Switchfoot Debuts NEW song from Vice Verses

AS IT HAPPENS: Here’s some more info on “Until You Lose One” via our friend KitCat!:
Sadly, no video (bad camera). It was a rather dark, melodic rock song. Lyric: “You don’t know a friend until you lose one”
It was really the guys doing what they do best; you could hear the melancholy aspects of it. Similar to NIS in its “darkness”.
It was hard to make out the other words. One last thing: The crew did record it, to add to their demo collection I suppose.

Seriously. ANYONE have a video!?

BIG NEWS: Our friend KitCat just twittered us to let us know that “yesterday, Switchfoot played a new song (from Vice Verses) called “Until You Lose One” at soundcheck”!
VIDEO!? Anyone!?
(If you have one, e-mail it immediately to news@landofbrokenhearts.org. This is not a request. This is a demand.)

Hey friends, Jeanna here!
I’m back from D.C. – I had an amazing trip and it was incredible to talk to Senate and State Representatives about the issue of modern-day slavery (visit www.notforsalecampaign.org for info) as well as enjoy a much-needed vacation! I certainly missed you all, and this site, so it’s good to be back. (Though Nicole and AmyLynne did an incredible job – as always – in my absence. So grateful for those two!) This update is going to be a bit of a conglomerate of new updates and some old things that slipped through the cracks while I was gone, so do enjoy!
- Jeanna

The guys are playing a show in New Orleans tonight! If you’re attending this show, feel free to e-mail us with any photos, videos, setlists or stories from the show – news@landofbrokenhearts.org

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Speaking of upcoming shows, if you guys were hoping to go to the Indiana Switchfoot show at the Fusion event, you can now purchase tickets for the FUSION RALLY (where Switchfoot will be playing) rather than the full weekend event. The tickets are only $12 and can be ordered through the IWU box office by calling 765-677-2610.

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New Twitter posts!
From Switchfoot:
Just got out of the pacific, good times surfing with Tim-o and Chad-o… Great to be home. -@jonathanforeman

Heading to Flagstaff AZ, New Orleans LA, & Plant City FL with tim, chad, drew, & bobby- good times! jon

“Will Jerome not be at the Florida show?!”(via @LOBHSwitchfoot)//what?! Of course he is! He’s sitting next to me right now laughing. -tf

Got Romey now… full belly, full van heading to play rock in the staff of the flag, AZ

Late-night drivin’, lookin’ out for ice and elk… Sketchy stuff… Thanks for tonight flagstaff, on to Nawlins -jon

“I will carefully earn riches to be carried with me after the death of my body.” -Walt Whitman

RT @eric_haertjens -Tomorrow we play at 3:30 in florida, see you there!

Super amped to have @benkweller opening tonight in New Orleans. I’m a fan, -tim

From Tim:
So sick right now, oof. Voice is thrashed from trying to sing through it. 3 hours of sleep tonight won’t help much, but it’s a start!

From Jon:
“Time is the longest distance between two places.” -Tennessee Williams

RT @ALEVAROS “It takes a long time to become young.” Pablo Picasso

Alright, who knew that the #wafflehouse had made it out west to Arizona?

RT @Noahk10 “If it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love” @jonathanforeman

Who’s ready to fly across the continent? The TSA look different when you’re running on no sleep

RT @timmycurran “just posted new song from VerseS @myspace.com/timmycurran ” hey everybody, check out our bro’s music!

RT @switchfoot “I will carefully earn riches to be carried with me after the death of my body.” -Walt Whitman

Here’s a great Q&A with Jon where he reveals a little more info on Vice Verses:
LJ: Where did the inspiration/concept come from for this album, and how did the band approach innovating and expanding off of your Oh! Gravity record of 2006?
JF: The goal, musically, was to travel to areas we’ve never been before. We wanted to cover new terrain and have been pushing ourselves further than we’ve ever been. This particular record was a real challenge for us, probably the most challenging record we’ve ever made. The concept for Hello, Hurricane … actually, my brother came up with the title. I liked it because I felt like it was approaching the storms of life and the natural disasters that hit our world with a certain sense of hope and putting the weight of the crisis back into the lap of the individual, the idea that you can’t determine when storms will come and tear through your world. You can’t choose what they are going to tear apart. But you can choose the way that you sing while the storm is happening.

