“Is s our human race the collection of our collective longings to be loved?” – New song, Kimmel, photos, interviews

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Greetings friends! As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so settle in!

First up, just a little plug… Hello Hurricane has been out for a few days now… do YOU own it?
There are several ways you can buy it, but if you are a little tight on funds, pick up the deluxe edition of the album (15 songs + 1 video) on iTunes for only $12.99 (That’s just a couple of lattes and some couch cushion change). Check that out over HERE. Now is also the time to promote the albums to your friends, relatives, neighbors, aquaintences and enemies. These people may or may not like Switchfoot, but send them over to this link HERE and have them check out the album on iTunes. (Only $9.99! A movie ticket and some snacks really.) By the way, a really good way to get people into the ablum is to simply play it for them. Host a listening party (throw out some snacks and invite some friends!), or play the album in your car when you’re all going somewhere. If you’re looking for other ways to promote, be sure to join the Atlantic Street Team, Street Propaganda.

Chart News!
iTunes -
Top Selling Albums
Hello Hurricane (Deluxe) – #10
Hello Hurricane – #31

Top Alternative Albums
Hello Hurricane (Deluxe) – #3
Hello Hurricane – #5

Top Songs
Your Love Is A Song – #99

Top Alternative Songs
Your Love Is A Song – #11
enough To Let ME Go – 36
Hello Hurricane – 99

^ Wow Your Love Is A Song is almost in the top 10! Buy it if you can!

#54 in Music
#2 in Music > Christian
#22 in Music > Rock
#52 in Music > Pop

Here’s an update on Switchfoot’s Zune Marketplace rankings, courtesy of our friend Joseph:
Hello Hurricane is #16 all-time in the Rock category. (Was #23)
This makes Hello Hurricane #39 all-time on the entire Marketplace. (Was #45)

Switchfoot is #5 all-time in what they call the “Indie/Modern Rock” sub-category. (Were #6)
This propelled them to the #10 best-selling Artist in the Rock category on all of the Zune Marketplace! (Were #16)
This also makes the band #14 best-selling Artist in all of the Zune Marketplace (ever)! (Were #31) <-- wow

Mess of Me is #10 on the all-time list for songs in the “Rock” category. (was #27)
The song also is #39 on the all-time selling list of just individual songs (was #59)

(Thanks Joseph!)

If you missed our AS IT HAPPENS post earlier, with a video from Jimmy Kimmel and a blog written by Drew, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to check that out. Don’t forget, our goal for the Jimmy Kimmel video is to get 15,000 views in 24 hours. Twittering, facebooking and myspacing about the video are all really good ways to get that accomplished! Watch the video HERE.

Speaking of, Rockerazzi interviewed Jon and Drew prior to the Kimmel appearance:

^ It cracks me up how Jon keeps lounging against the cushions. Might as well be comfortable eh?

The One Campaign gives Switchfoot a shoutout for their shoutout on Kimmel last night:

View the source blog HERE.

Two photos from the taping are up on Flickr, courtesy of Jumeliani:

Check out the other shot HERE.

There are some new tour dates on Switchfoot.com – including another California show (time to move) and a date in New Zealand! BTW, a few of the dates on the Hello Hurricane tour have already sold out, so get your tickets NOW if you plan on going!

Air1 posted a video of their interview/studio tour with Switchfoot!:

… Don’t any of you even think about trying the UPS thing.

A few new articles and interviews have made their way onto the internet… there are some REALLY good interviews here, so you might want to take the time to read them!

First, I REALLY want to highlight this interview that Jon did with The Trapdoor Sun. One of the guys that works on that site, Tim, sent this to me, and I clicked the link expecting another run-of-the-mill interview, but this DEFINITELY is NOT that. Jon even shares the lyrics of a never before released Switchfoot song. Here’s a short excerpt from the interview:

TDS: How do you measure success as an artist?

