Photo, Video and Graphic of the Week

Just when we thought she couldn’t amaze us even more, there Susie goes, rocking our faces off with her incredible photos. Hey friends! It’s time for the Photo of the Week! As Jeanna mentioned in the previous post, Susie attended the Charlotte show a few days ago, and here are some of my favorites (though it was SO hard to pick!):

Strike a pose!

Tim channeling his inner supermodel? Fiiiiiyurrrrrceee.
Credit: Susie

Jon–*scoffs* Shall i challenge you to a duel?

Tim–*defends self* Um, Jon…now’s not the time…
Credit: Susie

Here, Drew looks like a doting big brother:

Credit: Susie

I just love this one:

Credit: Susie

And speaking of winners. winners get three things: 1. A serenade:

A real boys’ choir, they are. Really.
Credit: Susie

2. With that serenade, some beautiful accordian music:

How french.
Credit: Susie

3. Someone to bang a big drum for them:

…That someone being Jon. Obviously. Actually. Or Chad. Hehe.
Credit: Susie
To see the rest of Susie’s phenomenal set, click here.
Thanks Susie!

Ahh, Faust. Probably one of my favorite Switchfoot tunes of all time. Here’s a video of them performing it last week in Anaheim:

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I hope they play it on Tuesday! (I’ll see some of you in New York!)

Our graphic of the week is by our good friend Janelle (surfy)! She made a great banner/wallpaper using some awesome shots. Check it out:

^I love that photo of them all huddled together.
To view it in its original size, click here. Thanks Jane!

That’s all for this weekend, have a good one and I’ll see you next Sunday!