knuckes* lol! im not going to beat you up :)
      Any Switchfoot Fan is My Friend ;)

  37. AndrewB

    We hit 100 comments :D . It’s funny though that the most comments we’ve had in a really long time is when we’re discussing the songs we like the least haha.

    1. Lexii

      that’d be because every time someone mentions a dislike, there are 5 other people there refuting it :P

      1. AndrewB

        Haha right you are!

    2. switchkosterice

      I also think it’s a great means of release for a few of us. We’ve been in this community for so long and finally get to admit what we don’t quite gel with, yeah?

      I know I only really use this comments section when I feel like there’s something really engaging for me personally going on and I think this was a great topic for a fan community to discuss.

  38. Josh H

    This is kinda weird but I’ve never really liked Meant To Live that much. It was the very first SF song I ever heard (had to learn it for worship band) and it did NOT sound good on piano (or at least when I tried to play it). Though I do love from the bridge to the end.. I’ve just never been a big fan

    1. Jonfreak

      Piano would make it sound interesting… hmmm… Never really though about putting it to piano

  39. checkkk

    i love switchfoot, and all of their songs are meaningful in their own ways.
    the only way i can distinct from a song that i like and don’t, is if i’m listening to the whole CD and i’m anxiously waiting to get to a specific song, so i skip another song.
    and, the best example i can think is ‘lonely nation’ (sorry jeanna!).
    the lyrics are GREAT, but i don’ know.. i really don’t.

    and, i know what you guys mean with big songs like ‘meant to live’ and ‘dare you to move’. i listen to them when they come up on the radio, but believe me, LIVE, those are the best songs..


    1. Lexii

      i disagree. they’re good cause the crowd knows them, however…….
      i don’t think they’re the best ones live. At my most recent concert, HH was the best one live, i think. cause it was very anthem-like. everyone was giving everything, and it didnt feel stale. i also love Yet live, Lonely Nation,…… yeah. :)

  40. Katie B.

    I can’t handle this anymore!!! ITS FREAKING ME OUT!!! Everytime i read a comment i get super stressed, it kinda feels like the world is ending. Lets just talk about how much we love switchfoot!! hahah but this discussion was verryyyy interesting

    1. Zach

      I agree with that, too many people talking about how they can’t stand some songs when I can genuinely say I like all of them

  41. Kayla

    Incomplete, probably. I have to say, though, I’ve never really been able to get into Bullet Soul. I don’t really dislike it, it just doesn’t do much for me.
    Oi, I cringe everytime someone says Golden. That song has so much meaning for me. Favorite SF song next to TSPTS.

    1. Lexii

      I agree about Bullet Soul *and* Golden.
      bullet soul isn’t bad,….. just doesnt have much for me to grasp onto it seems, like it doesn’t really resonate with me or whatev.
      Golden is so amazing. it’s hard to hear anyone *not* like it. hahaha.

    2. NeedleGirl

      Yeah, I’ve never liked Incomplete, either. The music makes me shiver and *is ashamed* – I do not like Jon’s voice in that song. He just sounds really strained…

    3. Jonfreak

      Shadow is an amazing song… One of their most beautiful. :)

      1. Rocky2

        i never liked TSPTS…please dont yell at me *hinds under pillow*

  42. switchkosterice

    I hear what you’re saying about Adding To The Noise but I’ve come to enjoy it as a straight up fun tune (and honestly, the lyrics ARE saying something interesting when you read into them, something other bands wouldn’t dare to say).

    1. Zach

      slowly but surely we’re transitioning into songs we like haha

  43. Corey.S

    I agree with switchkosterice, Hello Hurricane was not as brilliant as NIS and O!G in the lyrical department (nor was it, at least as a whole, very impressive musically, but whatever). the only songs that had some of Jon’s really good lyrical stuff was ‘Yet’, and maybe a tiny bit on both ‘red eyes’ and ‘sing it out’. everything else seemed very straightforward, as has been said. (oh, well, maybe ‘enough to let me go’ had some good lines to ponder.). at least I’m assured that Jon hasn’t lost his touch, since I heard Vice Verses. I love the lyrics of that song.

    but anyway, I would definitely have to say my least favorite Switchfoot song (lyrically and vocally, the music could’ve been worse I guess) is ‘Paparazzi’. that song was utterly pointless, imo. I don’t see how people like it over ‘economy of mercy’, which I’ve always really liked. but after that song, I really don’t care for ‘edge of my seat’.