FOREMAN: I am often tempted to think of success in terms that are defined by others: records sold, popularity gained, album reviews, etc. These are impossible demands, however, and they can never be satisfied. Letting finite others define our worth is a horrible way to live. Only the Infinite Other [God] has the authority to do this. And yet I and the rest of the world fall prey to these other forms of immediate worth. This is the human race that can’t be won. I even wrote a song about it:

Push (the human race)

to be honest
i’ve never been honest
and even now
the truth comes out in stutters and fits
every word that’s born is self-conscious
the critic weighs
not truth or fact or fiction but wit

and I know
I’m not that funny
so stop laughing,

is our human race the collection of
our collective longings to be loved
acted out in fear and pain and push and shove?
push and shove?

so our worth gets wrapped up in opinion
that fickle friend
whose loyalty is subject to change
Is acceptance the target destination?
A broken heart
will follow me as sure as the grave

cause I know
I’m not that funny
so stop laughing

is our human race the collection of
our collective longings to be loved
acted out in fear and pain and push and shove?
push and shove?

And I began to grin
when my final song was sung
Cause the human race is a race that

TDS: Do you feel obligated to leverage your celebrity to “do good” within the greater culture? Should celebrities be held to a higher standard?
FOREMAN: Celebrity is a currency with an exchange rate almost as strong as anonymity. All are called to goodness; much is required of all of us. Every day you’re alive you change the world. Our culture is disproportionally drawn to the stage and screen like a moth to the flame. We see the flicker of the spotlight and assume that worth and value are held within it’s glow. The truth is what happens behind closed doors when no one’s watching. Who are you when the lights are out? This is your legacy. The things that are done in secret, whispered in dark alleys�shout em from the rooftops.

I enjoyed this part of the interview:
TDS: If you were stranded on a desert island with no hope of rescue would you rather have a guitar or a surfboard? (neither could be used to get off the island)
FOREMAN: Ha! Are we presupposing that the island has waves?! If there’s a steady food source and a couple friends I would rather have boards. If I’m by myself waiting for death I think I’d rather have a guitar.

Read the full interview HERE.
For future reference, we’ll be adding that song to our RARE SONG LYRICS page.

Here’s another VERY instrospective Jon interview with Christianity Today:
Hope Is Not a Sunny Day
Jon Foreman and Switchfoot sing about the muck and mess of real life�and finding hope amid the darkness�on their new album, Hello Hurricane.

What are some of the Big Things you’re saying with the new album?
This record communicates hope. I’ve gone through really dark times, when I can’t find hope to write about. This was the hardest record we’ve ever made, because we were pushing for something bigger than we already attained. A big part of that lyrically was trying to push through the clouds to find the hope that transcends the pain.

What can you tell us about those dark times?
The past four years of my life have been among the darkest times I’ve ever been through. To tell you more here would be giving a piece of myself that I feel less comfortable with. I’d rather sing it out. It’s all in the songs. I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to hide behind lyrics!

The Reformation broke down the division between sacred and secular, and churches seem to have somewhat forgotten that change. But there is also tension for bands well known in Christian circles when they go to bigger labels to tamp down the spiritual elements of their music. Have you noticed that?
If you’re having a conversation with your mom, you have a shared experience and wealth of information, so you’ll be completely free and open and know she won’t misinterpret what you said and put it on the front page. But when you’re talking to The New York Times, you’re going to be much more guarded. My faith rests in the idea that God can speak through a donkey, and he can speak through an ass like myself. That requires a lot of faith, to think that God would personally speak to individuals. That faith is required of upper management in Christian circles.

Read the full interview HERE.

The California Chronicle also interviewed Jon about the songs and the bands charity efforts:
Songs, actions carry Switchfoot’s hopeful message
He doesn’t just sing about changing the world for the better; he’s doing things about it. In fact, the San Diego-based quintet’s new album, “Hello Hurricane,” was inspired by the work the band did in post-Katrina Baton Rouge, La., through Habitat for Humanity.
“Well, this record for me is a record of hope,” Switchfoot’s singer, chief songwriter and guitarist said in a phone interview from his home on Monday.
“It’s a record that says we cannot choose when the storms of life will pass through. You can’t choose their intensity, you can’t choose their path, you can’t choose what they uproot. But your choice is in the way that you face the storm, the way that you weather it, the way that you treat people around you in the middle of it.
“There’s other elements involved, where you look around, you look at the front page, the headlines, and I think that’s something that we were thinking about on this record. You know, where is hope?”