LJ: Is there any particular direction you’re heading toward after Hello, Hurricane?
JF: I think the next CD is going to be quite a bit different. We’ve been talking around the idea about a double album. The name of the next CD is called Vice-Verses, and I think it’s a chance to show off even more diversity than Hello, Hurricane.

Read the full Q&A HERE

The lovely Yuko wrote in a few days ago to let us know a few days ago that “Mess of Me” is going to be used in a promotion for Right On Skinny Denim Jeans in Japan, and she e-mailed again, linking us to the WMG Japan Switchfoot page that features a clip promoting that TV spot! You can watch it by clicking right HERE.

Yuko also e-mailed to let us know she saw the commercial and to link us to this cap:

(Thanks Yuko!)

Need a bit more information on Switchfoot’s forthcoming shows in Germany? Click HERE.
(Thanks Markus!)

Videos from the Flagstaff show last night:

+ 24
+ Stars
+ Dare You To Move
+ Bullet Soul

Here’s a review of Switchfoot’s show in Denver by the Denver Post:
Foreman was chatty, effusive and generous with his love for the all-ages audience, which was heavy on thirtysomething moms and their pre-teen sons and under-21 couples; he started the concert out on the second floor and mid-way pushed out into the center by walking on chairs. Few concerts have as much singalong and discussion of why a song was written or sharing about life and personal journeys as this one did, and the audience responded with a lot of visible affection back.

At one point, Foreman discussed how close the band and the roadies are � “We’re all like family,” he said before grabbing one big, burly bald guy for a bear hug � and another time he explained how “Dare You to Move,” the band’s other big hit, came about. “I like to write songs about things I don’t understand,” he said. “God and girls and politics. A three-minute pop song is a good way to write about that stuff without getting shot.”
Read the full review HERE.

I don’t know if you guys were able to catch Jon’s performance at the Help Haiti Live benefit but it was incredible – albeit, rather short! If you missed it, video recordings from the live stream have been posted on YouTube so just click the following links to check them out!
LOVE the new spoken intro for “The Cure for Pain”:

+ Dare You To Move
+ Resurrect Me
(Thanks for recording Mike!)

HelpHaitiLive is also hosting an auction with items donated by various artists. Switchfoot has donated an autographed drumhead – RAD:
Drum Head autographed by all members of Switchfoot.

This item has been donated by Jon Foreman & Switchfoot. Switchfoot is a San Diego based rock band fronted by Jon Foreman.

All net proceeds from this item will be donated to Compassion International’s Haiti disaster relief fund.
Bid on the item right HERE. There are just 2 days left to bid, and it’s already up to $260! (Started at $10.)
It’s definitely a good cause though.
(Thanks Angeles!)

Musician Shaun Groves then posted about this on his website, saying:
Switchfoot has given us an autographed drum head with actual real live drummer sweat residue still on it. I’m just sayin’
HA! View the source post HERE.

Here are some new/old photos of Switchfoot’s show in Chicago, posted by 14gimages:

View the full set HERE.

Some killer shots from Alberquerque by Benjamin Moore Photography:

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Credit: Benjamin Moore

Credit: Benjamin Moore
View the full set HERE.

Switchfoot sightings!
Tori sent us a screencap of a sighting she noticed on her Facebook page when she clicked the “gift” option on her wall. Check out #2!

^ That, my friends, is thanks to all YOUR hard work on our last Footsoldiers campaign on Lala.com! You guys rock.
(Thanks to David for pointing this out as well!)

Here’s a pretty touching video about a man’s fight against cancer that features “Your Love Is Strong”:

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

(Thanks J.C.)

Discussion Point: What’s your coolest piece of Switchfoot swag?