  44. sailpgd

    This song has yet to be mentioned but I never really liked Oh Gravity. The song just seems too all over the place but that could be the reason others like it. Also, the lyrics are not my favorite. The song did not work for me and despite me trying to allow the song to grow on me (they play it live all the time so I want to like it) those attempts have failed.

    And to switchkostericen, Head Over Heels is in my top 5 favorite Switchfoot songs. That song, in my opinion, is their most underrated. I absolutely love the lyrics and the opening guitar riff. I have requested it time and time again over the last three years but to no avail.

    1. Kevin

      I agree about “Oh! Gravity.” I loved it at first, but now I find it almost unbearable. I don’t know if that’s because I over-listened to it when it was released or watched the bizarre music video too many times, but now I just can’t quite stand it. I do enjoy it live though.

      I also agree: “Head Over Heels” is hugely underrated! Such a fantastic song & my most listened to SF song in itunes. I wish they would play it live!!

      1. Zach

        Totally agree with that statement, it gets so heavy in the bridge and it’s got great lyrics “we both know what these open arms are for, you’re everything that’s fair.” so great to me. and i wonder how they’d do it live..

    2. 24

      :OOO i love O!G

  45. Kevin

    I have a two way tie for least favorite: “Paparazzi” & “Ode to Chin.” I actually really like the lyrics to Paparazzi & think that is has very clever rhyme. That said, I just can’t stand the tune & find it irritating. As for Ode, I think the music is very harsh and hard to listen to & don’t find the lyrics extraordinary special. There certainly are some themes in the song that will come back in future SF tunes like “Faust, Midas & Myself,” one of my personal faves.

    1. s.footgirl

      :O these are my 2 favorite songs i love the drum rythm to paparazzi, & ode to chin is very fun! i love the beginning , but hey everyones got there own opinion i respect that :D

  46. Katie

    Mine is probably “Don’t be There” Actually I like almost the entire album Legend of Chin less than all of the other ones. There are a couple of gems on there (Bomb, Chem6a, You, Home, Life and Love and Why) but most of it just doesn’t click as well with me as all of their other music.

  47. concretegrl

    Great discussion point!! well chosen, Jeanna!
    I’ve been learning a lot just by hearing (or reading) people disagree with each other!! (and by disagree, I mean discuss why or why not they like/don’t like a certain song. Its not like you all are breaking out the boxing gloves or something.)

  48. Grace Elizabeth

    Maybe I missed something, but who is the girl sitting with the band? Is she just random? And also I love it how two people have beers and then Chad has his water bottle. :)

    1. Alex

      Good point! I never see any of the guys drinking ever. There’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation (even though I hate alcohol) but Switchfoot is just a great role model when it comes to that. Either the guys don’t drink at all or they’re very careful not to be drinking in public so people don’t get the impression that they’re just another crazy, constantly-partying rock band. Either way they’re great role models.

      1. Zach

        I noticed that too, I mean it’s their choice to drink but I think they do realize that people look up to them even though they could if they wanted to. Good point Alex.

    2. Rocky2

      wait…im sorry to be noisy but,what are we talking about here? send me the link to the vedio were Chad his water bottle lol!

  49. Alex

    Here’s the facts:

    I have one favorite Switchfoot song, a lot of second favorites (which means most of them) and then ones that I skip over a lot. The ones I skip over a lot don’t mean their bad and in fact if I go back and listen to some of those I start to like them more. Also, I always seem to like a Switchfoot song better when I learn all the lyrics and can sing along. I’m just weird like that.

    The first ones (that come to mind) that I skip over more than others include:
    “Economy of Mercy”
    “Daylight To Break”


    1. Zach

      i recommend listening to Daylight To Break when the sun comes up and go for a drive, sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind.

  50. Celloist

    Oh! gravity.
    I just…no.
    I loved the album and song when it first came out but now I only listen to the songs on the second half of the album really.
    Do not like Oh! Gravity.

  51. mattbrw08

    Worst Switchfoot song by far is “Circles”. its the only switchfoot song i ever skip when it comes up on my shuffle.

    1. Zach

      you should try it again dude but maybe you need something to happen in your life to actually grab on to it, either way good song, wish they’d play it live

      1. Rocky2

        hehe! u got a little something on your chin..LOL! kidding ;)