Additionally, the band will soon launch a Web site called TheWorldYouWant.com, where people can write about other people who should be recognized for humanitarian works.
The band is inviting fans to submit these testimon-ials before and during shows, and some of the submissions will be read from the stage during breaks between songs.
“My heroes many times are under the radar, unsung, and they are people who are changing the world without a microphone, without a stage, without a television, without a camera trained on them,” Foreman said. “TheWorldYouWant.com is a site to document these everyday heroes, where you nominate your friends, (or) you can put people up there that you feel are changing the world for the better.”

Read the full interview HERE.

The College Times recently spoke with Chad about the new album and label independence:
Switchfoot splits with Columbia, rediscovers sound as an independent
What kind of new sounds can we expect to hear on Hello Hurricane? What direction did you want to take it, considering your newfound freedom?
Well, musically we really experimented with all different things. Ultimately, I think what we came back to were songs that we want to die singing – songs that are deeper than just the surface. I think that’s the incredible thing about music. That you can talk about things that you wouldn’t even talk to your best friend about. It’s okay to go into deeper issues. The theme of the record, really, is about taking head-on the storm. You know, storms [and] problems come and that’s nothing we’re going to change, but the way we react to it is really our part.

You guys do a lot of charity and humanitarian work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Invisible Children. Does any of that influence your music?
Oh, definitely. We had the opportunity after [Hurricane] Katrina to work with Habitat down in New Orleans. One woman that we met lost her leg, and with her situation we were able to help with Habitat and help build her a new home. She said, you know, ‘I walked out of this house and I’m going to walk into this one.’ It was that spirit of defiance in the face of adversity that was just totally inspiring for what we were doing. We carry it with us. But in choosing the songs for the album we used that spirit and theme of facing the storm head-on.

Read the full interview HERE.

Latest Switchfoot album resonates with longtime fans
Given the variety of styles in every song, you may come to find yourself appreciating each song differently and will not find a bad track — especially if you’ve been a fan of any of their other albums.
Some songs have a U2-like feel; some have a slow, soulful melody and others have a catchy rock-like tune with stronger drum beats and intense guitar riffs. You’ll notice when listening that some tracks are similar while others differ in every aspect.
The album has the melodious love songs (“Enough to Let Me Go,” “Your Love is a Song, Yet”), songs more like pop-rock hits that are about life and living it freely (“Needle and Haystack Life,” “Mess of Me”), and songs that are more about the hardships of life and overcoming them (“Hello Hurricane, Always”).

Read the full review HERE.

San Diego rock band emerges with their eyes wide open.
After two years, a departure from their record label and four albums worth of material, San Diego rock band Switchfoot emerges with their eyes wide open. There is a raw and defiant darker side to Hello Hurricane, which bassist Tim Foreman explains, “There is kind of a hope that comes through because it is set against the backdrop of a storm.”
Drawing a lot of their inspiration from their experiences, working with Habitat for Humanity after Hurricane Katrina, the band came across with a message of hope after meeting a local woman who lost her leg in the evacuation process. Foreman recalls that, “It was her, not admitting defeat, that inspired the band that storms come and pass, and I want to be facing the storm and not turning away.”
Songs such as “Free” and “Mess of Me” deliver a heavier sound and a darker lyrical connotation which makes you grasp the message of facing our storms. While “Your Love is a Song,” which follows a pattern of previous releases, takes us to a deeper spiritual place.

Read the full review HERE.

We have more goods from The Roxy show for you!
Here are some new photos by Beadslore:

^ It’s always nice when Chad gets out from his cage.

^ Accordion! And… does Jon have birds on his belt?
View the full set HERE.

The ENTIRE Roxy show was recorded and has been placed on YouTube! Watch all the videos HERE and HERE.
Here is the one that I have been waiting for… Sing It Out:

Red Eyes – That intro is beautiful:

Now everyone has been so excited about Drew having a mic this tour, that I had to showcase this video of Drew singing for the first time on the HH tour. DIG!:

Sorry, he’s awesome.
(Thanks Kevin!)

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Discussion Point: It’s still Hello Hurricane week! Let’s play the “Name That Lyric” game. I’ll quote a lyric from Hello Hurricane and the person that follows me has to name the song, then quote a new lyric. Got it? GO!
“We are right now”