Happy Thanksgiving + A First Look at Eastern Hymns

Happy Thanksgiving all! In between the turkey, tofurkey, potatoes and pie, take the time to count your blessings and let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them!

We’re celebrating the holiday’s ourselves, but we have just a bit of news that we wanted to share. Andy Barron, Switchfoot’s photographer, podcast guy, photographer and graphics guru, posted a special holiday treat on his website - a first look at Eastern Hymns for Western Shores!

He writes:

happy thanksgiving everyone!  just yesterday i got my hands on the final product of the new Switchfoot EP entitled Eastern Hymns For Western Shores.  seeing that this was a merch store only release, we figured we should try something kind of outside the box for the packaging.  the band was really into the idea of these songs being a departure for the band, so we came up with the idea of having the packaging being like you were just on vacation somewhere and you just went to the Eastern Hymns gift shop and picked up postcards from each song.  i think it turned out pretty great, and i can’t wait for you guys to get it!  right now it’s only available in the Switchfoot merch store as a part of their christmas package, which you can get here. enjoy!

The tracklisting is as follows:

  • Dirty Second Hands (original version)
  • Connect with the Spine
  • We Are Bound
  • Overthrown
  • Stitches
  • Daylight to Break

I have to say, I’m a little disappointed to see that there are only two “new” songs – we’ve already heard Daylight, Stitches, We Are Bound and Dirty Second Hands (though a different version, true) – still, the artwork itself is beautiful and it’s going to be an awesome release.

Now go watch Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

37 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving + A First Look at Eastern Hymns”

  1. Jonfreak

    I was just going to say that I found the tracklistings on andybarron.com…
    Looks like you beat me ;)

    1. Hadassah

      man i really want this ep “eastern hymns”, i bet its awesome dude!! :)

      1. s.footgirl

        gee! yea me to i cant wait to get my hands on that c.d :)

  2. Zach

    Count with the Squire sounds like an awesome title, so does Overthrown. I have a feeling Dirty 2nd sounds a lot different then what actually happen and i don’t have Stitches I am…….SUPER PUMPED!!!!!

  3. Racheal

    Speaking of podcasts…they need to make a new one. :P

    I simply ADORE the packaging for Eastern Hymns! :D It totally looks souvenier-ish!

  4. Aline Gasperi


  5. Rachel_Sunset

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but will they be offering EH apart from the Christmas package sometime in the (hopefully near) future? I find it hard to believe they wouldn’t. It’s the only thing I really, really want out of the package and would rather not spend all the money if I didn’t have to. :P

    On another note, the new LOBH looks unbelievably AWESOME!!!!! :D

  6. Guimel

    I cant wait till I get the package! I am super stoked!

  7. jf24

    @Racheal – i AGREEEE. they need new ones NOW.
    @Rachel_Sunset – they said on their twitter that they will release it later in the new year separately… or something along those lines.. :s

    but i’m pumped for my package to come innnn!!!!
    i hope that the dirty second hands track isnt just the alternate version that they (kind of) released.

    1. Robert

      YES!!! Individual sale would be AWESOME!!!!!!!! I would get the holiday package but sadly can’t afford that heaping price tag.

  8. sunshine98

    ohh man i’m so excited to get this! i already ordered my Christmas package but of course, my rents are keeping it from me until Christmas. it’ll be a killer month, but sooo worth it once i get it! eep!

  9. Celloist

    Original version?

  10. andy barron

    i bet the one called ‘count with the squire’ is actually called ‘connect with the spine’.

    just a hunch.


  11. emily

    ah, well i do wish there were more ‘new’ songs as ya put it, but DSH is probably something we havent heard, and to honest i think the postcards/cover stuff and the rest of the package is like totally worth it anyway :)
    still lovin on the new LOBH too :D

  12. graceann17

    why did you say that “dirty second hands” is a different version? up there it says “original version”

  13. Rocky2

    oooooooo…i really want the christmas packet…so jelouse of whoever has it lol. ;)
    and whoever has the Eastern Hymns

    1. Hadassah

      hahaa rocky2 :)

  14. Job

    this is kind of a rip off! :(

    1. Rocky2

      hahha! yeah..we all do…well some of us do :)

  15. Mi470

    Really cool! I downloaded Daylight to Break when it first came out but I’m excited for it again. i just wish it was avaliable as a standalone.

  16. Bruna Nieto

    Not yet listened to the song Stitches, but I read the letter and really liked it! :)

  17. Isaí

    what does andy mean when he says: “the band was really into the idea of these songs being a departure for the band”? does that mean switchfoot is … tear tear… going to break up? i hope not!

  18. Nacho!

    Wooo! Can’t wait I’m so psyched for this! Still need to place my order though hahaha >.> but I was thinking that maybe Daylight to Break, Stitches and We Are Bound are gonna be different than what we’ve heard, maybe? Idk Just somethin that popped into my noggin

  19. AndrewB

    Even if we’ve all heard Stitches, We Are Bound, and Daylight To Break, the general Switchfoot public probably hasn’t. So, in a way, I’m happy to see these songs get some attention. On the other hand, that’s only 2 totally new ones for us. Still, I can’t wait for my holiday package!

  20. Noah

    i think connect with the spine is actually connect with the spies…because “connect with the spies” is listed somewhere on this website